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  1. Utah vs. ASU

    Amen to that!
  2. CU @ WSU

    Welcome to the board and yep anyone who lost to Dan Hawkins at CU does have a stain on his record. Fortunately that includes Bob Stoops.
  3. I'm surprised at In N Out in Texas given how many Whataburgers are there and that is the state that chain got started in. Sonic's is headquartered in Oklahoma City. I'm not totally surprised by McD's in DC...there are a lot of 'em in that town but not as bad as Hong Kong where there are McD's and KFCs on nearly every block. And no Taco John's?!? I freakin love the potato oles!
  4. CU @ WSU

    Don't forget to add Bob Stoops to that list from the 2007 game. Figures since Leach was Stoops' first OC at OU and CU abused the Sooners that season.
  5. UCLA @ Arizona

    So you want them off the UCLA lawn? It’s a never ending cycle really.
  6. CU @ WSU

    Yeah no matter how good the team is, there has been let down types of games even dating back to his TT days. Buffs have been beat up on the DL of late...it’d have been nice if the Buffs had a bye week around right now instead of before the Utah game.
  7. Cool Space Stuff Thread

    Even if Trump axed it, the Europeans are the one launching it themselves: https://jwst.nasa.gov/launch.html
  8. Pac-12 Presidents starting to grumble about P12N

    Once again you swung and missed the mark. Quack12 & Rogue finished what I started.
  9. Pac-12 Presidents starting to grumble about P12N

    I'd be down for a $12.99 monthly stream channel. $1 to each school and .99 to the conference office or Larry Scott's over-inflated paycheck.
  10. NFL Thread

    I don't dismiss those issues between the Deaf and police but I'd still stand for the flag. Deaf Americans do have it very well to some other countries. I learned that the Dominican Republic doesn't allow deaf people to work or have a life and they must live with their parents even if they are married. One mainland Chinese Deaf did tell me via WeChat (before I was cut off by obviously the Chinese government) that he was working for his mother who was a famous acupuncturist in the southern part of the country. Don't know if Deaf Chinese are allowed to have their own lives. I had the benefit of having a former cop as a parent explaining to me what should happen if I was approached by a cop in different situations. It's unfortunate that some have lost their lives in confrontations with the police. When my alma mater (Gallaudet University) hired a hearing president instead of a qualified Deaf president back in 1988, the students marched from the school to Capitol Hill in Washington DC. A lot of good came out of that including the ADA Rights Act of 1990 where the school president testified to Congress saying that "I can do anything except hear". And there's Martin Luther King Jr in 1963 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The point is that NFL games are NOT the place to protest and that did more harm than good when the common person who doesn't get paid millions cannot expect to keep their jobs if they dared protest while on the job. No one likes special treatment and it appears to me that the NFL players are getting special treatment by keeping their jobs. The best way to solve the police brutality is to have a lot of people march in not only Washington DC but other cities. And it is not limited to black people either. I do not think that the NFL protests were effective because those overpaid NFL millionaires will be able to fall back on their money even if they were out of a job. The correct thing would have been to protest WITH the people and share their experiences with everyone from all backgrounds. I'm still trying to get confirmation from other Broncos fans that every single Broncos player stood for the anthem before resuming my support of the Broncos & NFL which may or may not happen. I'm not going to apologize for making a principled stand.
  11. oregon @ ucla

    Will this jog some memories here?
  12. USC @ ND

  13. NBA 2017-18 Thread

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2738589-why-did-lebron-and-kyrie-fizzle-they-didnt-follow-the-rules-of-the-1-2-punch?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial Terrific article explaining what went wrong in Cleveland between LeBron and Kyrie. You need a good 1-2 combo in the NBA and they do well when both know who is no 1 and who is no 2.
  14. Pac-12 Presidents starting to grumble about P12N

    We got two retards who can't read...