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  1. Some strange picks on that preseason list. I don't see a Chip Kelly WR, much less a UCLA Chip Kelly WR, making first team. UCLAs TE is probably the most productive TE in the nation. But I'm assuming talent is higher with other players? Which makes Rhyan only getting second team, odd. Not much else to say because we apparently don't have anyone worthy of first or second team on D.
  2. If Jrue Holidays plane had been delayed, we might have lost by about 25.
  3. Im pretty sure he did. He also probably took summer school both years
  4. UCLA QB, Chase Griffin, graduated in two years. I don't think I have ever heard of a football player graduating in two years.
  5. Chris Smith leaving is unfortunate, but I really have no idea what that rotation would have looked like.
  6. Juzang is returning with Cody Riley and UCLA returns it's entire squad who helped them make their postseason Final 4 run.
  7. *Collegiate. Hale did manage the Diamondbacks
  8. https://deadspin.com/dabo-swinney-once-said-he-d-quit-if-players-got-paid-1847212827
  9. The Shaq streak is over. for 37 straight seasons a former teammate of Shaq’s made it to the Finals. Rondo lost so it’s done
  10. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    In wonderful UCLA fashion, they announced Trevor Bauer going into the UCLA HOF a few hours before the investigation into his sexual assault
  11. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Losing to the Diamondbacks, at home, might be worse than getting no-hit.
  12. Nice cover story from Daniels mom, claiming someone hacked into her account and conveniently paid for plane tickets for recruits to fly to ASU on visits. I mean, on one hand, you are claiming the stupidest defense imaginable. On the other hand, you just became a really good witness for the takedown of ASU's program.
  13. Oregon will cash in on the Image and Likeness agreements, like a lot of schools will.
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