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  1. Weed Thread

    I started drinking at the age of 16, drank hard and heavy, I quit at 22 when it lost it's allure. I've only been drunk twice since I was 22. I don't get the fascination for it, it's such a limited and obtrusive drug. Opium, and Cannabis, are far better for everyday use and far less physically and mentally detrimental. I can basically do whatever I wish at a high level when smoking, I lose motor skills and reasoning when drunk. I like having motor skills and the ability to reason. I also can't stand even my best of friends when they're drunk. Blithering idiots all of them.. repeating the same thing over and over, too loud, too close, too dumb. I don't get why a person wants to be dumber and clumsy. A person at a drug abuse seminar told me that I don't like alcohol because I don't have any memories or feelings I want suppressed, and that the drugs I do like, (THC, Opium, Shrooms) are not memory suppressants, but instead boredom fighters. I tend to agree with her. The more fk'd up some of my friends lives are/were, the more likely they drink or abuse cocaine. The more stable they are, especially in confidence and self esteem, the less likely. Thank you for making this thread Orange.
  2. 11th Annual Pac-12 Pick-Em Pool

    Game on. The Suboxone Susies Edit: Btw, nice board.