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  1. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Damn, he's been one of the best assistant coaches in the nation for a long time.
  2. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Wow, wtg Bruins and Beavs and Trojans!
  3. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    lol Utah doesn't count .
  4. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    UCLA went to 3 straight final 4s 15 years ago or so. That's monumental.
  5. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Such BS that Oregon and USC got not only these absurd seeds, but got stuck in the Gonzaga bracket against each other.
  6. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Iowa had to be one of the least athletic #2 seeds in many years. I know it's a meme to complain about officiating, but ffs does Garza get away with EVERYTHING. He should have had 3-4 offensive fouls today, and all but 1 were called defensive, including more than once when he'd hit a defender in the fucking neck with an elbow(while traveling). I'm sorry but that dude can't get from the FT line to the rim without dribbling without it being a travel. Shit was infuriating.
  7. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    And Altman won't win COY.
  8. The HBCU angle is cool, but this is lame.
  9. This is nonsense at every level. Auto bids for an 8-5 team that upsets a 12-1 team that had their entire OL out with the flu? Get outta here. Expanding the playofs to 8 teams when most years there aren't even 3 that deserve it? People want reform but espouse ideas that do nothing to affect change. Playoff expansion isn't even kicking the can at this point, it's making the the whole broken system even worse. Reform demands scheduling and conference equality, not doing more of the same. As long as we have 14 team conferences playing 8 conference games and 10 team conferences playing 9 conference games, and teams scheduling 2 FCS opponents a year and teams who have never scheduled an FCS opponent, and friggin "independent" teams milking the entire system, nothing positive will come from any tweaks to the current system.
  10. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Beevs yet again get Oregon down half a dozen starters(this part is a joke).
  11. oh stfu, UT was down a ton of starters. That game is a blowout 99/100 times.
  12. What else are they going to do? They fucked up hiring a qualified, successful, charismatic minority coach in Sumlin. Tom Herman and Justin Fuente were getting NFL hype a couple years ago, and they're trash now. Was Matt Campbell going to leave Ames for Tucson? Beau Baldwin was red hot at EWU and couldn't hack it at CAL. Established major college coach? Fail. Hot up and coming mid major coaches? Fail. FCS natty coach, fail.
  13. It would be pretty shocking for him to take that job.
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