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  1. Scorcho

    2020 MLB

    currently with the best record in baseball
  2. Scorcho

    2020 Season

    I thought coming in at #200 was a little harsh for Utah. We did lose a lot of talent though
  3. https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/indiana-freshman-brady-feeney-seriously-ill-covid-19
  4. are you that naive that you think this is only a PAC-12 issue?
  5. Scorcho

    2020 MLB

    so if he's a starter he might miss 1 start? meh yawn
  6. Scorcho

    2020 MLB

    I don't have a problem with the Dodgers retaliating, but Joe Kelly is the guy you choose to do your dirty work? Kelly wasn't on the Dodgers when all of this went down. He played for the Red Sox. The fake outrage he must have had to muster. That's embarrassing LA
  7. Scorcho

    2020 MLB

    Jesus Christ, I tuned it to watch LA vs. SF that was dismal! The fans greatly help make baseball interesting. It didn't help that SF's roster is made up of a bunch of kids from double AA.
  8. you know people will start calling the arena the Krak House
  9. Scorcho

    2020 Season

    one thing that is being neglected is that we haven't asked our college athletes if they are comfortable playing this fall? We just sort of assume that they are? We've seen a number of professional athletes opt out (mostly in baseball). I expect there are many athletes that have some serious family and personal distractions in their life at this point and maybe football just seems less important than it used to?
  10. does this seem weird to anyone else, that leaves Oregon with 4 home games and 6 conference games?
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