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  1. I haven't been lurking for days, it's been years bud. All you do is whine and cry about politics. You let it infect just about every conversation you're involved in. Site traffic even prior to the pandemic was borderline pathetic and now it's nearly nonexistent. Why is that? The only hope this board has is you leaving(unlikely), changing your ways(highly unlikely), or OSU getting the boot from the conference. I fear you would still be here even if that happened though.
  2. Keep telling yourself whatever makes you feel better. Just know that you bringing politics into everything has ruined this message board. I'm sure you're proud of yourself.
  3. I am not voting for Trump even though that's none of your business to begin with. I'm sure I'm not the only one sick of seeing you inject politics into every conversation on this sports forum. Not that you'll believe me, but I'm not PapaG. I'm actually a Utes fan.
  4. Further proving what an awful person you are. I've been lurking on this forum for years and you are the absolute worst. If you want to go talk politics, there's a section for that or try another one of the numerous message boards dedicated to it. You've ruined this message board. Congrats! Job well done.
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