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  1. Quack 12

    The Squad!

    I love the part about her "disturbing" anti-Semitic language "alleging Jewish money is used to buy American influence." Do they seriously think it isn't??
  2. I don't think Chip's going 0-12.
  3. We all know you love diminishing OSU for whatever reason, but you couldn't be more wrong about the CW. It's the oldest rivalry game west of the Mississippi, and fifth-oldest in the country. "Is there a natty up in here?"
  4. You name call all the time!
  5. Quack 12

    The Squad!

    Actually, your president spread an evil, disgusting lie about her, once again proving to be the most incompetent and just plain stupid leader this country has ever had. As usual, you're on the wrong side again, and you've got a room full of dunces on your side. Hilariously, the Alabama Republican Party passed a resolution at their summer circle jerk calling for Omar's expulsion from congress. Never mind that nothing they accuse her of is illegal, or that they have no authority and no ability to do anything at all. Tell me again who is disgraceful.
  6. Is it just me, or is this an incredibly hard week to predict? Not only do I not know which teams to pick, I don't know where to rank 'em either.
  7. Quack 12

    The Squad!

    From Goober, down at the gas station?
  8. Despite the powerful drunken babble of this statement, it is false. The Mueller investigation cost $20-$25 million, but it brought in fines and forfeitures worth $32-$35 million.
  9. It's an Anthracite-Out at Martin!!!!
  10. The Beavers tried that once.
  11. It's good to a see a pervert like this finally get caught. Men have long abused their power/position to commit despicable crimes. It's definitely an issue our nation should address across all sociological and political boundaries.
  12. Quack 12

    Week 4

    So just to be clear, you are performing research in behavioral analysis regarding the posters at a backwater internet sports forum?
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