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  1. We seemed to have turned it up to 11
  2. stop calling us racist part deux
  3. I’m still getting up to speed on this air raid thing — are there 7 or 8 starting WRs on the offense?
  4. If anything will wake them up, it’ll be their wallets
  5. The biggest concern is that USC shows enough improvement on 5-7 that they can’t fire Helton but not enough to turn things around long-term. As for the team, it’s the same that it always is: offensive line.
  6. Scscsc89

    2019 OOC

    You got your wish. I don’t give Notre Dame the same credit — many of those service academy teams have been awful.
  7. Scscsc89

    2019 OOC

    From @BriandFisher USC, one of the last three FBS teams to not schedule an FCS opponent, has scheduled FCS foe UC Davis in 2021. Trojans also added Nevada (2023) and SJSU (2024).
  8. Overwhelmed? Border apprehensions were at a FORTY-YEAR LOW until Trump and Nielsen changed the policy.
  9. ICE set up for more round-ups this weekend. Awesome
  10. Companies are paying for less & less of their employees’ health insurance. Add to that rising reliance on independent contractors & the new gig job market — it’s a huge vulnerability for the GOP.
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