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  1. That looks better than I thought it was going to. The angles of the bowl look pretty natural and symmetrical, and the new press box/luxury boxes fit in as well. The only weirdness is the end zone closest to the flame.
  2. row Z

    2019 NFL

    Not really sure about the Seahawks 1st round LB pick. They have a solid record of blowing first round picks, hopefully Jordyn Brooks pans out. On my watch list for remaining picks. Ashtyn Davis S Cal Michael Pittman USC Colby Parkinson Stanford Jacob Breeland Oregon 2 OL from somewhere
  3. I think it will be the nicest in the US for sure, and one of the best in the world.
  4. this looks like it is going to be really sweet ... (new Hayward Field)
  5. row Z

    Reggie Bush

    Best college football player i have seen play. He was ridiculous.
  6. Driving a hard bargain, I see. Well, good for you. Its only the head coach of your favorite college football program.
  7. Possible CU coaching candidates, per the Athletic: Eric Bienemy; Vance Joseph; Ryan Walters; Ken Niumatalolo; Bryan Harsin; Troy Calhoun; Jim McElwain; Darrin Chiaverini; Butch Jones; Tim DeRuyter; Mark Helfrich
  8. Brutal for CU fans. Sorry Jalapeno. I love the Bienemy idea as a replacement, if you can get him. I would add Jim McElwain, who coached at CSU i believe. Also maybe kick the tires on Jim DeRuyter and Andy Avalos.
  9. I hope he does well at MSU, but I have to wonder if Leach is going to get the air raid up and running with a new team quickly enough for Costello. Also, if Jimmy Lake can shut down Leach's offense, I have to think Bama and LSU are going to do the same. Those SEC defenses might make Costello look bad in some games, especially since he has not seen them before. Will be very interesting to watch.
  10. Disappointing for UW fans. Costello's experience would have been perfect in the opener against Michigan. I think UW's season outlook might have improved by 2 wins with Costello. There will be 3 4 star QBs to battle for the starting spot, but none have started a college game before. Will likely be a bumpy ride for the offense.
  11. Would love it if he landed at UW. Always thought he had a high ceiling when he played for Stanford. One could argue he is better than Browning and Eason.
  12. From the Athletic, some names WSU might be considering: Alex Grinch; Graham Harrell; Joe Salave'a; Sark (😆) ; Bryan Harsin; Nick Rolovich; Jim McElwain; Troy Calhoun; Jeff Choate; Jay Hill. I would kick the tires on McElwain and then probably make Grinch my top priority.
  13. Also, it is pretty clear that Jimmy Lake finally made Leach tap out. 😎
  14. I would say this is a loss for the conference in terms of visibility and entertainment, but not necessarily for WSU. Leach had reached his ceiling IMO, and showed no willingness to change things up to break through the ceiling. A Graham Harrell hire could be really positive.
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