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  1. This would be great IF the conference champion were assured a spot in the playoffs. Once the playoffs expand and all P5 Champs are guaranteed a spot, I'm all for it.
  2. Unless all P5 champions are given an automatic berth into playoffs, they should all be playing by the same scheduling rules.
  3. I don't see how they would possibly have a leg to stand on constitutionally, as it clearly spells out that setting the size of the court is up to congress, and the size has been changed before in the past. Would truly have to be a kangaroo court to strike it down.
  4. I could see option 2. On another note, just imagine the wailing by the GOP if Biden signed off on it after appearing to oppose it before the election.
  5. Anything above 270 is good for me. A landslide would be nice, as I think it is the only way that we have clarity on election night.
  6. Guessing Susan Collins will follow suit, but I'm sure she will express her deep concerns.
  7. My guess is that they try to fuck around with how votes are counted in states with governors friendly to Trump. Things like not counting mail in ballots or Biden heavy districts the night of election. If Trump is ahead on election night, he will declare himself winner and try to demand counting stopped. I am hoping that Biden wins by a large enough margin in enough states that this kind of shit won't matter, but I am nervous about it.
  8. The collaborators trying to distance themselves from Trump. I don't think history will look kindly on them. Hope they all get voted out.
  9. Trump retweets a post from the Babylon Bee. I am amazed it is still up.
  10. If it weren't for the gerrymandering, Utah would have at least 2 congressional districts that are solidly blue. The problem is the GOP dominates the state offices.
  11. https://livability.com/list/top-100-best-places-to-live/2020/10?page=0 Pac 12 cities: 18 Salt Lake City, UT 19. Corvallis, OR 26. Tempe, AZ 46. Eugene, OR 79. Tucson, AZ
  12. Mano

    2020 Season

    Talented kid that has had a few off the field issues. Wish him well.
  13. Average citizen would not have been tested until they had symptoms, and would not have had results for days afterwards, let alone been given cutting edge treatment immediately. If Trump had not received treatment until today, he likely would have been in very bad shape. And the care he will be receiving in White House will still likely be superior to what the average American has access to.
  14. If Trump and Pence both incapacitated, can Pelosi make Supreme couurt nomination?
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