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  1. Denial of what? I'm not making assumptions based on nothing but my opinion, as you are. Just as you assume that a pretty barista wants you tell her that she's a pretty barista.
  2. More Horseshit. She was asked a question, and she tried to answer it honestly. She didn't hold a press conference to announce that Clinton should have resigned. There was no opportunism on her part, except in your "connect-the-unconnected-dots" logic.
  3. Repeat it a few more times for effect. You characterized Gillibrand as "A rank hypocrite who will do anything for a contribution Or support" based on nothing but your opinion and a Trump tweet, which is far less evidence than orange had to reach his conclusion about Keaton's mother. And what parent films their emotionally broken kid and puts in on the internet anyway? That video is a lesson on how not to parent.
  4. Coaching Changes

    John Levesque (I had to Google it)
  5. Is Taggart leaving?

    I'm not sure where you think Oregon should be aiming. I think we can take Dabo, Nick and Urban off the table, and Petersen and Shaw aren't going anywhere. Who should Oregon be looking at? Belichick? Carroll?
  6. Is Taggart leaving?

    From what I read this morning, Leavitt's contract prohibits him from seeking other employment during the season without written permission from the AD, so he'll stay at least through the bowl game.
  7. Is Taggart leaving?

    Yeah, Neuheisel was floating his name around the OSU job. There are plenty of recyclables out there. I'm guessing Sumlin or Bryan Harsin, although Matt Campbell is an intriguing idea.
  8. Weakest Division in P5

    This. The only other division that comes close is the ACC Coastal.
  9. Is Taggart leaving?

    After the way he trolled Tennessee last weekend, I'm kinda liking Lane Kiffin again.
  10. Is Taggart leaving?

    Now hearing that Cristobal will coach the bowl game.
  11. Is Taggart leaving?

    I don't think UO plans to offer him anyway, but my morbid curiosity compels me to ask you why you think Leavitt would be crazy to stay in Eugene?
  12. Is Taggart leaving?

    Word is Cristobal may go with him, too. Who's coaching the bowl game? Taylor Alie?
  13. Coaching Changes

    So, is Nebraska still a better job than Oregon?
  14. Coaching Changes

    They're apparently really high on Fuente, too.
  15. Coaching Changes

    No worries AH. As I wrote yesterday, I don't disagree with you, but I stand by my feeling that I think it's a foolish move right now for Taggart. And I've only been wrong about this kind of stuff several hundred thousand times. I heard somebody on the radio saying that it reminded him of when Florida hired Ron Zook: hot name, great recruiter, following a legend. BTW, Willie, Jr. is a class of 2020 QB prospect who attends Sheldon HS (where Herbert went to school), and has already been offered a UO schollie. Taggart also has a an 11 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.