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  1. I didn't even notice that until you said something. Now cannot be unseen.
  2. Not to be a salesman, but I've found a subscription to the Athletic to be fully worth it. Great journalism that removes the "entertainment" found in ESPN.
  3. "Once they get use to it...they'll learn to adapt and embrace it..." "Both here to stay" Haha oh so wrong.
  4. I wasted a solid two minutes looking up when Montez's first game was and then finding a write up with a video to see these jerseys. How in the world is Jalepeno describing those as RoboDuck uniforms. This is RoboDuck: Never forget, so we never repeat.
  5. Given it has Oregon undefeated pending a toss up against Auburn, it seems a pretty simple answer.
  6. Ahh...that all makes sense re: Ludwig. Was difficult to follow Tedford's era of offense and success, as well. Then being followed by the complete overhaul into modern Oregon on the offense quickly after. Hopefully Utah is a place he wants to stay for a long stint.
  7. Do people in Utah look back at their time with Ludwig fondly? I remember him being dubbed a failure in Eugene. Has he progressed and changed? I'm fairly ignorant of his career post Oregon, just that he's bounced around.
  8. You're right...an AD would be equally stupid to ask that as well.
  9. Yea...it's not surprising to see Oregon recruiting well, more a relief to see it this high at this point under Cristobal, however. Under Taggart and Cristobal the clear pattern has been to hire the best recruiters at their respective position. Also, opening the pocket book for assistants has definitely helped.
  10. Whatever you say about Fox News, they're definitely not dumb. They've been working hard to discredit millennials in the eyes of their viewership knowing the demographics and time are going bring millennials into more and more influence.
  11. I had the same impression with Arroyo's game plan against Boise. I couldn't tell if he (or him and Cristobal?) were purposefully trying to switch things up from the 'Taggart Offense' too fast to stubbornly show they're a new regime, or if it was simply lack of preparation and distractions, or if he just isn't a great game planner yet? 2018 will tell all.
  12. Figures he was onto something bigger sooner than later. Interested to see how much money tOSU is putting up. Sounds like he values going home/Urban Meyer to a large extent to take a lower position than he could have gotten at some good programs. Any word on WSU reaction? Were they willing to pony up to keep him?
  13. I'm still lingering around from time to time. I hope Taggart stays, but Oregon, as a program, is bigger than one coach now. If Taggart leaves, I have no doubt Oregon will go out and spend whatever they need to find a quality coach.
  14. Mops article makes it sound more like he'll stay. But who knows, I'd be surprised if he turned FSU down.
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