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  1. I respect his loyalty but if he wants a ring, he needs to move. I also think Stotts is not the answer.
  2. Well, I was kinda close. Phx stayed strong and surprised everyone. Denver still played well without Murray. Portland was about right. Dallas came together well after the all star break and the Lakers just might be the mot dangerous 7 seed ever. Lakers/GS play in will be epic I think.
  3. Absolutely. The whole three point shot foul has gotten out of control. I agree with giving space to land but when every guy falls down like they just got shot by a Snipper, kind hard to not touch them. It's getting as bad as Soccer.
  4. Hot damn, I love Moe Greene. Damn right I was hitting your brother. He was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time.
  5. This lineup without Mitchell and Conley(for about a month) has done well a giant .500 or below type teams. But they have really fallen on their face against good teams fighting for playoff seeding. Teams like PHX and Portland. We did get lucky against Denver about a week ago. I really hope Utah knows what we are doing. Don and Mike aren’t coming back until the playoffs. Most is that is just caution. My fear is rust with no games played to get back in rhythm and game shape. It definitely takes a few games to get your groove back. And losing the 1 seed after all that
  6. We need you guys to fall apart tonight. Then you can do what you want after. LOL.. ESPN last minute btw.
  7. Yeah. No doubt. Utah and Phx on the road. Denver at home.. Very tough.
  8. Let's hope Utah stays at 1 and the Lakers stay at 6 or 7. We will likely give Portland a loss tonight and they will be tied with LA in the loss column. Even if we get the Lakers, I'm not so sure they will be full power. They are dropping more guys to injury than you can shake a stick at. Their final 3 are on the road against average to bad teams. Utah is 39-4 at home. I like our chances against any team with home court advantage.
  9. I'm sure he would adapt but I don't think we see 50 points a game. Which was your point to begin with.
  10. Wilt was certainly dominant. The thing with Wilt is, he was just so much ahead of the game that he stood out as we know.. Much like Shaq redefined the 2000-2011 era for a dominant big man. Shaq constantly mentions that the game is flawed because they don't use bigs on offense anymore. It's not that. The game has just moved on The biggest thing that has changed today is pace and space. No longer do teams want to grind you out in long half court sets dropping it into the paint and watch guys like Hakeem the Dream give top shelf footwork lessons and maybe kick it out of he gets a double tea
  11. As others have said, Cronin really sold the program by action this year. He's not going to have to put much bait on the hook for the next few years of classes.. Unlike @KUGRDON that still bathes in Old Spice Aftershave on Bingo night looking for blue hairs.
  12. So here is my way too early stab at playoff seedings. I’ll likely be wrong but based on how things look today, I see: WEST 1. Utah 2. Denver 3. Clippers 4. PHX 5. Portland 6. Lakers 7. Dallas 8. Spurs EAST 1. Nets 2. Philly 3. Bucks 4-8. Meh, they all suck. Miami could go on a run though.
  13. Denver will finish top 3 in the West. Mark it. They were in a fight for the 8th spot a few weeks ago.
  14. Boston media and fans are ruthless. Brad is getting smashed in pressers. Philly might be the most ruthless market in pro sports but Boston is close. I think it will come down to Ainge’s head or Brad’s. Brad is in over his head IMO. Especially in bad times. Way too much talent and All star level players to be this bad. You know things are shitty when your GM is making noise in public. Normally they are behind closed door type people. I would take the UNC job ASAP if offered. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/danny-ainge-sends-message-celtics-190710382.html
  15. Wheels coming off in Boston. Ainge is blaming and calling out players. Coach Brad is a deer in the headlights in postgame pressers. "We just need to play harder" type stuff. Players are grumbling.. I smell changes coming.
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