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  1. Yeah, but once he started at UW he stuck it out until he finished. Totally unique situation.
  2. Good point. There's half a clip of the presser without the preceding question floating around. Here's a more complete one. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheoLawson_SR/status/1200576704546127872
  3. The one where he said his players aren't good enough?
  4. trickydlck

    USC @ UW

    Sounds about right, I've never seen UW fans be anything but friendly with opposing fans. I only had one trojan fan sitting by us and had a good time chatting with him. He doesn't think it's wise to send the usc qb on designed runs at this time for some reason.
  5. They let him know pre-transfer that they wouldn't be waiving it. Seems like he transferred with eyes wide open. What's the hubbub?
  6. More like Rat Fink, amirite?
  7. I bet the ladies appreciate you jackin' it.
  8. Fixed it for you. Avenatti sez so.
  9. This makes me so anxious.
  10. For your reference...
  11. Except for Gardner not there for the spring either so maybe it will be just fine.
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