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    My beautiful girls. They're stepsisters, six months apart, and they've been together since the younger one was 2-1/2. At the moment, they're both 32. Blended families can work.
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    I would like Arizona to add a football team.
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    I'm 36, and just learned a valuable lesson, and broke one of my rules in the process. The lesson I learned is if you decide to take on feeding 10 children (age ranges 8 months through 13) and 5 adults, except for snacks and s'mores Then you don't have enough food and what you do have/cook at least 6 of them won't like. The adults ate like fucking royalty. I'm not kidding. See below for details. The rule i broke, which thus I had adhered to through two nieces, was to NEVER take a child camping while they're in diapers. But, our daughter is only 8 months and she'll be in diapers, she said (the wife). Of course I'm taking my daughter in diapers, I don't give a shit. But a niece- with no parent at camp, only grandma and aunt and uncle and two older sister- it was too comfortable and she was a monster, just like when she is at home. A little bratty picky eating hates diaper changes MONSTER that wants to eat cereal and go play in the river first and only wants strawberries. My daughter was the fourth best behaved one there, and that includes bettering the two other nieces, 7 and 5. Dinner the first night was nachos. Brought a gang of fresh toppings and browned some taco meat. Sour cream squeeze pack. Nacho cheese jar warmed in boiling water. (didn't have enough chips) For breakfast i made made a croissant blueberry French toast bake on my traeger. No electricity nearby so I bought a power invertor and car battery and fuck your rules..I think a traeger running for any length of time uses more power, than, say, a sleep,apnea machine, but I'm no elctrcian. Anyway, eggs, milk, cream cheese and vanilla over crumbled croissants and blueberries. Who's better than you? Dinner that night was sweet shoyu chicken made on the Coleman propane crock pot. Yup. Org, or anyone else who has been to Local Boyz... this is that chicken. I ganked the recipe from a buddy who was dating a girl who worked there. Uncle Bens boil in a bag rice and some of that chicken, bam. Ready for the campfire. Next morning we made bacon on the griddle to trap the grease and then had pancakes cooked in said grease. They fry up like donuts almost, except crispier edges. Plus bacon. Oh, and the fancy Coleman propane drip coffee maker that amazon sells is dope, but Jesus it is hot. Would be great for an all day thermos of coffee. That night, steak and baked potatoes, both from traeger. Extra bacon from breakfast made in to bits. Sour cream squeeze pack (planning!). Steaks came right off the grill and got a pad of seasoned butter to have melted over them. Should have had asparagus. Maybe the pit toilet's waft would have been pleasanter. More pleasant? Final morning, saved the best for last. Bacon explosion breakfast sandwiches. Let me unpack that. Before heading out, I make an arm sized log of ground sausage stuffed with bacon and wrapped in bacon. I roast that bitch on the traeger, refrigerate it and slice in the 3/4" slices plus endcaps for extra grease. Each slice is grilled on the griddle. A fried egg in the grease on top of the slice with cheddar between a fire toasted English muffin. Cmon. Also, I slept in a tent, on the ground, in a double sleeping bag with my wife, and the baby in the pack and play (AND THE FUCKING NEICES. DID I MENTION SHE HAS NIGHTMARES AND SCREAMS FOR AN HOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?) interestingly, I didn't take a shit while I was there either. But a brown caddy was certainly backed out of the garage once I got home.
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    i'm cool with it. whittingham is paid to win games and this makes utah better. i've always assumed codes of conduct are meaningless and for show purposes only, so i can't get on them for that, either. our basketball program is basically a halfway house for college students still under investigation for sexual misconduct, but we're a goddamn final four team, so i puff my chest and write-in dana altman for president.
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    Laughable list. Includes Cal vs. Oregon but not Stanford vs. Washington? LOL
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    Managed to keep a small human alive to 2 years old Picture from his 2 year old "photoshoot"
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    6-year-old Ben shares his dad's pyromania & absurdly long torso.
