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  1. Cota won't be a Duck either.
  2. No interest.
  3. More like passed out. Mentally incapacitated != mentally disabled. /shrug
  4. 4 star DE and absolute monster Malcolm Lamar is about to commit to Oregon.
  5. I think also he's set at TE because we have 0 depth there. We literally have 1 healthy scholarship TE.
  6. He was a backup plan and knew it. I think the staff was honest with him about it. They have much bigger targets. Losing Craig stings, however. He's going to be a 3 year starter.
  7. Height and weight don't mean anything if he can't get off at the snap. Look at the fast twitch guys we're recruiting on D. He'd be a warm body like a TJ Daniel, imo. If we'd landed Josh Falo last year, I don't think we would even be recruiting TQ.
  8. 0 potential at DE. He's stiff and doesn't have the explosion.
  9. Meant to say no, you're not the only one. Prepare for an influx of busts and wasted picks.
  10. Yes, and that's the NBA's argument, but logically it's absurd and what it does to the "student athlete" is absurd.
  11. What a stupid argument. What is a free education when most of them quit school in February of their first year. And free women? Hello? Pro basketball players are definitely known for not getting theirs, right?
  12. TreShaun Harrison to Oregon. This dude is amazing. http://247sports.com/Player/TreShaun-Harrison-46037155
  13. Shows why Altman's "positionless" scheme is effective. Guard multiple spots, be versatile on offense, play in today's NBA.
  14. Lubbock, Texas.
  15. Not sure about this. He's never gonna move like a tackle needs to but he's 6'7? This is a pivot from that athlete first recruiting philosophy.