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  1. This twitter thread would seem to indicate that folks would enjoy seeing Utah in the CFP.
  2. Finebaum is an SEC shill. Has he ever said anything that doesn't benefit he SEC? I doubt it. Can and should be discounted as purely biased hot air. His comments seems designed to support LSU and Georgia in over Utah (although that was not the specific question that was asked). On top of that, i would guess his statement is factually incorrect. No one wants to see Utah in the playoff? I would venture that pretty much all of Pac12 and west coast does. And, I think a majority of neutral fans would prefer Utah over Oklahoma based on the quality of the defense, and the novelty of seeing a new team in the CFP. I honestly think Utah would create more intrigue and more viewers than Oklahoma. Am I off base here?
  3. European soccer player transfer rumors actually are even less reliable, amazing as that is to say.
  4. I could also see Petersen as the next NCAA Commissioner, Pac12 Commissioner, or on the CFP Committee.
  5. I can end my own speculation above with the tweet below. Sounds like the current players were just as shocked as everyone else. They did not see this coming.
  6. Very true. But, Jimmy Lake is viewed as the best recruiter on the staff.
  7. Another thought: Petersen would be a fantastic AD. We already have a fantastic AD at UW, but if I was a University with a vacancy in that spot in a year or so, I would try hard to get Petersen to consider that role.
  8. I have wondered if there might have been something in the locker room that would explain the UW performance at Stanford. It was such a giant turd, and the team was so completely lacking in energy or fight, it was weird. Just speculating here, but I wonder if players maybe caught wind of a transition in the works. That would be the kind of news that could deflate a locker room, Also, it has been rumored for a while that Jimmy Lake was going to be the successor. I think that is how they kept him around. He apparently turned down the Colorado job.
  9. I have heard Brock Huard say that he did not see Petersen coaching any longer than 5 years, and that he thought it could be less. He has other interests and does not view himself as a coaching-lifer. Apparently, he views himself more as an educator. I am hoping that Petersen is stepping away based only on his personal preference, and that this was not caused by something else (fans, AD, health etc.). Husky fans owe Petersen a huge debt of gratitude. You really can't ask for more in terms of a person of intelligence, integrity, class, mentoring this players, and keeping college athletics in perspective. We hit the lottery when he came to UW.
  10. I have not seen anything about that. Pure speculation, unless someone has a link.
  11. Cougs should be in a much better state of mind. Huskies have been a big disappointment, and just laid an egg in Boulder. Eason's confidence may be shaken. I see a Coug win.
  12. Funny. I was actually in Reno on Saturday, arrived around 6:40, rushed to the sportsbook to try to place a bet on UW, realized I didn't have any cash, tried to get cash out of a weird casino ATM that would not allow me to withdraw and would only give me a "cash advance" ... said nevermind and went up to the room for a drink with my buddies. I guess I was lucky in that sense.
  13. I thought the onside kick was a mistake by Cristobal. There was enough time to punt deep and get a 3 and out. It was the most likely outcome it seemed to me.
  14. Congrats JalapeƱo. Your team earned it.
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