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  1. Bruin 70

    The Squad!

    I am reading a book called "we were the lucky ones". Talib and Ilhar should read it.Then shut their pieholes forever.
  2. A perfect description of SucSuc. Nailed that one!
  3. yup pure BS from whatshername. Prophetic. Pathetic.
  4. Bruin 70

    The Squad!

    How did Org and the Lab do for you?
  5. Bruin 70

    The Squad!

    How would a phony like you have an opinion. Another siren go chase.
  6. Bruin 70

    The Squad!

    Cute! Please do not use Org or you could be on the streets shortly.
  7. You talk about anything without a useless tweet. What a joke you are. At least some of us have opinions and don't just vomit out others useless tweets.
  8. Bruin 70

    El Paso/Dayton

    Right typical BS. I love how your clones chirp in or are they clones?
  9. Bruin 70

    Pac-12 Hoops

    I guess we got a five star recruit today. Amazing.
  10. Bruin 70


    Sad that they let you post all those useless tweets if you ask me SucSuc.
  11. Bruin 70

    The Ekonomee

    Unreal!!!!!!!! Useless crap from this JA>
  12. Can someone explain why this jackazz is on this board only to post tweets from obscure people who nobody cares about. It amazes me that others here get criticized and this regurgatator is allowed to jam up this board.
  13. That was mean I am sorry buddy!
  14. What is this tweet mania from this dumb azz?
  15. The brother clone likes this. A sure sign that this post is worthless.