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  1. DG should get some honest credit for building up UCLA’s baseball program.
  2. Scscsc89

    Week 4

    Can’t watch Cal @ Ole Miss on my TV because apparently I don’t subscribe to ESPNU on comcast. However, I am able to stream it on the ESPN app by logging in through my comcast account.
  3. After last night’s game .... 1 win2bfree 2 2 MrBug708 1
  4. Scscsc89

    USC v. Utah

    Sells more ad time
  5. Scscsc89

    USC v. Utah

    I’ve always liked Huntley but he’s not going to survive the season playing like this
  6. Scscsc89

    USC v. Utah

    Live by the Fink, die by the Fink.
  7. Scscsc89

    USC v. Utah

    yep — this is what everyone said about Fink in the off-season camps. Can’t sustain drives — it’s big play or bust
  8. Scscsc89

    USC v. Utah

    If you’re going to be bad, be Big 12 Bad
  9. Scscsc89

    USC v. Utah

    Send someone to Jack Sears dorm room
  10. Scscsc89

    USC v. Utah

    First string CB Isaac Taylor-Stuart will not play tonight. True freshman Chris Steele probably takes his place. also:
  11. It will be interesting to see the GOP senate contemplate actions that will elevate President Pelosi.
  12. That was my thought too — that Fouts and every single other starter must’ve graduated.
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