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  1. At least we get into new markets, we don't have alot of options. Who would you suggest? BYU, Boise State? At least poaching from Big 12, would weaken, or possibly devolve them and we haven't been setting the world on fire in football lately, maybe that guarantees us a team in the playoffs.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/texas-oklahoma-expected-to-declare-intent-to-leave-big-12-in-24-48-hours-with-sec-as-landing-spot/ If this Happens, we should try to poach OK State, and TTU as well as adding Houston and possibly Kansas, IMO.
  3. I wonder when NCAA will announce penalties. If it's as cut and dry as it seems, it may be pretty soon. If sanctions are stiff, some of their recruits might de-commit.
  4. I've watched the South Carolina and Arizona Senate debates, last night and Sunday. I was surprised to see how unprepared Graham and McSally were for those debates. Neither was willing to stand by their records, only resorting to deflecting, lying and trying draw false equivalancies between Trump/Pence and Obama/Biden. And McSally resorted to Trump like name calling. While a Mark Kelly victory in AZ seemed likely for months, the fact that Jaimie Harrison is now statistically tied with Graham seems like a bad omen for the GOP. I'm starting to believe there could actually be a massive blue wave that could make all of Trump and the Republicans efforts to delegitimize the elections moot. I also believe that if Trump loses, he might immediately resign so that a president Pence could pardon he and his family.
  5. I just heard an interview where it sounded like he's blaming wearing a mask for getting the virus. And this guy is a lawyer???
  6. sorry orange, I didn't mean to plagiarize your post, I missed the last piece of your comment when I made mine.
  7. I just don't get that republicans don't see the hypocrisy in Trump sending untrained thugs in response to protesting police violence, while doing nothing when armed rednecks and racists threaten the life of a governor in response to making wearing a mask mandatory in Michigan in the middle of a pandemic. I hate playing their game of calling people un-American, but supporting this idiot is truly not only un-American, but anti-American.
  8. I was shocked when I heard last week (and I thought nothing Drumph did would surprise me) that the administration has gone full autocrat and has sent federal employees to invade Portland driving unmarked vehicles, with no identifying tags or patches on their uniforms. The "president" over the weekend said he may expand to other cities. I never thought I'd agree so much with a political ad (link below), especially one created by former republican operatives. https://news.yahoo.com/lincoln-project-stark-ad-portland-033700756.html
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