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    UW with three commits in the last 24 hours. - MJ Tafisi - 3* LB from Sandy, UT with offers from Oregon, Cal, Utah, and Boise St among others - Zion Tupuola-Fetui - 3* DE from Pearl City, Hawaii with offers from Oregon, Cal, and WSU among others - Sam Taimani - 4* OL/DL out of Salt Lake City with offers from Oregon, Utah, Alabama, Notre Dame, Tennessee, UCLA, and Wisconsin among others.
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    Funny story about that: 1. it takes an idiot to label someone a racist based on the information relied on. Take a bow son; 2. There seems to be zero connection between economic need and the emotional pain expressed by Keaton. Setting up or making contributions to GFM’s seem inappropriate and ill-advised. 3. The non-monetary acts of kindness appear to be the most efficacious. They appear to be conveying love and compassion while making Keaton feel special. 4. hope parents are viewing the video with their kids, powerful teaching tool. appears to be a balanced presentation of the facts: http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/12/us/keaton-jones-bullying-video-reaction/index.html
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    seattle is going to be without: cliff avril richard sherman kam chancellor bobby wagner kj wright next week against the rams. saying the kicking game is a problem is like a 60-win baseball team worried they don't have a closer.
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    I haven't personally had any of the other boxes, but it has been fine. Occasionally have had to re-pair remote, which can be a pain. Remote pretty simple, but can now use voice commands for most everything, and Alexa comes with it if you like that. They recently added Silk browser through Amazon store, the browser is clunky, but at least it is there. Can use other browsers by side loading, which is easy to do. I have Prime anyway, so nice to be able to get all that content legitimately. Also run Kodi and some other stuff, so can stream pretty much anything. Overall, good value for the price. I have the bigger FireTV box, but I think Firestick will do pretty much everything it does, so probably not worth extra cost.
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    You have to be really impressed with what Bobby Hurley has done at ASU. First took down KSU, then smashed Xavier, then toppled St. Johns, and now buzz-sawed Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse. Just off the wall the best showing by far of any Pac-12 team this season. Hell, he even knows the school's nickname!
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    that was true until this past week! i turned it on and a new Prime app appeared. planning on watching a few Prime originals now that the amazon world has been open to me.
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    we have a first generation appletv.
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    FIFY Stick to stuff you understand And follow directions. I know SC doesn’t care about liberals interjecting politics on this board or on the sports boards, But your intelligence rating would go up to second grade level if you could just demonstrate the ability to follow directions.
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    I like how papa attacks men with matching colored shoes & shirts while his avatar is of two men with exactly that.
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    John Levesque (I had to Google it)
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    Why is Wilcox even on the short list? The Ducks passed on him as a DC in 2013 and 2015 but now they supposedly think he's a top choice for a HC in 2018 after a 5-7 campaign?
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    except this is america, and title ix exists.
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    If we moved money from rich schools to poor schools. That’s not gonna happen.If we moved money from rich schools to poor schools. That’s not gonna happen. Also remember you’d be paying 50 K a year to women’s lacrosse players.