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    UW women sweep all three rowing races and get the PAC12 to 500 national championships.
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    That's a lot of work Dad. You have both my sympathy and my admiration. Hope it gets better. Soon.
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    You would take the "over" if CU's number was 12.
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    what does one have to do with the other
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    washington beats oregon 3-1. the loser's bracket calleth...
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    - I don't think UCLA (or A&M or Auburn) will ever fall below the Baron level due to location and being rivaled off with a teams who have permanent King status. - Alabama was a King on the first edition in 2007 even though they did not do much in the 15 year pre-Saban era. - Miami is/should be on the chopping block for 2022 edition. They haven't done squat since joining the ACC. Probably need 1 playoff appearance and 3-4 other 10+ wins season. - From an on the field perspective, BYU shouldn't be on if Boise St isn't. - Stanford if they win 1 title should be Kings as they have many advantages that other's can't match. - UW fell from Barons in the 2007 list to Knights in the 2012 list. Basically Oregon took their spot (it burns). Coach Petersen has them on track to regain Baron status in the next edition.
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    Slow news day for Lamar. Lonzo isn't exactly fast and he's half white.
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    The only one that really pops out is American History X.
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    Outta the shadows, baby. I know some of you are smokers, even if you won't admit it, and all of the Pac-12 states have legalized marijuana medically, to some degree. Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado all will have recreational marijuana in 2018. The vast majority of people in the U.S. favor decriminalization at minimum, and legal recreational use is favored by 60%. This is a boom waiting to happen. One of the things I'm learning in the industry is that the venture capitalists -- despite the risks of RICO prosecutions and the banking complications and the restrictions on vertical integration for a single owner -- are POURING millions into this. It will be the next great economic boom of the 21st century. Anyone with misconceptions about marijuana oughta get set right, or find themselves stuck in the past. As for the plant itself, and its use, it does not cause people to go crazy (Don, that's for you), it doesn't cause ill health effects for the most part (some heavy users could see lung issues, long term, but nothing on the level with cigarettes), and it has a seemingly endless list of therapeutic effects for arthritis sufferers, anxiety sufferers, people undergoing chemo, people with appetite issues, etc. It's also been proven to be a tool against the opioid epidemic, not a factor exacerbating that epidemic. Got questions? Want to know the difference between hemp and cannabis, CBD and THC? Ask here. Interested in trying marijuana but have some nagging doubts? Ask away. I'm officially becoming an expert on this issue. (Emphasis on "becoming") Support Jeff Sessions' insistence that we ramp up the war on drugs and destroy an already-billion-dollar industry in multiple states? Perhaps you need to be educated.
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    That was about the most cogent post jalapeƱo has ever made. Did he copy it from someplace?
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    I actually completely agree with you, Jalapeno. The industrial capabilities of hemp are enormous. Basically, anything you can make from oil, you can make from hemp, including fuel and plastics. I'm sure petrochemical companies had a lot to do with making hemp illegal, but William Randolph Hearst also gets a big chunk of credit. He crusaded against "reefer madness" in the 30s through his many newspapers, which were of course supplied with paper from forests and mills that Hearst also owned. Personally, I like to end my day with a dab sandwiched between layers of leaf. A few tokes, turn on the PS4, and the stress melts away.
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    i stole a kid's fidgit spinner yesterday and played with it for about two minutes before i got bored. maybe i'm too old to appreciate it. but i don't know about this crackdown on them. back in my day we took laser pointers to school and blinded each other. drove teacher's crazy with those things. fidgit spinners seem relatively harmless.
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    I'm having a disappointing bowl of shredded mini wheats right now. Delicious, yes. But disappointing because I didn't stop pouring soon enough and got shredded wheat cereal dust, which is the worst of the cereal dusts, by far. In a cereal dust you want it to be a flavor enhancer, milk changer and generally you look forward to it! Like Apple Jacks dust; the little red crystals Frosted Flakes dust. Shredded wheat dust tastes and looks like the contents of a dust pan.
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    Yes, PapaG can hold his head high as the moral center of all things Beaver Sports-related. We look to you, Rev. Papa, for guidance.
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    Life Cereal, and you're a fucking pedophile-communist-ISIS sympathizer if you disagree. Honorable mention goes to Grape Nuts flakes. Might be discontinued, but they're fucking delectable.
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    Arizona is listed too high.
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    The rest of the team showed what they're about when they won without Heimlich. That's sort of a dent in your narrative. Would've reeeeally helped you out if he had stepped down and they lost, wouldn't it have?
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    Did he deserve it? Eh, I dunno, but the victim can never had what was done to her, undone, so if being constantly reminded n the media is the biggest punishment he'll face, he should consider himself lucky. He's been given a gift of baseball to pay for college, so he either needs to live with the scrutiny or live in relative obscurity and pay for school. Sometimes consequences of actions have long reaching arms.
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    Oh's. all day every day until they destroy the inside of your mouth. Taste delicious. Feel like eating a pack of razor blades are having a sword fight on jagged cliffs.
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    Yes sir. Basically I'd classify the Rodgers as a lager. It's a basic beer, similar to Bud, coors ect. Georgetown also makes a really good American Pale ale, (mannys) which they don't can but you'd probably enjoy it. https://beerandbrewing.com/lager-its-cool-again/ laguanitas and Trumer make solid pilsners. https://gearpatrol.com/2016/04/13/best-american-lagers/
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    Well that makes sense, if you are a serial sexual assaulter, you can be president. Just not a college baseball pitcher
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    ... says the guy who mostly starts threads about rumors and innuendo about other schools' players. http://www.pac12board.com/index.php?/profile/1063-papag/&do=content&type=forums_topic&change_section=1
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    Jesus fucking Christ you're a stupid asshole. What does this even mean?
