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  1. CFB is headed to 4 mega conferences. The B12 will cease to exist as the other 4 pick over the bones. Bad news for those left out and the BCS. Let the mad scramble begin.
  2. Which keeps them in their cycle of poverty preserving the current power structure for the 1%.
  3. The GOP are nothing but a bunch of power hungry, terrified cowards.
  4. I've said for years Israel is a terrorist state.
  5. mysfit

    The Flu

    I've had both my Pfizer vax. Between masks and limiting contact I didn't have the flu or even a cold this past winter. I love my mask. Don't leave home without it My current *this really sucks* kick is herniated disks. And bilateral stenosis. Anyone have any recent experience with open back surgery? I'm scheduled in 2 weeks and not real thrilled with an overnite stay, wondering about recovery time. Also if you had any numbness (foot, leg), I'm hearing that is probably permanent.
  6. One of the greatest dissapointments of the last 4 years is finding out just how fucking stupid and ignorant half the country is
  7. mysfit

    The Flu

    America, land of the selfish and entitled with zero consideration for others. I have never been more dissapointed or disgusted with the people in this country than I am now. Yeah I know it isn't everyone. But it's over half.
  8. The USPS is a government service. Not a business. Neither is the FBI, the military, FEMA etc etc etc
  9. Selfish and flat out stupid Willful ignorance is stupidity and we have a lot of stupid people in this country. From the top down. It's amazing that these are the same people demanding schools be open when clearly they never learned anything from their time there.
  10. alright I'm convinced. All Trump supporters really are a basket of deplorable. Some of them are not self aware enough to realize they are sexist, racist, anti-science, anti-democracy misogynists, but they are. I got no time or energy for them.
  11. Because mainstreet and Wall Street are disconnected? Instead of being about jobs and people the stock market is about profit. That's my uninformed view.
  12. mysfit

    The Flu

    Feared They want to be feared and civilians to be instantly subservient and unquestioning.
  13. Strike Until the jack booted thugs are removed Strike until there are actual police reforms. No protest. No demonstration. Stay home. Kinda tough for them to round you up eh?
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