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  1. Yesterday
  2. Just scrap the fucking season. A vaccine is coming, 2021 will be better, medical-redshirts all around.
  3. Colorado State-AFA got canceled. COVID-19 is so bad they just have 20-25 ICU beds available in Denver. CU is coming off a bye week due to ASU not being able to play.
  4. That was against my Wildcats so cool your tits.
  5. UW looked pretty good last Saturday I just hope to see some improvement and keep it relatively close. And that no players get hurt or catch tuberculosis
  6. Utah playing UW Saturday night.
  7. And in other kicking the Pac-12 while they are down news.
  8. I’ve talked a lot about Los Primos, my nephews. One of their cousins (second cousin) committed to Utah. https://247sports.com/Player/JP-Zamora-46085877/
  9. Last week
  10. Why is Ted Cruz even a thing?
  11. I’ve got Carson, Ekeler and Mostert coming off injury and injury reserve. Picked up Ekeler and Mostert while on IR. Been patching the RB positions for weeks and using a WR at flex. Traded L Jackson for Ballage, finally trusting Herbert and drafted Jackson first so couldn’t drop him. Query: Justin Jefferson or Mark Davis subbing in for Thielen at flex in a PPR LEAGUE? I’m thinking Jefferson. Should be top target. Davis highly volatile.
  12. Who should be more embarrassed, 45 for retweeting Randy Quaid, or Randy Quaid for getting retweeted by 45? I had no idea Cousin Eddie wasn't acting...
  13. "NFL Chip Kelly" is much better than I thought he'd be...
  14. Compared to literally every other conference in the country, we do. The SEC doesn't even bother to divulge positive tests and just plays everyone.
  15. This HAD to happen. Now for the runoffs....
  16. BYU fans are proving to be just as delusional as Ute fans have said they are. Utah beating them 9? years in a row isn't enough to humble them, I can't expect the 2018/2019 spankings that UW gave them would do any better.
  17. Did they think offering a game Washington could not attend was less embarrassing than the heat they’ve already been taking? Is this real?
  18. After dozens of humiliating and unnecessary defeats in court, the transition begins. Finally.
  19. Michigan certifies. “The board’s duty today is very clear,“ said Aaron Van Langevelde, the Republican vice-chair. “We have a duty to certify this election based on these returns. That is very clear.
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