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  1. Too bad Scotland wouldn't take Trump back.
  2. Someone explain to @mugtang about "S t e v e" being censored.
  3. CU's biggest concerns are: 1. Defensive Line CU was supposed to have an Auburn grad transfer, Jauntavius Johnson, who has great size for a nose tackle on the team this upcoming season. I found out that his wife and children were in a serious car wreck in Alabama and he's on the UAB roster so that's understandable. Musfta Johnson is back and he will play at one DE position. Terrance Lang, the 6'7" 275 possibly 285 freak will man the other DE position in CU's three man defensive line. You have Jalen Sami who is coming off a redshirt freshman season and he's 6'6" 320 and will do the nose tackle position. After that, there's no real depth. If one of those starting three goes down, CU is in big trouble. There's one incoming JUCO DT and three more high school DTs as well. Looks like there might be no redshirts in this group this coming season. I think this unit will make or break CU's season. Johnson is a DL that is capable of getting to the QB so he will draw some double teams for sure. 2. Secondary This unit has been hit by transfer outs perahps since Mike MacIntyre's area of emphasis was DBs since he was a former DB himself. Mel Tucker played as a DB himself and might be too hard nosed for MacIntyre's DBs so they mostly left. @glduck is surely going to miss MacIntyre's tears of joy after some big wins. Some players are coming back form injury but this unit is going to have to turn it around this season and given the DL's issues, it could end up being a good season or a real bad one. 3. Running Backs CU has had two consecutive 1,000 yard RBs in Lindsay and McMillian. Both are gone and judging by how CU's spring football game went, a true freshman RB will take the reins. I'm thinking Jaren Mangham will be the man here since he ran wild in the spring game and Joe Davis did good in the spring game. I was not impressed with the RBs that Tucker inherited from MacIntyre but the CU OL has beefed up in the weight room and there's an Oklahoma State transfer incoming so those freshman RBs should be good to go but the concern is pass blocking which pretty much determines who starts and who backs up at that position. I'll be surprised if it's a MacIntyre leftover that gets the starting nod. 4. Tight Ends That position is coming back to the CU offense and CU has some transfers plus some players that I believe have some potential. The question is will ******n Montez expand past the WRs in the passing game?
  4. Jalapeno

    NBA 19-20

    Yes I have questions about that Harden/Westbrook reunion too...given that they have been the alpha males on their teams for awhile, how is that gonna work out especially in light of Paul being traded out? Westbrook might be in Houston just for a season unless Westbrook is used as a trade asset like Paul.
  5. Those words would be a concern with a company like Google given that their employees modified the search engine algorithms to favor their political stances and reduce the visibility of opposing political opinions. Also given issues with Facebook, it's time for those companies to be regulated more often even if Trump's administration is not the type to do so. Given that the Microsoft Edge browser is now Chromium-based (Google product), this needs to be taken seriously. The liberal left is pushing the Russian intervention angle pretty hard when their favorite companies such as Google & Facebook should fall under similar suspicious eyes. I think creeping Orwellian needs to be taken much more seriously because that is the destruction of our free society...it's amazing how writers from like the early 1950's could see something like this developing.
  6. Policy doesn't help for sure but overwhelmed border agents have only made the problem even worse. Changing the policy will only do so much.
  7. Jalapeno

    NBA 19-20

    Didn't see that part about Paul getting dealt. The Thunder need to rebuild as quickly as possible since you have two Big 12 schools (certainly one of the best basketball conferences out there) nearby that would pounce at every opportunity to draw fans to their basketball games.
  8. Jalapeno

    NBA 19-20

    Westbrook traded to Rockets for Chris Paul. That seems like an even deal.
  9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2019/04/30/cnn-drops-26-percent-in-prime-time-as-fox-news-dominates-april-cable-ratings/#6e98d2b53c59 CNN just recorded its 27th consecutive month of ratings declines. MSNBC is now the liberal rival of Fox News which has been the top news channel for 208 consecutive months. This might be a sign that the general American public is starting to tire of the Dems' drama and attacks on the POTUS. It's pretty much on par where I think the 2020 POTUS election is going & it could get ugly for the Dems with a landslide victory for Trump. Again, the ratings declined even during the 2Q when the Mueller Report was released. Can't be a good sign for CNN. Will it matter with a hot economy & jobs being filled where the company pays for health insurance?
  10. Jalapeno


    What kind of Nike shoes? Always loved those Air Max shoes whenever I had those and they were black with a white nike swoosh and hot pink letterings...those were excellent shoes. Was something like this: Would have been awesome if they would be made in this country.
  11. Agreed...they could just hold the event at a Motel 6 breakfast room and no one would notice. I just read the quotes.
  12. And you would think that they'd swear that they would not be like Mr. Big Shot in the White House.
  13. I guess the savings of having the event on just one day goes to a nicer hotel suite that Larry Scott will be staying in the night before.
  14. How come you are not confident that the libs can find something or plant something to get him out of office?
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