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  1. Who shouldn't go bowling

    Oh man, you got the Beaver fans good on that one. Ouch.
  2. What it would take

    See, I thought people with ESPN were born with it. I didn't think you could train people to see ghosts.
  3. Game of Thrones/TV thread

    Ozark has been renewed by Netflix for Season 2, and I can't wait. As long as Michael Bluth isn't revealed as a rapist tween now and then, the show has some promise. Season 1 was great.
  4. Coaching Changes

    I'm not getting the comparison here. The inverse is also true: Hard to get blue chips to EWU and marginal players can be gotten and coached up by a great coach at OSU.
  5. NFL Thread

    I haven't seen anything to suggest he will be suspended a game even. Crazy. I guess the rational is that he was ejected in game, so time-served? I have vested interest since I go against AJG next week.
  6. University of Utah on Lockdown

    His clothes were likely of mixed fabrics too. gasp.
  7. utah @ oregon

    Wait, oregon fans at the stadium were booing for a shitty reason? I, for one, am shocked! /s
  8. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    This is a big debate amongst Beaver fans right now. His coaching resume is not very spectacular; several years of high school coaching and only 3 years collegiate, all as a position coach. It might be tough for him to fill out a staff with that little experience. None of that is to say that he is unfit for the job. But... how much of the "turn around" is because big bad Andersen is gone vs how much is because Hall is in charge now? Hard to say. Bottom line, he has an 0-2 record as a head coach. Going to have to see how the rest of the year plays out, both on the recruiting side and on the field. In these two games, there have been a few instances of clock management that were costly. So he has some learning in the game management front. I believe he deserves a hard look, especially if they can grab a couple of Ws before the year is out. Moral victories won't cut it. Give him an interview at least. Then, if he really is as beloved by the players as the reports have claimed, maybe keeping him on as the DC is the right move.
  9. Coaching Changes

    I'm gonna go with a fat, hefty, resounding NO on this idea. We hired a guy that wore a fucking visor, how did that turn out? Now we're gonna go sweater vest? the fuck outta here. Also, he'd cost too much.
  10. mlb 2017

    Biff Tannen confirmed.
  11. NFL Thread

    Every time I see Kiko play I think of Lattimer. Infer what you will.
  12. Stanford @ OS

    We've been known to make the backup a star.
  13. NFL Thread

    JP Losman? Has it been that long...
  14. In n Out in Medford, soon in Grants Pass.
  15. NFL Thread

    I take issue with this. Who are you to tell anyone the correct way to peacefully protest?