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  1. Actually she has a good point, though she made it weakly. We recently bought what will be our retirement home in a small coastal town, and it's obvious that the pro-Trump faction is definitely trying to co-opt the U.S. flag as one of its icons. I've never seen anyone in a pick-up truck flying a giant flag who wasn't a Trump supporter and/or 2nd Amendment fanatic, and the vast majority of homes in our neighborhood that fly their flags 24hrs a day (usually without illumination) also display some Trump or "America First" paraphernalia. I won't let them have it. I raise my flag shortly
  2. I get my second Moderna vax next Tuesday. My employer will pay me for 1 day to get the shot, and for a second recovery day if I need it. I'm gonna need it. πŸ˜„
  3. They will always and forever be haunted by their past.
  4. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), a staunch Trump supporter, spoke out against the commission during remarks Tuesday on the House floor, asking: β€œWhen will the witch-hunt of Donald J. Trump come to an end and all of those who support him?” I couldn't have said it better myself, Marjorie. When will you come to an end?
  5. The Ducks' scheduling is pretty solid, except for Stony Brook. '21 - @ tOSU '22 - vs. UGA @ Atlanta '23 - @ TTU '24 - TTU and nemesis BSU '25 - Okie Lite and @ BSU '26 - @ Okie Lite and BSU again '27 - @Baylor '28 - Baylor '29 - @Sparty '30 - Sparty
  6. According to this article, the Centner Academy was founded less than two years ago by a couple who spent at least $33 Million buying up private schools and other real estate in the Biscayne Corridor. Considering the tuition they charge, they're probably already turning a profit.
  7. To Don's credit, he did display how he spent his "stimmy" on Nikes manufactured by children who get paid 5 cents per day. πŸ€”
  8. I wish it was limited to one part of the country, but I live 35 miles from downtown Seattle, and there are plenty of people in this little town who also believe it's a hoax. Fuck, they still think Loren Culp has a shot at beating Inslee, even though he lost the election by 37% or so. I guess if you're a Trumpanzee, you won't believe it until it hits you. One of my closest friends got his positive test yesterday. He's O.K. but he has advanced RA, so it's dicey at best.
  9. Hang in there Bug. It's good to hear you were discharged.
  10. Good question. I have no idea.
  11. Do people still read the Bottom Ten? Not only will the Dubyas win the North if they bail this week, they'll do so without playing a road game. Seems fair. 😏
  12. Fair enough, but at least I provided a source to the information I read. I've seen no substantiation the other way. I just don't think there's any evidence that BYU "chickened out." It's all water under the bridge anyway.
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