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  1. The narrative that it's only deaths that matter, is fucking stupid, and the narrative that people over 65 or with comorbidities somehow don't matter, is fucking despicable.
  2. My concern with spring is having a ton of guys sit out because the draft is right around the corner.
  3. dtd

    2020 Season

    Should be fine, it's not like anyone will be drinking and get upset when they get told to put their mask back on.
  4. dtd

    2020 Season

    I really want to see Oregon beat the absolute shit out of NDSU. I really don't want to see Ohio St beat the absolute shit out my Duckies.
  5. dtd

    Checking in

    Not at 4am!
  6. dtd

    Checking in

    I am absolutely sick to death. That I am out of beer.
  7. dtd

    Reggie Bush

    I agree that there is a villain in this story and that it isn't Reggie Bush.
  8. dtd

    Reggie Bush

    Thousands and thousands of dollars a month in extra benefits was a minor offense? I agree that the punishment rarely fits the crime, or even punishes the right person, when the NCAA is involved, but come on. Teams self report secondary violations when a player sells their beats by dre from their bowl game swag bag for a hundred bucks. That's minor.
  9. dtd

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Came here to do this. Love you both.
  10. Wait till you start deleting PMs from his inbox.
  11. You guys suck. Y'all deserve him. FFS.
  12. dtd

    2019 Transfers

    I agree. However, Newman is a LOT bigger than King, and that's a big deal to CMC I bet.
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