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  1. mugtang

    House Keeping

    I did initially ban him and thought about it and changed my mind and decided to go with the public warning and see if that works.
  2. mugtang

    House Keeping

    You’re welcome. You don’t need to worry about donations. I make enough from the ads to cover the hosting costs for the site. Not really a money making venture for me like the mwcboard is and if there’s excess expenses they just offset my income from there and reduce my tax liability at the end of the year.
  3. mugtang

    House Keeping

    I have banned PapaG because of his threats to contact the Portland Secret Service and CPS. That’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed regardless of what happens here. @Orange you will stop with the personal attacks on other posters. I’m tired of it. So this will serve as your final warning. I understand not everybody will agree with my decision but I feel it’s for the best moving forward on the site.
  4. I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  5. Yes....yet I still agreed
  6. I’m going to reach out to them now and set up an affiliate deal. I’m sure this will be a lucrative opportunity for both parties....
  7. This is me trying to reign some of you in...you know who you are.
  8. I don’t read every post on this site so if there’s something that you feel is out of line then flag the post and I’ll review it.
  9. Oh man you edited this from your original post where you mentioned what I let slide. Which you’re 100% right about. I admit I haven’t been fully engaged here and have let shit get out of hand. Perhaps we should have a purge of the bad actors. I already axed one in Bruin70. And as for enforcement, I’ve gotten so many notifications from google about my other site. They’ve crawled posts back to 2010 saying it violates their rules....it’s normally an issue with a picture or something though. I personally don’t care about swearing. I swear like a sailor, just not often on my boards. Anyway carry on.
  10. Policies are also set by the ad supplier. If somebody was posting porn here that would be a violation of their policy as well. Obviously porn and swearing aren’t the same thing but yes they do have content restrictions. But, this site doesn’t really make anything anyway so whatever I’ll take down the filter. I didn’t realize not being able to say one word would cause such an outrage.
  11. That’s actually pretty standard and are policies implemented by google. And since google dominates the ad market everybody has to bow down to them. If not being able to drop F bombs all the time ruins your Pac12board experience then I apologize but it’s beyond my control.
  12. Nope. I only added the “F” word to the filter so you can’t drop F bombs but I was referred to this section of their policy. Not much I can do about it. Content that depicts, contains, or provides access to offensive content (including, but not limited to): Pornographic or adult materials Exploitative materials Threats, harassment, bullying, or content suggestive of violence Content that is discriminatory or is designed to incite hatred Content that misrepresents the site or the company Explicit language Unmoderated user-generated content
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