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  1. Fake News CNN gets it wrong again. Sad
  2. PapaG

    World War Three

    So zero of the Iranian missiles hit their targets? Fake News US media was saying US soldiers were killed just hours ago. Why do Democrats and RINO Romney want so many wars?
  3. PapaG

    Liberal America

    It’s his daughter.
  4. PapaG

    Climate Change

    Reichstag Fire of Global Warming cultists in Australia.
  5. PapaG


    With the Democrats whining about authorization of force, it almost seems they were colluding with Iran for these attacks. Use your brain.
  6. PapaG


    Iran is killing Kurds? Not a shock at all if true.
  7. PapaG


    C-RAM time which will render any more Iran missile sites inoperable. Attack is over and many Iranian leaders dead within the next few hours. Sad that the Shiite Muslims in control of Iran did this to their citizens. It’s not a good thing at all but was going to eventually happen. Here we are. Obama giving money to Iran is literally funding these attacks on peacekeepers and civilians.
  8. PapaG


    Well, the mullahs made their call by attacking Iraq, and now Iran will be glass because of it. Thank you.
  9. PapaG


    9 rockets does not seem particularly heavily and seems weak. Look at what Russia did in Ukraine when Obama was president to see some heavy rocket artillery in action.
  10. PapaG


    Iran lobbing limp missiles on Iraq and possibly killing innocent Iraqi civilians. @Orange is rooting for the mullahs of Iran.
  11. It is considering the American Left is feting General Salami after he gunned down unarmed Iranian protesters two weeks ago. You condone it.
  12. PapaG

    Liberal America

    Well that’s definitive. Are you going to go bomb Trump properties and fight Erdogan, Rambo?
  13. Because it’s precedent and it will take down all of the DC you establishment that you absolutely follow blindly. This is all choreographed political theater that you think is real. Yet you claim to be intelligent. You’re a joke, along with you cheerleading Iran to kill the President and bomb his properties. Your 4 (?) defenders here are defending your insanity, so I suppose that gives you some validation in your insane and disturbed l mind.
  14. Oh, I want witnesses. Your Rats’ and RINOs’ grandstanding to cover up their foreign aid kickback schemes to Biden/Pelosi/Romney and all won’t allow it.
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