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  1. CRBuff

    Wall Street

    Not to say that banks are completely fair, but qualifying for a mortgage is not close to impossible. But as a society, we carry an enormous debt load. We don’t save, and must have the latest and greatest things. and yes, there are certainly folks that are running up debt during the pandemic to keep the lights on. They deserve better. That said, this problem existed well before the pandemic and will be here once we are out of it.
  2. This is just terrifying. The fact that people remotely buy into this nonsense. Everything is a conspiracy unless it’s something they like. You have to work really hard to get to that type of thought.
  3. CRBuff

    Wall Street

    This has been an amazing story to watch. All market fundamentals are gone ( you can argue this has been going on for some time). GameStop is still dead, although you wouldn’t believe it for a few weeks.
  4. And not even colorados #1, or even 2 maybe.
  5. Will he solid for sc. not sure how he fits into your depth though.
  6. CRBuff

    The Flu

    Damn, I’m sorry to hear about that.
  7. Like I said, just talk...... the entire country has exploded since that comment that did not age well.
  8. Just depth. Have little depth which showed in the Alamo bowl. Just have to stay really healthy
  9. Surprisingly Landman will be back in Boulder next year. Must be due to the injury.
  10. You love KD! and I’m afraid it would be really close. Much closer than it should be. I bet the line would be bama favored by 3 to 7.
  11. I understand, and don’t really blame them. Frankly don’t care, if they don’t want to play this bowl season that is fine. That said, it’s why the pac (in part anyway) is looked down upon. If we are ok with it so be it.
  12. This. Texas has depth CU could only dream of. Losing starters matters, but when you can plug in another 5star it really helps. On top of that, Texas plays well with not much on the line. There are still boosters pushing for Herman’s ouster. All in all, CU had a good year. Dorrell came into a dumpster fire and settled things down. It will take a few years to build the depth, not a ton you can do there. Hopefully this program continues to build on a successful year (despite the crappy ending). Because CU is clearly the much better team.
  13. We played a “season”, and did it for the money. And when bowl season rolled around we said what about the kids! It IS why the pac is looked at as lesser. They are not wrong.
  14. Georgia’s passing game would shred CU. That said, I’d love to see it. But I doubt the logistics would work.....doubt they’d travel west
  15. So it sounds like CU can schedule someone, however also has to be ready to go to LA and potentially replace SC. So they are really in a bad spot. Welcome to 2020
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