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  1. Yes I know the SEC has divisions and cross protected rivalries but thank you. I also know that because the SEC only plays an 8 game schedule it means that for those 6 schools that aren't your protected rivalry it take 12 years to play a home and home with everyone in the conference see how it is 2021 and Texas AM has been in the SEC for 10 years and has only played conference mate Georgia once. Everything about the SEC schedule is manipulated to protect the powers from finding themselves on each other's schedule as frequently as possible to the 4 non conference games where you play one good team and 3 scrubs for the vast majority of the time or how teams always seem to have their bye week right before a big game or how half the conference plays a school most people in the country didn't know even existed in late November. The SEC isn't and never has dictated its decision based any way on what smaller conferences are reliant upon. They are capping out the FCS allotment because it is the cheapest way to pad their records. As for the 25% sample size, over a 10 year period we have seen what the Pac-12 has scheduled FCS and if you want to look back beyond that its more of the same. Going back to 2006 when the NCAA expanded the regular season to 12 games and the Pac10/SEC split on the 9 conference game vs 4 non conference game philosophy Florida rarely plays 2 P5 schools in their non conference they have done so 4 times since 2006, Florida has played a total of 19 P5 schools since 2006 which would be 3rd most in the SEC behind Georgia and South Carolina in the P12 that would drop down to 7th, USC for example has played 33 in the same time frame. There is nothing stopping the SEC from playing MWC and AAC caliber G5 schools but they continue to schedule the fcs schools that are masquerading as G5 programs within the lowest levels of the G5. The question should be why doesn't the SEC want to play 9 conference games? I thought it just means more in the south? Why settle for watching Ole Miss curb stomping South Alabama or South Carolina destroying Middle Tennessee State when there could be a more competitive SEC game instead?
  2. Have heard Franklin's name tossed around before but I've never quite understood it, to me he either does good enough at Penn St where they open the bank to keep him or he doesn't in which case why would SC want him if he isn't getting the job done in Happy Valley.
  3. This game is the replacement for the old Las Vegas Bowl and those games have drawn pretty decent #s going back to 2008 which is as far back as I could track it, the Vegas Bowl averages 3.53 million viewers which given its a mid tier P12 bowl team vs a MWC school it is certainly respectable. The old bowl was placed early in the schedule so it usually didn't have a lot of a competition to compete against so if they put it in a spot that isn't already overloaded with games it can still draw a decent audience.
  4. I mean you have an Alabama fan who killed 2 trees just because they were sacred to Auburn fans, another Alabama fan who sexually assaulted a passed out drunk LSU fan in front of group of people while it was being filmed. Death threats to coaches, players, referees. One just has to take quick little tour through social media or listen to an SEC slanted show like Finebaum's to see it. Western Carolina has played Alabama 5 times since 2004 (04, 07, 12, 14 & 19) and since the SEC expanded to 12 thus increasing the duration between playing in cross division schools Alabama has played Western Carolina 3 times and has played Florida as one of the conference scheduled games twice including the game this coming weekend. Samford has played Auburn 3 times since 2011 (11, 14 & 19) and again using Florida as a baseline in that same time frame they have played Florida twice. Prairie View A&M has played Texas A&M twice since joining the SEC, in that same timeframe TAMU has played Georgia only once. Charleston Southern will have played Georgia twice after they meet this season and as noted above Georgia has only played Texas A&M once since joining the SEC. Northwestern St has played LSU twice since 2011 which is the same as LSU playing Tennessee and I believe Kentucky only playing once. As for FCS games UCLA & USC never schedule FCS teams and Stanford rarely does. Since 2011 those 3, California and all 4 mountain schools have had at least 1 year where they did not schedule an FCS opponent compared to the SEC only 3 times an SEC school didn't play an FCS opponent and 2 of those are questionable, Florida in 2016 would be the clean year and then other would be Texas A&M in 2011 when they were still apart of the B12 and then Florida in 2016 when they scheduled an FCS game but had to cancel because a hurricane forced them to move the LSU game on the schedule into its spot. In this span the SEC plays FCS games at a higher rate than the P12 does. The SEC has played 139 FCS games out of 555 OOC spots which is 25.1% of their non conference allotment, the P12 has played 84 FCS games out of 364 OOC slots which is 23.1% of their non conference allotment. