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  1. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Albert Pujols released, Mickey Callaway still employed
  2. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Wasnt quite born on that date
  3. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Cubs sweep the Dodgers. Cubs probably amazed that someone had a worse WS hangover than they did.
  4. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    4-12 over the past 16. Championship Hangover
  5. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Wonderful outing for Kershaw today. About two dozen balls in the dirt
  6. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    That's "Fuck them Reigning World Champion, Dodgers", please.
  7. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Giants are in first place
  8. Some articles for consumption https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/04/27/pac-12-commissioner-search-new-candidate-emerges-as-the-presidents-ponder-an-unprecedented-step/ https://www.si.com/nba/2019/11/14/amy-brooks-nba-innovation-leader
  9. If you guessed commissioner of the PAC-12, you earned yourself a cookie. Definitely an outside the box candidate, but so was Larry Scott.
  10. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Are there HRs on non-game days?
  11. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    I love when people pull up random stats like no other SS has hit HR's in three straight games at Dodger stadium. Jose Offerman, Ozzie Smith, and Rafael Furcal didn't do it? I'm stunned! On the other note, was a really good series. Was really rooting for Kershaw to get the game winning pinch hit.
  12. This pitch...is insane https://www.instagram.com/reel/CNvAWuuALBG/?igshid=1rj4ely79gigh
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