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  3. non-conference games

    I'm not so sure.
  4. non-conference games

    So far Arizona (7-3) Kenpom: 19 - Undefeated stateside USC (4-3) Kenpom: 30 - Probably should be doing better. Melton's family is petitioning to have him reinstated Arizona State (9-0) Kenpom: 34 - The surprise team of the PAC-12 for sure. Hurley is setting himself up nicely for that Duke job. Or another bigger, better job. UCLA (7-2) Kenpom: 46 - Should really be undefeated but Alford and China. Best win is 61st ranked Wisconsin who isn;t going to the NCAA's this year Oregon (8-3) Kenpom: 52 - Similar to UCLA. They've beaten any team lower than Kenpon ranking of 101. Lost to any team higher. Utah (7-2) Kenpom: 59 - Done a nice job, considering their talent level. They have two decent Kenpom wins Stanford (4-6) Kenpom: 110 - Biggest disappointment bar none. They were a fringe tournament team, now they are a fringe .500 team Oregon State (7-3) Kenpom: 112 - Some bad losses, but I think they are still trying to gel Colorado (7-3) Kenpom: 116 - They shouldn't be losing to bad teams at home. Boyle recruited poorly a couple years back and it's showing Washington (7-3) Kenpom: 127 - It was nice to see them beat Kansas. They win/lose like Romar is still around California (4-6) Kenpom: 168 - Better than WSU Washington State (6-3) Kenpom: 186 - Better than SDSU
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  6. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    freeman won't be playing. but tony brooks-james is 100%, and as you said we go pretty deep. i have not heard about crosby yet. he's from vegas and has made a big deal about going home for his last game, but we'll see.
  7. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Royce Freeman and Terrell Crosby unsure on how much, if at all, they will play in Vegas Bowl. Oregon is deep at RB so that's not as concerning as the starting LT not playing against a solid Boise defense.
  8. non-conference games

    So you're not going to answer a simple question, and instead are going to have the typical Bug meltdown because I pointed out a hole in your idiotic "logic." If you don't think Altman is respected as a great coach by his peers, you have no business posting about CBB. Then again, I know you're just trolling your own board, which you do quite frequently. Hey Bug, using your logic, did you know that John Wooden wasn't a very good coach? He had really good players, including some of the greatest players of all time in college and the NBA, so he was supposed to win those games.
  9. of course little man is sexist and his aunts a racist.
  10. Coaching Changes

    Phil Bennett is rumored to be leaving the Sun Devils after the Sun Bowl
  11. Annual ‘Who’s Eligible to Leave’ Thread

    Arizona State's Jojo Wicker could be leaving early for the NFL Draft
  12. non-conference games

    Don't be lazy. I would ask you to answer your own questions, but as we seen, you just talk shit and leave for a few days, acting like you didn't spout out nonsense. There are like 5 other threads where you spewed bullshit, get called out, and never pop back in to cover your own asshattery. So to think I'm going to engage with you on this nonsense, is stupid. Nice try snowflake. You won't be getting a response back from me in this thread about this subject, until you step up and answer your nonsense in other threads. It's safe to say, that won't happen, but at least you can't bitch about why I don't waste my time answering your stupid takes. Back to talking about non conference games
  13. non-conference games

    That's pretty much the response I expected after such a stupid take by you. You can't answer the question, so we get your patented Simpleton act. Expanding on Bug's logic, Calipari/Coach K/Bill Self/Tom Izzo are all average coaches at best because they win 25-30 games a year with much more talent than other programs in the country. Using Bug's criteria, who are the great college coaches?
  14. Could USC leave the Pac-12?

    We already have a thread on this: http://www.pac12board.com/index.php?/topic/7550-podcast-of-champions-championship-game-recap-and-coaching-carousel/
  15. Could USC leave the Pac-12?

  16. Could USC leave the Pac-12?

    https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/12/11/16741832/usc-pac-12-conference-realignment-lol Some people said USC could leave for the Big 12 or independent football and I could honestly see that happening. Going to be interesting to see how the next Pac-12 media rights deals comes together.
  17. C/O 2018 Recruiting

  18. non-conference games

    the worst: an obvious jump ball scenario leads to an 8 minute video review as the officials look to call a flagrant, only to deem no foul has been committed and play on.
  19. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    I know what he committed as, but he doesn't want to play TE. He'll end up playing it once he gets to camp, but he wants to play WR. It's not really fake news, it comes from Huffman and Biggins
  20. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    Fake news. Ezieke commited to UO as a TE, and he more than likely end up a Duck again. He doesnt mind being a TE.
  21. non-conference games

    i’m not going to step into the middle of that, but as a general point i think most people who likely haven’t watched much oregon hoops yet will realize oregon isn’t close to as talented as they’ve been. our two senior transfers are awful — i argued against elijiah brown before he committed, and unless he gets A LOT better (its possible) i stand by that. mcintosh came from illinois state? he looks like it. not a pac 12 starter. and yet... we start two forwards up front who can’t really rebound or defend. i like pritch. troy brown is obviously talented. i like paul white’s game and i wish he’d get more aggressive. wooten is our best interior guy by far. our best lineup is pritch/bailey/brown/white/wooten, but that’s 3 frosh, and aside from troy brown they’re not KENTUCKY freshmen, you know? talented, but they do silly/dumb things. this is a rebuilding year.
  22. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    Between Chase Cota and Bryan Addison, UCLA picked up a pair of tall, athletic football players. They could have landed Ezeike after his decommitment, but UCLA only wants to consider him at rush end or TE, but he wants to go to a school who will play him at WR exclusively, which will last all over 5 minutes of camp wherever he goes. UW is doing work on the last remaining holdouts of UCLA's football class. Stephen Blaylock is leaning towards UW right now, despite being a UCLA commit. Abdul McCain is in a similar boat, but I think UCLA holds onto him. I really think losing Blaylock would be a big blow
  23. 2018 MLB Thread

    but no, i think jay leno there was just making a timely roid joke, because of course it’s 2002 and anyone who can hit a HR is probably a juicer.
  24. 2018 MLB Thread

    i had to look that up, i had no idea dee gordon got busted. let him join a long line of mariners who cheat and are still awful.
  25. 2018 MLB Thread

    I don't understand the context? Were you thinking of Dee Gordon?
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