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  1. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    Question: What's going on with Utah's recruiting for 2018? While the commits the Utes now have look strong, there are only 7 so far. Every other Pac-12 team has from 11 to 22. In fact, no team in any Power 5 conference has that low a number of commitments as Utah, with Kansas next lowest at 9. Is this just a cycle that has very few scholarship slots for Utah? Is something else going on?
  2. Coaching Changes

  3. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    You'd think, given the media rep, that Mike Leach wasn't the guy that he actually is. However, he understands the value of rules, and appears to be unafraid of carrying out what needs to be done even if it risks a game day performance. That's admirable. As for Martin, if I recall, he also didn't play against Colorado, and Wazoo had no trouble totally dominating that game, so maybe Leach can win with or without his highest rated receivers. One thing I won't do is bet on Michigan State in the Holiday Bowl.
  4. non-conference games

    You have to be really impressed with what Bobby Hurley has done at ASU. First took down KSU, then smashed Xavier, then toppled St. Johns, and now buzz-sawed Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse. Just off the wall the best showing by far of any Pac-12 team this season. Hell, he even knows the school's nickname!
  5. Is Taggart leaving?

    There's a missing name there that starts with "L". Over on another board it was mentioned that while Leavitt’s contract won’t allow him to talk to other schools until 12/17, he has all his USF years in the Florida teacher retirement system and needs only a few more to receive a sizable pension for his or his wife's life.
  6. Board Upgrade

    Sorry if I seem disconnected ... what is the method for doing this?
  7. Dana Altman and rape investigations

    I can't disagree with you, but the warmest of hearts sometimes take the back road on truth and also have self-interest as one of the prime motivators for their charity. It's that complexity in life that makes Pac-12 and B1G schools (particularly those in the AAU) produce graduates who understand the nuances and layering of life's challenges and decisions. Some lies are more worthy and less offensive than others. For me, if the lie is there primarily (or solely) to promote self-ego or one's wallet or harm to another, it's unacceptable. Other falshoods are more understandable, although still questionable. I tend to see sports as theater, and if you want an entertaining show, the Dana Altmans and Barry Switzers and Mike Leaches can be just a lot of fun, even if they don't measure up to the standards of some stuffy administrators.
  8. Dana Altman and rape investigations

    True. However, I have to admit, I love shady. Tark and LSU's Brown, my blood races when I think about them, just in your face to the establishment. That's shady without a wallet-full (like Pitino, who played this game a lot differently, and not with honor), more like just pushing the edges on player behavior and grades. These coaches win where they shouldn't be winning, re-stock like looters when the lights go out, and convince themselves (and sometime me, I have to say) that they're out there doing society a favor by lifting up the wasteland kids and giving them a second and third and fourth chance. Prisons are supposed to rehabilitate, but they don't. Basketball programs, on the other hand, when led by "reach-out" coaches serve a useful place in our world.
  9. Is Taggart leaving?

    I'm the guy saying that going big was the way, that the Ducks had the name, the elbows, the colors, the money, the facilities, the excitement, the whatever. If you're saying that nobody worth anything would come, it raises the obvious question. What's so toxic about Eugene?
  10. Is Taggart leaving?

    Somehow it doesn't seem as though this move will be generating a lot of fear in Seattle or Palo Alto. Even Leach is smiling. For Duck-future, you better hope Leavitt stays.
  11. Is Taggart leaving?

    glduck, that's the thinking that I was talking about. A couple of other Pac-12 schools also have it, including USC and CU. (e.g., Leavitt fits Duck culture (lol). Franklin, who's been rumored for real jobs, wouldn't listen? Fitz isn't ready for another challenge? Once you've asked Patterson, you don't ask again -- check out some of the other hires this year on the second inquiry.) I've said all I'm gonna say. Think small, and guess what you'll be (sad when you have the resources that so many don't.)
  12. Dana Altman and rape investigations

    I guess I'm a realist on things. Barnett wasn't going to be fired, the process was playing out, just as you say it should have. However, then, riding a 7-2 season in 2005, he got whipped by Iowa State, smoked 30-3 at home by Nebraska, and totally humiliated in front of the nation by Texas 70-3 (it could have been 120-3 if Mack Brown hadn't gone easy). That's when the pink slip was produced, and it wouldn't have been if he had won those games.
  13. Dana Altman and rape investigations

    I like Altman. A good coach. Fun to watch. That isn't to say, though, that he isn't more "open" in his recruiting than some of his peers.
  14. Coaching Changes

    I'm not into getting caught in an argument, but this is an upgrade over Lindgren by CU? It sure doesn't look that way. The Buffs are at a crossroads, one path being a return to the last decade of misery, or the other to return to the glory days of the 70's through '90's (minus Fairbanks). The coaching hires of the last ten months seem to indicate that the goal (or at least the wherewithal) just isn't to repeat the ride to mountain tops of the past.
  15. Is Taggart leaving?

    I just thought that Oregon would shoot higher, want more. If the fan base here is any indication, it's understandable why they're heading in the direction they are. I root for every Pac-12 team to excel. Most don't, but it's still the goal. If A&M can reach high, and FSU also can, I sorta guessed that the Ducks had the elbows, cash, vision, and panache to do the same. Maybe not.