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    • Nope. Fuck that noise. That could've gone south real fast. 
    • 2000 was sidelines.  My weight has fluctuated a little. I never had to try to be heavy, the way some lineman do, to the tune that when they quit they drop 70-80 pounds and are almost unrecognizable except for their GIGANTIC heads. That never goes away. I got up to 350-360 from a playing weight of 330. I have pretty bad back issues that sideline me from time to time, meaning I can't even bend over to put on my socks. Other days I'm carrying roof tiles up a ladder no big deal. So currently I'm feeling pretty good with my back and down to 305. Sounds weird to say, but just recently I was celebrating being the not heaviest guy in the room but still got winded. I've been going on walks because it calms the baby, or at least more walking than I did before.  There may be merit in lineman taking moderate jostles (think bang your head against the wall over and over) is 'worse' than the devastating hits that the rules officials are trying to eliminate (think getting run over by a car once). I don't know which is worse. Knowing what I know now about concussions, I would have sat out some practices and some games. But I didn't. All but one of the times I can remember were what everyone might consider "he got his bell rung". Well, these days, those are (should) be taken seriously. One time, I blacked out, but it was a freak incident in high school. A guy fell over the pile that I was on the bottom of and kneed me in the side of the head. Half a dozen times or so, my vision closed in for a series or two. Almost daily I'd see spots. I'm quite certain I have some degree of brain damage. I have some short term memory issues now. I've described it as, imagine having your memories in a file, orgainized so you can find them easy. Mine are all there, but someone dumped out the drawer and stuffed them all back in haphazardly, so finding and recalling the memories is spotty, at best. 
    • A lot of chatter that Tyler Huntley will be named starting QB for Utah over Troy Williams. They are supposed to announce tomorrow.