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  2. 1. Qb - we don’t have a good one 2. RBs - we don’t have a good one 3. WRs - we don’t have a good one 4. TEs - we don’t have a good one 5. Offensive Coordinator - we don’t have a good one we could be looking at one of the worst pac 12 offenses of the decade. No skill players, no qb, no scheme.
  3. Too bad Scotland wouldn't take Trump back.
  4. I do not believe this country will ever recover from Trump and McConnell. And what they have unleashed.
  5. We seemed to have turned it up to 11
  6. Who is this purple people eater again? A freak'n soccer player with one eye ,one ear and a purple people eater. What a joke she is. Color my azz. Take another knee biatch! Then claim you support the country. The purple drink is for you liar.
  7. They will never wake with anti semites and communists in the lead of their party.
  8. Ilhar you bigoted anti semite calling anyone a racist is a joke that is a disgrace to any country.
  9. Just saw the three stooges on TV. Disgusting. How does an anti semite and a moron get so much time on tv. Unreal.
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  11. SCSCSC89 You might check out the following web site for Mike Leaches Air Raid Offence Play Book with diagrams and video of the plays. https://www.cougcenter.com/air-raid-offense-playbook-mike-leach WSU really only uses about 6 formations with multiple play options out of each formation. Probably only an 8 WR rotation normally.
  12. This is one of the few times Trump has used the "many people agree with me" shtick and I believe him.
  13. I think, at this point, what would wake them up is trump NOT being a nativist bigot. That's the red line.
  14. It's 2019, a president told a CONGRESSWOMAN to "go back to Africa", and we still have an entire political party that is refusing to call it racist. Just another reminder, it's 2019.
  15. Trump: Held a "social media" summit at the WH not four days ago, blasting censorship and crying foul over first amendment rights. Also Trump: Any critique of America should result in expulsion from the country.
  16. Trump: Literally campaigned behind the idea that America is not great. Also Trump: Any critique of America should result in expulsion from the country.
  17. His mashed potato brain is particularly unhinged today.
  18. But of course, she never said any such thing. You continue to be duped at every turn. How can a person be so consistently ill-informed? It's quite amazing, really. "I think Trump's message excludes people that look like me and are me, of course, but it excludes a lot of people in his base, as well," Rapinoe said. "And I think that he's trying to divide so he can conquer and not unite so we can all conquer."
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