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  1. Yea...and I can only really speak for my district, but it is one of the big 5 in Oregon, so what we are doing will be in general line with what the other big 5 will be doing. I'd assume most of the valley districts (maybe outside of the tiny one town districts, like Amity) will generally follow along as well. I haven't heard what the plans for elementary are, but I wouldn't be surprised it's different, as you're right, the capabilities are very different by age and devices/attention. And you're absolutely right, our national focus starting in May should have been what do we need to do in order to open schools in September, Choices and action would've looked much different if that as our priority, instead of 'getting back to normal' being the priority. But then, that would have taken Americans accepting science, delaying gratification, and thinking of the community above their self.
  2. The distance learning is going to look. a lot different this fall than it did last spring. Last spring, teachers were basically told you have 1.5 weeks to transform your class to distance and directives from the state change weekly the first month of distance learning. At the middle level we had an hour of 'office hours' which was not effective at helping students with their work. What middle schooler struggles with an assignment at 2 am and then thinks, "oh, I'm going to remember to ask this specific question for my social studies teacher during his 11 am office hour." It just didn't work. This fall we'll be doing synchronous teaching with kids logging in to a google meets room at the same time for a class. They'll spend about 30 minutes per class and have a daily schedule; with breaks and class they'll have a 3 hour day. I say there may be more socialization, because we should be able to do group work again with this set up and have break out rooms for kids to collaborate (which is one of the main skills we work on in middle schoolers). In a distanced classroom, it will be nearly impossible to maintain social distance even for small things like a teacher moving in the room, or entering and exiting, let alone kids moving to make groups. But I do agree that there is no replacement for person to person interaction as far as making connections go. Also, we are put a lot of work into our advisory groups that will meet several days a week and focus executive functioning and mapping out their time for the week and building connection/socialization. Distance learning has all kinds of issues still, but I think a lot of the public assume that this fall will just look like the spring of last year, which it won't. It's been frustrating as a teacher not knowing the plans and how to start getting prepared (ex: I still don't know what classes I'm teaching and there's definitely going to be changes for a lot of us in this category), so I can only imagine how frustrating as a parent still being in the dark is. Districts have been working to figure plans out, but haven't done a good job of communicating with families as they do that.
  3. She's right. It's shocking to hear what some parents think 'socialization' would be during the pandemic. Kids will be with the same 15 other kids all day, and sit at their distanced desk. I wouldn't be surprised, honestly, if some teachers will be able to get more 'socialization' in through comprehensive distance learning than they would with in person classes. Some people truly believe sending kids back to school just means everything is back to normal.
  4. Well, clearly his blathering and out right lies about mail in voting are effective.
  5. To help you out: Basil Hayden is a lighter bourbon that is very easy to drink straight. It's a lower proof, which makes it mellower and a good entry bourbon. Light notes of fruit and oak and a pretty clean and easy finish. It's one of the first ones I drank that I really liked straight or on the rocks, but have moved on to more forward leaning bourbons.
  6. Right...because nearly the entire state of Oregon teachers walked out for a day last year because of our own self-interest...oh wait, it was because we knew funding was needed to increase mental health services and without pressure the state would continue to wiggle out of it. Are teachers all saints? No, of course not. But teachers select a profession that pays less and continually pick up the slack to serve kids that our society continually devalues. At some point, teachers and public schools won't be able to handle the next ill of society we're asked to solve.
  7. Kate Brown at least now says the Feds have agreed to leave. I'm sure Trump will claim some bullshit that because of him Oregon has decided to blah blah blah.
  8. Property > Lives. Politically Winning > Legality. What's hard to understand?
  9. A parent survey from a few weeks back showed about 20-25% of parents either planned or were strongly considering an all on-line option. But once it come's to actually having to take action to make that happen I'm sure the final on-line numbers will be significantly lower.
  10. Our district has made it semester long commitments. The reasoning is teachers will be reassigned from schools to the online option, so they need the numbers to stay, otherwise there would be insufficient teachers in regular schools if a mass of students exited online.
  11. Hmm...ensuring everyone has healthcare equates to a dictatorship? But secret, unmarked, federal agents arresting citizens is not akin to dictatorship, whatsoever? Interesting.
  12. Calmed my soul that I don't know who that is. Although, Carson Daly can't be that young now.
  13. Not a bad name; Likely fits fine with general hockey names, too.
  14. If we are doing a hybrid model, that is the plan for at least my district (and therefore the big 5, likely, in Oregon). K-3 is full time, the rest hybrid. Also, Special Ed, English Language Learners would have extra support days each week. I'd be interested if they try to do K-3 in person and the rest completely remote.
  15. I'm not a union rep or in union leadership, but I would not be surprised if there are strikes in that circumstance.
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