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  1. mugtang

    2019 OOC

    I don’t know about that. I think we’re going to win...... ....the 4th quarter, maybe.
  2. I’ll have to run that by HR.
  3. What features would you guys like to see added here? If it’s possible I’ll do what I can to make it happen. If not I’ll say so.
  4. You can now insert GIFs directly into your posts too using the “GIF” button and searching for the relevant GIF. It’s linked to giphy.
  5. Just trying to improve your pac12board experience!
  6. This has been changed. Clicking on a topic title will now take you to either the first unread post or the latest post in the thread if you've already read the thread.
  7. If there are any other threads you feel need to be moved there please PM me or link them here and I’ll move them.
  8. The political subforum is good to go.
  9. There’s a manual coding change I have to do with this and I’m trying to figure out where it is. Give me a couple of days but I’ll get it fixed. But, in the mean time if you click on the circle or star when opening a thread instead of the link that will take you to the first unread post if there are new posts.
  10. Sweet. It’s gone. It slows down the site.
  11. Not going to do that. I will also change the “likes” to a thumbs up and not the heart. Also are you guys crazy about the “leaderboard” thing?
  12. Ok another change. You can now turn off notifications for when people “like” something.
  13. Alright. I’ll have it created by Sunday for you guys.
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