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  1. A weekend preview that looks at the USC/Arizona State game. https://cfbsaturdays.com/what-we-are-watching-in-college-football-november-7-2020-weekend/
  2. article looks at the biggest players that need to be replaced for each team. https://cfbsaturdays.com/around-the-pac-12-north-the-biggest-shoes-to-fill-in-2020/
  3. 2 Sun Devils in the Top 25. Will be nice to get good d line play in 2020. Forks Up. https://cfbsaturdays.com/college-football-player-rankings-top-25-dt/
  4. in the Pac 12 North this week. Some good picks. I think Jones will bring back the RB tradition at Stanford. Also the kid at Cal is for real. https://cfbsaturdays.com/around-the-pac-12-north-2nd-year-players-who-will-breakthrough-in-2020/
  5. Jackson probably broke through last year... London I could see
  6. https://cfbsaturdays.com/college-football-player-rankings/ All of the offensive positions have a top 25. Take a look for yourselves, I thought it was a solid list. Several Pac 12 guys on the lists. Sewell is # 1 at Tackle, Slovis is # 5 at QB.... check it out if u please.
  7. Saw this article... seems relevant. Breakthrough players for the Pac 12 South. Some interesting picks, Think Gunnel will be good for Zona. Good offseason reading. What do you guys think of the picks? Hopefully they do Pac 12 North soon too. https://cfbsaturdays.com/around-the-pac-12-south-2nd-year-players-who-will-breakthrough-in-2020/
  8. I saw this position u thing done by draft round. Methodology was sound. Utes do well with DBs for sure. https://cfbsaturdays.com/thoughts-on-the-position-u-rankings/ Always a fun argument to have though.
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