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  1. Quack 12


    Nothing as serious as those painful bone spurs.
  2. I sure am happy that we have a president who is so concerned about corruption in the Ukraine. Puerto Ricans hit the streets again on Thursday — guillotine in tow — to demand the resignation of their governor. The new unrest was triggered by the recent discovery of a warehouse in the southern part of the island that was full of emergency supplies, some dating back to before Hurricane Maria in 2017. But that was just the last straw for people who were shaken by a round of devastating earthquakes earlier this month, and who say the government has mismanaged emergency responses for years. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/7kz8ja/puerto-rican-protesters-want-their-governor-to-resign-again
  3. Have you ever noticed that "conservatives" always feel compelled to announce that they are conservatives? There's an afternoon drive-time radio show in Seattle that has three hosts, one of whom is a "conservative," and when he's off work they always bring in another conservative. All of them seem to open every statement they make with "As you know, I'm a conservative ..." It reminds me of PapaG always telling us he had a "photographic memory" or that he was "agnostic." Conservatives love labels.
  4. The CFP has existed for six years. That's a "long history"? You certainly are reliably stupid.
  5. I'd call this positive Trump news: https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/479078-trumps-reelection-looks-more-like-a-long-shot-than-a-slam-dunk
  6. You're right, but for the wrong reasons. Trees with needles actually contain a much higher surface area than leafy trees, so they're very efficient carbon absorbers. And because they're coniferous, they don't take six months off every year. The problem is that trees only sequester carbon when they are growing, so a mature, old growth forest won't have much impact at all. Obviously, tropical rain forests - particularly the Amazon - are the largest emitters of oxygen and absorbers of carbon, but that has much more to do with their sheer vastness and constant growth rather than the species of plants they contain. The growth rate of plants generally correlates to their carbon absorption capacity. That's why plants like bamboo, alfalfa and hemp are effective. The problem with them is that the amount of carbon required to harvest and re-plant offsets most of the gains anyway.
  7. I feel the same about Xfinity, but I have limited options. I have found that the monthly bill tends to creep up, so every few months I call and threaten to drop them, and they'll always find a way to lower my bill.
  8. I'm in the Puget Sound region, where it seems everything is more expensive. I pay $110 for the basic cable TV package and Blast! internet, which is only 250 mbps, but it suits our needs. I've tried cutting the cable, but it hasn't worked for us. I'd have to cut down several trees to go with any dish, and I'm not prepared to go without the standard news and sports networks, not to mention my wife's trash TV networks.
  9. There is considerable argument on this point. It isn't the "magic pill" that it's presented as, in fact, many people in the field suggest that it's an easy out for business, which can just buy saplings rather than changing their ways.
  10. Mostly because the one trillion trees initiative was just recently started, and is supported by billionaire Marc Benioff, so how could any previous administrations have joined it?
  11. I don't disagree, but here we are again.
  12. Quack 12

    2019 NFL

    So 2020 NFL draftees will take a boat to a stage in the pond at Bellagio?
  13. Moorhead to Oregon is finally official. Apparently he's on the recruiting trail already. https://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/2020/01/joe-moorhead-officially-announced-as-oregons-new-offensive-coordinator.html
  14. Quack 12

    2019 NFL

    I call him Marshawn Lunch, or Feast Mode.
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