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  1. Yeah, we have one too -- but our ST coach doesn't want him punting rugby style.
  2. Good point -- I'd insist on a fire-breathing dragon.
  3. Bug must follow after-watch blogs and podcasts or something cause I missed it too.
  4. It depends on the school district. I know of two families in the Bay Area that were told if they brought their 6yo sons in to enroll for kindergarten, they'd be put in first grade. Period. The districts use their own psychologists.
  5. Don't feel bad for blinking and missing it. it was the combo of two scenes: 1) when bran was time shifting (last season?) & watched Ned take a baby from his dying sister. That baby was Jon snow. 2 where Sam & Gilly were talking last week & she was reading what seemed like a inconsequential story & Sam interrupted and said, "screw it - we're out of here". well, that story was the clue of who the baby's father was -- daenerys targaryen's older brother. Which is why the dragon let John pet it: he's 1/2 targaryen and half stark, but not by Ned.
  6. Latest popular view from the Trojan hottake crowd: USC defense & running game should be good, possibly very good. Field goal kicking may be so bad that even the red zone becomes four-down territory.
  7. Hmmm
  8. We had my son do an extra year of kindergarten so he would be the oldest in his class instead of the youngest. The school tried to discourage us but it just made too much sense & they backed off.. Yesterday he turned 7 & started first grade on the same day. He's bigger than the other kids but not by as much as you'd think.
  9. Bob Asmussen is on crack.
  10. SI:
  11. Personally, I think he'd trust his wife with the truth.
  12. Got it -- lyanna was Ned's sister, the one betrothed to Robert.
  13. Ah, he is not Ned Stark's bastard -- it will be interesting if that's a departure from the books. No way would Robert have let him keep a T alive (especially a male) & there was a lot of time spent on a broken love affair while away at war.
  14. Or one gets killed. yes, I read (actually listened to) the books but it's getting to be a long time ago ... still waiting for lady stoneheart to make an appearance
  15. ... although she's a king's daughter & he's a grandson (born our of wedlock?) so i guess it depends on the monarchy