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  1. Oregon participated in this historic moment! Wish we still had Dante.
  2. Aren’t the offenses effectively the same, with Oregon’s being much more consistent? More importantly, Oregon’s defense is by far the best unit in this game.
  3. Bruce Feldman predicts 14-10 ducks. Stewart Mandel predicts 20-16 huskies (Oregon is the better team but huskies need the game more). Pac12 Roundup writers for the Athletic: 6 pick the ducks, 1 picks the huskies.
  4. I wouldn't sweat it. I think the ducks are going to be able to run the rock, and won't have to ask Herbert to do that much. I think you have the better defense, and the more consistent offense. Would take some unusual things happening for the huskies to win, IMO.
  5. row Z

    UCLA @ Stanford

    I understand this is a big rivalry game ... 😐
  6. Feels like UW will be a little undermanned. The defense is not what it was over the last few years, and I think Oregon is going to be able to run the ball on us. Meanwhile, Oregon's defense appears to be a contender for best in the conference, along with Utah and maybe Cal. Our run game is mediocre, and the passing game has been very inconsistent. Huskies will need some turnovers and some luck to win. Hope the crowd brings the noise.
  7. It felt like Arizona could have won this game if they just kept running the quick plays for Tate (3 step drop, one read and go). The huskies had real difficulty covering the receivers on those plays. As soon as Tate stayed in the pocket and scanned the field and/or starting moving sideways in the pocket, his success rate went way down. I hate to say it, but I think he lost the game for Arizona.
  8. To borrow from Hardcore Husky vernacular: HLB has given this thread aids. By the way, AZ Greg, if you are looking for a more buttoned down husky site, uwdawgpound.com is pretty good (SB Nation blog). Also, bowdown2washington.com spun off from Hardcore Husky and has a new message board which is less crass.
  9. I took my 13 year old daughter to the game. We had a really fun time eating our way around the stadium, and trading songs in the car to and from the game. Everything else about the game absolutely sucked. I don't think one UW unit played well. Its hard to even pick out individual players that played well, except maybe Dick Newton, who injured his ankle and may be out long term. Stanford owned UW across the board, with backups playing all over the place. Stanford was more physical, disciplined, better coached etc. UW showed no fight. One of the more disappointing games I can recall, given that they were 16.5 point favorites. Coaches have to take a hard look at themselves after this one. It is pretty clearly going to be a rebuilding year, but there are some longer terms trends that need to be addressed as well.
  10. row Z

    USC @ UW

    Just barely. Thanks Sc. Hope Seattle is treating you well.
  11. row Z

    USC @ UW

    How so? Because UW dropped their safeties deep and Utah played more aggressively? That would probably piss me off too ... kind of coaching malpractice how Utah played the USC receivers. at least Utah is even in the loss column again. That could be useful.
  12. row Z

    USC @ UW

    UW trying to blow this ...
  13. row Z

    Week 5

    Holy fucking shit with that fumbled trick play. Total idiocy. oops, wrong thread. Was referring to UW idiocy.
  14. row Z

    USC @ UW

    This game is not over yet. Seems like Pittman and Carr are just getting warmed up.
  15. row Z

    USC @ UW

    i get the sense UW wants some noise in the stadium tomorrow ...
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