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  2. Pac-11 works for me....
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  4. How dare you imply that the Trump campaign is using racist dogwhistles
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  6. They've been using it at Arizona. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/09/15/promising-results-from-initial-use-of-the-covid-19-antigens-tests-central-to-pac-12-footballs-return/
  7. Maybe — but my guess is when they see the donation numbers that dem senatorial candidates in potential flip races raise this weekend, they’ll care more.
  8. Everyone keeps talking about how this new type of testing is the big breakthrough for P12 football — but I haven’t read that it is actually being used (for P12 football). is this real or is it vaporware?
  9. This is where the incompetence of conference leadership steps in even if they never had any intention of playing in the fall they should have had contingency plans in place in case they reversed course like they ended up doing, instead they kept punting on it and now they look clueless about what to do.
  10. That’s entirely possible, but I don’t even know if they’ll make the effort to play the game. I don’t think they care at all if people share clips of them directly contradicting themselves from four years ago. Graham has already signaled he’ll vote now, and he was one of the biggest cheerleaders of the Garland Rule in 2016. And he’s in a tough re-election campaign. Collins and Murkowsi will express concern and signal they won’t vote, until McConnell gives the green light and then they’ll clutch their pearls and vote. Romney may not, but we’ll need more than Romney.
  11. I don’t see GOP senators wanting to make their hypocrisy an election issue. If Trump loses (or they lose the Senate), I could see them trying to get it done during the lame duck session. Otherwise, there’s no reason to rush.
  12. Strap in for some ghoulish hypocrisy from the esteemed Senate Majority Leader.
  13. I expect the GOP to ram the pick through.
  14. It's a hoax! In all seriousness, that was a pretty stupid thing to do. One infected player could infect the whole team and CU would have to forfeit games.
  15. The only thing that will stop the GOP from ramming it through the senate is if Yellowstone erupts which based on how this year has gone so far wouldn’t be all that surprising
  16. This election just got more interesting. RBG is dead and will the GOP Senators ram through a SCOTUS justice before the end of the year? Or will the GOP just wait and keep control of the US Senate?
  17. Are we just pretending this isn’t happening?
  18. According to this article from Bruce Feldman for the Athletic, a number of Pac12 coaches don't think their teams can be ready by October 31. It might take until mid-November for teams to be physically ready to play, or even December. https://theathletic.com/2074355/2020/09/17/pac-12-football-start-date-schedule-coach-concerns/
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