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  1. I assume the 6 in the Pac left behind would hold onto the name and invite who they want; or if they end up scattering a chunk bigger than the Arizona schools end up in the Big12.
  2. I think it’s quite generous to call the ACC and Pac12 mega conferences once all the dust settles. There will only be one or two conferences of note.
  3. That looks reasonable. You probably are right with Arizona over ASU due ti the academics of the institutions.
  4. And then if the B1G raided the remnants of the Pac12 and Big12 would make a respectable league: WSU OSU Cal ASU Zona Utah OkSt Baylor TCU Tex Tech Kansas Kansas St
  5. I find the most interesting question is which Pac12 teams would the B1G target, over what dregs of the Big12 the Pac12 would want. Obviously USC is the linchpin on a B1G raid of the Pac. USC, UCLA, UW, Stanford, Oregon and then Colorado? ASU? Cal? Adding LA, The Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix or Denver is clearly a market slam dunk. Adding USC, Oregon, and Washington is also a branding slam dunk. I have to think that's insurmountably better than anything else they could pull off, unless they can destroy the ACC.
  6. A slightly post knee jerk reaction, to me, seems the best combo may be TT, OkSt and then Houston and TCU to get a direct presence in the two major markets in Texas. More pressing*, however, is making sure major Pac programs don’t start feeling out the B1G. I could easily see the B1G taking USC and UCLA (or whatever else they want) to keep up with the SEC. *Unless Oregon is a part of the cool kids club going to the B1G. If that’s the case, ✌️
  7. Well assuming Texas and OU go to the SEC does the Pac12 see any Big12 members as attractive enough to expand for? Will they need to expand to keep up w the Jones? Does any group of 4 from these help: Kansas, OkSt, TT, Houston, Iowa St?
  8. If OU and Texas go to the SEC everyone outside of the Big10 and SEC may as well stop trying. The financial gap will become untenable and I bet teams/conferences will consolidate more.
  9. Yep. I laughed out loud when I heard Dame say that. Not because it's funny or untrue, but how clear he was in disagreement with Olshey. Hopefully Jody can at least tell Lillard is who more important than Neal 'Trust' Olshey.
  10. Fair. My point was essentially, often the elder leadership of the church doesn't match with the belief of younger members and continue to further alienate the future of the church.
  11. How dare the youths challenge the prosperous marriage of conservative politics and the church.
  12. And not to mention the completely condescendingly backhanded compliment given to Becky Hammon when he was specifically asked why they went with the candidate with less experience instead of a candidate like Hammon.
  13. Yup. Completely agree. And from Olshey's presser it's clear the positive team culture of self-sacrifice and building others up had nothing to do with Olshey.
  14. Jason Kidd would be a joke of a hire. The Athletic says sources indicate Portland will choose between Kidd and Chauncey Billups. Lillard has said he likes both, but likes Kidd’s experience as a head coach (lol) and that he’s from Oakland. I’d take Billups out of those two. But why big give Vanterpool, Udoka, or Hammon a shot?
  15. Right...Luck just makes sense given where we are and the options we have. Hopefully it works out.
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