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    i can't believe this is happening to such a coaching legend.
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    I remember in 2001 and 2005, when the Beavs were constantly shitting the bed, and I could only be aware of it with score crawls on ESPN, or a shitty radio signal. Now I get to watch it. Thank you, Pac-12 Network. I think.
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    I agree the VLT is getting boring.
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    indeed he was, and spent his entire post talking about them, then called a few people retards when they called him on it. hockey, lacrosse, swimming... these sports don't do squat. a "greatest hits" of football/basketball games for each school would do better than asu vs oregon ice hockey. an NFL Films style look at each school's football season would do better. football and basketball coaches shows would do better. and even then, they aren't doing great. but they'd be cheaper.
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    I think jalapeno was actually making the argument we don't televise ENOUGH of that shit.
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    Ice hockey and lacrosse notwithstanding, and with all due respect to gymnastics, volleyball and soccer, I do think the Pac-12's emphasis on trying to include every sport in its programming hurts its viewership. I pretty much quit watching it from January through August, except for the occasional basketball, baseball or softball game. Say what you will about Paul Fienbaum, but the SEC Network has destination programming with that guy. I'm not suggesting such a concept would work in the western U.S., I don't think it would, but when your best-known personality is Mike Yam, well, you're pretty vanilla.
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    No wonder the Ivy League Network has all those $1 billion payouts.
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    beavers look the browns, the ducks look like a generic football team used in a brett favre endorsement commercial where the company doesn't own the nfl rights.
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    Kobe with a classy message to Hayward:
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    Yes, hockey and lacrosse are the reasons for the network's failure. Wow.
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    10:45 ET/7:45 PT on the network that us West Coast POS should be on our knees thanking for broadcasting PAC 12 games. UW is -17.
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    If Washington or USC were to win out, I think they get a playoff spot. However, I think winning out seems to be quite a difficult task for either team.
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    I think we may have just wrapped up coach-of-the-year & he’s not from Washington State.
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    Can't expect much from a zero star QB.
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    Yeah my wife and I watched VGK honor the victims...pretty moving. There is one Las Vegas team I'd support and that is not the one with RAIDERS in the nickname.
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    We live in the high desert, and we were basically surrounded by forest fires all summer long. Started up in Canada, and we at one point had the largest fire in Oregon history down in Brookings which spread smoke all over the state. Sisters High School had to delay opening. They had 470 AQI one day. Every summer, it's a coinflip as to whether I can do a run outside, or if the winds turn and suddenly we're inundated with fog-like smoke. Whenever it was under 200, I said fuck it, and went for a run outside because I was so sick of going into the gym on a warm summer day. A few years ago, Beijing topped 800. I gotta figure some people actually suffocate at that level.
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    lol. Coach Leach is full of crap. He is trying to do his best Bill Belichick.
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    Here is a video of our defensive performance against ASU last year. UW stifled Balage and Richard, and got good pressure on Wilkins. Hopefully we see something similar tomorrow. If you want to watch just one highlight, I recommend the one-handed pick in the end zone by Kevin King at about 3:35 into the video.
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    You refer to one year as a trend, and completely ignore the 3-9 backslide the year before as well as Wazzu shitting the bed in their bowl game and starting out the year 0-2 against an FCS team and a MWC team when the ranking was made. You are just as dishonest with your sports analysis as you are with your politics.
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    Yeah, i am so thankful we are on ESPN! Hopefully Herbstreit will say a word or two about the huskies! We are so lucky! What a joke. Petros had some great comments on the Petersen v. ESPN kerfuffle in his weekly interview with Softy, in case you have not heard that. Great points about ASU. Their resume is solid, and this feels like a trap game to me. If UW isn't focused, they could kick this game. It would be a big win for ASU and might save Graham's job. We will get their best shot.
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    We haven't won in Tempe since 2001... I see the line has gone up to -18.5. I wouldn't touch it and don't know why it's so high. ASU beat UO, lost AT Furd by 10, lost a shootout with TTU 52-45 and lost to a good SDSU by 10. ASU is also coming of a bye (UW gets like 3-4 teams off bye this year) unfuckingbelievable. I haven't seen much from ASU this year, but seems like they can put up some points and have hung around most games. I'm not too worried about our offense (as long as we don't lean on our kicker), looks like ASU gives up almost 300/200 a game, we should shred them. Defense -will be interesting, wonder if rushing 3 dropping 8 works with them? VS Cal we had 8 sacks, 6 came with a 3 man rush and zero blitzes.Thankful we're on ESPN at 745pm.
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    ASU has some talent on offense: Kalen Balage and Demario Richard at RB, and N'Keal Henry at WR, and the QB has looked good when I have watched. This will be a test for the UW defense. UW hasn't won in Tempe since 2003 I believe.
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    He was a zero star when he was committed to Cornell.
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    You just don't have enough experience with jalapeno posts.
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    Jeez, talk about unnecessary roughness
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    No, but I hope you will. From this board.
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    Also likes using the flag to decorate his emoticon crap.
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    jalapeno approves of the sports that are 99% white. noted.
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    we have an annual stanley cup playoff thread on the basketball board (for some reason) because most of us are admitted bandwagon hockey fans and don't start paying attention to hockey until the playoffs.