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  1. Just watched part of the Broncos-49ers preseason. First of all, any 49er fan has my sympathy...they just suck...four turnovers in the 1H. Trevor Siemian is clearly the starter for the Broncos and I'm ready to write Paxton Lynch off as another first round bust at QB...yes I'm that cold sometimes. Siemian comes in with about five minutes to go in the 2Q and the Broncos offensive players respond to him and he leads them to a TD drive. Then Siemian leads the backups on another scoring drive with a FG due to the OL getting called for flags. Siemian is the starting Broncos QB for this season period after leading two different offensive units to scores. Head Coach Vance Joseph was not happy with former Ute Bolles at LT especially since Bolles had two holding calls against him and that could eventually cost Lynch the starting QB job...Bolles won't be getting a Christmas card from Lynch for sure. Sad to say that Stephenson or Sambrillo might be better options and I'm willing to give Bolles the benefit of the doubt but there were some publications saying that Bolles could be a bust as well and unfortunately they might be right in that case as well. As for Lynch, the great Broncos D without the likes of Von Miller starting got two turnovers for Lynch plus a special teams gaffe as well but Lynch couldn't punch it into the endzone except for that TD run by CJ Anderson. Siemian comes in after another 49ers turnover and leads the Broncos to a TD drive despite a phantom holding call. That DeAngelo Henderson looks legit. That Broncos RB corps could be crowded. While the Broncos answered some questions tonight, I'm pretty reserved in my expectations for this upcoming season. Making the playoffs would be a good accomplishment and doable but like I have said in the past, either the Buffs or Broncos are good while the other isn't that great. The Buffs would be the good team at this point so you have a good idea of what my prediction for the Broncos is going to be and that is not making the playoffs this season. AFC West schedules are brutal this year with the AFC & NFC East divisions on their schedules. I'm thinking only one AFC West team makes the playoffs and it's probably the Raiders.
  2. Welcome to the Jalapeno fan club. Utenation was starting to get lonely.
  3. I agree that Utah can overcome their challenging conference schedule which doesn't have Cal or OSU while breaking in a new offense. WIll they?
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if Utah ends up 5-7 as Wilner predicted. You think that BYU game will determine Utah's season?
  5. Thanks Rat & Org.
  6. SEC

  7. And voting on how you want the news delivered: http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/08/15/reader-poll-what-do-you-want-from-the-pac-12-hotline/
  8. As for Wilner, I have been seeing praise from other CU fans for Wilner and what he has done and will be doing. We don't miss those Texas biased sportswriters who were said to be in a similar capacity as Wilner.
  9. Hopefully they will be showing more Von Miller sack dances on November 12-13
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/report-ezekiel-elliotts-accuser-suggested-blackmailing-cowboys-rb-with-sex-tapes/
  11. Picking #2-6 in either MWC division is a crapshoot this season. If the Ducks lose, they might ask you to fill out their MWC application form.
  12. I only see myself doing CBD too at this point because when I went to the ER or was prescribed strong pain medicine, I was easily under the influence of that pain medicine. I'm not going to smoke either so I'm looking at edibles and oil. What would be a good place to start? Wish it was more specific as the amount of THC in the blood stream or any thing that comes from weed. Guess I'll have to Google for answers to that question unless Org provides some links.
  13. Love that Von Miller. I'm seriously considering buying a Broncos jersey with his number on it.