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    Outta the shadows, baby. I know some of you are smokers, even if you won't admit it, and all of the Pac-12 states have legalized marijuana medically, to some degree. Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado all will have recreational marijuana in 2018. The vast majority of people in the U.S. favor decriminalization at minimum, and legal recreational use is favored by 60%. This is a boom waiting to happen. One of the things I'm learning in the industry is that the venture capitalists -- despite the risks of RICO prosecutions and the banking complications and the restrictions on vertical integration for a single owner -- are POURING millions into this. It will be the next great economic boom of the 21st century. Anyone with misconceptions about marijuana oughta get set right, or find themselves stuck in the past. As for the plant itself, and its use, it does not cause people to go crazy (Don, that's for you), it doesn't cause ill health effects for the most part (some heavy users could see lung issues, long term, but nothing on the level with cigarettes), and it has a seemingly endless list of therapeutic effects for arthritis sufferers, anxiety sufferers, people undergoing chemo, people with appetite issues, etc. It's also been proven to be a tool against the opioid epidemic, not a factor exacerbating that epidemic. Got questions? Want to know the difference between hemp and cannabis, CBD and THC? Ask here. Interested in trying marijuana but have some nagging doubts? Ask away. I'm officially becoming an expert on this issue. (Emphasis on "becoming") Support Jeff Sessions' insistence that we ramp up the war on drugs and destroy an already-billion-dollar industry in multiple states? Perhaps you need to be educated.
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    6'8" is a little taller than I am. I'm only 6'6". That guy looks to be a svelte 325-335, approximately the same playing weight. I don't have any pictures on my work computer. I'll have to fish around at home to find some and google produced nothing since I played a little bit before internet ubiquity. My favorite, or at least most memorable experience was when OSU beat Cal my redshirt freshman year to secure the first non-losing season in 28 years. To see the lifelong fans that stuck through the dark years surrounded by the new fans that had started to come with the upswing in quality at the end of the Pettibone era and the first Riley stint celebrating with each other, grown men in tears, the crowd rushing the field... it was epic. Favorite team to play against: Washington. I had some battles with Larry Tripplett. I feel like he was overrated. Favorite road stadum: WSU. I really like the long walk down the tunnel. I don't know if they still do it but back then the WSU band would line the tunnel, face the walls and play their fight song as we walked out on to the field. That's hilarious. Best player I ever played against: 3 way tie. Troy Palumalu. I got in for two plays when the starter's helmet buckle broke. One play was a screen which I was the lead blocker. I sized up TP and went for him full speed, but he had a different gear. I ended up on the ground, but so did he, so successful block, right? Igor Olshansky was enormous like no other player. Just built, strong, not terribly fast, but he talked shit in Russian, which was a little intimidating. And of course, Terrell Suggs. Actually, he was the best. I guess his NFL career proves that. He is also extremely unpleasant to look at up close. I had mere expletives hurled at me in Autzen, while Fresno State fans hurled D cell batteries and full beers at us. Arizona State, when the students disagreed with a ref's call would throw slices of unwrapped American cheese on the field. One of those slapped right across my helmet right as we were coming off the field to meet with our position coach. I was digging cheese out of my facemask all during halftime. Worst playing surface: USC and UCLA. fucking hard as rocks in the endzones. Patchy grass. Might as well be playing on a painted basketball court. Loudest: Autzen and Husky stadiums are really close. Being that I played in civil war games in Autzen, before the upgrade, it was more impressive. I've actually heard from some of the younger guys from my senior year that played after the addition to Autzen that it isn't as loud as it was before. When it was rocking, it truly sounded like you were under water. I recall a literal fist fight between LaDarius Jackson and TJ Houshmanzadeh in the locker room between the time we come back in from pre-game warmups and before the start of the game. Basically as the national anthem is being played, the teams are in the locker rooms. This argument between the two came to a head at this time, right in front of my locker. It had been ongoing for a few days. What were they arguing about that was so important to take away from preparing to play USC at home (2000, also the Possum game)? Who had better rappers, Houston or LA? I wish I was joking. (LA won, as it turns out).
