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  2. Bowl games work for TV because they are spread out over the holidays & you get a lot of interest from mediocre programs & geographies that are “just happy to be here”. the CFP won’t have that. the first round of 4-team playoffs have mostly been uninteresting/blowouts. Now they are going to add 2 more rounds? The NFL playoffs are apples & and oranges to this. Careful what you wish for
  3. You can expect that the attempt will be to use multi-platforms for TV distribution of the expanded playoffs. The NFL playoff model is highly lucrative. Fox, EXPN/ABC, CBS, and NBC all likely will want a share, as well as the key streaming services. The dead weight of the EXPN-centric bowl games will look utterly Neandrathal when the new media rights package is established.
  4. Today
  5. Democracy dies in darkness indeed. Between what the GOP has done, is trying to do, or we have discovered they’ve done, just within the last six months is staggering.

    2020 MLB

    Shit, I hope this doesn’t come off as being pro Dodgers
  7. The problem being that I’m not sure the TV partners even want this.
  8. NC State loses game 1 of their Super Regional 21-2 and then bounce back to eliminate #1 Arkansas over the next two days.
  9. Yesterday
  10. This is looking more and more to be about money, not at all about competition. The driving force isn't the right number of teams that have a reasonable chance to win it all -- it's about what vehicle can line the pockets of the P5 conferences with the greatest dollar windfall, especially with the likelihood that any expansion of the playoffs will further the current descent of the bowl games into a post-season coffin.
  11. azgreg

    2019-20 NBA

    Because he's on the Suns and NBA media doesn't give two shits for the Suns.
  12. Stanford to Omaha. Well done Trees.
  13. Last week
  14. Great day yesterday by Stanford and Arizona. One more win to Omaha…
  15. glduck

    2019-20 NBA

    I’ll ask again, why wasn’t Paul the MVP? Stats are neat and all, but you don’t get more valuable than what Paul brought to Phoenix.
  16. clpp01

    2019-20 NBA

    The way Booker & Paul are hunting down and tormenting Michael Porter Jr every possession in this series he is going to end up with a severe case of PTSD by the time this is over.
  17. FCS has 24 teams in their playoffs with 10 autobids for conference championships. With a smaller 16 team format this spring, there were five teams from the MVFC in the playoff field but none made it to the FCS championship game. The new FBS playoffs very well could have just gone to eight instead of 12 and kept the six highest ranked autobids and six highest ranked at large bids. Even if one conference championship team missed out on the autobid, there's still the at large bid so there could be seven maybe eight conference championship winning teams.
  18. A 12-Team Playoff seems like a mistake to me, but what do I know.
  19. Stanford playing angry today.
  20. Not surprised Noyer is going home.
  21. Orange

    2019-20 NBA

    I had no idea GL was a chubby suns fan.
  22. Handpicked anecdotes are certainly more persuasive than the certainty that cash bail will ruin the lives of millions of POC and the poor over eons, ensuring that more of this type of violence happens. Are you really this incredibly shortsighted, or, again, just trolling? Because as much as I despise your politics, I also find it hard to believe you're this fucking stupid.
  23. Andrew Yang mostly sucks, but this is not one of the reasons why.
  24. It's really hard to know what's dumber, the shit you post, or your stereotype-enabling ineptitude in posting it.
  25. What's so crazy to be batshit? I lived in the dorms, and when "other rooms" were hotboxing, it might have well have been the whole floor. I reckon it is similar in apartments.
  26. You know that is what's coming. And, the CBS article says P5 champions won't even be guaranteed a spot. I will be watching for the the first opportunity to leave out the Pac12 champ. This 12 team setup seems significantly fishier than the straight-forward 8 teams would have been.
  27. Every time I think I’m going to support this guy he says something bat shit crazy:
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