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  1. Good point. There's half a clip of the presser without the preceding question floating around. Here's a more complete one. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheoLawson_SR/status/1200576704546127872
  2. The one where he said his players aren't good enough?
  3. trickydlck

    USC @ UW

    Sounds about right, I've never seen UW fans be anything but friendly with opposing fans. I only had one trojan fan sitting by us and had a good time chatting with him. He doesn't think it's wise to send the usc qb on designed runs at this time for some reason.
  4. They let him know pre-transfer that they wouldn't be waiving it. Seems like he transferred with eyes wide open. What's the hubbub?
  5. Huh, who knew the little button/star thingy did that? I like where things are headed here.
  6. Hmm, perhaps I spoke too soon. Still scrolling...
  7. Thank goodness, our long having to scroll to the first unread post nightmare is over...
  8. More like Rat Fink, amirite?
  9. I bet the ladies appreciate you jackin' it.
  10. Fixed it for you. Avenatti sez so.
  11. Dang it. Hops going to leave for Cuse for sure now. A bit of a sloppy game by the Dawgs but we were able to out athlete them in the end. Going to need to be a bit less haphazard tomorrow.
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