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  2. You went there? I would've done cart wheels for corn flakes. I had to eat oatmeal with powdered milk. No berries, no granola, no sugar. If I could get away with it I would eat it raw because it taste better and I hated cooking it anyway.
  3. Mariners back to .500. Time to lose 4 of 5!
  4. I had to eat corn flakes growing up and if I was lucky, we had granola to put on it. If I ever got a name brand cereal, it was Crispix
  5. Spring break in Rocky Point 1988. Cap'n Crunch with Jack Daniels. Didn't have any milk.
  6. Eat all the Cap'n Crunch, choco berries, Lucky charm, honey nut, sugary sweet mouth ripping cereal you can while you can. Right now I am "enjoying" A bowl of bran buds so I can shit in the morning and keep my blood sugar from spiking at dawn. The concessions we must make to age and health are oppressive. Enjoy your freedom while you can.
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  8. Cap'n Crunch is the original mouth-ripping, gum-tearing goodness. All the sugary cereals are terrible anymore. They taste like cardboard. Life cereal turns to mush too quickly. Original Shredded Wheat (the big ones) lightly buttered, topped with sugar, and run under the broiler until the butter bubbles, then placed in a bowl of hot milk. Absolutely the best breakfast ever! I probably haven't had it 20 years, though. Anymore, all we eat is flax/pumpkin seed granola shit with fresh fruit and plain yogurt.
  9. Yes I like treasure of the Sierra Madre as well. Badges, badges, we don't need no stinking badges. Actually it's: "Badges, to god-damned hell with badges! We have no badges. In fact, we don't need badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges, you god-damned cabrĂ³n and chinga tu madre!"
  10. Wait, Orange, did you just write that you've never seen Aliens? Oh. My. God. It's probably the best sequel ever (sorry Godfather II - never saw it), and certainly the best movie in the franchise. Apocalypse Now isn't worth your time. Casablanca and African Queen are both great, but Treasure of the Sierra Madre is my favorite Bogie flick. It's a must-see. Rear Window, Rope, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Dial M for Murder, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Lifeboat, The 39 Steps - all great Hitchcock movies. I've never sat through Gone With The Wind.
  11. I've never seen Acopalypse Now. I am amazed at how many people have never seen Casablanca, African Queen and other Bogart movies.
  12. Rear Window is one of my favorites. Rope is a good one too.
  13. City of God is a must-see in my opinion. Probably the most notorious on my list of never-seen is either North By Northwest, or Aliens or Rear Window (original Hitchcock). Couldn't make it through Chicago or the Artist, and I never will.
  14. "Das Boot" is great, but go with the German version, not the dubbed one. I think it's easily Wolfgang Petersen's best movie. I will never watch "The Pianist." Polanski is a pedophile. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never seen "Schindler's List."
  15. das boot is a good war movie -- although there's really nothing new in the submarine genre.
  16. Bug- Start with Reservoir Dogs, then Usual Suspects. Neither should be missed. GL- American History X is the only one I see on your list that is a must watch. Edward Norton's best role, by far. Notables that I've not seen: Apocalypse Now Wedding Crashers and Swingers Any of the Fast and Furious movies.
  17. The only one that really pops out is American History X.
  18. i have a window open to imdb's top 100 so i can categorize my misses: #9 the good, the bad, and the ugly #21 city of god #25 life is beautiful #27 leon: the professional (note: the fuck?) #30 once upon a time in the west #31 american history x #37 the intouchables #41 the pianist #45 whiplash #52 sunset boulevard #55 cinema paradiso #66 oldboy #67 once upon a time in america #68 witness for the prosecution #69 das boot #74 dangal #77 m #79 amelie #80 like stars on earth #86 amadeus #92 the sting #94 bicycle thieves #95 your name #96 the kid (apparently this is different than "disney's the kid", which i also haven't seen) #98 three idiots lotta foreign films in there i haven't seen. i'm also not a big western guy. best (and most expensive) thing i ever did was basically waste a year of college taking film courses for no good reason. saw a lot of stuff i'm glad i did that i probably would have never gotten around to otherwise.
  19. Why are there no hip hop cover/tribute bands? People go crazy over stuff like Brit Floyd or KanzAz but there's no touring Big P.O.P.P.A or All Eyez on Me(that I know of). Tribute bands must be a white people thing.
  20. I just saw Hot Tub Time Machine for the first time on Sunday.
  21. Sitting at home with Strep Throat has given me time to pause and reflect on movies I've never gotten around to seeing, that most people have seen. I'll mostly stick with movies after the 50's The Godfather Trilogy - I did start the first one before I turned it off after about 20 minues Citizen Kane No Country for Old Men CIder House Rules Beverly Hills Cop The Big Lebowski - I want to say I have seen parts of it? Reservoir Dogs Usual Suspects Scream Clerks - Pretty much every Kevin Smith movie Donnie Darko
  22. Inhaled once. I suffer from migraines and have always wondered if it would cure them. Once everything gets legalized, I might try it out. But being a teacher, I do wonder about rules and regulations in this particular industry.
  23. Love seeing this!
  24. I'll try to find the paper. Honestly there have been mixed longitudinal results but consistent findings when heavy use begins in adolescent years vs over the age of 25. As far as testing, we need quantitative results that correlate with impairment. Protects the public and users on both fronts. This will help avoid punishment from a positive UA but the person having no limitations at the time. I think it would actually open the door to more legalization across the country more quickly....but that's just opinion.
  25. According to The Cannabist, it might take Utah sometime to join the ranks:
  26. dwight howard continues his remarkable downhill journey, getting traded from his hometown hawks to charlotte for a bunch of junk. the nba offseason is so much more fun than the nba regular season and, this year anyway, the postseason.
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