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  1. I agree...Davis should be able slow the joker.. McGee isn’t a terrible defender. I still think the key is Murray.. I think the Lakers need to control Tempo on offense. But you are damn crazy to pick against Denver GL...😉
  2. I totally misread Denver. But so did the rest of the world. I believe the Clippers were favored by about 7-8 points each game and blew it like Utah did.. Doc Rivers had Murray shut down the first few games with a George/Beverley combo.. But props again to Malone for getting him open in the last few games. Porter did a few nice things in this series too. Not to mention, 85 year old Paul Millsap. Denver is the only team EVER to come back from a 3-1 deficit TWICE in the playoffs.. I had the Clips going to the Finals this year.. I would say the Lakers are gritty and experienced enough
  3. I'm going to have to disagree with Pierre and Ruslan.. It's most likely Fake News.. I'm willing to bet the dirty Democratic Party paid Chinese hackers to get into the Trump Campaign's graphic and marketing department.
  4. Like 95% of the other CU seasons in the P12, I don't think you'd be missing anything.
  5. This sums up my thoughts exactly. I don't think we've ever been on this amount of unstable ground..
  6. That will be in SLC... I agree.. Pence is just a yes man..
  7. I think people are looking for confidence. Never in my life have I witnessed a White House in such shambles. I start in the Carter era.. The sad part is, this circus is now just normal... which is what scares me. Russia and others knew this moron would put the USA in utter chaos and further soil an international image and credibility..Shame on us.. I think these debates will hold a lot of water..
  8. Maybe this has been discussed already but I haven't read all pages of these threads. So I apologize in advance if this topic has been played out. I'm curious what you guys and ladies think about the upcoming debates? Specifically, if Biden will be able to maintain flow, articulation and not trip over his thoughts and words. I think Joe is the best thing available and 100X better than Trump. But as proven in the 2016 election, terrible ethics, morals, character and bad track records weren't enough to keep the blond bomber out of the oval office. I think Biden's mind is still there but ge
  9. Does not like older versions of Internet explorer.. Edge and google platforms seem to be fine.
  10. Don't worry Bro.. We're all protected.
  11. Watching Team Trump fire up the spin factory on the Woodward tapes is hilarious.. At least they are smart enough to not call it "Fake News" this time.. I think the latest Trump Spin job tweet is claiming that if Woodward felt this was so important, why didn't he inform the people and save lives? I love CNN.. They are hammering this home.. Hours and hours of Trump timeline quotes relating to this recent news.. There's 18 hours of tapes.. Can't wait to hear more..
  12. Remember in March-April when people were terrified of COVID? Hoarding supplies, hunkering down? A 200 person jump in the daily state numbers causing panic? It seems now many decisions are made thinking a vaccine will be here soon.. Could be fool's gold.
  13. Another reason the NCAA as a whole should have been a unified front.. And not taken a backseat to the money machine.. Not to get too political in this forum but I think our country's lack of overall leadership on the COVID crisis has left major holes in the system.. Even going as far as TRUMP calling out conferences/teams and athletes for not playing in multiple sports. Obviously we love sports but not at the cost of lives.
  14. I think they have already punched the time clock.
  15. Wait. An advisor to the presidents? Isn't that what we pay Larry nearly $5 mill for?
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