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  2. What a day today with Biden’s inauguration and Scott getting sacked.
  3. Knock on wood. If I've learned anything over recent times, it's don't trust the feeling things can't get any worse. I wonder who could be potential targets. Maybe someone from a conference that has actually, you know, implemented a profitable conference network, possibly understands college athletics and money?
  4. We are all assuming it (PAC 12 Football) can't get any worse. Can it?
  5. Just when you thought today couldn't get any better: https://pac-12.com/article/2021/01/20/pac-12-conference-announces-commissioner-larry-scott-conclude-term-commissioner
  6. He went out as he came in: a petulant child.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Fuck to the yes. "Lesser of two evils" my ass.
  9. How's russia this time of year?
  10. Was that really a military band? I want to research but I'm scared it will be disproven.
  11. I grow tired of people trying to tell me what "America is".
  12. Nice Beavers win over USC. Well played.
  13. Last week
  14. Listening to people saying the most awful things to embolden themselves to the most awful people in this country in order to snag the Trump vote is gonna be exhausting.
  15. That is a bombshell for UW fans. Dang.
  16. It must be difficult to tweet while looking through the eyeholes of those white sheets....
  17. I know there are legal marijuana retail spaces in West Hollywood that have interesting art space. Sometimes I go to dispensary hollywood and buy myself some marijuana. It is legal to smoke marijuana in California. Therefore, sometimes I allow myself such weakness as smoking marijuana at home.
  18. Moskon

    The Flu

    I really hope that the majority of healthy people will be vaccinated soon.

    2020 NFL

  20. https://mobile.twitter.com/daviddavidwoods/status/1350516626244792326
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