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  1. Rescheduling it for week 7 makes sense if neither is the north winner
  2. Colorado @ USC kicks off at 12:30*
  3. Doesn't not making the playoffs increase the chance of two NY6 berths?
  4. I wonder if California’s 10pm curfew was going to affect the game as well — may be time to about Pac it in.
  5. I’m not sure that will fix suburban Q boomers railing against antifa baby-eaters & Fauxvid-19.
  6. Okay — is playing CSU worth the risk of missing future conference games that we need to rake in the TV dough?
  7. If I was CU, i'd keep my eye on the pac-12 south. playing CSU would be nice, but does the practice help you more than the risk?
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