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    At the very least, you could acknowledge it's a complex situation for all involved. But no, you'd rather pronounce judgement & moral superiority.
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    Why do you think they included those facts, dipshit?
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    It's lame because you're not willing to state your position because of the way it will be received. Yet you have no problem attacking another school and its fan base. Thats the definition of chicken-shit.
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    Come on. That has to be the lamest answer ever. You obviously feel strongly about this ... yet, you're not willing to provide an opinion?
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    I know, let's kick Heimlich out of school, cover him in fire ants, give rival Pac-12 fans a chance to rape him while he is forced to hold a naked yoga pose, and then put him to death by suffocation. If you don't agree with that, then you don't have daughters, and you think child molesting is hunky-dory. Got it, guys?
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    for sure. i know i'm generalizing, but it just seems like if the pac has an opportunity to trip over our own feet in a marquee early season non-conference showdown then by god, trip we shall.
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    That schedule is still trash.
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    Alaska Airlines can handle things for the Huskies. Phil Knight will just buy another plane for the Ducks, the latest Boeing has out. As for the Buffaloes, with all the "growers" right around Boulder and the wafting air on Pearl Street, they probably don't need a plane to fly.
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    Unless you are concerned about injury, don't do anything except be supportive, present and excited about his choices and accomplishments. He will figure out what he likes and what the social benefits are. The only thing I would advise, and of which you are probably already aware, is that it's good to get some skills in individual sports as he gets older because the opportunity for team sports disappears. Exposure to squash, golf, tennis, racquetball, handball, etc., Will be good for his career and health. Most guys wish they had had more exposure to these sports. Maybe even some running because as he grows and matures the weight may be less of an obstacle.
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    Looks like Computer generated special-effects
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    Hey, it could be worse
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    i like the block C with the bear -- the cursive California is a little timid & hard to read IMO. It doesn't add anything that the iconic cursive Cal doesn't already.
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    I'm biased but I think the Warriors will win this series in 5 games. Draymond has less than half of the techs he received last season and isn't a risk to be removed from any given game of this series. Barnes shot 4-35 after Game 4 and many of those shots were wide open. KD won't miss anywhere near that many shots and he will force Lebron to use up a lot of energy on defense, far more than he has had to use this year against any or team and way more than he had to use last year when he got to sag off Barnes. The Warriors play great team defense but I am worried about what the Cavs can do to us when they run a pick and roll on Curry and spread the court with very good shooters. Curry is the one player who can't be switched onto the Lebron under any circumstance and the Warriors will have to scramble and recover fast as either Draymond or a big helps out. Ultimately, I think Love will regress against the Warriors like he always does as Draymond will shut him down. Kyrie is the X factor, he if he score 40 points two times in 3 games again, The Warriors will be in for a long series. Otherwise, there are just too many weapons to deal with, particularly now that teams have to worry about McGee around the rim instead of sagging off Bogut. Too many shooters, too much ball movement, too much moving without the basketball, and too much help defense equals too much for the Cavs to overcome. I think the toughest game is going to be game 1 and after that, the Cavs will wear down game-by-game as has been the case with most opponents so far. This team has historic talent and they play smart, unselfish basketball and very hard defense. It's as close to the perfect team as you can assemble with a salary cap and there really isn't any excuse for the Warriors to lose now that they have replaced Barnes with KD and Bogut with McGee/Zaza. Even Ian Clark and this version of Iggy are better than Barbosa and last years Iggy. Warriors in 5, but an epic 7 game series sure would be what the doctor ordered after an absolutely stale NBA playoff slate.
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    When you click on the "Start a new topic" button, there will be two tabs under Topic Details, the first is Content, the Second is Poll. Select the "Poll" tab, and you should be able to fill out the details of your poll.
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    Me too. That would require pretty amazing seasons for both teams. Possible but not likely.
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    Yes it does. It is far easier to increase revenue by increasing the amount of out of state students than it is to raise tuition but you can only do this so many times before people start to complain about the amount of out-of-state kids compared to in-state kids. After all, it's the parents of in-state kids that are paying the tax revenue to keep Berkeley as cheap as it is (ranked #1 best value college by Forbes.)
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    that's an amazing draw for osu, but they certainly deserve it after what was probably the best regular season I've ever seen in college baseball. tough draw for ucla, but they're lucky to even be in it so i guess you take what you can get. most thought texas, the 2 seed in their regional, would host. stanford has a clear path to omaha so long as they keep up what they've been doing. if not for osu, who just does not lose, stanford would be the pac school entering the postseason on the highest note. they've been playing great baseball. arizona defies logic when it comes to postseason baseball and I've learned to stop projecting them. they'll either bow out in two games or win the whole damn thing.
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    I figured Utah would be "ankles" or something or something super risque.
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    Me too. The pixely version from 007 Goldeneye on the N64. Literally my first introduction to the Bond franchise.
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    it's an industry i concede will likely explode and make billions but it is just not for me. then again i buy consoles like eight years after they come out. we just picked up a wii like two years ago. bought mario and mario kart. i'm on track for a wii u by 2022.
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    Dan, I just returned to this board after a long hiatus and I'm giving this upgrade two thumbs up. I noticed the Twitter stuff and that seems to be a pretty important feature for sports...and political forums these days given the Tweeter-In-Chief.
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    The thing that never gets mentioned (perhaps it's not related) is the massive layoffs that ESPN just went through. Is there a bubble in all these financial deals?
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    I freakin love Morello's solo at 2:13 in this one. Epic.