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    UW with three commits in the last 24 hours. - MJ Tafisi - 3* LB from Sandy, UT with offers from Oregon, Cal, Utah, and Boise St among others - Zion Tupuola-Fetui - 3* DE from Pearl City, Hawaii with offers from Oregon, Cal, and WSU among others - Sam Taimani - 4* OL/DL out of Salt Lake City with offers from Oregon, Utah, Alabama, Notre Dame, Tennessee, UCLA, and Wisconsin among others.
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    This is so god damn embarrassing. Ray Anderson needs to fuck off yesterday.
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    i miss these chipisms.
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    No, but the fact that you're an emotionally unstable shithead is.
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    Agreed. I think Kelly is unlikely. The sec schools could outbid us, Kelly would want to maximize ucla's potential and easier path than the SEC
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    The golden rule of gambling, never bet on your own team.
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    Funny story about that: 1. it takes an idiot to label someone a racist based on the information relied on. Take a bow son; 2. There seems to be zero connection between economic need and the emotional pain expressed by Keaton. Setting up or making contributions to GFM’s seem inappropriate and ill-advised. 3. The non-monetary acts of kindness appear to be the most efficacious. They appear to be conveying love and compassion while making Keaton feel special. 4. hope parents are viewing the video with their kids, powerful teaching tool. appears to be a balanced presentation of the facts: http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/12/us/keaton-jones-bullying-video-reaction/index.html
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    seattle is going to be without: cliff avril richard sherman kam chancellor bobby wagner kj wright next week against the rams. saying the kicking game is a problem is like a 60-win baseball team worried they don't have a closer.
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    I haven't personally had any of the other boxes, but it has been fine. Occasionally have had to re-pair remote, which can be a pain. Remote pretty simple, but can now use voice commands for most everything, and Alexa comes with it if you like that. They recently added Silk browser through Amazon store, the browser is clunky, but at least it is there. Can use other browsers by side loading, which is easy to do. I have Prime anyway, so nice to be able to get all that content legitimately. Also run Kodi and some other stuff, so can stream pretty much anything. Overall, good value for the price. I have the bigger FireTV box, but I think Firestick will do pretty much everything it does, so probably not worth extra cost.
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    You have to be really impressed with what Bobby Hurley has done at ASU. First took down KSU, then smashed Xavier, then toppled St. Johns, and now buzz-sawed Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse. Just off the wall the best showing by far of any Pac-12 team this season. Hell, he even knows the school's nickname!
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    that was true until this past week! i turned it on and a new Prime app appeared. planning on watching a few Prime originals now that the amazon world has been open to me.
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    we have a first generation appletv.
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    FIFY Stick to stuff you understand And follow directions. I know SC doesn’t care about liberals interjecting politics on this board or on the sports boards, But your intelligence rating would go up to second grade level if you could just demonstrate the ability to follow directions.
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    Why is Wilcox even on the short list? The Ducks passed on him as a DC in 2013 and 2015 but now they supposedly think he's a top choice for a HC in 2018 after a 5-7 campaign?
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    You are remembering it correctly other than the name. It was some other PI or Times sportswriter. Think he was at SFO and overheard Neuheisel talking to his parents.
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    I think Oregon is better off without Taggert, he was going to be a 9 win coach in our league and while that's not bad, Oregon can do better. Schematically he's terrible, he would have been exposed in no time in our league. He catches a break in the ACC, because it's a weak league overall, so he will have breaks from week to week, and have better talent than almost everyone other than Clemson. But I'd expect him to be a DB coach at Michigan in about 4 years.
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    You might be mixing years up? Petersen either said no or was considered not a fit (depends on who you ask) prior to Sark hiring. Or is there something else that occurred? Thought Herman was big "candidate" also since his hot year was 2015.
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    Wait, Wilcox is in the top two!? I've been told my two different posters on this site that he isn't a legitimate candidate. What happened?
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    Where's PapaG? Explain yourself immediately!
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    in the world of duck message boards, absolutely. taggart has blown up an orphanage full of children and absconded with the queen's jewels. he's basically hitler. to the team and the administration, it all depends on how open he's been. from what i've gathered, he's been very upfront about his admiration for florida state and that he was going to entertain an offer. we haven't gotten a *ton* of quotes from current players since sunday night (team banquet) but most of what i came across were attitudes much more mature than your average oregon message board fan ("i love coach, but it's a business" etc). imo, it's the not-knowing that's sucked -- fans are only privy to so much, so we've been dealing with this since thursday/friday. it's entirely possible taggart told the AD last week he won't even meet with florida state until monday (yesterday) and don't expect anything until tuesday (today) and everyone who matters is good with that timeline. but i don't know.
