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  2. My wife stayed up all night cutting holes in 35 god damn hoods for you ungrateful sons of bitches. Don't ever ask me or mine for shit!
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  4. Why is it always the USC threads
  5. Well this went dark....
  6. UCLA lands 3* DE Kenny Mestidor. He's a Canadian by way of CT. He supposedly has offers from USC and Michigan, though I'm not sure he does as he's ranked in the 600s. Either way, Kelly continues to stock up on tall athletic front 7 guys
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  8. This story is so fucking nuts... https://www.yahoo.com/gma/monstrous-act-insanity-kremlin-remarks-russian-scholar-charged-161800812--abc-news-topstories.html A prominent Russian Napoleon scholar has confessed to murdering and dismembering his young lover and former student after he was found in a canal in St. Petersburg with a rucksack containing her severed arms.
  9. Regardless of playoffs, we owe UA an ass whooping after last year. Which means UO will struggle, and win 31-28.
  10. Holy shit, we just became bowl eligible!
  11. And I have correct picks, too - you just choose not to acknowledge them. And I've acknowledged when my picks have been incorrect. At the same time, it's not as important to me as it appears to be for you. OSU's conference record is better - FOR NOW. OSU has three losses coming their way: ASU, WSU and Oregon. In the end, both teams will have lost to Oregon, Utah, UW and WSU. Colorado will have beaten ASU and Stanford, two teams that OSU will have lost to. OSU will have beaten AZ and UCLA, two teams that Colorado will have lost to. The difference between the two schedules is that Colorado had to play USC, while OSU was fortunate to get to play Cal. Give OSU the USC game and Colorado that Cal game, and OSU would have one more loss, while Colorado would have one more win. Which city do I need to fly into?
  12. Orange

    USC vs. ASU

    This is ironic af.
  13. Happy Veterans Day to everyone except Trump supporters/
  14. I think the lack of use of TEs was the biggest factor, more than anything else. If they bring in another coach who uses TEs, it should be a quick reaffirmation. Supposedly UCLA and Oregon are in good spots, for now
  15. Arizona looks like a team that has given up and they weren't even good to begin with and the Ducks need to score every point they can with the committee. Better check up on those sodomy laws in Oregon.
  16. If it helps get Helton fired, it’s not bad.
  17. clpp01

    CFP Stats

    Bama's path to the playoffs seems to simply be for them and LSU to run the table and then point to the massive ratings from this game. Georgia winning out and knocking off LSU in the ccg creates a roadblock that Bama wouldn't be able to hurdle.
  18. lol — you’ve tried to use that Vogel article three times here as a Trump defense & I’ve shown why/where/when it’s been disproven. NOW you suddenly want to use it as example of misinformation.
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