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  1. Rose Bowl - Pac vs B1G

    I don't know. I felt really great after the Seminoles played in the Rose Bowl. It's really kind of a BS "tradition" anyway. As dcbl mentioned, for the first 30 years of it becoming an annual event, the Rose Bowl invited teams from around the country to play a PCC team. It wasn't until 1947 that it became a PCC/Big Ten match. That lasted for 55 years, which was a great run, but they sold that streak to the BCS. Six times in the past 15 seasons non- Big Ten or Pac-12 schools have played in the Rose Bowl, including the infamous and blasphemous Nebraska/Miami game.
  2. Pac-12 Presidents starting to grumble about P12N

    We are become the Beavers.
  3. Pac-12 Presidents starting to grumble about P12N

    Ice hockey and lacrosse notwithstanding, and with all due respect to gymnastics, volleyball and soccer, I do think the Pac-12's emphasis on trying to include every sport in its programming hurts its viewership. I pretty much quit watching it from January through August, except for the occasional basketball, baseball or softball game. Say what you will about Paul Fienbaum, but the SEC Network has destination programming with that guy. I'm not suggesting such a concept would work in the western U.S., I don't think it would, but when your best-known personality is Mike Yam, well, you're pretty vanilla.
  4. oregon @ ucla

    Yeah, I recall what a disaster that game was. A visit to Boise a couple of years later was also horrible. I was think about the '83 CW after I posted. I wasn't at the game, and I don't recall if it was televised live, though I doubt it. I remember listening to Jerry Allen's call (during which you could never tell what was going on, just like today) and then watching "The Rich Brooks Show" on OPB a couple of days later. Man, we were primitive.
  5. UCLA @ Arizona

    This is just the sort of entitled, finger-pointing superficiality I expect from a clown like you. It's a freaking game played by boys, yet you seem to think they owe you something. Mora gets paid millions to make the team work and motivate these kids, but by all means let's give him the pass and "fire and fine" the players. You have no idea what's going on inside the program, so how can you even form an opinion as to what should be done with this "group of losers"? You've gleefully taunted Duck, Beaver and Bear fans about their teams' performances this year, while the team you supposedly "support" has been equally inconsistent. It's a difficult, physically and mentally challenging game, and very few teams go unblemished, while most struggle every week. Why don't you wake up to that fact and stop constantly being a complete asshat of a fan?
  6. oregon @ ucla

    You're obviously too young to have witnessed the 1983 Civil War game, commonly referred to as the Toilet Bowl. On the other hand, I thought the OSU/Colorado tilt last week was one of the most entertaining games of the weekend.
  7. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    Is Trump writing your posts now?
  8. WSU @Cal

    AQI is 177 in Oakland right now. https://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.local_state
  9. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    9-3, but who needs accuracy.
  10. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    Since we're dredging up last season and what was "trending at the time," it should be noted that when Card Tricks posted his rankings, the Cougars were 1-2, having lost to EWU and BSU, and beaten lowly Idaho. ASU was undefeated and UA and UCLA were both 2-1, having lost tough games to BYU and A&M respectively. All three of those teams were a year removed from 10-win seasons, so it was reasonable to suppose that their bad 2015 seasons were as much of an anomaly as WSU's 9-4 record in 2015 might have been. And Helfrich's incompetence hadn't been confirmed on the field yet, at least not completely. The above-referenced post suggesting that Card Tricks was "lost in a vat of ignorance" wasn't made until nearly a month later, after the Cougars had won four straight over Oregon, Stanford, UCLA and ASU. Suddenly Don was puffing his chest. At least Card Tricks participated in the original thread. KUGRDON, on the other hand, waited a month until the Cougars had established their strength, then attacked the rankings. BTW, Card Tricks also predicted that the Foster Farms Bowl was Colorado's ceiling, so Jalapeno should be calling him out for that, too!
  11. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    Luke Falk had a 2-star ranking from both Scout and Rivals when he decommitted from Cornell and signed with WSU. We get your point Don; there's no reason to lie.
  12. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    I think I still win!
  13. WSU @Cal

    I think Mr. Felder missed a word, but only superficially.
  14. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    So you revive a post from a year ago and label it "increasingly ridiculous," an obvious reference to the "disrespect" it showed to Mike Leach and his undefeated 2017 Cougars, then you call me superficial? To paraphrase Country Joe, "you're a genuine plastic man."
  15. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    At the time of the post your were criticizing, the Cougars were following that 9-4 season with a 1-2 record, with a home loss to EWU and a road loss to BSU. And what kind of stat is "third-most" anyway? You're definitely trolling.