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  1. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Hooboy. I take it back. Apparently Leach not allowing one to play anywhere in Florida. Maybe it's not the players that have a character problem. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/wsu-cougar-football/wsus-leading-wr-tavares-martin-says-he-was-dismissed-from-the-program-because-he-asked-for-his-release/
  2. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    You would think that with the high character guys Leach recruits he wouldn't have these issues.
  3. Is Taggart leaving?

  4. Dana Altman and rape investigations

    I don't know why I decided to read through this whole thread.
  5. Coaching Changes

    You are remembering it correctly other than the name. It was some other PI or Times sportswriter. Think he was at SFO and overheard Neuheisel talking to his parents.
  6. Coaching Changes

    I think the backlash there had a lot to do with some lies that Neuheisel gave around the whole thing, not so much that he interviewed.
  7. Is Taggart leaving?

    Agreed, particularly with that last part which is why good for him to get out and get mo money while he can. Also why I will miss him.
  8. non-conference games

    Is that better or worse than a wide set vagina?
  9. non-conference games

    Kansas honestly didn't look great to me. How much of that was the Huskies and how much was Kansas we'll see. I am enjoying it for sure tho.
  10. non-conference games

    A lot closer to earth now as WSU loses by 27 to Idaho.
  11. Is Taggart leaving?

    You might be mixing years up? Petersen either said no or was considered not a fit (depends on who you ask) prior to Sark hiring. Or is there something else that occurred? Thought Herman was big "candidate" also since his hot year was 2015.
  12. All Conference Teams

    Only have 2 players on top 50 at 17 and 45. What does it all mean!?
  13. Is Taggart leaving?

    Taggart has only coached in 1 of the 4 bowls his teams have been in (unless he somehow sticks around to coach UO which I doubt). Oregon was flying a little to close to the sun with that hire I guess.
  14. Is Taggart leaving?

  15. Is Taggart leaving?

    Isn't the damage pretty much done at this point? No doubt he may not leave but seems very heavy flirtation that may impair some relationships going forward. Almost seems like he has to sign with FSU now.