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  1. In n Out in Medford, soon in Grants Pass.
  2. NFL Thread

    I take issue with this. Who are you to tell anyone the correct way to peacefully protest?
  3. oregon @ ucla

    See, more than that I hate how and when he was brought in to the game. It was a couple plays after one of the Beaver players had a pretty bad injury; a broken leg if I recall. Autzen was flat after the long injury delay. Blount comes in and the place goes bezerker. On the other, more objective hand, if I was a coach and had that sort of card, I would've played it too.
  4. gary andersen and osu part ways

    He (andersen) did, quite openly, directly after the games on several occasions. Quotes along the lines of "offensive futility is the direct result of coaching, and you can blame me, I hired them."
  5. CU @ OSU

    Hip hip!
  6. gary andersen and osu part ways

    Look man, no one is so noble to walk from $12million guaranteed. I don't buy that as far as I can throw it. My thoughts are twofold, either: He was going to be forced to fire one of if not most of his assistants, and didn't want to face that decision, or The rumors of impropriety with the staff and coeds had legitimate teeth and he is saving his family values face. I don't believe he hated coaching at OSU or losing to the tune of $12 million. I just don't.
  7. UW @ OS

    Our backup QB, the current starter, would be alright if you are a medium sized high school in Idaho. I have asked people that say they are Beaver fans this question, to varying responses: How many current Beaver starters would start for any of the other 11 Pac12 schools? Nall, Villamin, the stupid punter and that's it. And those guys, at best, might crack only 2 or 3 of the squads. The talent is just not there. Of course, neither are the x's and o's. The cupboard was bare, but this is now GA's cupboard mostly, and it is just as bad.
  8. Life After Football & Concussions

    Good for him. He sounds like a thoughtful young man, bound for great things.
  9. NFL Thread

    He clearly stepped out.
  10. If the pet rock is in it will lose all credibility.
  11. Don't Hurry Them

    It took until the 9th game of my true freshman year of college before I turned 18. I should have been held back, but I passed the aptitude test. If there was a maturity test I probably wouldn't have passed in K or 1st grade. I was the youngest (and biggest) student in my graduating glass. Athletically I would have benefitted tremendously by another year of development. Academically, it didn't really matter. My daughter is an August baby. She should be on the top end of the age bracket, and with Mrs. Molerat as a teacher, if we want to enroll her late, we probably just will.
  12. Clue was too easy to cheat. The little slips of paper that you marked down the cards that you've been shown through the course of the game (thereby assuring that they aren't in the dossier) had three sections, naturally: suspects, weapons and locations. The people were on the top, the weapons in the middle and the locations on the bottom. So, another player makes a prediction: Mr. Mustard with the rope in the kitchen. Someone shows a card to only the predictor, but I watch closely where they make their mark. Oh, on the top of the sheet, you've been shown Mr. Mustard. Boom. My nieces (4 of them) go apeshit for Transformers and couldn't give a frenchman's fuck about My little ponies. I guess they don't have gender stereotypes, they just like the more fun of two options. (they also go crazy for pokemon and lego ninjago). But, the play food- before the wife and I had our daughter, we bought a play kitchen with the fake food and tiny dishes for the nieces when they visit. I was skeptical about having a play kitchen in the house at all times, figuring the girls would get bored after one time. Nope. Every single time they come over the bee line for that thing. Greatest babysitter ever. Uno lives in the camping gear and comes out only then. Great game though. Where's dominos? Legos? Lincoln logs? Micro Machines? He-Man? Nerf? Monopoly? Rubik's cube?
  13. UCLA v Memphis

    Oh my god. The ear beating that kid is going to take in films... I've seen plays like that, replayed ad nauseam, just burning the laser in to his back. This young man will be rightfully embarrassed in front of his whole team.
  14. Oregon State WSU -19

    Ugh, I agree they should be, but I don't think they are. I can't imagine an AD with 6 months experience will come in with the axe on a coach with a large buyout. I think we're stuck with this goof for a few more. In short, I think we've been swindled.
  15. Beaver Football / Gary Anderson Autopsy

    It's my understanding that GA and the AD have been acquainted with each other since USU days. I think OS is financially stuck with GA through his contract, 2021. He and the staff are too expensive to fire. I am not condoning that at this point, but 1-11 with a squeaker over PSU might have me singing a different song, and we are a couple steps down that avenue already. Cougs by 72.