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  1. What Will Revive the Conference

    Honestly, I have no interest in playing Alabama if they won't come to Corvallis. I'd rather play 2 G5 opponents and an FCS opponent than fail to get a return trip. At the end of the day until they expand Reser to 50,000 and consistently sell it out (in other words win more games) I see zero benefit to playing big time opponents in non-conference play. I might be open to scheduling neutral site games but they should never go play a road game without a return trip no matter who the opponent is.
  2. What Will Revive the Conference

    Agree which is why they won't schedule those teams. Oklahoma State is coming in 2019, are they a bottom feeder? Playing 1 off road games was a DeCarolis/Riley thing. They have no such games scheduled through 2024 and Scott Barnes has made it clear he thinks such games are a mistake (when asked directly about next years trip to Columbus). And the only openings in their schedule are in 2023. Schools like Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Purdue, etc... will come to Corvallis so those are the schools you schedule.
  3. What Will Revive the Conference

    OSU used to fail to get return trips, that has been fixed. Ohio State is the last trip scheduled without a return trip.
  4. What Will Revive the Conference

    People keep bringing up the late start thing and while it might hurt the PAC more than other conferences its not unique to the PAC. Virtually every school in the country has 3-4 games starting at 6 pm local time or later. Think about how often you are watching a Big Ten or SEC match up in the evening (nearly every week these game are on), those games are starting at 7 or later local time. Just to demonstrate Alabama played 7 games that started at 6 pm or later local time. Its not unique to the PAC.
  5. August/September home kickoff idea for the Arizona Schools

    Here is how I would handle the rivalry game situation Stanford vs. Cal, UCLA vs. USC, and Utah vs. Colorado should always the 2nd to last week and Cal vs. UCLA is always the last weekend. This move makes sense given that Notre Dame is always gonna be playing Stanford or USC that last week and that is a game the PAC wants to keep. USC/Stanford would play either Utah or Colorado in years they aren't playing Notre Dame. In a year when they aren't playing USC/Stanford you should try to set up some sort of agreement to move the Utah vs. BYU and Colorado vs. Colorado State games to the final week of the season. BYU as an independent would probably agree and the MWC could probably be sold on the benefit of having a PAC game the last week of the season some years. No byes that final week. I do like the idea of playing those rivalry games on Black Friday but agree that TV probably wouldn't support it. I don't like the idea of moving all rivalry games to the 2nd to last week of the season. On the other ideas And a Labor Day weekend game in Vegas (once the Raiders stadium is built) should be a no brainer. I think you could do that on Sunday night and play in either Phoenix or the Rams/Chargers new stadium once its built on Monday and have 2 marque games per year. I like the Thursday night game of the week idea is a great idea as well. Not sure you can get TV to drop Friday games but you can probably get smarter with how you schedule them (both teams have home games prior to instance) and mitigate the issues.
  6. Going independent would make no sense. Now working with some other (potentially) unhappy major schools to create something new I could see. Unlikely but more likely than going independent. At the end of the day the solution is obvious (and coming in 2025 at the latest) and that is expanding to 8 teams with automatic bids for P5 champs. This is coming, its only a matter of time.
  7. MLB Expansion

    Uhm....Why would you move the Mariners out of Seattle, what logic are you using for such a move? They have a fantastic stadium in Seattle, Seattle is a major TV market and growing, their is literally no logical reason to even consider moving the Mariners.
  8. 3 Out-of-the-Box Ideas

    I get all that, I was just trying to think of something out of the box. UNLV with the new stadium in Vegas and the growing market of Las Vegas would be another outside the box option. At the end of the day unless the PAC can lure Oklahoma and Texas its pretty limited and may need to open itself up to some outside the box options so I was throwing some out there. I am still curious as to why Houston would hurt the brand because its named for a city though. Does Auburn hurt the SEC brand? The ACC has 6 (7 if you count Notre Dame) schools named after cities and I don't think it hurts its brand. I doubt the Big Ten would be hurt if the University of Chicago decided to elevate its sports back up to a D1 level either. I just don't get that part of the argument.
  9. 3 Out-of-the-Box Ideas

    While I appreciate the offer I don't really have any question need questions answered. Adding obvious schools like Texas is not thinking out of the box. This thread was for out of the box ideas so I threw out a couple. That said, not sure how the name being based on a city dilutes the PAC brand. Cal-Berkley and UCLA are named for cities too. Just because they have UC in the name doesn't change that. Houston is part of a state system with 4 total campuses. I have never heard anything about the PAC only wanting brands named for states or regions before. I am sure that if Seattle University (for instance) had 4 campuses, 60,000 students, an endowment of 700 billion, and was a high research university and the PAC didn't already include the University of Washington the PAC wouldn't say no simply because its names after the city of Seattle instead of the state but I could be wrong.
  10. 3 Out-of-the-Box Ideas

    They might prefer AAU membership but they accepted Utah without it so I don't think its a deal breaker. Its also sort of a ridiculous organization without real standards to determine who is worthy. For instance by almost any standard used Oregon State is more deserving of AAU membership than Oregon yet Oregon is in and OSU is not. Also, Nebraska is not a member anymore so even the Big Ten has 1 member that is not in the AAU.
  11. 3 Out-of-the-Box Ideas

    Definitely some interesting ideas here. A scheduling agreement with Hawaii in order to get week 0 games is a great idea but not sure how many schools would actually be interested in going to Hawaii once every 4 years. Like the idea on paper though. An opening game in Vegas is a no-brainer and should definitely be done. Moving the conference championship to Vegas is also a no brainer. Love both ideas. I am gonna throw out some 2 other ideas 1) Partner with the Big 12 (or ACC) and push to create a 7th New Years Bowl (this was attempted originally but give it another go now that they could offer the new Vegas Stadium instead of the Holiday Bowl for it). The SEC and Big Ten getting extra access via the Orange Bowl should not be allowed to stand. The easiest way to sell this might be to take the G5 bid every year essentially created another "access bowl". 2) This is the controversial one. Invite the University of Houston to the conference. I don't have a partner school to go with them off the top of my head but Houston fits the criteria of a PAC school, gets the conference into Texas and is in one of the largest markets in the country. They have a stadium that is designed to be expanded to 60,000 seats and I believe if they were in the PAC they would add to the conference. Its a bold move but the PAC has limited options (barring a Big 12 implosion) and to me its a forward thinking move.