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  1. Tyler Hilinski

    Excellent documentary well worth watching about the Golden Gate Bridge and jumpers, including some survivors. It's very disturbing, so some may not want to watch it.
  2. Tyler Hilinski

    EDIT - understand this post now in light of reading further into the thread.
  3. The Going Early/Pro thread

    Heard on Portland radio he wants to be a doctor after football and doesn't have his degree after only three years.
  4. Tyler Hilinski

    That's a gut punch. Wow, he was going to start next year. It's being reported a gunshot to the head and a suicide note. I feel awful for all who knew him and the Wazzu program and campus. A buddy of mine committed suicide in mid-December and it leaves so many questions and thoughts on what you could have done to help, not to mention what it does to the surviving family members.
  5. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    I asked a question. Your lack of an answer is noted, Bug.
  6. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    Does that include Jake Browning having a stronger arm than Jake Locker?
  7. 6 out of 7 as wins needs to happen for the NCAAs, IMO. I don't think this team has the defense to do it, though. ETA - why doesn't Miller use Ayton more on offense? They guy is a match-up nightmare.
  8. Ducks put up a fight but lose to a better team in Arizona. It's hard beating any team that goes 34-37 from the FT line, let alone on the road in one of the toughest places to play in the country. The game in Eugene will be fun to watch. Dana seems to be figuring out how to get this offense going, and since he's just an average coach, that's saying a lot.
  9. Kansas was lucky to get by a mediocre K-State today. That last K-State possession down one point was just awful, too.
  10. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    Fair enough as Chip's o-line philosophy in college has been for mobile OL who zone block. The issue was playing against beasts on the d-line, but every offense struggles against a great defense, so I never understood why Chip's offense got criticized when it didn't roll over great defenses. Great defenses stop everyone.
  11. Coaching Changes

    Khalil Tate just locked up his Twitter, but posted that he didn't go to Arizona to run the Triple Option. Rumors are the Navy coach is going there. Transfer?
  12. Coaching Changes

    I've always thought Whittingham could wreck the Pac 12 like Petersen has done at UDub, but Kyle just doesn't seem to want to take the HC job at either of the LA schools. I'll go on record now saying Chip Kelly isn't going to dominate the Pac South like he dominated the Pac at Oregon. His system has been copied and even improved upon since he left college football. As a Duck, it was so lucky to live through those years as a fan. It won't happen again. Most programs never get to experience it, and I'll always pull for Chip.
  13. How? They have lost to three teams already not likely to make the tournament, including a poorly-coached (according to Bug) Oregon team in Tempe, and Kansas is garbage this year. Arizona right now is the highest Pac team in RPI at #24, which is a 6-7 seed. They will go higher because they are good. ASU is right behind them at #25. They will sink because they aren't very good. How the fuck was ASU ranked #4? Even UDub beat Kansas, and Xavier lost to Providence. Although at a Duck, I do hope the Devils win out from now on other than the return trip to Eugene. It won't happen because ASU is average at best, but that's best case for the Ducks. 24 23 Arizona Pac-12 13-4 3-1 1-3 9-0 0-0 25 14 Arizona St. Pac-12 13-3 2-2 3-0 8-1 0-0 36 42 UCLA Pac-12 13-4 1-2 3-1 9-1 0-0 41 43 Washington Pac-12 13-4 3-1 0-2 10-1 0-0 54 52 Southern California Pac-12 12-6 2-2 3-1 7-3 0-0 60 60 Utah Pac-12 10-6 2-3 2-1 6-2 0-0 73 74 Colorado Pac-12 10-7 0-5 3-1 7-1 0-0 77 111 Oregon Pac-12 12-5 2-1 1-2 9-2 0-0 125 153 Stanford Pac-12 9-8 1-1 0-4 8-3 0-0 151 161 California Pac-12 7-10 3-1 0-2 4-6 0-1 155 133 Washington St. Pac-12 8-8 0-4 3-0 5-4 0-0 180 193 Oregon St. Pac-12 10-6 0-2 1-2 9-2 0-0
  14. Coaching Changes

    Plus you match your shoes to your tee-shirt. We've already gone over this, Beavs78. Keep on Rockin' in Bend. I'm there tomorrow. I'll be over at the Spark's Lake chutes off of the NW chair if the snow hits as it's supposed to do. Leg day isn't an issue here. I'll wave hello to the people like you on the Sunshine Accelerator as I ride up Sunriser to head over to Pine Marten Express to hit the real snow at 9am.
  15. NBA 2017-18 Thread

    You didn't even mention Bothell WA's own Zach Lavine as a part of the Butler trade. My brother lives in Bothell, and Zach is healthy again after his ACL tear.