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  1. Could USC leave the Pac-12?

    https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/12/11/16741832/usc-pac-12-conference-realignment-lol Some people said USC could leave for the Big 12 or independent football and I could honestly see that happening. Going to be interesting to see how the next Pac-12 media rights deals comes together.
  2. non-conference games

    One more thing...I really have enjoyed Bill Walton doing CU games and he will do so tonight. I can't say enough about how much I have enjoyed Pac-12 basketball since the Buffs made the move west.
  3. non-conference games

    ASU surely is looking good so far. CU did get whipped at Xavier and like I said, it was expected. Now the Buffs' remaining OOC games are: San Diego, South Dakota State, and Iowa (neutral site that will be pro-Hawkeyes). Big week with the Torreos and Jackrabbits coming to Boulder. I think those teams will be a good test before the Buffs begin conference play @OSU on the 29th of this month. The Buffs bounced back from the loss at CSU to beat New Mexico (that team doesn't look good this season) and CU fans are hoping for the same this week. It would be great if the Buffs win the remaining OOC games (not expecting it) because the Buffs will probably have a difficult season in the PAC with the Oregon trip followed by Arizona home then a trip to Southern California. Buffs in my opinion have a difficult conference schedule with round robins against the AZ, SoCal, and WA schools plus series at home against the NorCal schools and road trip to Oregon. That is why I didn't expect anything from this Buffs squad this season when it comes to the postseason. Being thin in the interior is going to be difficult on the Buffs from this point to the end of the season but I believe the Buffs will be better for it next season.
  4. 2018 MLB Thread

    Did the Yanks drug test Stanton first especially after going through their saga with A-Rod?
  5. Seen any good movies lately?

    Finally watched Star Wars #7 several weeks ago and now reading a lot of good stuff from the premiere of The Last Jedi (#8). Some are saying it could be the best Star Wars movie since Empire Strikes Back.
  6. non-conference games

    Young Buffs are going to take on 13th ranked Xavier on the road. Going to be curious to see how CU does on the road even if the Buffs doesn't appear likely to win the game.
  7. Coaching Changes

    We'll see how it goes but many CU fans including me are happy to see Lindgren go. When you are 11th in scoring on offense four times in five years, it's time for a change period. After seeing how much the defense struggled this season, getting an entirely new offensive staff was out of the question. No need to struggle on both sides of the ball which could cost MacIntyre his job with another season like this season. According to "sources" and other ways of getting information, CU's offensive players are very thrilled with this staff move. Both Chev and Adams (the co-Coordinators) want to go with a smaller playbook and more uptempo similar to what CU did in the first half of the 2016 season. I like that idea especially going against CSU who loses quite a few players from this year's squad along with Nebraska where Scott Frost might need one "free" year to get things going in Lincoln. Pressure will be on MacIntyre and staff since CU's schedule is very favorable in the first half of the season: CSU, @Neb, FCS UNH, UCLA, ASU, and @USC. CU should easily be 4-2 or 5-1 with that schedule. CU fails to make a bowl game next season, I will be one of many CU fans howling for a coaching change.
  8. Is Taggart leaving?

    Seems like a good hire for the Ducks especially in light of the situation.
  9. Dana Altman and rape investigations

    That 2005 Big 12 CCG was just brutal. Pretty much got a taste for what we did to the Cornheads in 2001.
  10. International Incident

    Poor kids?
  11. Coaching Changes

    http://www.osubeavers.com/news/2017/12/7/experienced-staff-joins-football-program.aspx?path=football Mike Riley is back in Corvallis as an assistant to Jonathan Smith. There seems to be more hires on the way. I would imagine that Beaver fans are underwhelmed by this new coaching staff especially compared to Gary Andersen's hiring.
  12. non-conference thread

    LOL...hope he has good automotive insurance.
  13. Todd Graham fired

    Given that ASU kept their assistants with new two year contracts, they are doing the bidding for Herm. Herm is going to be one busy man once he finishes his ESPN duties and I think by showing his face on ESPN as much as possible, he's also doing some indirect advertising for ASU to future recruits. I'm probably not the only board member intrigued by ASU's hire and how it could work out. I like how the early signing day is this month instead of February. Going to be a crazy offseason!
  14. Is Taggart leaving?

    I think Sumlin would be a great hire for UO...we'll see about that.
  15. Is Taggart leaving?

    As for Cristobal, he's a strong recruiter of the Miami area...I would expect him to depart for FSU as well...too much upside with that FSU coaching staff to ignore.