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  1. Did someone forget to pay the internet bill for RES?
  2. Saw the replays of UCLA-UO and those unis looked awesome.
  3. CU will not be playing a game this weekend. Two weeks to prep for USC...let’s see how that pans out.
  4. Looks like CSU's game with UNLV this week is off. Maybe CU @ CSU in Ft. Collins this weekend?
  5. Seems like CU might play this week regardless of who the opponent is. Riots in Lincoln, NE might be around the corner.
  6. If USC-Utah is on this week, that gives CU two weeks to prepare for the Trojans. Based on how much of a good job the coaching staff got CU's players prepared for a 2-0 start, I like the thought of having an extra week to prepare for USC. And it's 2020 so it might as well happen!
  7. Yeah I saw that being floated as a possibility. We might as well get that game in this week if necessary.
  8. Sunday November 15 Cal @ UCLA Saturday November 21 UCLA @ UO UA @ UW WSU @ Stanford Cal @ OSU USC @ Utah ASU @ CU Some of those games might not happen so this schedule is subject to change.
  9. And UCLA is at Big Sky level?
  10. I'll take being 2-0 but I'm not a fan of Dorrell's playcalling on some fourth downs when CU could have gone for it to end the game sooner. To be fair, CU got solid QB play from Noyer in two games that we might have not seen last year from Montez. Noyer is the anti-Montez. Also the Buffs have now won their last three games against Stanford. CU is now 3-3 in Pac-12 play and 6-6 all-time.
  11. He ran 27 times for 121 yards against the Trees.
  12. Preview of today's CU-Stanford game?
  13. Just curious: anyone hoping for a 50-50 split in the Senate?
  14. Two things. 1. GOP won the Alaska Senate seat which gives the GOP 50 Senate seats with GA's two seats to decide the balance of power. 2. If past history is an indicator given that Trump will probably refuse to attend Biden's inauguration, it bodes well for Biden and perhaps Harris. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/11/opinions/presidents-history-skipping-inauguration-day-balcerski/index.html
  15. GOP might have lost that battle but are you really sure the DNC won the war?
  16. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pennsylvania-postal-worker-ballot-tampering-claims-questioned He says he didn't recant. There is a lot of BS flying out there from any angle.
  17. 49 seats for the GOP with Alaska (most likely GOP winner) yet to be declared.
  18. Arizona is McCain State and Georgia is a red state. They wouldn’t tend to disagree to be honest with you. Arizona flipped the bird at Trump due to how Trump treated John McCain. A lot of people from throughout the conservative southeastern US are people who live in those Atlanta suburbs too. Just because they voted for Biden does not mean they will keep voting blue for those Senate seats. The far left and far right folks are the losers of this election.
  19. 2020 election in a nutshell.
  20. Jalapeno


    I went to college with a good number of PA people from Pittsburgh & Philly. More moderate than you think and GA still has a lot of GOP voters who couldn’t stand Trump and voted likewise. They will most likely vote red for both Senators but could split the vote if they are tired of Cocaine Mitch. I still think the GOP keeps the majority in the Senate with the GA split but the Dem candidates will most likely be moderate. Far left Dems need to not bother with those races because that stuff will not fly in the South and Atlanta is pretty much the capital of the South. Getting that 50-
  21. Jalapeno


    I believe you are spot on. Biden’s moderate history made it easier for GOP voters to cross over and elect him.
  22. Pretty fitting it happened 100 years after that started.
  23. Jalapeno


    You ever stop by the zoo section where donkeys are? They stink. I told my fellow conservatives that I wasn't voting for Trump and their reactions to me was as if I literally stunk hence the tomato can comments.
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