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  1. OK, just hear me out here. There are 128 teams in division 1 football. Let's make it 64 in 1A and 64 in 1B. 8 conferences (4 in 1A and 4 in 1B) with 16 teams each. Each has their own championship. Conference final for qtrs then conference champs to the semi finals. Here's the kicker. Each 1A conference has a 1B partner and utilize a 2 team re-classification. Top two teams from 1B move up to 1A the following season and the 2 bottom teams from 1A move down the following season.
  2. Fair correction on Hale but you and I both know the most important thing in college coaching is recruiting. he's never done it.
  3. Arizona has hired new head coaches in the following sports within the last year. Football, men's basketball, baseball, softball, women's soccer, and cross country. None of the hires have head coaching experience.
  4. I'm coming to the PNW this weekend. You're welcome.
  5. Is that a legit concern with this kid?
  6. We're not going to be very good but I can't wait for football season.
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