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  1. I'm prepared for no football season and that has been that way since the spring. Do I think they should play? No. Could money trump all reason? Yes. Just go play football video games if you want a taste of football this season. I played NCAA Football 14 for at least six to seven years before Madden NFL 20 was able to replace it because it has the RPO and Madden NFL 21 is going to allow you to play two years of college football for one of 10 teams (USC and UO are the Pac-12 schools in the game as in past seasons). Even with Madden Mobile, you can still use a Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller with your phone. The players move pretty smoothly for a mobile game.
  2. Zero. I wasn't old enough for the first one and I was just starting college with the second one.
  3. Jalapeno

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Haven't heard much about college basketball this year except the NCAA plans to have the Final Four as normally scheduled. Any news out there?
  4. Jalapeno

    Larry Scott

    Time to call the loan on Larry's mansion.
  5. Last time CU opened conference play at UO, we had that memorable upset back in 2016 with a freshman QB. It's too early to say but it seems like CU could be starting another freshman QB for that one. Maybe history will repeat itself and maybe @glduck is unsure about Larry Scott. 🤣 Too bad CU isn't playing Cal this year...I think a 11 game conference schedule would have been awesome without divisions. Speaking of divisions, are there going to be one? I don't see the point since you have five games against your own division and then five games against the other.
  6. Given the news of the ACC and SEC going to 10 conference games...I'm starting to feel more positive that a season will be at least be played this year. Can't wait to see the Pac-12 10 conference game schedule come out. I was digging that two seasons in 2021 thing too.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/sec-football-schedule-2020-ads-approve-10-league-only-games-as-acc-allows-nonconference-matchups-per-report/ SEC ADs approve 10 game conference schedules. Looks like a silver lining of COVID-19.
  8. Not only a third SCOTUS seat but there's one more justice who is in his 80's too so there are two more seats that could be filled by Trump before the next US Congress is sworn in on like the first Monday of 2021. I didn't vote in 2016 myself but yes I did support Trump mainly because I was not interested in seeing Hillary as POTUS because that could have led to more political dynasties in the future such as the one Trump is pushing with his children. Another thing is that many conservatives voted Trump to keep the SCOTUS from leaning liberal. Hillary could have replaced up to four justices (just like Trump) because both of the older liberal justices would have stepped down to let younger justices in. That was one big motivating factor in electing Trump as POTUS. Now looking ahead, I am waiting to see who Biden picks as his VP and that is going to carry more weight than many VPs and VP choices because who knows if Biden can make it through four years in DC. The more leftist folks are calling for a far left candidate while I believe moderates & conservatives want Biden to go with a more moderate VP choice. I hope Biden selects someone that moderates & conservatives will be comfortable with because I don't think many people in the US wants another four years of Trump. This election is Biden's to lose.
  9. Norte Dame is a member of the ACC in football for this season.
  10. Now you got those Krak-heads in addition to those Quackheads.
  11. Here goes their future Director's Cup championships.
  12. All I have to say what a difference a few months has made in this upcoming election. Don't count me as a Trump supporter anymore...it's no longer about the country...it's all about him. Been that way for at least a couple of months. His tweet at NASCAR's Bubba Wallace was the very last straw I had with Trump and I just can't vote for him anymore. I guess that means there's no one on this board that supports Trump at this point.
  13. Happy belated birthday to you too!
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