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  1. FCS has 24 teams in their playoffs with 10 autobids for conference championships. With a smaller 16 team format this spring, there were five teams from the MVFC in the playoff field but none made it to the FCS championship game. The new FBS playoffs very well could have just gone to eight instead of 12 and kept the six highest ranked autobids and six highest ranked at large bids. Even if one conference championship team missed out on the autobid, there's still the at large bid so there could be seven maybe eight conference championship winning teams.
  2. Not surprised Noyer is going home.
  3. Six highest ranked conference championship teams. No special exemption for Norte Dame but there are six at large spots. I'm good with that new format.
  4. The coming out party of Lewis for the Buffs in the Alamo Bowl. Noyer didn't practice this spring due to his shoulder and I'm guessing either Lewis or Shrout crushed it in spring drills this year which allowed Dorrell to tell Noyer he was expendable. There was also a sideline spat between Noyer & Dorrell last season so maybe that was a factor too.
  5. One QB down. Two QBs to battle it out in summer camp for the Buffs.
  6. Not disputing CU's 4.5 in that case. I would be ecstatic with a berth against a G5 team this season.
  7. The Indy 500's 135,000 seats are sold out for the Memorial Day race.
  8. Got Pfizer #2 yesterday and very little side effects...almost none at all. Going to keep wearing my mask in stores for about two more weeks and then I will just leave the mask in my pocket to get out if needed. By the end of next month, I could be using mass transit again and they are saying that the mask mandate for mass transit here in Denver could be gone around September. Next few weeks are going to be critical when it comes to hospitalizations & deaths due to COVID-19. If there's no surge in hospitalizations & deaths during that time, Biden could very well say that we have
  9. I think those odds are just too good for CU. Depth in the trenches are questionable for the Buffs this season especially with 11 P5 games plus five conference games on the road. If the Buffs go to another bowl game this upcoming season, Karl Dorrell should get another P12 Coach of the Year award.
  10. 12 more days until Pfizer #2 goes into my arm and Colorado lifts all mask mandates and replaces those with mask "suggestions". There's going to be idiots who are unvaccinated and not wearing masks.
  11. When I saw that name, I was unimpressed. When I saw what he did, I became impressed.
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