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  1. mlb 2017

    Fuck the Yankees.
  2. Utah vs. ASU

    I don't mind 6:00 - 7:00 start times early in the season. Later in the season, especially in locales like Utah and Colorado, night games can be pretty brutal. The 8:00-8:30 start times we have been getting are just too damned late, getting out of the stadium after midnight. I go with my 10 year old, and it makes it difficult, especially when they couple the 8:00+ start time with a Thursday game.
  3. You must be looking at this: And this is wrong, only looking at the big chains. I would guess if you polled people in Salt Lake, someplace like Crown Burgers would be at the top. InNout is fine for a big chain, but not close IMHO.
  4. Cool Space Stuff Thread

    http://www.newsweek.com/uranus-icy-planet-visible-naked-eye-tonight-see-it-688435 You can see Uranus with out a telescope tonight ( insert joke here ).
  5. CU @ WSU

    You are going to spoil the CU fans reputation on this board as all being myopic homers.
  6. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    Always thought OSU would go after Bronco Mendenhall, but probably can't afford him now that is doing so well at UVA. Kind of a weird guy, so could want to come back to his alma matter anyway.
  7. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/10/18/pac-12-midseason-review-stirring-finishes-best-players-friday-nights-aliens-woodstock-cupcakes-and-comebacks/ Wilner agrees.
  8. UCLA @ Arizona

    Anyone else tired of a certain poster regularly vomiting on the board?
  9. Cool Space Stuff Thread

    I am really excited about the James Webb Telescope being launched. Hopefully the current administration doesn't do something idiotic like canceling the project.
  10. NBA 2017-18 Thread

    Kobe with a classy message to Hayward:
  11. Utah vs. ASU

    Line now Utah -8.5 - 9.0, wouldn't be surprised if it continues to drop.
  12. oregon @ ucla

    They only won 2 conference games last year ( Rosen was out most of the season ), and have only played 2 conference road games this year, so not such a surprising stat.
  13. Utah @ USC

    I know I sound a little Pollyannaish, but... He is a college kid, I think he gives it what he has got. We know what he is, 50% completions, will make some big plays and frustrate you on some plays he should make, usually only good for first read. He handled his demotion like a team player, has stayed positive and has not been a problem in the locker room. I think most teams would love to have as capable a backup. As I said, I think Huntley is clearly better, but I can't get too upset with a college kid who is not getting into trouble and playing as well as he can. I actually figured this as Utah's rebuild year, and I am really encouraged at how good they look. I think the next few years with Huntley as an upperclassmen and Tuttle behind him at QB, along with the uptick in recruits Utah has had the past several years bodes well for the program, and I expect the Utes to be a contender going forward for the next several years.