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  1. Mano

    The Flu

    Can we please refrain from personal attacks on dead relatives? I found it repugnant when PapaG did it, and it is no better coming from Orange.
  2. Mano


    Yeah, Basil Hayden's is fine, and a favorite of a lot of beginning bourbon drinkers, likely due to the sweetness and lower proof. They use the same mashbill as old grandad, just much lower proof (old grandad is 114 proof).
  3. Mano

    The Flu

    It's a shame that politicizing the virus is literally killing people. I hope this serves as a warning for people not to behave wrecklessly, especially those in higher risk groups.
  4. Trump now suggesting elections be delayed.
  5. Mano

    The Flu

    Went on a guided fishing boat trip this past weekend with the family. The guide was telling us his 43 year old brother died from the Corona virus a month ago, and that he had an aunt and uncle who both had it, and that he did not expect his uncle to make it through the day. But, it turns out he is a big Trump supporter, and he proceeded to tell us that he thought that the media was over blowing the pandemic to make Trump look bad. I just don't get it.
  6. Mano

    COVID Relief Bill

    How are they going to force people to go out and work during a pandemic for minimum wage if they give them enough money to survive on?
  7. If Trump loses the election, I would expect that he cashes in on his cult following by forming his own media networks, and these two nitwits would likely be the headliners.
  8. My guess would be if this is true Oregon is going to swap a road game for a home game, and everyone in the league will have 5 road games and 5 home games in the end.
  9. Are all Floridians college athletes, or perhaps you are confused? The comment was on the 15k+ new cases reported in Florida today. Why are you equating this to college athletes?
  10. Mano

    Breaking News Thread

    Yep, he praises corporal bone spurs and then throws out that the veteran who lost her legs on active duty hates America. Conservatives seem to have their own view on what patriotism is.
  11. I think the text was intended for Shaw alone, and was instead sent to Shaw and a recruit. It would not shock me if Shaw uses the term ( I do not know if he does or not ). However, Shaw is black, so would not be the same.
  12. That sort of thing is what the investigation was supposed to look into, and apparently they did not find this type of behavior occurring, at least from my reading of it. I do not condone the use of that word, and if there are any racists on the staff, I want them out. On the other hand, if this was an isolated incident by a young coach thinking he was being funny, the rest of his life should not be defined by it. His reputation has been greatly diminished and will take years ( if ever ) to restore. It is up to Scalley as to what kind of person he is, and what he does to try and redeem himself now that he has been given a second chance.
  13. The "inadvertent" part was who it was texted to, not what was texted. I am not going to try to defend the content, as there is no excuse for it.
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