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  1. Fake News CNN gets it wrong again. Sad
  2. It is considering the American Left is feting General Salami after he gunned down unarmed Iranian protesters two weeks ago. You condone it.
  3. An Echo Chamber of total fantasy. Wow
  4. I read it. What is the Fake News? Was Reuters lying on the death toll? Or is the “semi-official” source you gave lying to me? Use your brain. Iran kills its own freedom-seeking citizens and literally executes dissidents and forces people at gunpoint to these massive funerals. Yet you buy it all as genuine and are defending it, although you have convinced yourself you’re not defending it. There are a lot of bad leaders in the world. If they attack US soil as Iran did in Iraq at our embassy, then I’d expect Trump to strike at them, too. Iran seizes two US Navy vessels, holds
  5. Is the NYT an Iranian-funded mouthpiece? They should go ahead and post the photo of Carlos Slim giving fellatio to General Smokey’s corpse.
  6. China, Russia, Norks, and Turkey haven’t attacked a US embassy. Heck, Clinton blew up the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999 and China didn’t retaliate. Your boy @Orange wants Iran to assassinate the President and bomb Trump properties where innocent live and work. That’s supporting Iran. How about you just speak for yourself? Can you do that? You also just tried to defend the Iranian government murdering their own citizens by saying it wasn’t 1500 they shot in the streets. Oh it was less than 1500 General Smoldering Corpse has killed, maybe. It’s semi-official. W
  7. Newsflash: The Iranian government spokesperson that had General Smoking Ash kill their own citizens for protesting them says the number is inflated. Shocking! Was Baghdad Bob not available? It is nice to see them admit to slaughtering their own unarmed citizens. That’s newsworthy. ‘Hey, we murdered our own citizens, but not THAT many.’ Thanks for proving it, Quacker. Iran admits they kill anti-regime protestors, yet DRUMPF is literally Hitler. What a delusional world the Far Left lives in at present. Trump has made people like you support mass murderers. Also, your post
  8. CNN just settled with Nick Sandman for what is rumored to be millions of dollars for their deliberate defamation of his character and lies about what happened with the fake war vet. Maybe @Orange will threaten to sue Sandman too for some unhinged reason? https://www.fox19.com/2020/01/07/cnn-settles-lawsuit-with-nick-sandmann/
  9. Priorities! First of all, “died” sounds better than “shot up by the Iranian military at the direction of General Sweetheart. This happened two weeks ago, yet the American Left hates Trump so much they are literally supporting a monster who directs his army to murder their fellow unarmed citizens. To be clear, General Sausage Smolder, who the Left is mourning over, had his Army murder hundreds of unarmed anti-regime protesters. I’m beginning to understand why the American Left so admirers Salami and Iran. Disarm the citizenship and when they get unruly, shoot them dead
  10. Destroying lives and killing animals to further the lunacy of the dogma of Global Warming agenda. Rot in prison, liberal and terrorist whackos. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theaustralian.com.au/nation/bushfires-firebugs-fuelling-crisis-asarson-arresttollhits183/news-story/52536dc9ca9bb87b7c76d36ed1acf53f Police arrested 183 people for lighting bushfires across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in the past few months. ... In Tasmania, where fires have sprung up in the north of the state and outside Hobart, five were caught setting fire to vegetation. Victori
  11. Fake News Fake Newsing yet again. 'Repercussions mount over U.S. strike, with Iran nuclear deal pullback and Iraq call for U.S. troop pullout,' the Los Angeles Times tells us, waiting 14 paragraphs to explain the resolution is not binding. Millions of casual news consumers began their week believing that over the weekend, Iraq expelled the U.S. military from the country. The United States, they thought, now faced the decision to quickly leave or illegally occupy. Had they flicked through many of the cable or network stations, or read a few headlines on their phones or at the gas
  12. Talk about disinformation. The irony of this idiotic Fake News post would embarrass most people, but not the above poster and his Category 5 TDS. “Projected” “Expected” Nice guess-the-future article. The CBO nailed their predictions on ObamaCare! How dumb is this article?
  13. PapaG

    The Squad!

    Explain yourself on this one. Business was good for the Clintons from Russia and for the Bidens, Romneys, and Pelosis in Ukraine and China based on board memberships and stock manipulation/ hedge funds. At least Trump actually built things and employed tens of thousands of taxpayers.
  14. PapaG

    The Squad!

    Is she literally paid to parrot Iranian propaganda by the mullahs?
  15. Your Democrat 2020 front-runner!
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