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  1. Looks that way
  2. I was hoping when she was bragging about winning the battle of the bastards, Arya would have said "yeah, but I personally murdered every member of house Frey. What you think of that?"
  3. I don't understand why they wouldn't ride horses to catch the white walker? Or maybe sled dogs, anything is better than walking around in snow and ice.
  4. He might look like a stark, but Ned had brown hair not dark hair like Lyonna. Pay attention this week.
  5. No, Jons parents got married. And the son of the oldest son has more right to the throne, than the youngest daughter. Speaking of the books, I haven't read them, but I did see that in the books the Stark mom was found after having her throat cut and brought back, and she's the leader of the men with no banners? That would have been a pretty cool story line imo, and it would have been fun to see the look on her face when she found out that Jon isn't Ned's son.
  6. No, she's his aunt.
  7. She's not going to like that.
  8. What's better, trade for a bunch of second rate players, who basically make Cleveland the Portland of the east. Or take your chances building from the bottom again?
  9. Jaura won't die, I think he makes it to the end. Maybe even gets to take his place back as head of bear island.
  10. That would barely keep the Cavs as a top 5 eastern team.
  11. Trade LBJ? The only player I'd even considered for him, and he wouldn't be able to carry Cleveland to the finals, is Durant.
  12. if anyone is intrested in seeing 6.
  13. That was pretty evident tonight. Sounds like he's ready to switch or at least run. Also poor Sam, he's to pissed off to here all the answers given to him, then throws the book to the kid.
  14. Pretty sure they hosted Texas 4-5 years ago.
  15. 32.8 isn't very high powered in the PAC 12.