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  1. the beauty of amateur college athletics is watching March Madness where a tiny unknown school in #16 seeded UMBC plays an overall #1 seed Virginia and on that night things break a certain way and #16 stuns #1. We love that, we're conditioned to love an underdog. We write stories about it, we make movies about it. Hell, even the Bible highlights some of these underdog accounts. Whatever the SEC is doing with Texas/OU is a strategy completely opposite of that. Its giving Clark Griswold a subscription to the Jelly of the Month club instead of his normal Xmas bonus. Its Goliath stomping David. Its Rudy never getting to see the field at Notre Dame. It will kill college athletics.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8R8P47qROc
  3. Utes traveled pretty well to San Diego in 2018. I would go again, great town and good weather in late December
  4. I think it would be fairly easy to provide rumored sources. In the 2-3 articles I've rushed through that seems to be the general consensus as to what went down
  5. Holiday Bowl will be played at Petco Park in 2021. It's now Pac12 vs. ACC
  6. agreed dumb name, but not a bad lower end bowl game. Good location, good facility, great weather. I'd go to it
  7. the only thing that is abundantly clear so far is that George Wrighster III is an attention whoring clown
  8. its cryptic tweet season
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