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  1. I read that the map was based on foursquare check-ins. yeah, exactly. also, both whataburger and five guys are not good.
  2. Wilner Hotline

    “CU fans in August: Hate the non-conference schedule. CU fans in October: Thank goodness for that non-conference schedule.”
  3. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    Could you see Tedford at Oregon State?
  4. Pac-12 Presidents starting to grumble about P12N

    No wonder the Ivy League Network has all those $1 billion payouts.
  5. USC @ ND

    Remember the question about which players would you have liked to see what they could’ve done if they had been injury-free? Honestly, Bigelow was the one who popped into my head first. Not that I thought he would be the second coming of Leonard Williams, but because I felt bad for the kid for never getting to play because he was literally always rehabbing something.
  6. USC @ ND

  7. Does anyone use the USPS’ informed delivery service? You get a scanned image of your first-class mail one or two days before it is delivered to you.
  8. CFB imperial map

    .. although Cal now owns Australia.
  9. SC89's Simple Ratings

    Week 7: Position, Team, Score (Previous) 1 USC 1.14 3) 2 WSU 1.04 (1) 3 Washington 0.96 (2) SDSU 0.68 4 Stanford 0.64 (4) 5 Cal 0.61 (7) 6 Utah 0.46 (5) Boise St 0.42 7 Oregon 0.32 (6) 8 Arizona 0.29 (9) 9 Colorado 0.25 (10) T10 ASU 0.17 (11) T10 UCLA 0.17 (8) 12 Oregon St -0.68 (12) BYU -0.96 add .75 point for each win vs. unranked FCS opponent add 1 point for each win vs. unranked midmajor (non-P5) opponent add 1.5 points for each win vs. an P5 team or FCS/midmajor opponent ranked 16-25 (AP) add 2.5 points for each win vs. Top 15 (AP) opponent subtract .5 points for each loss vs. Top 15 (AP) opponent subtract 1 point for each loss vs. an P5 team or FCS/midmajor opponent ranked 16-25 (AP) subtract 2 points for each loss vs. unranked midmajor opponent subtract 2.5 points for each loss vs. unranked FCS opponent AP Ranking is from today, not when the game was played
  10. WSU @Cal

    It would be money well spent. I'd almost guarantee a win for the home team.
  11. Utah @ USC

    Yep, he was both wide open AND Williams had someone tackling him. There were also 4 USC defenders in between them. Williams’ view could’ve been blocked.
  12. WSU @Cal

    The board’s banner ad is still offering me tickets to this game.
  13. 11th Annual Pac-12 Pick-Em Pool

    UCLA v Oregon is a really hard one. What’s the line?