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  1. Hearings are public, investigations are not. How difficult is that to comprehend?
  2. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/illegitimate illegitimate [ adjective, noun il-i-jit-uh-mit; verb il-i-jit-uh-meyt ]SHOW IPA SYNONYMS|EXAMPLES|WORD ORIGIN SEE MORE SYNONYMS FOR illegitimate ON THESAURUS.COM adjective born of parents who are not married to each other; born out of wedlock:an illegitimate child. not legitimate; not sanctioned by law or custom. unlawful; illegal:an illegitimate action. irregular; not in good usage.
  3. Mano

    2019 NFL

    Love Alex, super tough dude, but he needs to be smart about his health at this point, would be a shame if he has difficulty walking after his career. Hoping he is just doing the rehab to get paid ( and I have no issue with players doing this in NFL ).
  4. I can see resentment forming after Leach publicly throws entire team under the bus, followed by banning all social media, so none of the players can make public statements.
  5. Utes shouldn't be thinking they are all that, they really haven't beaten anybody good yet ( no one they have played currently has a winning record ). I like how they have been playing the past two weeks, but need to keep focused and keep grinding.
  6. On a Utah fanboard they posted a link to an ASU fanboard where some were giving Utah shit like that, but many there were reacting to some shit Ute fans were posting. For the most part my interactions with other fanbases in the Pac have been positive.
  7. Not sure when "the Crazy Lady" started her thing. Back when I went to school, we had "Bubbles", a larger older lady who would dance during the breaks. I assume she passed away.
  8. Mano

    Lizzy W/marriage

    "Why do they call us racist"?
  9. Arizona had an amazing defense in '94. If I recall correctly, they held Utah to under 100 yards total offense in the Freedom Bowl that year.
  10. Mano


    So, apparently the US military is now a mercenary force that will acquiesce to the highest bidder.
  11. This game worries me, ASU has had Utah's number in the past, and Utah has played so well the past couple of weeks that they could be feeling good about themselves and have a letdown. Nostrodumbass picking against Utah in this one does give me some comfort that the Utes can win.
  12. After a turnover from Utah. Although the shutout would have been nice, almost felt like Whitt was kind of happy to have something to criticize the team for, a moments lack of concentration, you put the ball on the ground and lose the shutout, yadda yadda, yadda.
  13. Doing so can lead to being elected POTUS, so why not?
  14. Mano

    Other games

    Another SEC team gets rolled by a team from the bottom of the MWC. UNLV 34 Vandy 10
  15. C/ATT YDS AVG TD INT Tyler Huntley 8/9 171 19.0 2 0 Happy the OL has been doing well today, because they had been the weak link on the team this year, and when Umana was tossed in first series, I thought they may be in trouble. Having a back like Moss hides some mistakes because he creates so many missed tackles.
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