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  1. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/08/31/hotline-exclusive-pac-12-presidents-consider-massive-overhaul-of-conference-structure-seek-advisor-for-media-strategy/ Jon Wilner obtained through public records of correspondence between Oregon president Michael Schill, Colorado chancellor Phil DiStefano and Washington president Ana Mari Cauce from this June 2020. The upshot is that the actual decision makers on campus are looking at alternatives to Larry Scott. The key quote is Schill stating "if it is the entire structure and composition of the PAC 12 as we discussed on the call, then I wond
  2. I fail to see how these two scheduling times are in opposition. There is a downside in the latter half of the season. None of the rating problems would exist if the quality of play improved back to a level perceived to be equal to the Big Ten again. Early in the season night games are fine because the day time temperature is excessive. Temperature's are often too high to safely play a football game before 7 PM in many parts of the Pac unless it is indoors (i.e. neutral field at NFL stadium) before mid October-ish so you might as well broadcast those games to the east coast and midwest
  3. The change in the economy due to the corona virus is going to be significant. States are going toned to reduce their budget and that will affect universities. The nine AAU members of the Pac definitely will want to stick together and will have the revenue from their respective medical research and medical doctorate schools during this pandemic to maintain their overall universities. It will now be MUCH more important to get the most revenue. ASU evolved due to the University of Phoenix populatizing online education nationally and then imploding because ASU is actually THE university in
  4. The eight years under Mike Leach are probably the best in the last half century for the Cougar football program. However, on the field success didn't generate the kind of revenue that put the WSU athletic program in the black but rather left the institution $100 million debt for facilities improvements which affects the rest of the entire university's budget to the consternation of a number of Washington state legislators. Now WSU can remove Mike Leach's coaching salary from the books and reducing the Cougars overhead by a not inconsiderable sum. This is really the best case scenario f
  5. Access to Pac 12 network is only through Sling or Fubo TV. Fubo has a sports heavy marketing focus but has a lot of the other channels too; I haven't tried that service. The least expensive option for a Northern California fan like myself is Sling Blue with the Sports Extra package for Pac 12 network during basketball season - which is $45 but you don't have ESPN. I've found that it's easy to make changes online in a couple minutes so I vary my programming package depending on what I will be watching that particular month. I usually cancel the sports extra package when Marc
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