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  1. Adam Silver on China's reaction. LeMao James wants suck up to Xi. Meanwhile, the Pac12 Squad denies that verified video of people beating up Trump supporters in Minneapolis is fake. https://time.com/5703259/adam-silver-nba-china-time-100-health-summit/ We made clear that we were being asked to fire him, by the Chinese government, by the parties we dealt with, government and business," Silver said in his first US interview about the league's ongoing free speech scandal. "We said there’s no chance that’s happening. There’s no chance we’ll even discipline him." Speaking at the TIME 100 Health Summit, Silver noted that "The losses have already been substantial," adding "Our games are not back on the air in China as we speak, and we’ll see what happens next."
  2. Oh, then you posted a link on party affiliation that completely proved you wrong for what reason, exactly? To prove you’re a liar?
  3. Your Rats can hold Star Chamber bearings in secret by rules you made up in order to do so. It’s legitimate in that way. I agree. Completely unfair, but legitimate. Why do you agree with the lack of transparency by your Rats, and why won’t you hold an impeachment vote with public hearings?
  4. So Quacker is the dictionary guy, Rambo SCSC is the source guy, and Orange is the Chickenhawk with (allegedly) a drug problem. Good point though. The Democrat Party candidates for President of the USA can't even stand in front of the American flag during a debate. That's telling...
  5. Explain it to me. Also, why don’t you want open hearings and the opposition to be able to cross-examine witnesses, Comrade?
  6. Nothing to do with investigating the Biden’s extortion scheme in Ukraine. Thanks for clearing up that Schiff lie. Was that your purpose? Should we just handover all taxpayer money to foreign countries even if they are corrupt? shit, Obama gave Iran billions for some reason. Explain that one to me.
  7. Awful. Where did anyone on the right defend it like you defend violence against Trump supporters. Bad mix of meth today, Tweek?
  8. Yeah, that guy was sentenced to life in prison. Nobody in the right supports him. Meanwhile, your side compares Antifa to the American soldiers who stormed Normandy.
  9. You’re denying it happened? Echo chambers are awesome for totalitarians.
  10. GOP allowed the House to do it in the Clinton impeachment, where Clinton literally did lie under oath. Your team is holding secret interviews and lying about them in leaks that are quickly debunked. Fascists...
  11. I operate in the gray. Thanks for the dictionary post, Mr. Binary Mano.
  12. It’s not legitimate. That’s doesn’t mean it’s illegitimate. It’s a secretive Clown Show that under rules the Rats changed is legal. Your side is not allowing Trump and the GOP to cross-examine witnesses, let alone subpoena them. Is that your idea of legitimately seeking the truth?
  13. Are you mentally challenged? Are you saying the video is fake? You display your ignorance here every day, but your repeated posting of a leftist website’s opinion on right or left sources is embarrassing. Any USC graduate would be ashamed to read your nonsense.
  14. PapaG


    You’re the one who wants to send US soldiers into battle, Rambo. I know you lack the intellect to have knowledge of the PKK’s aggressive actions against Turkey over the years. Take a stab at telling me your thoughts on it.
  15. Democrats won’t even have a legitimate impeachment inquiry yet their bought mouthpieces at CNN won’t report it.
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