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  1. USC & UCLA already talking about rescheduling it. Trojans now saying that Cal will be their first game.
  2. They should’ve front-loaded the division games. I don’t see this holding up till mid-Dec. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Makes you wonder how many times he voted for a Bush.
  4. Scscsc89

    The Flu

    I think this tweet is more fitting
  5. But hey — military contractors are going to get their beaks wet.
  6. Scscsc89

    2020 MLB

    The marlins are certainly embracing the Black Death goth theme.
  7. Scscsc89

    The Flu

    Same -- in our first survey, the question was something like, "would you be interested in hearing more about an all-online independent study option?" with no more detail than that. 40% yes. The second survey detailed it & was due today. I expect the numbers to plummet. (My wife & I initially voted yes, and then voted no)
  8. Scscsc89

    The Flu

    Yeah, they need to be able to plan and allocate their resources & can’t have people jumping between programs like Tate Martell. If you want to go back to school when things open up, just pick the mainstream option. This choice is for the most conservative parents & the most immuno-compromised kids/teachers. i don’t think it will be that popular, but it would be great if they could field one class of kids in each grade. the bonus is that the more kids that sign up for this, the easier it will be to social distance the classroom desks If/when things do open up.
  9. Scscsc89

    The Flu

    Our school district is exploring offering an all-year “independent study” option which would keep your kid in a separate remote learning class all-year, even if the rest of the school starts to open back up. the downside is that if you sign up for it, you'd be committing to it for the entire school year. According to an email we received, they are currently surveying parents to see how many people would be interested in this. I hope that enough people sign up that they can make it work for those kids and teachers that have serious health concerns.
  10. Scscsc89

    2020 MLB

    Cueto looked good — the submariner didn’t not. Offense is anemic. going to be a long (shortened) season.
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