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  1. I can see why Franklin would be interested, and I think he is a top 10-15 coach. but I would be shooting higher if I was USC. Matt Campbell or Luke Fickell for instance. If USC gets one of those two, they are going to stomp. **of course i thought UCLA with Chip and Nebraska with Frost would stomp as well
  2. row Z

    Week 2

    man, just when i was about to adopt Utah as my Pac12 south team ...
  3. row Z

    Week 2

    It is pretty obvious that the guy has no idea what he is doing.
  4. row Z

    Week 1

    Charbonnet for Heisman ... start the campaign now. Why not?
  5. Yeah. Everything is up for reevaluation now. UW could lose to anyone and everyone. Biggest surprise i have experienced as a UW fan.
  6. Decent effort by Adidas, but they put the panting dawg logo on the helmet instead of just sticking with the W. Brings the grade down to a B-, unfortunately. Very correctable though.
  7. row Z

    Week 0

    Zach Charbonnet for Heisman. Wanted to be the first to say it.
  8. But, there is no downside to the Alliance. It also communicates to ESPN and the SEC that an agreement to block a lame 12 team playoff may easy to arrange. Also, any boost in out of conference scheduling is a positive IMO.
  9. Apparently BYU has graduated a bunch of starters? Would love to see the wildcats start the season with an upset win.
  10. Fair point. I think that 10-2 is the “realistic” best case. Every game on the schedule is objectively winnable, but stringing together 11 or 12 wins is rare without a dominant team, and I don’t think UW will be dominant.
  11. Well, I’m a moron. I thought we were in for another slug fest with Utah, but we dodge you this year. That actually improves their chances a little.
  12. 8-4. I feel like UW might be underdogs against Michigan, Oregon, ASU, and Utah. Beyond that, i can easily see UW tripping up against Cal, Stanford and UCLA.
  13. I haven't read up on the census data. What are you seeing that would support a decline of football?
  14. Well, maybe we have a different understanding of the term "regional." What i mean by regional is local, geographically contiguous and familiar, like the northwest schools (UW, WSU, UO, OSU). If some of this realignment goes through, we will have Texas and OK in the same conference with Florida, USC/UCLA in the same conference with Rutgers, Oklahoma State in the same conference with UW ... those are no longer conferences based on regional relationships IMO.
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