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  1. Utah put 8 on the first-team alone (plus 2 on the second team) yet got beat handily by what apparently are a bunch of scrubs on the Ducks.
  2. Former Boise State WR Matt Miller, who is the OC at Montana State, will get serious consideration for a position coach job at UO if Arroyo goes to UNLV.
  3. Utah and Oregon are every bit as good as Oklahoma.
  4. You seem like an Ole Miss fan who waves an SEC pennant and chants “SEC SEC” because the school you didn’t attend but grew up following sucks.
  5. Oregon played by far their best game of the season in the trenches Friday night. I’d posted previously that the awful performance against a mediocre Beaver team was a letdown game after the ASU loss and that the Civil War literally didn’t matter for a Rose Bowl berth, yet I didn’t expect that type of performance. Bummer that the Pac12 is again shut out of the CFP and likely will next year after Oregon loses to Ohio State. Heck, NDSU could even be a close game with the Ducks replacing Herbert and 4 seniors on the offensive line.
  6. ...and then everybody clapped.
  7. If the Ducks play BYU instead of Auburn and still clobbered an overmatched Utah in Santa Clara and it’s Ducks-LSU in the semifina regardless of the fluke loss in Tempe. Makes no sense to schedule these games in a 4-team playoff. None. Go the Utah route and play cupcakes OOC.
  8. Kiffin is going to Ole Miss, not Sarkisian. What are you talking about? You’re calling Don an idiot when you are this wrong?
  9. Schiff under oath in the Senate trial if the Rats are dumb enough to go there will be amazing to watch.
  10. You think Ole Miss is a serious program? Also, Kiffin probably learned a lot from Saban and while in exile wherever FAU is located.
  11. Totally agree. Here is my proposal from 20 years ago when so was still in college. It’s amended a bit for the P5 versus G5. I think the 8-team playoff works. All P5 conference champs and 3 at-large teams, with a mid-major getting a bid as an at-large if they’re in the Top 16 of committee rankings. That way scheduling a good OOC game isn’t a penalty with a loss. Oregon opens at Autzen with Ohio State next year. Loser needs to win out to have a shot at the 4-team invitational playoff. Makes too much sense so it won’t happen.
  12. Oregon deserves a playoff spot over both OU and Baylor. This is playground football. The Baylor QB is garbage yet they are winning at the half?
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