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  1. Initially you said Helton failed because he couldn't build team unity and cohesion because he didn't have 'presence'. I'm calling bullshit on that because even after getting absolutely walloped by Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford, his teams never once gave up on him. Even now, this team would do anything for him. They believe in his credo of "Faith, Family, Football". They respect the hell out of him. The problem is that he didn't know how to teach them to get better at football. All they could do is rely on their talent, which a lot of times was enough to get by. As the former coach of UNLV who does an inside-USC-football podcast says, “If I had a son who played football, I would send him to USC to be with Clay Helton — he is a great leader of young men. But if I was a fan, I would not want my football team to be coached by Clay Helton.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I'm going to suggest that that his character is the ONE positive quality that Helton possesses & allowed him to last as long as he did & got whatever success he achieved (one P12 championship, one Rose Bowl win): By all accounts, he is a genuinely fantastic person & his players absolutely LOVE him. Look at all the current & former players that came out of the woodwork on Monday and tweeted how much he means to them as a person. It's weird, almost cult-like. I do give him credit for bringing a lot of character & stability to the program which was sorely lacking after his predecessors left. The real problem is that Clay Helton just isn't a good football coach. These aren't even opinions, they are facts: He had never been a head coach before USC. He doesn't have his own system. -- he's not an Xs & Os guy. He was OC under two head coaches (Kiff & Sark) that ran their own offenses. Before USC he had no experience managing a game. He's had to learn on the job. He's not known for evaluating talent OR developing it. Last week, USC wasn't among the top 20 programs with players in the NFL. During his tenure, USC has been among the top 20 most-penalized teams in the country. He's an average recruiter but there's a reason they had to bring in Donte Williams 2 years ago after the worst USC recruiting class ever. Helton was in over his head from day 1 and never should've been hired in the first place let alone extended.
  3. I’m leaning towards Luke Fickell or Matt Campbell because I want someone who has been a college head coach before but is likely to stay more than a few years. Honestly, as long as it’s not Jack Del Rio, Jeff Fisher, Hue Jackson or Donte Williams, I’m happy. I trust Bohn will get someone significantly better than Helton (low bar). It hardly needs to be a splashy big-name hire.
  4. I read that Franklin has been accused of trying to cover up a sexual assault within his program while at Vanderbilt & has been sued for encouraging hazing while at Penn State. Considering USC’s recent past, I think this might be the kind of thing they’d try to avoid (if true).
  5. Recruiting against Oregon from Southern California is hardly easy but recruiting against Ohio State from Pennsylvania has to be brutal.
  6. Yeah, I started doing it to learn Excel. I am sure there is a MUCH better way to automate it further but I never took that extra step. By far the hardest part is to remember in November to check every week whether Texas A&M or some other early OOC opponent is in the Top 15.
  7. Position, Team, Score (Previous) 1 Oregon 1.75 (T2) BYU 1.50 2 UCLA 1.25 (1) 3 ASU 0.88 (T4) 4 Stanford 0.25 (T7) 5 Colorado 0.13 (T4) T6 Oregon St 0.00 (T7) USC 0.00 (T2) 8 Utah -0.13 (T4) 9 WSU -0.63 (T9) T10 Arizona -1.50 (T9) Cal -1.50 (T9) 12 Washington -1.75 (12) add .75 point for each win vs. unranked FCS opponent add 1 point for each win vs. unranked midmajor (non-P5) opponent add 1.5 points for each win vs. an P5 team or FCS/midmajor opponent ranked 16-25 (AP) add 2.5 points for each win vs. Top 15 (AP) opponent subtract .5 points for each loss vs. Top 15 (AP) opponent subtract 1 point for each loss vs. an P5 team or FCS/midmajor opponent ranked 16-25 (AP) subtract 2 points for each loss vs. unranked midmajor opponent subtract 2.5 points for each loss vs. unranked FCS opponent Divide by number of games played AP Ranking is from today, not when the game was played
  8. OOC Season to-date (Week 1+Week 2) 1 mugtang 110 2 DTR or bust 107 win2bfree 4 Mano 105 5 SC89 103 6 scorcho 102 7 clpp01 101 8 Quack 12 98 9 CRBuff 95 10 Cavern Coug 94 11 azgreg 87 12 Mysfit 63
  9. Week 2: 1 mugtang 43 2 DTR or bust 41 scorcho 4 Mano 40 5 clpp01 38 Quack 12 7 win2bfree 36 8 SC89 35 9 Cavern Coug 34 10 azgreg 27 CRBuff 12 Mysfit 25
  10. Yeah — but there are a hundred variables that go into it. He could be doing okay (not great) but after a while either he and/or the school just feel like it’s not a great fit & time for a change.
  11. Three more names: Bill O'Brien James Franklin PJ Fleck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Here are the names I have seen. Bob Stoops Matt Campbell Luke Fickell Eric Bienemy Dudes that they have asked before but have said no & would say no again. Chris Petersen David Shaw kyle whittingham
  13. I don't look at this as two games -- I look at this as the continuation of last year. There haven't been any good wins. Bohn's a pro -- fire him now before he wins 8 games with a soft schedule.
  14. Fast??? It's literally been YEARS
  15. Scscsc89

    Week 3

    Stanford opening with three road games ON TOP of being the only team in the country to play 12 power 5 opponents is brutal — that’s AD malpractice
  16. Scscsc89

    Week 3

    Yeah, “Rooting for” may be a little strong but I would not be hugely disappointed with a loss. What will be will be.
  17. Scscsc89

    Week 3

    Idaho @ Oregon State Minnesota @ Colorado USC @ Washington State Sacramento State @ California Arkansas State @ Washington Utah @ San Diego State Stony Brook @ Oregon Stanford @ Vanderbilt Northern Arizona @ Arizona Arizona State @BYU Fresno State @ UCLA
  18. Scscsc89

    Week 2

    Well, if we are going to lose, might as well make them 20-point losses to make it easier to usher out the Clay Helton era. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. Scscsc89

    Week 2

    Man buckeye fans must be losing their shit
  20. @mysfit -- might want to check your picks. Not sure they saved
  21. It’s certainly disappointing because it didn’t have to be this way but ….
  22. You're probably right -- even though it's in a modern NFL stadium, it's always had trouble finding a sponsor, is nowhere near the tourist parts of the Bay Area & the weather usually sucks at that time of year.
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