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    FWIW the first slate of games is considered Week Zero. Stanford/Rice could be a snoozer. I'll of course be watching because I'm a Stanford fan. But I doubt too many outside of the Cardinal faithful are going to pass up the Mayweather/McGregor fight in favor of our glorified warm-up match. Oregon State/Colorado State is the real ticket. Can't wait to see one of the most electrifying environments in Colorado State history. That stadium will be rocking, their team will be hungry, and the Beavers will definitely have their work cut out for them if they want to get out of there with a win.
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    Yeah, it's definitely not for everybody. Have you ever tried vaping? Some vape pens release a little less, so you can take the edge off without losing your mind. Also, Charlotte's Web CBD oils are great for relaxation, and they have virtually no THC, so you might get some hemp/MJ benefit without the existential dread.
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    I like the quote, but don't think it is fair of Sagan to classify Beavis and Butthead as dumb entertainment. Dumb and Dumber, maybe (except it's hilarious). Beavis and Butthead are satire, along with the other works from Mike Judge, Idiocracy, Office Space, and King of the Hill. I think Sagan just used a cartoon that has a dumb sounding title, unfortunately.
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    I'm of the opinion he should still have one. If you let in a single roids-user, you gotta let in all of them.
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    stark girls: bran oh my gawd it's so good to see you brother!! we thought you were dead or trapped beyond the wall omg omg so glad you're alive! xoxoxo bran: i was watching when you were raped. and i saw you at a crossroads. i am a bird now. ** stark girls back away slowly **
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    I more or less agree. But here is the national perception of each conference: Big 12: Oklahoma and Texas (because the rest of the country only knows one Texas and that's their dominant selves) Big Ten: Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State (Wisconsin and Michigan State get no credit for recent success) ACC: Clemson and Florida State (you can tell people really want Miami to be part of this conversation but they just haven't done enough to validate that) SEC: Everybody! Because no Top 25 ranking is complete without 8 SEC teams in the Top 10 Pac-12: USC and Oregon (yes, Oregon is still a national power in the eyes of many. They suffered one down year and yet their 2018 recruiting class may be their best ever) Now, here's the reality of each conference: Big 12: Oklahoma (with occasional resistance from TCU, Baylor, and OK State) Big Ten: Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Michigan State (yes, Michigan State stunk up the room last year but you've got to give them credit for their incredible run this decade) ACC: Clemson and Florida State (a rare occasion where perception meets reality) SEC: Bama, Bama, and Bama (the gap between Bama and everyone else is MASSIVE and does not appear to be closing) Pac-12: Oregon and Stanford (very inclined to include Washington but one elite season is too small a sample size. Ditto on USC- they have one Rose Bowl and one Pac-12 South title to their name this decade. They're going to have to do better than that to stake their claim as the conference's best)
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    If telling someone of diminished capacity to go kill themselves is a crime, you may be in trouble due to Davis.
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    Which one is Mrs. Quack?
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    but what is your level of surprise if they start 2-2.
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    Great preview, Mr. Card Tricks. Thanks for taking the time. I love the GOT theme, and really want to believe the huskies will be crowned in the north again, but I think the top 4 teams in the north are closer than you predict. Ted Miller says any of these 4 could win the north, and I agree: UW, Stanford, Oregon and WSU. Regarding Stanford, I definitely think you are selling your team short. Last year, they played UW on a short week, after three tough games, and missing their top corner. UW was primed for the biggest game of the Petersen era, and played their best game of the year in front of the beat husky crowd in years. All of that changes this season: UW has to travel, has the tough schedule leading up to the game, and David Shaw will have this game circled on the team calendar and the team will be loaded for bear. Vegas currently has Stanford favored by 1 I believe, and I think that is correct. Shaw will do everything to make clear that Stanford is still an annual force in the north. That game will likely decide the division, IMHO. if UW earns their way to the Pac12 championship game, I assume USC will be the opponent. Darnold carved up the huskies last year, and unless UW gets some pressure on him, it could go down like that again. Just my $.02. Thanks again for the preview.
