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  1. Really you amaze me tweetie with your useless posts. I honestly prefer KC and the crew to your weak azz BS
  2. Right and we can believe the fraud Adam.
  3. Altered by Wide Eyes and Adam the liar. Pure BS.
  4. Oh no these are truly the Squad's doing.
  5. Bruin 70

    Religion Thread

    I have to agree with you here.
  6. I just found out the game is in the daytime.
  7. Really Hateful. I thought they were just thoughtful incites.
  8. What in the world are you ranting about here. Do you really know what a racist is. I doubt it. Maybe because it is not printed on the backside of an ambulance.
  9. Just as valid as the BS Suc Suc and you put here, By the way just as valid as Wide Eyes and Liar Adams witchhunt. You should take your advice in general and add something besides evil and hate.
  10. Wow prophetic! You are the king of cage liners.
  11. And Oblama did what now. Bow to his terrorist brothers. I will take Trump any day.
  12. Or corrupt enough to ever put Hitlary in office.
  13. Bruin 70

    Religion Thread

    You are so full of it. You must need cowboy boots to walk in your own abode.
  14. No they are only being investigated for the homicides they committed.
  15. Unreal BS. No he did not attend regularly. And he was buddy buddy with some wigged out devil worshipper. You are so myopic when it comes to Oblama the fraud.
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