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  1. Mano


    Don't worry, her fuhrer assures me they only have headaches.
  2. Almost everyone outside Trumps Cult45 has no issue with the impeachment, they recognize what happened at the very least warrants an investigation and trial. Anyone claiming that they would vote Democrat if only the Dems treated Trump more fairly are lying, and the folks spreading that narrative are lying to you. The issue is if factions within the Democratic party who are so invested in a particular candidate sit out when their candidate does not become the nominee. Thinking people need to unite against the common enemy.
  3. Here is where the Democrats need to take some responsibility. The outcome of the election will be entirely determined by the turnout of Democrats and anti-Trump. If they come out in force to vote for the Democrat candidate, regardless of who it is, Trump will lose. If a large segment of progressive/moderate/whatever wing of the Democratic party do not vote or throw away their vote on a third party because their preferred candidate is not the nominee, Trump wins. It's that simple. I am hoping this message is sent out loud and clear from ALL the Democratic candidates to their base, that their followers MUST vote for whoever emerges as the nominee, be it Sanders, Warren, Biden, Bloomberg or whoever. If their followers all get and follow this message, numbers say Trump can't win, even with electoral college and GOP efforts to suppress vote, if those opposed to Trump come out to vote en mass.
  4. Just wondering, how much does internet service cost in other parts of the country? I have Xfininty ( comcast ) for internet only. They were running a deal this past month for $70/month for gigabit internet, so I signed up for that. Have friends that are in areas getting Google fiber, and they say they are paying ~$75/month for gb internet. Is this in line with what you all are paying?
  5. He did change things, and for the better. Your boy and your party have been doing all they can to get rid of changes that provided healthcare for the poor, made the environment cleaner, and provided healthier food to children. You must be proud.
  6. So, obviously, you put all blame Obama.
  7. The facts is you blamed everything that happened anywhere in the world on Obama on a daily basis, and have said hardly a peep since your boy took office. Calling out Obama for not reforming food stamp usage when it is reported that Trump is cancelling program designed to make school lunches healthier is disingenuous and cynical even for you.
  8. Yeah, keep propping your boy by pointing out laws Obama didn't change, while your boy kills the good works that Obama was able to enact.
  9. Obama invented food stamps? Good to know.
  10. How do you not understand that if you simply eliminate people who don't like Trump, he wins in a landslide? Obviously, we should only count real 'Mericans, the ones that are part of cult 45.
  11. Mano


    This whole thing is giving me deja vu . It seems that we were led into a war in the middle east with no exit strategy based on faulty intelligence that administration would not share (but claimed was endangering us, and we had to trust them) during the GW Bush Presidency. I think most would agree, that has not really worked out in the interests of the US, but the war-hawks on the right are pushing the same narrative again.
  12. While Leach made them a decent team, saying it was the best run in the last half century is clearly wrong, as Mike Price had them in two Rose Bowls in a five year span.
  13. Don't know if Pac is better or worse losing Leach, but guessing it got more boring.
  14. Mano


    I hope you are done with him, if you all put him on ignore as I have I won't have to see his crap posts anymore.
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