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  2. I read that the map was based on foursquare check-ins. yeah, exactly. also, both whataburger and five guys are not good.
  3. Rose Bowl - Pac vs B1G

    I don't know. I felt really great after the Seminoles played in the Rose Bowl. It's really kind of a BS "tradition" anyway. As dcbl mentioned, for the first 30 years of it becoming an annual event, the Rose Bowl invited teams from around the country to play a PCC team. It wasn't until 1947 that it became a PCC/Big Ten match. That lasted for 55 years, which was a great run, but they sold that streak to the BCS. Six times in the past 15 seasons non- Big Ten or Pac-12 schools have played in the Rose Bowl, including the infamous and blasphemous Nebraska/Miami game.
  4. Boise State vs. Wyoming

    I can't watch a game on that field. It gives me a giant headache.
  5. Today
  6. Boise State vs. Wyoming

    except for the blue.
  7. mlb 2017

    it's weird, but the yankees are the young/fun team in the playoffs right now. i'm glad the rest of the baseball world now knows who jose altuve is. seems like he's been the ultimate mariner killer the last three years, but he should be receiving a well-earned AL MVP award here shortly. my dad was born in LA and moved to oregon in high school. eventually he dropped his usc, laker, and ram interest for the ducks, blazers, and seahawks, but he never let go of his dodger fandom. he'd have loved this season more than anything.
  8. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    Hasn't really done much at Cal yet. We are something like 120th in the country in total offense, which is pretty crazy because last year we were in the top 20. To fall that far, that fast is pretty eye-opening. Granted, our QB is mediocre at best and we've lost out two best RBs, our best overall player/star WR, and some key linemen but if the dude is really good, I expect better than 120th.
  9. Cool Space Stuff Thread

    My teachers would try to pronounce it "UR-anus" to avoid giggles. How does that make it better?
  10. People who are cold in the office and, instead of putting on a sweater, crank the thermostat to 75 need to be killed. She's also chomping her gum loud enough to be heard over my pandora station, and from 20 feet away. And people call office mass-shootings senseless....
  11. Texas hates In N out. No one in Oregon goes to Chik Fil A. Smells politically motivated to me, frankly. Similar to maps that claim Trump won all but 50 counties or something.
  12. oregon @ ucla

    That might've been as disappointed as I've ever been after watching a sporting event. We had the Rose Bowl in the bag.
  13. mlb 2017

    Fuck the Yankees.
  14. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    Sure. I also could see Gary Anderson winning. I don't know jack shit about coaches, apparently.
  15. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    I'm partial either to Mendenhall or Beau Baldwin. Jonathon Smith doesn't excite me terribly. I thought he was overrated as a QB, and I don't know enough about him as a coach. It seems to me that a high-energy, fired-up coach is critical to winning, and I don't get that vibe from JS.
  16. mlb 2017

    After the magic of 88, Gibby's walk-off, Orel's scoreless inning streak, and reading "Out of the Blue" by Hershiser, I became a fan. Then 28 years happened, and I stopped being a fan. I'm worried if I take my dodger blue out of the back of the closet and put it back on, I'm basically clinching the World Series for the Yankees.
  17. CU @ WSU

    What about being outcoached by Dan Hawkins? Is that bad? Also, wouldn't it suck to be outcoached by Dan Hawkins? I'll take "jalapeno's alt" for $1,000, Alex.
  18. Utah vs. ASU

    I don't mind 6:00 - 7:00 start times early in the season. Later in the season, especially in locales like Utah and Colorado, night games can be pretty brutal. The 8:00-8:30 start times we have been getting are just too damned late, getting out of the stadium after midnight. I go with my 10 year old, and it makes it difficult, especially when they couple the 8:00+ start time with a Thursday game.
  19. CU @ WSU

    Your only win against OU since 1999. You gonna milk that one for a 3rd post?
  20. Utah vs. ASU

    man, i disagree. nothing like a home night game. provided you then don't have to fight traffic for three hours getting home.
  21. Utah vs. ASU

    Amen to that!
  22. Boise State vs. Wyoming

    Just toured the stadium. This place is so awesome.
  23. apparently that business insider map is getting shredded by virtually every state. believe nothing. everything is lie.
  24. https://twitter.com/kfc/following
  25. Pac-12 Presidents starting to grumble about P12N

    As someone whose school has a billion non revenue sports, more of them is not the answer. Rethinking the entire concept will prob have to happen. The P12N doesn't just have a revenue problem, it has an expenditures problem. Why? Because of all the useless regional networks. If I had to bet, I'd put money on them getting cut and the Olympic sports going digital only. This of course would mean more regional football and basketball on ESPN2/U, FSI etc As a side note, the if I were the President or AD at a P12 school with a smaller budget, and I wanted to grow the department, I'd only add sports that already thrive on the West Coast. E.g all you need is one 50 meter pool and you can add up to 4 sports. And you don't even have to travel outside the conference footprint.
  26. In n Out in Medford, soon in Grants Pass.
  27. CU @ WSU

    Welcome to the board and yep anyone who lost to Dan Hawkins at CU does have a stain on his record. Fortunately that includes Bob Stoops.
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