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  1. Dons post are resembling those of Davis more and more.
  2. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Beating a terrible CU team is a lot different than beating Michigan State. I don't know what the real story is with the receivers, but I am sure other schools will use this against Leach in recruiting.
  3. Game of Thrones/TV thread

    I haven't personally had any of the other boxes, but it has been fine. Occasionally have had to re-pair remote, which can be a pain. Remote pretty simple, but can now use voice commands for most everything, and Alexa comes with it if you like that. They recently added Silk browser through Amazon store, the browser is clunky, but at least it is there. Can use other browsers by side loading, which is easy to do. I have Prime anyway, so nice to be able to get all that content legitimately. Also run Kodi and some other stuff, so can stream pretty much anything. Overall, good value for the price. I have the bigger FireTV box, but I think Firestick will do pretty much everything it does, so probably not worth extra cost.
  4. Game of Thrones/TV thread

    I have FireTv
  5. Game of Thrones/TV thread

    So I watched The Handmaid's Tale last week based on glduck's recommendation. Really well made, great acting and interesting story. It is really hard to watch parts of it due to the brutal nature of the show, so I think a lot of people will be turned off by it. At first I thought it was a narrative on where the country is headed due to the politics of the past couple of years, then I noticed that the book came out in 1985 during the Reagan administration. Scary how far along the imagined course of the United States turning into Gilead we have come. I am guessing most on the far right will hate it due to it hitting too close to home, and many on the left won't care for it because much is difficult to watch, so I am a little surprised at how celebrated it was at the Emmy's, but it is really well done.
  6. Pac-12 Championship

    http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/ Pac 12 CCG ratings terrible, by far the worst of P5, AAC had nearly the same rating. Need to move it back to Saturday and get on an over the air network, this aint working. 2017 COLLEGE FOOTBALL TV RATINGS WEEKLY CFB RATINGS — Data from various sources, including Nielsen, ShowBuzz Daily, Sports Business Daily, Programming Insider, network PR depts, etc. — Asterisk (*) indicates bonus coverage or rain delay. RTG VWRS (+ Stream) GAME CONF DATE/TIME NET WEEK FOURTEEN 8.0 13.466M Georgia Auburn SEC Champ. Dec. 2, 4:00 PM CBS 7.3 12.918M Ohio State Wisconsin Big Ten Champ. Dec. 2, 8:15 PM FOX 3.8 5.896M Oklahoma TCU Big 12 Champ. Dec. 2, 12:45 PM FOX 3.2 5.428M Clemson Miami ACC Champ. Dec. 2, 8:00 PM ABC 2.3 (3.657M) USC Stanford Pac-12 Champ. Dec. 1, 8:00 PM ESPN 2.3 3.385M UCF Memphis American Champ. Dec. 2, Noon ABC n.a. (1.856M) College Gameday From ACC Championship Dec. 1, 9:00 AM ESPN n.a. (1.630M) CFP Rankings Show All four hours Dec. 3, Noon ESPN 0.45 (652K) Toledo Akron MAC Champ. Dec. 2, Noon ESPN 0.39 (623K) Boise St. Fresno St. MWC Champ. Dec. 2, 7:45 PM ESPN n.a. (255K) No. Texas FAU C-USA Champ. Dec. 3, Noon ESPN2 n.a. (225K) Troy Ark. State. Sun Belt Dec. 3, 7:30 PM ESPN2
  7. CFB imperial map

    If you lose your last game, you can't have any land. A team that wins its last game against land leader will take all their land regardless of how many wins they have. This is a fun little map, but there is a reason they don't actually award anything based on this.
  8. All America Lists

    http://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-utes/2017/12/08/utahs-matt-gay-wins-lou-groza-award-for-best-kicker-in-the-nation/ Congrats to this years Lou Groza award winner, Utah kicker Matt Gay.
  9. Coaching Changes

    Sans the winning.
  10. Is Taggart leaving?

    http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/12/05/oregon-football-seven-names-and-one-lesson-for-the-coaching-vacancy/ Wilner's take on candidates for Oregon job:
  11. Is Taggart leaving?

    http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21679513/willie-taggart-leaving-oregon-take-florida-state-coaching-job So, Taggart officially gone.
  12. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    I believe Oregon vs Boise in Vegas confirmed.
  13. Who Will Be #4?

    http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=1-21652345 Bama is in.