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  1. Coaching Changes

    If he leaves, they will all be released from their letters of intent.
  2. non-conference games

    I hate Elijah Brown, he's a horrible chucker.
  3. UCLA @ USC - Crosstown Showdown

    Basketball school.
  4. Arizona @ Oregon

    Oregon's offense is insane when healthy.
  5. I like him a lot. This puts Oregon into the top 10 classes with Bol Bol still up for grabs.
  6. Arizona @ Oregon

    In what way? He's a bad passer and the best running QB in the nation with a scheme to maximize his talents. If you CAN force UA to throw, you win going away. They have met few(1?) teams that could do that since he took over. He's exactly the kind of dude Oregon would have won 11 games with when Chip Kelly held the reigns. Let's not get too indignant.
  7. International Incident

    going to too many final fours
  8. International Incident

    I can't recall a single time you've even approached a raised voice tone at someone, let alone been rude, and I know rude. Wow, we came from the ESPN boards(RIP)? Crazy.
  9. Arizona @ Oregon

    Easy UA win. Even if Herbert is back it will be his first game in a couple months and UA is absolutely on fire.
  10. NBA 2017-18 Thread

    h8 Lillard the chucker.
  11. International Incident

    Ball already leading the league in steals.
  12. lol what idiot made that an image? Good luck searching through 351 teams to find the ones you care about.
  13. International Incident

    lol, good luck to the UCLA trio getting out of China.