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  1. Woods has sickle cell. Why on God's earth would he want to be anywhere near any football facility this year?
  2. Opens up a weird set of circumstances. Does that mean they are employees, contract workers? If they violate team rules can they be fined, or terminated. If they fail to meet minimum academic standards, is their contract voided. I see the point of the players, but its a pretty slippery slope. Positive drug tests could invalidate their being paid. Curfew violations, conduct issues. They could put themselves under a serious microscope, because once pay is involved, expectations must be met for the employer.
  3. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    The Cardinals one comes from a couple players going to a casino. The Marlins appeared to have gotten it from a club. Apparently when the players were upset about not playing they were actually upset they couldn't go to clubs and casinos with their teammates.
  4. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Season hanging by a thread. Time to anoint the Dodgers the winners
  5. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Chose? Lol He had a 3-0 count in a game they were up by 3 on. The Dodgers didn't anoint him, he didn't draw the shortest straw. He's also a baseball player doing it for his teammates.
  6. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Juan Marichal got 8 games for using a bat on someone's head, for context.
  7. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    It's hard to make Bud Selig look like a competent commissioner, but Rob Manfred is out here acting like he wants to be fired by the end of this season.
  8. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    It's going to all be over soon enough. If MLB shuts down, the NFL won't get off the ground
  9. MrBug708

    2020 NFL

    Adams is great but he's not a transcendent safety by any means, I'd say he's probably 3rd or 4th best in the league if I had to rank them (but admittedly the top 5 is pretty bunched together). Safety is also just generally pretty low on the scale of positional importance. I'm assuming they're going to give him a new record deal for safeties and I would personally have preferred to allot that money towards Clowney or some other edge guy. And that doesn't even factor in the draft cost to acquire him, which was extremely steep. Seahawks haven't been the best drafting team in the early rounds recently but with Russ on a mammoth deal the best way to build around him is to hit on cheap young talent, and first rounders are the best way to do that. They're pretty much hoping to scrape together enough competence to support their three or four elite players, and I'm not sure I love that strategy. Outside of Wagner and now Adams, that defense is kinda rough and I think if they didn't have the reputation they did people would be questioning it a lot more.
  10. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    He's old, for baseball mileage.
  11. Cool name, eh logo, and a phrase that will be old by year 3
  12. MrBug708

    2020 MLB

    Hey Mookie!
  13. MrBug708

    The Flu

    You give me too much credit for being that proactive. I'm not an expert and I'm afraid whatever the answer is will have ramifications in different ways. I know my style is much more affective on class vs distant learning. As for not having school period, I doubt that will fly with parents, the community, the teachers and union, and students. I think a lot of changes in education will emerge out of this, like in a lot of ways in society, but schools are notoriously fickle and slow in embracing them. If distant education is the result, my guess is they just work with what they have for this year. There will be a lot of remedial work every year going forward. I don't think they can overload English and math any more than they already do without burning out kids. But I think you will see parents push to get their kids back in school more than you will see parents push to keep their kids home. Our district will allow, and I think recommend, distant learning options but will still open doors. Hopefully standardized tests continue to be put on hold for some time and we can use months of "test prep", to go back and teach things again.
  14. MrBug708

    The Flu

    I have the fortune of having an in-coming K as well as my wife and I being teachers. Our district is planning on having kids come out but with the strict guidelines in place. I believe one of my classrooms will hold just 15. The other is a larger lab type room that I would imagine could hold more, I haven't heard the numbers. Other classrooms can hold 24, blocking a door, removing all bookcases and teacher used desks. Most schools at our district have empty rooms so for middle school,they will have an aide in the overflow classrooms where students will watch over Google meet. My wife works at a private school that wants to come back because if they don't, parents will pull their kids and the school will close, since why pay that much money to do full distance. They haven't decided what they are doing yet, but supposed start August 1st. (she teaches at a Trinity league school) I also don't know why every district doesn't use this time to transition to post labor day start dates, at least for this year. If the thing dies down, we have limited the amount of distant days. It's gonna be a pain for my K because if I teach remotely,I gotta figure out how to teach him if the times overlap. He's also starting dual Immersion too, which also complicates things. Our union members are all over the place. There are some members that want back ASAP, some want to wait or do a hybrid model, some who want things to hit stage 3 or better, and some who don't want to go back until there is a proven safe vaccine. But distant learning for my school was a hot mess. I teach a school that is 92% free lunches but we were able to get technology to them all. But by the end, I had 45 minutes worth of easy work that was being completed by as few as two students. Distance learning in low income areas is going to be awful but I don't think there is much we can do. My wife had great participation because there is a financial stake for parents but my wife teaches Spanish and it's tough to stop teach a language that way. While classroom management is fantastic, students want to stay on mute or hide their faces. Her school can somewhat touch that aspect. I can't do a thing about it. On a good day, I got half to show up, a couple to say anything. It's rough and while I hate to say distant learning will be a waste, you are probably getting to 10% of what you would normally get to. Mileage varies by teacher, grade, subject, location and other factors. We did our students no favors by not doing any feedback last year when the district made a policy of no harm grading/feedback. We couldn't comment on if they did any work or participate and now we've created a situation where parents do not have a true idea of the participation and work their students did and we are moving onto another year in this form.
  15. Someone criticizing a person for using "we" when referring to a team supported. Damn, we lost the series. Oh wait, you thought I literally believed we struck out four times when we lost game 7?
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