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  1. Rear Window is one of my favorites. Rope is a good one too.
  2. das boot is a good war movie -- although there's really nothing new in the submarine genre.
  3. I just saw Hot Tub Time Machine for the first time on Sunday.
  4. Just in case you want to listen to the original piece, it starts at 33:45:
  5. A USC football podcast held a fun hypothetical offseason exercise based on this week's NHL expansion draft. The premise is that Long Beach State is going to join the Pac-12 but since they are starting from scratch, they'll be stocking their roster by taking 2 current players (incl incoming freshmen) off every other conference team, in addition to standard recruiting. As coach of your team, your mental exercise is to figure out which of your players to protect: - 1 QB - 2 RBs - 5 OLs - 5 combined WRs & TEs - 6 combined DL & LBs - 5 DBs It gets tricky when you consider the new team probably doesn't want to take too many upper-classmen, but they also would need some players with experience. Toughest choices for USC were around QB, RB and DB.
  6. What's your take on dabbing?
  7. Try selling that to the players, fans & donors from rebuilding programs. Not to mention the coaches with bowl bonuses. i personally agree we should do that, I just don't see it happening. Perhaps when we move to a 64-team division 4.
  8. So ... all of a sudden we have 2-3 fewer bowl-eligible teams.
  9. I can't say I'm too surprised considering he's (theoretically) got Darnold, Fink and Sears all ahead of him. Based on his Twitter feed, he seems like the kind of kid that wants to be the man from day one.
  10. ... or all that brick-and-mortar premium grocery store chain money! ;-P
  11. I would think they'd want to pick someone from a public institution
  12. Phew -- Better than 5
  13. How many SEC teams?