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  1. being brainwashed to own the libs, hillarious
  2. "I'm not going to read the articles ... just the headlines were enough to register the propaganda with me -- and damn proud of it!"
  3. .... on the contrary -- he's a master of click-bait analytics.
  4. Scscsc89

    The Ekonomee

    I'm starting to believe that things you know & things you post are not always the same thing. It's very fluid.
  5. Scscsc89


    Seriously -- you have to stop believing that the media is this us vs. them team sport thing where the mainstream media is exactly as far left as Fox is far right. You know who taught you that? Fox
  6. They’ll censure him for loving America too much.
  7. After watching a lot of USC football, I think we stack up pretty well against a stay-in-the-pocket QB and a defense that wants to slow things down & keep the score low. (Haven't seen a ton of Iowa football this season but that's usually the Ferentz M.O.) Hawkeyes are probably most like Washington, who we would have probably done better against if we had had Slovis. Should be a good game ... if we show up.
  8. Doesn't mean anything -- unless you put any stock into history, precedent and experience. I think both are most likely. Impeachment by the House & once he is acquitted by the Senate, they'll give him a slap-on-the-wrist censure to show how "tough on crime" they are.
  9. If we've learned anything about Nancy Pelosi, it's that she doesn't move forward with things unless she has the votes already lined up.
  10. didn't say it was okay, you were the one who called it "wrong". To me, it's a dumb, distracting argument for #BothSides.
  11. okay -- you meant that you expect the votes to go along party lines? To me, a 'partisan exercise (politically speaking)' implies that is politically motivated. Which you could argue, but I wasn't sure.
  12. Not sure what you mean by this. What would you have the Dems do if they truly believe the president abused the powers of his office? Isn’t this the remedy the Founders & Constitution gives them?
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