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  1. So says the party (Democrats) who have spent 4 years refusing to accept Trumps victory. If Trump wins, the Dems will be out in force again, refusing to accept a Trump victory, and looking for anything they can dream up to get him out of office.
  2. HLB

    2020 Season

    That's a pretty ignorant rant.
  3. HLB

    2020 Season

    SEC is standing pat and taking matters one week at a time. Overall, I think a "lot" of negative things would have to take place for the SEC and ACC to cancel their seasons. The overall feeling is that the SEC and ACC will play. Most think the Big12 will play, too. I'm wondering if B1G schools like Nebraska, Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State - (schools that have expressed disappointment over the canceled season) - can go out, establish contracts, and play each other as a "non-conference" opponents.
  4. You can apply that question to many things: Like when a white citizen is killed by a police officer. Those of us on the "right" have long asked the question that you propose. The left-leaning media only wants to report those things that promote the agenda of the left-leaning media.
  5. In recent years, the playoff committee has already taken into account that the PAC12 has been far and away the weakest P5 conference. This would be nothing new.
  6. Let them boycott and move on. Don't let the tail wag the dog. Respond to the boycott as a breach of contract by withdrawing the scholarship, kick them out of school, and ban them from the campus. And what a bad time to threaten a boycott: In a scaled down season that might not see completion.
  7. Trump isn't fighting for a "dictatorship" such as socialism. He's fighting not to have a dictatorship - such as that desired of individuals like Bernie Sanders, who tout socialism.
  8. What proof do you have to support this statement?
  9. 99.9% of police officers are good officer. And you want to completely restructure "everything" about police forces on the basis of the .1%. No matter what you do, there will always be .1% of the force that will function below acceptable standards. It will never be 100% perfect.
  10. HLB

    The Flu

    So all cops are bad (according to you)?
  11. Do you have a report that is more current, and not seven years old?
  12. @Orange …. Quack12's statement (above) is what I was referring to. He was expressing "his thoughts", and it is those thoughts to which I replied.
  13. I think that what you think, is wrong.
  14. HLB

    2020 Season

    What stats do you have to support this claim. You don't. Like so much of what you say, it's only in your mind, and not in reality.
  15. @Orange …. I'm still waiting for your reply.
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