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  1. We probably win by 14 if we have have DTR. We didn't and so we lost
  2. Weird feeling. I should be pissed for losing the game but I'm at peace because it's where we are at as a team at this point.
  3. The best unit on the field is the UCLA oline, which is weird to say
  4. If a Jerry Azzinaro defense was a field goal attempt, that was it.
  5. 21-10 without turnovers. 38-28 with
  6. Had Felton wide open across the middle
  7. Feels like we should be up 21 and down by 22
  8. Turnovers. A staple of losses under chip kelly
  9. Ben Bolch @latbbolch I have been told nine UCLA players will be out for the Oregon game today, including Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Kazmeir Allen, Keegan Jones, Martell Irby, Jaylen Erwin, Delon Hurt and Kain Medrano. A QB, three RB, two WR, and a LB. That leaves Chase at QB, and two players in the backfield
  10. So there is some crazy info out there. DTR retweeted a BRO tweet, saying he had covid, saying he didn't have COVID. His mom and gf flew in from Vegas for his birthday and a couple of teammates were there. Contact tracing has one or more of those players as being in contact with COVID. Speculation is that DTR is being benched for breaking protocol and the "ecosystem". Someone else was in an IG live chat with someone on the defense and they asked if DTR as available and he said (paraphasing) that he hopes never. So that's fantastic and if he doesn't play, we are starting a 5'10 QB who is more of
  11. Generally positional groups have to sit out because of contagion. Unless you are Dabo, then it doesnt matter
  12. I love that they make an attempt to quantify it with a rubric, but they need to adjust their points system. Producing a top-10 pick should not be half as valuable as a Final Four, or 1/4 as valuable as a title
  13. It's not really a rumor. UCLA refuses to confirm or deny that DTR is available, which means he probably has COVID
  14. He wanted to come because we took Sykes, but Chip decided to go after someone else who is a statue.
  15. Cal's tackling looks like they have had 4 different potential opening games and a team told they are playing a game in 2 days
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