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    i am BORED at work today, i tell you what. be sure to bookmark this post so you can all laugh at me and make me feel bad in december when i get everything so horribly wrong. i look forward to reading your hateful posts to my family each christmas. note: i don't do ties. i'm going to list them all out 1 through 6 because this is america, and that's how numbers work. if there's a four way tie for second place in your division and i picked you 5th and you want to hold it over me later that's fair game. NORTH --> 1. washington. the awful sequel to last fall's runaway sensation. featuring a schedule so awful chris peterson will swear he's back in the MWC, this version is almost assured a fancy seat at the big boys table when they start handing out playoff bids and premiere bowl games. 2. washington state. i'm leery, because wazzu is one luke falk injury away from inserting some other schlub that will immediately throw for 5000 yards and 40 touchdowns. i guess i'm taking wazzu over stanford because pullman gets to host the game this year and that is a football cliche that seems to mean something. 3. stanford. ed mccaffrey's kid is merely the latest in the long line of once-in-a-generation talents that have come through stanford in the last handful of years that david shaw has had to replace. and in years when there isn't another elite conference school, he seems to be able to win conference championships just fine. 4. oregon. maybe i'm just pessimistic, but i don't like our depth (and many of our starters) and while taggart's programs have always improved under his watch none has really jumped out with a bang in year one. do like the 76ers and trust the process. 5. oregon state. their conference schedule is really tough, with an unfortunate blend of playing a lot of shitty/beatable teams on the road and talented/good teams at home. not that they can't overcome that, it just makes things more difficult. their qb situation confuses me. 6. cal. i just... don't... know about the bears. @ north carolina and hosting ole miss is a commendable non-conference, but probably not super ideal for a rebuilding team. they get walloped with SC, oregon, and the washington schools right out of the gate in pac-12 play (lol @ me for including oregon in that). if wilcox can keep the team focused through that the schedule gets better but let's watch all hail's drinking until halloween because alcohol poisoning is real. SOUTH --> 1. usc. so... sc and washington don't play? that's lame. sc looks like they have a few more potential hiccups than washington, but this seems like the easiest conference championship game bet since larry scott and the pac-10 had that drunken hookup and 9 months later we birthed out colorado and utah. 2. utah. i'm going with my pac-12 media brethren on this one. darren carrington is a real home run addition. they host the remaining contenders for second place, ucla and colorado. i'm sold. 3. ucla. i can't tell if josh rosen will come back slinging and everything will fall into place and they'll go 9-4 or if josh rosen will get hurt again and it all falls apart and they go 4-8 again and finish 4th. so i'm hedging my bets and putting them here. and since it's ucla, you can't even fight me because both outcomes are somehow equally likely. 4. colorado. i like montez and if you listen to jalapeno the offensive talent on hand rivals the greatest of miami and usc teams of lore, but it sure seemed to me like those cornerbacks they lost were the backbone of a pretty darn good defense last year. aaaaaaaand we sort of stole their coordinator. i think CU takes a dip, but they still allow jalapeno to buy a new mexico bowl participant t-shirt. 5. arizona state. i picked asu out of the hat, so by law i decree they shall finish 5th. huzzah! 6. arizona. on the flip side, their basketball team looks epic.
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    On that poster, "DUIs" should not have an apostrophe. Just saying people don't know how to use apostrophes. I blame the A's.
