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  1. Boise State vs. Wyoming

    Just toured the stadium. This place is so awesome.
  2. UCLA @ Arizona

    I agree the VLT is getting boring.
  3. UCLA @ Arizona

    Really VLT your cheap racist accusations! Bug I guess that I expressed it wrong. But how many times have you posted that the team came unprepared or not fully committed. That just not happen consistently at most programs. Sure some teams are stronger than the others. This particular team was supposed to be talented. The difference here is that their heads on the most part are not in the game? I guess you can blame the coach. But this the third straight coach having the same problem. Maybe it is time that we recognize that the football culture here is everyone gets a trophy.
  4. oregon @ ucla

    This will be ugly. How unprepared will the Bruins be is the question. Ask Kenny Young.
  5. Boise State vs. Wyoming

    I will be at the game. My grandson and my best friends son are freshmen. I am a new Bronco Fan.
  6. UCLA @ Arizona

    Really. Any player who calls himself a defensive player or an offensive lineman should have his scholarship revoked and give the money back to the university. If college players should be compensated this group of losers should be punished for the fraud they presented to the University. They don't come motivated? Blaming the coach? Blame themselves for their fraudulent presentation as players in the first place. These players should be fired and fined. Not the coach. Although he did recruit this group of losers. Lead by my favorite #1.
  7. mlb 2017

    I knew you were going to get me with that. You are way too quick for me. At least the Lap top knew about baseball and players unlike this fool. They are thinking about the loser Tiger coach who took that talent and blew up that franchise. Just what we need. He needs to look at that group he put together this year. As far as I am concerned. Let's get Papi!!!!
  8. UCLA just gave Steve Alford an extension

    Holiday and Welch claim this unit this year is more athletic and hungrier. I honestly believe we are all better off that Brice is gone. Alford can now really show his abilities.
  9. NHL & College Hockey

    Go Golden Knights!
  10. mlb 2017

    Really Dumbrowski fired John as our manager. Maybe he should get his head out of his azz and realize his signings are the problem not John. Bring back Theo. Real winners in Price, Fisker, Addison Reed, and Pomeranz. Unreal. Maybe he can get Bobby V back what a schmuck! The smart move would be to bring in Big Papi. But the Dum Dum would never think of that. He will get some ;loser retread.
  11. UCLA @ Arizona

    Maybe the D will finally show up.
  12. Colorado @ UCLA

    It is true it is a foot injury. Not good.
  13. USC -3.5 at WSU (Full Disclosure: Long)

    Isn't it amazing when SUC loses. They blame injuries. When we lose they want to fire Mora and he has had just as many injuries. Poor poor Trojams. Thank you Cougs for making my weekend. The old Trojams are crying the blues. It has a nice ring to it. You beat them straight up. May Traveler going lame be their next injury. They will certainly blame another loss on that critical occurrence.
  14. Colorado @ UCLA

    I was talking to a good friend of mine today Don Riley. A defensive coach under Terry D., We both agree that BS smiling and dancing act of #1 as he left the field for targeting shows his make up. if we had a defensive coach now he should be set down for at least a game. For me we would not miss his poor play if they set him down for the season. All season long he has been beaten like a rug in coverage and he still struts like a peacock. Mora should get in his ear and tell him until you have one decent game act like a man. So far he has acted and played like an over rated entitled moron.
  15. Colorado @ UCLA

    Not good