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  1. For UW, replacing 8 starters on the defense. Every level of the defense will have mostly new players (d-line, LB, secondary). There are some highly rated defensive players on the roster, but mostly young. I think it is very likely the defense takes a step back, certainly at the start of the season. Also, will Jacob Eason be an upgrade over Browning? He has a better arm, and was a 5 star coming out of high school, but there is obviously more that goes in to good QB play than a strong arm. He should have plenty of weapons to work with, and hopefully he will be able to lean on the running game (Savon Ahmed in particular).
  2. thanks, was having a difficult time getting the image to post.
  3. I believe these are the new UW unis. They were not supposed to be released until 7/10, but they are on reddit and another UW site, so I suppose the dawg is out of the bag. Probably have to wait to assess the color until they are photographed in daylight, but I like these. I give them a B+, big improvement over the Nike unis with the weird black triangle on each shoulder and light purple color.
  4. row Z

    NBA 19-20

    Yesterday was the craziest day of NBA free agency I can remember ... up there with the craziest days of free agency in any sport. I have no idea what the plan is with the Warriors (trade Deangelo Russell near term, or keep him and develop him as part of a three guard lineup), but at least it will be interesting. Keeping Looney was essential, but I am not sure how they got him for that low price. I suspect some shenanigans ...
  5. row Z

    NBA 18-19

    Sounds like some questions marks regarding the roster. I also heard national radio guys debating whether Portland should move Lillard or CJ McCollum, which seems insane on the surface ... but maybe they need to take a step back to move forward? Probably insane ...
  6. The Utes are going to win the conference this year. I have felt this way since all of their early entry candidates came back. Will be the best defense in the conference, IMO.
  7. I tried to post the tweet about McMillan's commitment earlier this morning, but I got a 403 error. Not sure why.
  8. row Z

    NBA 18-19

    Is Nurkic back healthy next season? Rodney Hood and Enes Kanter also coming back? If so, they really should be in the mix.
  9. row Z

    NBA 18-19

    Pretty interesting draft. I understand there were more deviations from the expert mock drafts than normal. Wilner made the exact same point you did above, GL: the 6 undrafted Pac12 players are "a potential preseason all-conference team (plus one) for 2019-20 -- a collection that would substantially boost the overall talent level next season and hasten a recovery that would help the conference win November and December duels required for access to the NCAA Tournament." It sucks for the conference that they left early, but reaaaaally sucks for those players. Some of these players must be getting bad advice. I was glad to see both UW early entrants get drafted. That seems to be a trend at UW in both football and basketball: 1) a high number of players get drafted; and 2) a low number of early entrants go un-drafted. Not sure who is advising them, but more often than not it seems to be working out.
  10. There is definitely reason for optimism with Hopkins. He seems to be able to recruit, and winning the conference regular season in his second year is a notable achievement for a UW program that doesn't have many conference championships in bball. From what I hear, he is also a great guy and keeps it clean. He might mirror Petersen in that way.
  11. row Z

    NBA 18-19

    Yes, it has been really interesting to see the national media come to the same observations most Warrior fans have held for a while: team is better with KD, but the team is more fun to watch (better ball movement, better flow, more creativity) without KD. We are so spoiled we can debate what style of play we prefer from our champion. Ridiculous. i agree about Milwaukee being a good series. Not sure who/how the Warriors stop Giannis.
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