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  1. The National Title game will be reffed by a crew from the conference of champions
  2. Maybe? If Witt is going to coach for another 7-10 years, not likely. If Witt has a couple years to go, then most likely.
  3. Beau Baldwin is leaving Cal to be the HC of Cal Poly SLO
  4. MrBug708

    2019 NFL

    Went into this weekend in the playoffs in all three fantasy football teams and Emmanuel Sanders likely cost me two victories
  5. Coach O proves that if you are a good recruiter, spend a crapload on coordinators and give them a ton of leeway, and being a master motivator, you just need to not screw it up
  6. After the ASU games, there was a lot of angst among the Utah faithful about how dirty ASU was
  7. I've thought he was Mora with better recruiters. Obviously he's taken a step further
  8. How in the world did this Utah team lose to a Cristobal coached team? Mind blowing
  9. Stanford had some guys enter the portal because they didn't get into a master's program.
  10. To be fair, no CSU fan thought they were getting him so you didn't really have fun in not actually watching them get excited and then disappointed
  11. So Mora, Arroyo, and Harrell are all candidates
  12. MrBug708

    2019-20 NBA

    Sign him to an extension!
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