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    • You went there?   I would've done cart wheels for corn flakes. I had to eat oatmeal with powdered milk.  No berries, no granola, no sugar.  If I could get away with it I would eat it raw because it taste better and I hated cooking it anyway.
    • Mariners back to .500.  Time to lose 4 of 5!  
    • I had to eat corn flakes growing up and if I was lucky, we had granola to put on it. If I ever got a name brand cereal, it was Crispix
    • Spring break in Rocky Point 1988. Cap'n Crunch with Jack Daniels. Didn't have any milk.  
    • Eat all the Cap'n Crunch, choco berries, Lucky charm, honey nut, sugary sweet mouth ripping cereal you can while you can. Right now I am "enjoying" A bowl of bran buds so I can shit in the morning and keep my blood sugar from spiking at dawn. The concessions we must make to age and health are oppressive. Enjoy your freedom while you can.