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  1. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    Fake news. Ezieke commited to UO as a TE, and he more than likely end up a Duck again. He doesnt mind being a TE.
  2. Annual ‘Who’s Eligible to Leave’ Thread

    Jalen Jelks announced he'll return for his Sr year. I thought he'd be lucky to be picked before the 4th round, and if he can put on 10-15 lbs and have another year like he had this year, he will be a 2-3 rounder next year.
  3. The Pac11 would tell SC to pound sand, and refuse to play them in any other sports. They would ultimately hurt themselves with this move, while we would just run out and add Texas.
  4. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    He' all Bruin. I'l be shocked if he goes UO. But that's fine Ill gladly trade Williams for Cota.
  5. non-conference games

    Hey UO decided to play some D for the first time in a couple weeks, and blowout CUZ last night. Young teams look great some games and really bad others, hope Altman does his normal coaching job and gets this team playing great down the stretch.
  6. Is Taggart leaving?

    FSU is offering him $2mill a year. If he leaves I'd bet UO goes hard at Grinch, who only makes 650k a year. Also hearing Gould could be headed to UO if Pimpleton leaves.
  7. Is Taggart leaving?

    That's they may right there. Don' forget while at FIU he had Orlando as DC and Satterfield as OC. He' got an eye for talented coaches.
  8. Is Taggart leaving?

    Here' the issue for those not understanding, Frost already had taken a job, as did Chip. UO and any other Pac school isn't stealing a coach from east of Mississippi who is already successful at a big 5 school. Its just a fact. Seeing reports suggesting Sumlin has gotten the job. I'l hold judgment until I see his staff if true.
  9. Is Taggart leaving?

    He coached at a school that the football facilities were trailers. It' not exactly a easy place to win.
  10. Is Taggart leaving?

    Dantonio isn' any better than Wilcox or Cristobal. He's a lot like Bellotti, only as good as his assistants.
  11. Is Taggart leaving?

    I expect he'll win 9 games next year and somehow land a NFL job. And then in 4 years after that he'll be back with Harbaugh some place.
  12. Is Taggart leaving?

    Maybe we haven't gone through anything like this, but I've never seen a unanimous backing of a assistant before. Every recruit.wants MC as the head coach Nd lots of the players.
  13. Is Taggart leaving?

    Someday SC will regret not hiring Kris Richard, he'll make a hell of a HC when he gets the opportunity
  14. Is Taggart leaving?

    He's already said he won't go to FSU. Not sure whats worse these post on JL and Mario, or the post during the summer calling for Burmeister to start over Herbert.
  15. Is Taggart leaving?

    I don' know who said that, but he will get a call. Im told hes expresed intrest, and Mullens isnt discounting the fact that he's from UO and wouldn't be looking to jump to another job. Also hearing Bronco Mendenhall has inquired about the job. Not sure I'd want him, but apparently he's interested.