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  1. So give me your educated takes on this football team oh master.
  2. Hey Bug was that you trying to paint Tommy Trojan blue and gold today. That would be your style. Just checking.
  3. Really? It his fault for testifying in this dumbazz witchhunt in the first place. Trump has nothing to do with this. Blame The Liar and Wide Eyes for this one.
  4. Oh wow what a surprise and coming from you. I am astonished. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If I am the plague, You are the sewage producer of all time on this board with no competition.
  6. Yup that's it. I am not the dumbazz who sat in cold in Salt lake last weekend to watch rollover U. Aww Bug now be nice.
  7. I believe what I believe. I believe in the Gospel. You on the other hand have no beliefs except hate and evil. I will take mine over yours evil one any day of the week. You believe in Darwinism I will bet. Well if that is the case King Kong would kick you out the group immediately as a non evolver.
  8. Oh I know what Sleepy did with his son and influence.
  9. If you have to ask. I cannot help you here. You missed one thing SHOULD be in Jail for.
  10. No I do not. If you ever really read the bible, which I doubt you have you might learn something. The only rule I have is to have faith in the Lord.
  11. Hey look we can have this battle all day. I can only say that you can not prove he does not exist in my life or in any believer's life. My attacks prove what again? Org wishes death and disease on people. He is the most evil thing I have run across on any board.You can be sure I will attack that.
  12. Really how? Explain that! Really our bowl game is relevant here? Unreal!
  13. I came into this thread with my beliefs. The attacks against the evil one are ongoing. It is not my job to proof the existence of God. You either do or do not believe.
  14. Then why attack my beliefs in God? Makes no sense. You no proof that he does not exist. In my life he definitely does.
  15. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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