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  1. Wait till you start deleting PMs from his inbox.
  2. You guys suck. Y'all deserve him. FFS.
  3. dtd

    2019 Transfers

    I agree. However, Newman is a LOT bigger than King, and that's a big deal to CMC I bet.
  4. dtd

    2019 Transfers

    Yeah a poorly kept secret.
  5. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Miller sure is a redass, good grief. UA is prolly the best team in the conference. Dunno how Oregon pulled that one out.
  6. dtd

    2019 Transfers

    The coaches don't think so as there's no contact with him. They want the 50% passer from Wake Forest instead.
  7. Leach to the SEC =
  8. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Same as it ever was. Decade after decade the Ducks do the heavy lifting.
  9. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Great win for Oregon overcoming those officials and a solid Utah team.
  10. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    This is why basketball, to me, will always mean the playground. Refs and money ruined everything.
  11. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Yep, something about it, they just can't shoot there.
  12. Helfrich hasn't called plays in 11 years. Eleven Years. He also hasn't recruited in...ever.
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