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  1. gary andersen and osu part ways

    Unbelievable that he'd waive his contract. What a man.
  2. NFL Thread

    one of the worst people in sports
  3. UW @ OS

    He's a fat quitter who'd rather pig out than work hard. That's harsh, but he has no work ethic when it comes to football.
  4. NFL Thread

    Tate's leg bounced off the turf in possession of the ball. I dunno what people are up in arms about. edit: and they have to review it, right? If they don't have the run-off, then Detroit gets a free timeout when it was entirely possible they never otherwise would have been able to get a play off. Would that have been fair?
  5. UC Berkeley @ UW

    UW is twice the team Oregon is and the Ducks dominated the hell out of CAL with 7 starters out.
  6. WSU -2.5 @ Oregon

    Could be ugly. I've seen bad lines before but this might take the cake.
  7. WSU -2.5 @ Oregon

    Dumbest line in the history of sports. Bet your kids, bet your wife.
  8. cal @ oregon

    And Freeman is out 6-8 weeks which effectively ends his season as well. Fuck you Mark Helfrich you piece of shit.
  9. cal @ oregon

    It's both. They've been fucked hard all year by the refs, but obviously if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck...
  10. cal @ oregon

    Herbert has a broken collar bone and is done for the season, and we just blew a redshirt on our 4th string RB which isn't a great sign for Freeman either.
  11. cal @ oregon

    He's awful, but I don't blame him tonight. Your OL is...
  12. cal @ oregon

    What a horrible win. Incoming 5 game losing streak for the Ducks.
  13. cal @ oregon

    Alie is the worst backup QB in the conference, let alone to be compared to a starter.
  14. cal @ oregon

    Bullshit. You're cherry picking. Oregon has been extremely conservative all year running Herbert. Fans have been clamoring for him to keep the ball more often. This is probably the first half of Oregon football you've watched this year. Quit pretending you know shit.
  15. cal @ oregon

    doesn't make your statement any less stupid.