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  1. 1. Quarterback to man the team 2. Consistent pass rush 3. Making a Bowl for recruiting
  2. MrBug708

    2019 OOC

    We are skating by with Coastal Carolina in a couple years and they are transitioning to FBS now
  3. MrBug708

    2019 OOC

    I don't hate it. Now a death stare battle between UCLA and ND
  4. MrBug708

    NBA 19-20

    It's not really an even deal and I expect OKC to deal Paul because they want to invest in that guy from the Clips. They want to rebuild and start getting better lottery odds
  5. I didn't? Coud have sworn it was FPI - Would you take it?
  6. MrBug708

    Equal Pay

    One of the issues is the federation was giving out per Diem differences for the two teams. Like the men needed more per day then the women. But based on all of the corruption on top down in FIFA, hoarding wages on something like per diem isn't unexpected I think the revenues are from only home game ticket sales, when the US men's had a down year and missed the tournament completely. I think it was something like 50.3 to 49.9 million over that three year period. They also played more home games last year and generally play home games, while the US plays a lot of friendlies in Europe to help their foreign based players travel time in regards to club management. But Federations and Clubs have always been at odds over who/when can be called up.
  7. MrBug708

    2019 MLB

    This was an amazing homerun derby
  8. MrBug708

    2019 MLB

    Ryu just cant pitch in Coors. I think he's career ERA there is over 9
  9. MrBug708

    NBA 19-20

    Golden State, after saying they would retire Durant's jersey, will also retire Iggy's jersey. Do they not want to wait until they aren't playing anymore?
  10. MrBug708

    NBA 19-20

    We got AD but the rest of it was a cluster. I guess we could be the Knicks or the Suns
  11. MrBug708

    NBA 19-20

    Those moves by the Clips might pay off big time
  12. MrBug708


    Dont forget Little Mermaid casting
  13. Nevermind their coach is one season removed from an undefeated season?
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