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  1. Jalapeno


    I remember that UA logo on the basketball court whenever I was watching Pac-10 action. I honestly liked that one. I think I speak for the majority of Pac-12 fans when I say I miss seeing that Sparky logo. That Cal logo is pretty meh and I think Fox Sports CFB could have chosen a better one. That "Cal" logo along with a grizzly paw logo is my favorite. I'd pick that OSU logo over what they have right now. The Stanford "S" used to be pretty generic until they put the white redwood tree on the "S". They should stick with that logo for good. Has the USC logo changed that much over the y
  2. Beating your rival for the national championship...that got to be awesome!
  3. https://apnews.com/article/sexual-misconduct-lawsuits-california-larry-nassar-sexual-abuse-f9e666c037de14fbe5a034570b32b5d0 I recall SC89 talking about a lawsuit and I believe he was referring to that one. But $852M settlement for at least 700 women...now that's massive.
  4. If we go to that Olympics. I haven't seen any rumors of a possible boycott of those games but that can't be ruled out.
  5. I’m with you on the need to act ASAP. I did tweet Wilner directly about the P12 and streaming channels. He followed up on a Hotline article saying the P12N can’t have its own streaming channel due to the contract. It sounded like the P12 can just negotiate a new deal that takes effect immediately and tear up the current contract. Right now we need a new commissioner in place and I don’t think those type of deals can be negotiated in a short time span between July 1sr and the start of football season. We’ll see about that otherwise 2022 would be the start date and we could synch up the tim
  6. Seeing KU lose would make my day.
  7. New NFL media rights: https://nflcommunications.com/Pages/NFL-COMPLETES-LONG-TERM-MEDIA-DISTRIBUTION-AGREEMENTS-PROVIDING-FANS-GREATER-ACCESS-TO-NFL-GAMES-THAN-EVER-BEFORE.aspx Also Wilner has something to say about the P12N. I think the end is near.
  8. Five years without a NCAA tourney at that salary rate, where do I fill out an application?
  9. How many skiing NCs for the Utes? Just too many between CU and Utah to count...LOL.
  10. Buff fans have no love lost for Enfield. I love seeing a CU win over the Trojans on the hardwood because of that incident.
  11. With Bohn as the USC AD, it would surprise me if he didn't get a FCS school on the USC schedule before long. Before Bohn came, CU had that unbroken FCS seal then Montana State comes in and upsets the Buffs in Dan Hawkins' debut. We beat Eastern Washington & lost to Sac State under Hawkins. We also played Central Arkansas & Charleston Southern (replacement Frenso State game due to 2013 Colorado floods), Nichols State, Idaho State, Northern Colorado (will play them again this year), and New Hampshire. I think all of those were scheduled by Bohn before he left Boulder.
  12. Regarding Mano's comments: EA Sports College Football (the new college football game on its way as soon as next year) is the only reason I'm getting a next gen console. I'm also going with a Xbox Series X because with my PS4 Pro, I can replace that system's HDD with a faster SSD to improve boot times (cannot do this with the XB1 console family), loading times (can do on XB1 with eternal SSD with USB connection), and a small performance boost or more stable framerates if possible and hold on to it longer. It does not take much out of the system to run sports games as it would compared to firs
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