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  1. oh stfu, UT was down a ton of starters. That game is a blowout 99/100 times.
  2. What else are they going to do? They fucked up hiring a qualified, successful, charismatic minority coach in Sumlin. Tom Herman and Justin Fuente were getting NFL hype a couple years ago, and they're trash now. Was Matt Campbell going to leave Ames for Tucson? Beau Baldwin was red hot at EWU and couldn't hack it at CAL. Established major college coach? Fail. Hot up and coming mid major coaches? Fail. FCS natty coach, fail.
  3. It would be pretty shocking for him to take that job.
  4. So they'll be doing the natty?
  5. I edited! lol Sorry dude.
  6. I will never understand why one of the most brilliant creative original play callers in modern CFB history completely loses every sense of that each time a game is on the line.
  7. Really happy for UCLA.
  8. I fucking hate David Shaw.
  9. Why in the world are you comparing Ohio St and Oregon? Indiana would put 60 on Oregon.
  10. Meanwhile Oregon's DL lines up 4 feet off the ball like it's 1997.
  11. Better team lost, I feel bad for the Bruins.
  12. Another redass bites the dust. Sucks to be a multi millionaire middle aged white guy.
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