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  1. Scscsc89


    Nothing serious, just some headaches.
  2. Scscsc89

    Pac-12 Hoops

    ... but beats USC comfortably!
  3. Scscsc89

    The Squad!

    At least in parliamentary systems, in order to be able to form a majority govt, a party usually has to make back-room deals with the smaller, single-issue parties (think green or pro-life). Then, when forming policy around these particular issues, the administration has to promote/follow a much more extreme position than reflects the more mainstream party or the majority of the population. so a small minority of people end up wielding much more relative power. Im not sure how it would work in our system. I suppose that you could say that it forces compromise — but perhaps it is not much different than the far-left wing of the Democrats or the far-right of the GOP and all the “congressional caucuses” they’ve created.
  4. Scscsc89

    The Squad!

    Having lived in a country with multiple parties, I can assure everyone that coalition governments have their downside too.
  5. If GOP senators are so convinced of Trump’s innocence, why do they not want to allow the evidence and witnesses to easily show it?
  6. I fully support a separate Hunter Biden impeachment inquiry once Trump's is done.
  7. Scscsc89

    2019 OOC

    Apparently the new AD is trying to get out of this game & replace it with a neutral site game against a P5.
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