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  1. I've seen sentiments similar to this: Fox News and Facebook did to our parents what they thought rock music and violent video games would do to us.
  2. I want to be on this wagon, but can't for two reasons: 1. I only listened to the game as I was at work. 2. The bad spot(s), PI call and missed roughing the kicker calls... none of those caused Gebbia to be 45% completion and 85 yards.
  3. Without looking, I'm just guessing 'my body my choice' is ironic.
  4. Why would two pop songs from years ago trend all of a sudden? https://news.avclub.com/miley-cyrus-party-in-the-u-s-a-nsyncs-bye-bye-bye-1845608359
  5. Dude filming speaks with the confidence of a guy with cauliflower ear.
  6. Yeah. I forgot address grievances too. But I'm not at a job interview to be a constitutional judge. Besides, it's only the pesky first amendment.
  7. So this means he either a) has it, b) had it, c) has it, or d) has it and knows a + test means he won't be able to confirm.
  8. University of ND set up a website for the students to snitch on other students for non COVID compliant behaviors. They're now using it to report the University President shaking hands and appearing maskless at the superspreader event. Demanding his resignation.
  9. It's mostly better in the valley, save for the parts that burned. The pre/post pictures I've seen, juxtaposed with first person stories recounted make the rubble look that much worse. It really was a hellscape in the Santiam canyon for a long 8-12 hours that first night. Everyone was praying that the natural order of things would swing in our favor and we'd get rain. We did and it knocked most of the particulates out of the air. It's a little hazy now.
  10. He's a low level coffee boy antifa guy. Barely know him.
  11. I could just recommend Derek Anderson's twitter feed. You'll get some of this.
  12. Certainly there has to be some local filters one could apply to their own browser to censor potty words if they are bothered and let everyone else communicate how it has been, right? I'm no computer surgeon, but that seems like something that is possible. EVERY one of my favorite people in the world cuss. Frankly, I find it to be a sign of intelligence when one can emote properly with fricatives.
  13. Turns out, in April there was a plan for the USPS, working with HHS, to deliver a pack of 5 reusable masks to every delivery point in the USPS network. The professionals in the government saw what was going on and enacted a plan that, no doubt, would've saved thousands and thousands of lives. They even threw a bone in the press release saying they were working with the White House, so its inevitable success could have easily had the credit usurped. Instead, it was blocked. https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/read-the-scrapped-usps-announcement-to-send-5-masks-to-every-american-househo
  14. Not until I get my Soros money. The mail has been spotty service lately.
  15. Hey, glduck, the White House says it's false, ok? It's fake news. It does not fit exactly in to the last 5 years of inflammatory statements and actions of dear leader. Remember, what you're seeing and hearing and reading, that's NOT really what's happening.
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