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  1. Agree. Like I said, the Trump Admin reminds me very much of Longshank's "Admin/policy". Like "Phillip, The High Counselor", many Trump staffers have met the same doom.
  2. Send in the Irish. Arrows cost money. The dead cost nothing.
  3. The whole Trump Admin reminds me of King Longshanks in Braveheart..
  4. It’s all about elections is the real answer for the moron Trump and his blind minions. His only claim to fame is his economy.
  5. I thought your Buddy Trump is your hero? Please tell me you weren’t one of the people that ingested cleaners? I know his collective following has an IQ of 100 combined. His loyal minions hang on every word
  6. I love these numbers. It’s just too bad we shit the bed in our last two games in 2019. Yeah........ I’m still bitter.
  7. Isn’t it a bit ironic that out of the small sample size of posters here, the posters I consider to have a low IQ, limited or lack of education and blind ignorance when it comes to their political leaders are die hard Red guys? Pure demographics. HLB, Jalapeno, PapaG and Davis to name a few. Two of these guys are banned for crossing simple lines. Not ironic. Lack of true social skills, rationality and critical thinking ability. I can tell you for certain I’ve never agreed 100% with all the decisions of my favorite Democratic presidents. I think most Trump supporters would follow him off a cliff no matter what which is why they are complete morons.
  8. I’ve said it before. Anyone who holds on to some type of religious faith and use that to make themselves a better person, I’m great with that. But if someone wants have a factual debate on science vs religion, the religion will lose every time. Who wrote the Bible doesn’t matter one bit. Tall tales, quests for power, advantage over enemies.. All hogwash. Man’s interpretation of a higher power written in books. Laughable.
  9. utenation

    The Flu

    No doubt.. We have morons everywhere. Which is why I'm a firm believer that not everyone should breed..
  10. utenation

    The Flu

    Absolutely I’m worried. Thank heavens you aren’t in charge nor responsible for any dispatch, logistics or coordination of their daily activities. I maintain, for you to have a job like this, the screening process clearly doesn’t work.
  11. utenation

    The Flu

    You miss the point. I’m a tax payer that helps pay your wages. The thought of you making potentially crucial decisions for our government on my dime makes me shit my pants. This has nothing to do with supervisors or cabinet members. The fact that you missed the point by a mile again is where my fear comes from.
  12. utenation

    The Flu

    This is pretty scary. Knowing you are in a semi serious role in the government. Clearly the screening process is broken or doesn't exist.
  13. In my world, the 6 month plan is called "shakedown money".. On a serious note.. Very smart.. I'm in finance.. My simple advice is to never payoff significant debt with savings.. Use tools like homes or even non retirement investments first.. Lots of tools that sport large returns to make up loss rather than savings with low returns.
  14. Yeah, I'm sure your price tag was much higher than mine.. Just a Bachelors for me.. I'm sure Don traded Livestock for tuition as well.
  15. I worked and went to school and paid for most of my college out of pocket.. A few grants helped out too.
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