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  1. 2021 PRESEASON ALL-PAC-12 CONFERENCE FOOTBALL TEAM First Team Offense Second Team Offense QB Kedon Slovis, USC QB Jayden Daniels, Arizona State RB Jarek Broussard, Colorado RB CJ Verdell, Oregon RB Max Borghi, Washington State RB Rachaad White, Arizona State WR Drake London, USC WR Johnny Johnson III, Oregon WR Kyle Philips, UCLA WR Britain Covey, Utah TE Cade Otton, Washington TE Greg Dulcich, UCLA OL Jaxson Kirkland, Washington OL Nathan Eldridge, Oregon State OL Abraham Lucas, Washington State OL Sataoa Laumea, Utah OL Dohnovan West, Arizona State OL Michael Saffell, California* OL Nick Ford, Utah OL Kellen Diesch, Arizona State OL Alex Forsyth, Oregon OL Sean Rhyan, UCLA First Team Defense Second Team Defense DL Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon DL Tyler Johnson, Arizona State DL Mika Tafua, Utah DL Nick Figueroa, USC DL Thomas Booker, Stanford DL Tuli Tuipulotu, USC DL Jermayne Lole, Arizona State DL Terrance Lang, Colorado LB Devin Lloyd, Utah LB Noah Sewell, Oregon LB Drake Jackson, USC LB Edefuan Ulofoshio, Washington LB Nate Landman, Colorado LB Avery Roberts, Oregon State DB Mykael Wright, Oregon DB Isaiah Pola-Mao, USC DB Trent McDuffie, Washington DB Mekhi Blackmon, Colorado DB Chase Lucas, Arizona State DB Evan Fields, Arizona State DB Chris Steele, USC DB Verone McKinley III, Oregon First Team Specialists Second Team Specialists PK Jadon Redding, Utah PK Lucas Havrisik, Arizona P Michael Turk, Arizona State P Ben Griffiths, USC AP Thomas Booker, Stanford AP D.J. Taylor, Arizona State RS Britain Covey, Utah RS D.J. Taylor, Arizona State *California's Michael Saffell announced his medical retirement after the media voting window ended. ALL-PAC-12 HONORABLE MENTION (received votes from four or more members of the media): QUARTERBACK: Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA. RUNNING BACK: Austin Jones, Stanford; Brittain Brown, UCLA; DeaMonte Trayanum, Arizona State; Travis Dye, Oregon. WIDE RECEIVER: Travell Harris, Washington State; Renard Bell, Washington State; Mycah Pittman, Oregon; Dimitri Stanley, Colorado, K.D. Nixon, USC; Michael Wilson, Stanford. TIGHT END: Brant Kuithe, Utah. OFFENSIVE LINE: T.J. Bass, Oregon; Walter Rouse, Stanford; Joshua Gray, Oregon State; Luke Wattenberg, Washington; Alec Anderson, UCLA; Andrew Vorhees, USC; Liam Ryan, Washington State; Sam Marrazzo, UCLA; Henry Bainivalu, Washington. DEFENSIVE LINE: Brennan Jackson, Washington State; Isaac Hodgins, Oregon State; Luc Bequette, California; Otito Ogbonnia, UCLA; Viane Moala, Utah. LINEBACKER: Kuony Deng, California; Cameron Goode, California; Carson Wells, Colorado; Caleb Johnson, UCLA; Jahad Woods, Washington State. DEFENSIVE BACK: Qwuantrezz Knight, UCLA; JaTravis Broughton, Utah; Clark Phillips, Utah; Quentin Lake, UCLA; Elijah Hicks, California; Stephen Blaylock, UCLA; Kyler Gordon, Washington; Josh Drayden, California; Jaylen Watson, Washington State; Kyu Blu Kelly, Stanford; Isaiah Lewis, Colorado. PLACE KICKER: Parker Lewis, USC; Peyton Henry, Washington; Nicholas Barr-Mira, UCLA. PUNTER: Ryan Sanborn, Stanford. ALL-PURPOSE/SPECIAL TEAMS: Kyler Gordon, Washington; Keegan Markgraf, Utah; Damon Johnson, USC. RETURN SPECIALIST: Mykael Wright, Oregon.
  2. Media day predictions PAC-12 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME WINNER: Oregon (27 votes) Others receiving votes: USC (10), Utah (3)
  3. Is forming a partnership or merging with the B1G the only play that would increase the PAC's revenue at this point, or does anyone think there are any schools out there willing to come that would add?
  4. The only duo's of teams that make some sense for the Pac would be Kansas/KState and/or TCU/TTech. I would strongly prefer that the Pac stay pat, as I am sure if they expand to 16 the original Pac8 members would want to be one division, and all the newcomers in the other which is not what Utah signed up for ( I understand this is a purely selfish view ).
  5. Mano

    Liberal America

    Young people will always behave in more risky ways than older people, this is why we try to educate them and show them the consequences of the risky behavior. They will still do riskier things than more mature people, but a good portion of them will at least try to do the right thing. Unfortunately much of the GOP leadership and media from the right have pushed narratives that Covid is no big deal, particularly for young people, and have spread lies ranging from Covid is a hoax to only high risk groups need to worry about Covid to the vaccine is a conspiracy from the left to control them. Of course it is despicable to refuse vaccination and put others at risk ( as a large portion of GOP voters AND leadership advocate ) . However, if you send mixed messages to children and young adults that it isn't a big deal they will do what is fun and convenient. Don's party is responsible for this, and I place much more of the blame on them than I do on the young people who don't have the maturity and experience to sniff out the bullshit coming from the GOP, just as I would blame a parent whose child always misbehaves but is never corrected by the parents much more than the child.
  6. Mano

    Liberal America

    Maybe you should quit giving full grown adults in your party a pass for things you condemn college kids for.
  7. Mano

    Liberal America

    https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/558225-nearly-30-percent-of-republicans-say-they-wont-get-vaccinated-poll I'm sure the fact that 30% of Republicans refuse to get the vaccination under any circumstances has nothing to do with it. Keep condemning the younger generation and ignoring the actions of the party you support.
  8. Mano

    Liberal America

    Missing your boy being in charge, eh? Remember how content Don was during his boys administration, hardly a peep out of him in the Politics forum. We know, you just long to Make America Great Again.
  9. FIFY, as only a G5 conference winner will be guaranteed a spot.
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/momentum-rapidly-growing-for-college-football-playoff-expansion-to-eight-or-more-teams/ A 12 team playoff may be coming.
  11. 2021 college football over/under lines
  12. If these are actual betting odds, I am putting a couple hundred on the Utes when I go to Vegas in a couple of weeks.
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