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    I question whether you what he was talking about
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    Are NFL teams known for being run well? Honest question — I live in the Bay Area.
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    Bush Hamdan returns to UW to replace Jonathan Smith as OC/QB coach.
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    except this is america, and title ix exists.
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    If we moved money from rich schools to poor schools. That’s not gonna happen.If we moved money from rich schools to poor schools. That’s not gonna happen. Also remember you’d be paying 50 K a year to women’s lacrosse players.
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    Congrats to the men of troy.
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    Im surprised you bothered responding. You usually make a lot of noise, post a lot a nonsense, and then bump the post a week or so later, still angry like it happened 5 minutes ago. Im sure you'll deflect into some other nonsensical tangent where you get more angry. Then tell everyone to lighten up.
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    Does Herm replace the entertainment factor for the rest of the conference if Leach leaves?
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    I’ll take Heart of Dallas over Potato Bowl...fussakes.
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    Or at least not making it as easy as it was last time, where the game never really felt in doubt after midway through the 3rd quarter. Congrats, SCSCSC. Even in a loss, I can still appreciate everything this rivalry has given us the past ten years. There's been some great ones and I'm sure this one will rank right up there with the best of them. Your ability to make plays when the game mattered most and our inability to do the same in those situations were the difference last night. At the end of the day, however, I have zero problems with this loss- you guys were clearly the best team in the Pac-12 this season and that certainly was the case again last night. So congrats on your first championship in eight years and go make the best of it by kicking Ohio State/Wisconsin's ass in the Fiesta Bowl!
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    Congrats Trojan fans
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    Sometimes guys get tired of banging the hot chick
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    FSU is a mess because their facilites are weak? Your disqualified your only other rationale for the comment so there's no need for me to duplicate your work there. Here are the facts: FSU is still a better overall job (although to Oregon's credit, they have done a wonderful job of elevating the prestige level of the Oregon head football coach.) FSU will pay more. FSU is close to home. This might be the most compelling angle. I'm not saying it happens for sure but he would hardly be a fool for taking one of the most sought after college football jobs while returning home. You can pretty much snore your way into a top 10 class at FSU and with that you can compete for national titles annually.
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    I think Taggart would be a fool to take that job right now. FSU is a mess. Their facilities are weak, their recruiting class is a shambles (and yeah, I get that CWT could probably repair a lot of that in short order). Meanwhile, he has the makings of an awesome class coming in to Oregon, a QB who may arguably be the best in the Pac-12 next season, a fantastic staff (if he can keep it together), and a real shot at 10 or more wins next season and possibly the playoff. Either way, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. If I were Rob Mullens, I'd have already talked to Leavitt about stepping into the HC job if Willie bolts.
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    I was trying to be snarky. looks like I failed.
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    This is a very unpopular decision for much of the fanbase, myself included. The last two season were rough, and some of that falls on Graham for sure. But this season was one in which the team started 1-2 in OOC play and steadily progressed all season with wins over a then top 5 UW, an Oregon team ASU hadn't beaten in a decade, and road win at Utah right after the win over UW. And as mentioned, he went 4-2 against Arizona. The names rumored to be in play are disappointing, to say the least. ASU is not a blue blood program. It will take years, if not decades to build it up. Continuing the cycle of firing a coach every 5-6 years does nothing for that build. It takes time for any coach just to figure out the inherent issues with ASU.
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    One of these things isn’t like the other.
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    Halfway there. I think a 3 loss ND may still be ahead, but keeping hope alive.
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    if i may interject with my own unsolicited thoughts: butch jones no, bronco mendennall absolutely.
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    yeah it seems like all of twitter, sans any actual people who seriously report on college football for a living, have locked chip in with florida. i think it would be wild if nebraska lucked out and got frost. i really like frost, and i know he bleeds red, so even if he might have preferred florida for professional aspirations he'd do great at NU.
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    Try to catch this week’s PBS documentaries on the ISS astronauts “Year in Space” & it’s sequel.
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    how is it you say you’ve known me for over a dozen years, and you can remember some random post from a decade ago where i apparently trashed you, but you haven’t figured out yet that i pick against oregon every game.
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    It's along the same lines of the jokers in Rio trashing the bathroom. It's not about theft....it's about stupidity. Who steals in a 3rd-world country? Who doesn't know the risk entailed with that? Doesn't help that one of the kids' dad is a walking reality sitcom travesty.
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