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  1. I wish it was limited to one part of the country, but I live 35 miles from downtown Seattle, and there are plenty of people in this little town who also believe it's a hoax. Fuck, they still think Loren Culp has a shot at beating Inslee, even though he lost the election by 37% or so. I guess if you're a Trumpanzee, you won't believe it until it hits you. One of my closest friends got his positive test yesterday. He's O.K. but he has advanced RA, so it's dicey at best.
  2. Hang in there Bug. It's good to hear you were discharged.
  3. Good question. I have no idea.
  4. Do people still read the Bottom Ten? Not only will the Dubyas win the North if they bail this week, they'll do so without playing a road game. Seems fair. 😏
  5. Fair enough, but at least I provided a source to the information I read. I've seen no substantiation the other way. I just don't think there's any evidence that BYU "chickened out." It's all water under the bridge anyway.
  6. I assumed the Deseret News was believable. In reality, the Pac-12 is looking to put Utah against Washington. It was just fun to nick No. 8 BYU in the process by offering a road game with no payout, being forced to swallow Pac-12 health protocols and maybe cancel the game on Thursday.
  7. Yeah, UW's offer was ridiculous. They insisted on BYU traveling to Seattle with no payout for the game, and UW would keep their 48 hr. cancellation right, which as it turned out they would have used in order to play the Utes instead. And Utah DOES have only one P5 team. According to Sagarin, BYU's SOS is #106. Interestingly, he ranks Coastal's SOS at #107.
  8. LANSING, Mich. – The Donald Trump campaign is sending attorney Rudy Giuliani to Michigan’s capitol to testify before the Michigan House. He is raising questions about the election process, even though the state’s results have already been certified. I heard somebody last weekend say that Biden has won in Michigan so many times that they're legally changing his name to Ohio State.
  9. So UW will only play one road game this year, at Oregon? Same with the Ducks I guess.
  10. Michigan certifies. “The board’s duty today is very clear,“ said Aaron Van Langevelde, the Republican vice-chair. “We have a duty to certify this election based on these returns. That is very clear.
  11. She sure as hell sounds intimidated.
  12. As far as the Boomers go, time isn't on their (my) side, and COVID-19 is thinning the herd. I'm more concerned with the 911 conspiracy/Qanon crowd. It seems they'll fucking believe anything.
  13. Whelp, I forgot to play last week, so I'm toast.
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