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  1. I would think that OSU's Luton could have been second team all P12 instead of WSU's Gordon.
  2. Jalapeno

    The Ekonomee

    Very good points there. Washington DC is an expensive city to live in. Remember AOC's issues when she started on the job? The funny thing is that those people can vote on their pay raises but they do the popular thing by declining those raises and making themselves more susceptible to bribery.
  3. You got your wish for more Breitbart tweets to be posted here. Aren't you so happy?
  4. The leftists will probably decide not to vote just like the far righters would probably decide not to vote. Look at Mysfit...she's not excited about voting for Biden and she appears to lean left. If the extremists do not get their candidate, they just take their ballot and go home. Perhaps the Dems pursued impeachment because they probably knew that Biden wouldn't get the nomination and Biden was probably the Dem's best hope to beat Trump in the EC. In steps Bloomberg and if he wins buys the Dem nomination, it wouldn't be a good sign for future presidencies because the rich & powerful will be buying votes in the future and it'll filter down to the local level at unseen levels. What Trump did was disgusting because it appears that he invited more foreign interference into next year's elections after Trump openly welcomed the Russians to get Hillary's email. It's almost like the Dems had no choice but to go after Trump even if it appears that there is no law on the books strictly forbidding such behavior. Hopefully Congress will fix that up and make it a felony (aka high crime) to do so and I hope that they are actually working on something like that. A POTUS is tasked with enforcing the nation's laws especially the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act which forbids bribing foreign officials. Was Trump justified in going after Biden and Biden's son? Probably but Trump screwed it up by withholding money from Ukraine and the EU Ambassador was under the assumption that Trump was trying to get Ukraine to do a criminal investigation on the Biden while Biden was running for office. This was a good story that Trump managed to screw up. Censure is the best option at this point and if Trump continues to do this after re-election, I think there would be more partisan support to remove Trump from office that time around.
  5. Until the Senate trail? Breitbart is showing out some ugly business about Biden's son (not going to bother to read those articles)...there will be people who draw conclusions about the parents of said individuals. I'm still holding out hope that someone who can challenge Trump in the EC and might have to be a pretty bullet-proof person which Biden does't appear as.
  6. Jalapeno


    High school kids and college aged students are pretty gullible as well especially when it comes to liberal media outlets such as the NYT, WaPo, and CNN.
  7. Unfortunately that is the best that could have been done without going down the path of impeachment. I believe the more left leaning Dems are gonna get hammered next November by either the GOP candidate or moderate Dem. Should have let the voters decide Trump's fate. There was good reason to do so because of the email scandal and Benghazi. Government business email on a private server? Big time no no for any government employee including the POTUS and their cabinet members. There are no special rules when it comes to email in the government. I'd be fired and possibly put in prison if I did a similar stint. Congress members have been caught & prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in the past for violating the same rules that govern internet use on government computers just I am under. Trump might not be trusted with national security but Hillary wasn't that much better either in that regard.
  8. Doesn't mean anything since minds can be changed.
  9. It's their right to do that. If you don't like it, feel free to leave this country.
  10. I like Utah's chances against Texas. I know there's the disappointing end to the season but knocking Texas off in their own state will make Ute fans smile. I will be very happy if that happens too. Cal versus Illinois...Cal should win this one. UW-Boise State...that should be a fun one to watch except for Bronco fans. ASU versus FSU...pitchforks versus spears. ASU should win this one due to the FSU coaching transition. UO versus Wisconsin. That's going to be a good one to watch and given how the Ducks did against the Utes, there's reason to believe the Ducks win the Rose Bowl. WSU versus AFA...Air Raid versus the Air Force option. Going to be a tough game for the Cougars. USC versus Iowa...I agree that would be the least confident anyone would have in a Pac-12 victory. I cannot wait for next year's bowl line up.
  11. Jalapeno

    2019 OOC

    And those are three road games that @HLB was pointing out. When is the SEC going to collectively grow a pair and travel across the country to play football?
  12. Given that two Dems already has voted against the proceedings, that means the Dems can only afford 17 votes to be lost before losing the impeachment vote which is a possibility. That would be quite the egg on the face of the Dems. Censuring Trump looks more likely.
  13. Jalapeno

    The Ekonomee

    I think PapaG knows this and I actually know this as well. You don't earn about $175K as a member in Congress for nothing.
  14. Jalapeno

    The Ekonomee

    https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/10/politics/usmca-nancy-pelosi-donald-trump-trade-deal/index.html Announced right after the Articles of Impeachment has been announced...any reason for that?
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