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  1. Again with what appears to be a dig at teachers from you? What is it? Are they all too uppity for you? To female dominant- ooh, that might be it. Or is it their very real magnanimity that irks you? From the article posted in the tweet's retweet mess above. (At least it wasn't a tiktok video, though): What greedy teachers and their bullshit demands, right?
  2. They just measured the square footage of Mrs. Molerat's classroom and were like, welp, divided by 36 square feet equals 24 students max. No accounting any space for, off the top of my head: walkways, bookshelves/storage, teacher's desk, etc. Send all the kids to school to learn, then turn around and don't listen to the educated people.
  3. Genuinely asking, do you have the source(s) for that?
  4. That might bring Jon Stewart out of retirement.
  5. I see your point about the CA local leaders. I think that they would be able to understand the plights of their constituents of the southern rural areas, but when they spoke in an ordinary voice, they would sound pompous and faggy to them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZxCfb4Z_Ks
  6. There might be some kick ass trails still out by China Hat Road. Out past the Lost Tracks Golf Course. There used to be some caves out there, but I think crackheads and/or weird ritualistic folks shut them down. One of them- about a mile in to the cave- had a hole in the ceiling. Above, the hole had a small fence around it. We used to have campfires in there. PS, I literally helped build Lost Tracks. Grew up a mile away from it and a buddy of mine's dad got the seed contract. For weeks one summer, maybe 95-96, I walked behind a John Deere tractor pulling a long trailer, picking up twigs and rocks and shit. With like 12 other buddies. It was pretty slick.
  7. So I've heard this and even said/wrote it myself. But I don't know that I've ever seen good data that supports it. Consider: couldn't a bunch of old unheatlhy people vote from their toilet, much like I do, or from their adjustable bed during commercials? Who knows, it could be a 400 pound hacker in his mom's basement. Certainly some of those demographics will lean red and might even reside in blue states. There has to be millions of registered republicans in California that may be more compelled to lick the yum yum off the stamp and envelope and vote for trump instead of find and stand in the correct line. Another argument is concern for election fuckery which certainly is projection.
  8. Hero or not, that cat will eat its owner eyeballs first if he keels over dead in his living room when the scheduled feedings stop.
  9. This is hurricane Sharpie all over again. He was clearly and demonstrably wrong, won't admit it and whatever comes after quadrupling down is what he is doing.
  10. Another copy/paste error while working?
  11. I've read different stories about a tiger, a housecat, and now a pug that have all tested positive for corona virus. So, some people's pets, I guess...
  12. Cool, you had a mean teacher, I get it. Back when they could hit you and shame you with dunce hats. Bad take either way.
  13. Yeah, those uppity fucking middle school teachers. Give me a break.
  14. See, these videos where they take a "completely random" sampling of 40-50 supporters (likely disingenuously edited down from a couple hundred interviews) and trick them in to sounding dumb like Cletus the slackjawed yokel with their coastal elite gotcha questions. It's so sneaky. I mean, where are all the experts and doctors and lawyers and businesspeople? Of course they don't show those interviews.
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