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/12514211/sec-count-games-independents-byu-army-notre-dame-power-5-commitment Mississippi St in 16 & 17 & Tennessee in 2019 OOC had BYU as their P5 rep. Taking the upper class of the G5 world (Cincinnati, UCF, USF, Houston, Boise St, SDSU, Memphis) basically the B12's expansion list consisting of the best G5's available then the Pac-12 plays roughly 20% of their G5 games against these schools the SEC otoh those top tier G5 schools account for only 5% of the SEC G5 schedules which are heavily slanted towards the bottom feeders of the MAC, Sun Belt and CUSA. The reason for 9 conference games has nothing to do with sleep patterns or academics (see willingness to schedule BYU) it is because fans out here simply aren't willing to accept more games against subpar programs. Don't think I am breaking any spoilers or anything when I say that the fans here are very laid back to be generous, most schools here are competing directly against the NFL and if they try to pull the hey come watch us play Utah State then the fans will be "umm no, think I'll go watch the insert NFL team here" Alabama can sell out a 100k stadium offering a bag game against Western Kentucky and their fans will eat it up simply because its football and in most cases the only source of it.
  5. Some one beat me to it but none of us are anywhere near the level of S-E-C S-E-C S-E-C. When Alabama loses a national champion game the their fans are ready to riot like it is Jan 6th and the SEC fanbases are in the feels like they just lost the civil war again. Going through schedules and you will see that Western Carolina ends up on Alabama's schedule most often then nearly half of the SEC does same for Samford/Auburn, Northwestern State/LSU, Prairie View A&M/TAMU, Charleston Southern/Georgia etc.... So I did take a look beyond this season, and looked at the last 10 years. From 2011-2021. In this time span the SEC will have (counting OOC games not yet played this season) played 191 more non-conference games than the Pac-12 has. What the SEC has done with those additional 191 games is the following. - 6 more games vs P5 programs (using the SEC's own list of approved P5 opponents) than the P12 has. The Pac-12 catches the SEC in total P5 games played with just 1 season of their 9th conference game. - 130 more games against the G5 (and for the record the vast majority of these are not the Boise St, UCF, Cincinnati's of the world.) - 55 more games against FCS schools - 197 more home games - 23 fewer road games including 14 fewer against P5 schools. SEC schools like to hide from the road by playing neutral site games that just happen to be located well with inside the SEC footprint. Bama hasn't played a road game since 2011, Florida is still suffering PTSD from a loss to Syracuse back in the stone age and has only left the state once and that was a "neutral site" game against Michigan in Dallas, Tennessee doesn't know the world even exists outside Neyland. I'll fall back to my 1 or 2 schools (well 3 here) that carry the load for everyone. LSU deserves credit for willing to travel to California to Wisconin, West Virginia, New York, etc.. Auburn and Georgia deserve credit for playing Clemson and while those 3 schools might be closer in proximity to each other than my front door is to my mail box at least they are putting the clear 2nd best program of the decade on the schedules consistently which sadly is more than I can say for a particular school that I pay attention to. - One area the SEC gets full credit for is that they have played 18 more games in the same time span against EOY ranked schools, though I will say Notre Dame isn't quite the benefactor for the P12 that Clemson has been for the SEC as they by themselves account for the difference between the 2 conferences.
  6. clpp01

