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  1. Spent 3 days covering in the ICU last week. In NM, we have ICU rooms with 2 beds and some patients in closets...I shit you not. The next 2 months, our death toll in the US will explode. I don’t care about political affiliation. Wear a mask, spread out and keep gatherings less that 10 people.....5 preferably. Sympathize and educate, all we can do at this point.
  2. At this point I’ll just take the win.
  3. Only way is up at this point?
  4. They are coming together. Impressed with their defense.
  5. Definitely a mystery. Bruins playing awesome D....hope we’re taking notes.
  6. Man I’m ready for this Ute team to grow up....painful.
  7. Was just digging the approach....said team sucks so bad you need pharmacotherapy to cope.
  8. If they don’t transfer...retention has been a big issue for Larry.
  9. We’re down 20...thanks for the ‘win’
  10. Utes look like total dogshit to the Beav’s credit. Getting out hustled and worked on D
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