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  1. Why? Because Jalapeño will use any excuse in the world to make sure powerhouse CU is never forgotten. It’s easier to focus on 1 decent year in an embarrassing 9 years of conference affiliation. If there was a smelliest fart thread, he’d find a way to interject CU into the conversation. Most likely with some random B12 reference. I’d really suggest Jalapeño not trying “relate” with how Utah fans feel right now. Just keep it to CU’s pathetic existence.
  2. Congrats Oregon Fans. You whipped us in the trenches. And KW was severely outcoached in this one. Best of luck in the Rose..
  3. Big game tonight gents. Best of luck to Oregon.
  4. It's been a brutal season for @HLB, especially when it comes to Utah. According to him, Utah should be 7-5 or 8-4 rather than 11-1. We need to keep him going.. We could ride this all the way to a NC..
  5. The gift that keeps on giving apparently.
  6. Yeah, the same Finebaum that said Mullens is a dishonest person based on nothing.. He's super credible.
  7. Utah had 4-5 seniors come back that will be in the NFL and could have went last year. They’ve said it all year. They wanted this opportunity for redemption. They felt embarrassed last year at the way we ended our season the last two games. I truly believe Utah has treated this season like business. Excellent player leadership and focus. They’ve been ready all season for this game.
  8. This board needs ya man.. I know it's tough when your team is down but CU hoops looks good.. Someone needs to balance out Jalapeno's tom foolery.. Stick around.
  9. Personally, I would take Kelly over Benjamin. Eno runs like mini bull in a china closet. Effective but Kelly is smooth and has the perfect size and great vision. UCLA’s lack of wins and youth at OL kept him out of the spotlight.
  10. Sounds like a date night with tweezers gone wrong in the @Chile_Ute household.
  11. I highly doubt Shelley will be slinging the rock next year. Word on the street is new comer Rising looks good. We also got a former Baylor QB Peyton Powell from the transfer portal. Not sure if he'll be moved to another position but he's a 4 * recruit.. Also, on RB, the stable is full.. Not just Brumfield.. We have Wilmore(who I expect will be the star next year), Devontae Henry Cole and TJ Green. If Utah can dial in a QB, I think we will be fine because our defense is always loaded.. But we won't be as good as this year..
  12. I didn't realize Chris is 55. I thought late 40's. He started coaching in 1987.. He's put in his time.. Probably a dump truck full of money..55 probably feels like 70 in this business.. Most people work until their 60's because they have to.. He doesn't.. Chris seems like a very definitive guy.. He knows what's right for him. I'm guessing but he won't pull a Meyer and get back into coaching 3 or 4 times... Maybe the new role will be enough for his mind and the competitive juices.
  13. Will be interesting to see what happens to recruiting. Chris’ name carried weight.
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