    Week 2

    Despite Washington's best efforts we are going to cruise past them and reclaim our title of worst team in the conference.
  7. clpp01

    Week 2

    Wilcox showing that you don't need to be smart to be employed at Cal.
  8. clpp01

    Week 2

    Hell of a win there for the ducks, should end up being the best win anyone can put on their resume this season.
  9. Problem is these nutjobs always take other innocent people with them before they go.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if this bowl game just went away permanently. no one has much interest in traveling to the Bay Area in December and as such it has been dropping down the pecking order in both conferences.
  11. If there is any conference that should be quiet when it comes to how they schedule non conference it would be the SEC. How is it that with 20 extra non conference games available to them that they some how have fewer OOC games scheduled against P5 schools than then P12 does or that they have only 2 more games played on the road (1) or at a neutral site (1)? You talk about middle of the pack P5 schools the P12 schedules, lets take a look at the SEC "gauntlet" - Miami, Texas, Louisville, North Carolina St, Colorado (I mean they're P12 do they even count as P5?), Florida St, Georgia Tech, Louisville again, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Stanford (see Colorado) oh and UCLA - someone should ask LSU if they count as a punching bag. Georgia & South Carolina deserve credit for playing Clemson and Auburn for playing at Penn St but like most things in SEC SEC SEC land its a group of schools doing nothing that try to live vicariously through what 1 or 2 other schools are doing.
  12. clpp01

    Week 1

    Good showing for the sissy blues, about the only positive for the conference so far
  13. Problem here would be Stanford & USC as they would have their entire schedule locked up every year, also it would prevent them from having any more than 6 home games in any given season - 8 conference games - 2 alliance games - Missed CA school - Notre Dame
  14. I have to wonder if he has actually had any in depth discussions with the schools about dropping down to 8 conference games because the only way you can do that is by getting the California schools on board with only playing 1 of the opposite division CA schools per year instead of both.
  15. And by letting the playoff go to market the B1G & P12 are by extension increasing the value of their own media rights futures.
  16. They even made the Big Ten place their hand over their heart and swear that they promise never to raid the other conferences in the future.
  17. North 1. Oregon 4-2 2. Stanford 4-2 3. Washington 4-2 4. Washington St 2-4 5. Oregon St 2-4 6. California 2-4 South: 1. Colorado 5-1 2. USC 5-1 3. UCLA 3-3 4. Utah 3-3 5. ASU 1-5 6. Arizona 1-5
  18. NCAA: Rape is a way of life at Baylor and therefore it is not an NCAA violation to ignore when athletes are partaking in said culture. The NCAA can't die quickly enough.
  19. per https://sportspac12.com/tokyo-pac-12-olympian-tracker/ Stanford 26: 11G, 7S & 8B USC 20: 10G, 5S & 5B UCLA 18: 8G, 8S & 2B Cal 18: Gold 4G, 5S & 7B Washington 10: 2G, 2S & 6B Oregon 6: 4S & 2B Arizona 5: 1G, 3S & 1B Utah 4: 4S Wash St 3: 1G, 1S & 1B Colorado 2: 1G & 1S Oregon St 2: 1G & 1S
  20. True, iirc it was Michigan & Wisconsin that ended being the deciding no votes that pushed Nebraska out. B1G can try but I just dont think there is anything they could do to make things more comfortable for ND to join. We might get to the point somewhere down the road where the Irish have to give up independence and go all in on the B1G but even then that would be one unhappy distrustful marriage between them.
  21. Nebraska was an AAU school when they joined the B1G. We know AAU isn't a 100% necessity for the B1G to be willing to invite you as they would roll out the red carpet for Notre Dame who isn't one but unless you bring something of significant value then I believe they would not take a school unless they were part of that select group. Taking out the SEC schools the only other programs outside the AAU that could offer value to the B1G would be imo Florida St, Miami, Clemson & Virginia Tech.
  22. Arizona would be enough to carry the Phoenix market, the B1G as it is could probably carry the Phoenix market with all the transplant population here. question would be why double dip in a state they already have in Iowa rather than push for Kansas or Rice or an ACC school if possible
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