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  1. Two things; defensive front and whether or not Tate will finally buy in to Mazzone's system.
  2. azgreg


    I recently purchased a pair of Nike shoes. Love them. Very comfortable.
  3. I rarely watch this thing anyways. I just go to the app and watch the Arizona content.
  4. That little speach is all she'll do.
  5. FPI has never been kind to Arizona so no.
  6. In other news Charles Mansion requests that murder be decriminalized.
  7. azgreg

    Equal Pay

    From what I've heard over the last three years the women's team has generated more money for US Soccer than the men have.
  8. There's been no evidence of that as long as I've been here.
  9. azgreg


    Didn't Nike's profits go up like $1.6 B last time the right boycotted them?
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