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  1. I don't know how Arizona fans feel, but from an outside perspective UA hoops was/is better than Sean Miller. For the classes he pulled in, he underachieved. Getting rid of Miller was a step in the right direction.
  2. last night was a matchup of the best 3 pointing shooting and the best 2 point shooting teams this year in college basketball pretty clear which one you’d rather be
  3. I took UCLA at -13.5 and made a little $$$ on Saturday Night. Thanks Bruins! I don't gamble that often, but that line seemed like a bridge to far.
  4. Scorcho

    2020 MLB

    for f__ks sake, the Giants were up 6-1 in the 8th when I fell asleep
  5. unbelievable run by the Bruins, congrats! now I fully expect Cronin will be let go next Monday because UCLA failed to make it to the championship game and because Bruin fans don't like Mick's grinding pace
  6. I knew Cronin was a good hire, but Mick doing this without Chris Smith and Jalen Hill ..... eeek! for the rest of the conference
  7. Ducks throttled Iowa. That was an impressive offensive show.
  8. Beavers are so much fun to watch. Unselfish basketball. They don’t seem to have any holes.
  9. USC didn't play particularly well offensively, but they dominated an undersized Drake
  10. Trojans looking solid early
  11. not to get to personal but these past few weeks have been a shit show for me. Lost my MIL to COVID and discovered my wife has cancer. having the tournament back and seeing UCLA, OSU and Colorado play well and advance has been a nice break from reality. I hope it continues with UCLA, USC and Oregon later.
  12. watched the Bruins win last night, hoping the Beavers can pull the upset this afternoon
  13. 14 they just finished a new skiing facility a few years ago, that seems to have helped performance and recruiting
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