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    Haven't seen my son in almost 3 weeks. Get him back on Friday. It used to be a rotating schedule of a few days on, a few days off when my ex lived in town. Now she's followed some fucking dirtbag to the armpit of California and believes she's starting a new life there (she's burned every bridge in Bend). It has not been fun. Still plenty of summer left, so plenty more of this to do...
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    I dunno...pretty much was last year.
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    Agree that Molerat's beard deserves its own thread
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    I go have some threads I watch and miss stuff too, but I caught that one. Don't sweat it tho, Sam did too
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    Possum game may have been the most fun I'd ever had at a football game. Were you on the field for that one? It was 2000, so maybe on the sidelines. I wasn't at the Cal game when we clinched the .500 season. I had transferred to UO by then. Naturally, when Oregon State gets good, it's a direct result of me leaving campus. Have you slimmed down alot during your post-playing years? Having a kid made me want to kick my fitness into overdrive so I can keep up, and stick around longer. Some of the most fearsome middle-aged "athletes" I've met were huge linemen in their playing days. Also, I've always heard O-linemen are the most vulnerable to concussion symptoms throughout life due to the constant jostling at the line every play (compared to a WR only really getting his bell rung maybe once or twice a week). Have you been lucky enough to escape that?
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    You live in Colorado? Go to a dispensary. Ask these questions. They are helpful people.
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    Baseball in the groin! blob:https://twitter.com/89c09eb4-c064-4927-bff0-45a96aba0233
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    This is a nice feature that I don't remember seeing before
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    Don quoting Carl Sagan. What's next, Bruin putting his shoes on the correct feet?
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    only oregon would schedule a home and home with a mid major where the return game coincides with the senior season of the best mid-major quarterback prospect since ben roethlisberger. i just made that up, and it's almost assuredly not true, but it sounds like something that COULD be true so someone here is gonna believe it.
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    ESPN is bleeding money. More sports personalities about to be fired again. Viewership way down for many reasons and ESPN has made some huge commitments and did not keep up with new technologies that allowed the viewers to pick and choose what they want. ESPN also became too political instead of simply focusing on what made them so successful; SPORTS.
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    LukeFalk360-456-7890? Have you guys been seeing each other long?
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    It's not the hall of nice guys. If that was the case, Cobb wouldn't be in.
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    Did you think his mere presence was enough to inspire 61 points?
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    Hmm, good natured ribbing not your thing. Who knew?
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    Did you read the article? She was sentenced to 2.5 years, only has to serve 15 months and is currently out on appeal. The misleading nature of your title would make Fox proud. She is definitely an asshole, but family seems to be trying to put all the blame on her and not putting any responsibility on themselves or the victim. I don't know that she did anything criminal. If telling someone to go kill themselves were a crime there would be a whole lot more people in prison.
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    Jesus Chef Boyardee Christ. You don't f*** around. When I camp, people get Hebrew-dogs, burgers, chips, ketchup, mustard, cereal for breakfast w/ eggs and bacon if I remember, and air mattresses. W. T. F. are you people doing with these roll-up pads, or no mattresses? No wonder y'all give up on camping in your 40s. I do a double-level queen size air mattress, re-aired every day if necessary. If I have coffee and gatorade aside from all that (along with plenty of aleve, tramadol, marijuana and alcohol), I'm golden. Camping sober is just sitting in the woods.
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    well done, sir. i anxiously await the day you challenge phil steele in a cage match for preseason prognostication supremacy.
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    For the record, it wasn't me.
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    Hey now, Tyrion talked a little in this one, at your request....
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    At what point can I stop giving a shit about Theon Greyjoy?
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    There's a poster in front of the treadmills at my gym that provides instruction for syncing your Android phone "to the TV's." I get so annoyed looking at it that it probably costs me 30 seconds per mile in pacing. They either need to fix it or I need xanax.
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    i don't think anyone has forgotten don james. at some point, you just have to wonder if the man was the exception, not the rule.
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    Yeah, I had thought of Humboldt or the Redwoods for mountain biking. And for the weed...