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  1. Exactly right what the Dems would need to do in order to get rid of Trump. The question is how many of those undecideds have been turned off by a partisan impeachment and likely to vote for Trump instead of the Dem candidate?
  2. For how much longer? I have been saying that once the likes of Ford, GM, Ram, etc introduces their all electric vehicles especially the SUVs & trucks and the infrastructure for re-charging electrical vehicles, the use of fossil fuels will eventually decline. The newest electrical vehicles are about to overcome range anxiety. I can tell you that NASCAR is getting ready to switch from those eight valve engines to hybrid engines starting with their 2022 season and that could get more people interested in hybrids or electrical vehicles. And the all electric F-150 is coming soon. Now you tell me if special interest groups can stop something like that from happening at this point especially when said electric F-150 can do something that gas powered F-150s can't do. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a28947992/electric-ford-f-150-2021-planned/ And that electric F-150 could be here next year.
  3. Dems not off to a good start by having Nadler insult every GOP Senator by saying they were part of a cover-up. The odds of getting 67 Senators to convict and remove Trump from office isn't very good at this point. Nieslen ratings are going down as well: https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2020/01/23/impeachment-hearings-lose-millions-of-viewers-as-senate-trial-opens/ Never have I seen a political party self implode as much as the Dems are doing right now.
  4. ...or we had legislation like the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act or something like that which outlawed industrial hemp until Trump signed the bill that allowed industrial hemp to be grown again. Lord knows how many trees were needlessly sacrificed during all those years that hemp was banned and environmentally unsafe materials were introduced to market. I'm sure that there were special interest groups that kept those solid technology alternatives from becoming commercially viable just like with banning industrial hemp in the past. How many of those bad laws need to be repealed or updated?
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/media/maria-bartiromo-middle-class-tax-cut-trump-davos Trump could be using the promise of middle class tax cuts in the 2020 election. Having the GOP get the House back would help that out.
  6. Planting more trees would be a more cost effective way of improving the environment than what the Dems have proposed. The Paris Climate Accord was a bad deal for the US and that is why Trump got us out of that deal. Still a good look for the POTUS.
  7. Trump announced that the US will join the 1 Trillion Trees initiative at Davos. I wonder why no past POTUS did this before? I hope that the hemp cultivation infrastructure is sufficient in the coming years so hemp can replace trees as the source for paper.
  8. We’ll see about that...could lead right back to Trump.
  9. Jalapeno

    The Squad!

    Just curious...what downsides?
  10. https://pac-12.com/article/2020/01/21/pac-12-networks-announces-distribution-partnership-over-top-streaming-service @azgreg covered this earlier but the Pac-12 just made an announcement with Vidigo. P12N is now part of the core package for $39.99 a month along with the other P5 conference networks along with the ESPN & FS families & NFL Network. Right now, I would choose Vidigo over Sling TV if the football season was starting today.
  11. Jalapeno

    2019 NFL

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28530361/nfl-experiment-alternative-onside-kick-pro-bowl NFL to try alternative to onside kick for the Pro Bowl. If successful, that could be the first step of eliminating the kick-off from football. The new XFL debuts next month. Going to be interesting to see what the NFL could incorporate in the not too distant future.
  12. Jalapeno

    The Flu

    First case of the China coronavirus reported in the US in Seattle. Be on the watchout for that. I'm concerned for my grandparents who live in the Boise area. Grandmother has dementia and might have taken a turn for the worse recently. Grandfather is 88 and grandmother is 84. Celebrated their 65th anniversary. Couples who have been together around that long die not long from each other.
  13. Jalapeno

    The Squad!

    Not focusing on the pro gun rally in Richmond but AOC's comment about there being no left party in the US. I don't disagree with her and I sincerely think it's time to have more than two major parties here in the US.
  14. Looking at CU's 2020 schedule again, the key stretch appears to be the @UA-UCLA-ASU one. Buffs sweep that (doable) stretch, all the Buffs would need to do in order to clinch a bowl game is beat WSU at home. This is under the assumption that CU opens with a 2-2 record which includes losses @ Texas A&M and at home against UO. Hopefully the Buffs will make a bowl game next season.
  15. CU should be 2-2 at best before its bye week.
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