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  1. Nice Beavers win over USC. Well played.
  2. This isn't a jumble year for the Pac-12. Separation is occurring. The direction seems to be four teams playing very well, dominating. The LA schools, Oregon and Colorado.
  3. And here I didn't think I could ever have positive feelings for Kentucky basketball. Together as one.
  4. Bama looks like they have reached a level even they haven't seen before. What would have happened if the September 5th game between USC and Alabama had actually been played?
  5. Agree. A win over Iowa State doesn't change anything. But, unfortunately, a loss does, particularly an ugly loss. All eyes were on that game nationally.
  6. The national perception matters. It does. We can fool ourselves, but the trajectory of a failing Pac-12 is reinforced by this year's sad performance, capped off by the Fiesta Bowl. It will have a serious impact on upcoming media contract negotiations.
  7. We're embarrassed, but Oregon only deserves 1/12th of that embarrassment. Perhaps more embarrassing is that eleven Pac-12 teams couldn't outdo a team that is Iowa State's pool boy.
  8. Time of possession (which usually is misleading, but not today) ISU 42:28, Oregon 17:12. Turnovers, ISU 0, Oregon 4. Two inter-conference games: Big XII 89, Pac-12 40.
  9. Sark is still an alcoholic, and always will be. The question is whether he controls his behavior. I wish him the best.
  10. Should the Fiesta Bowl be close? When you look at the two teams' recruiting, it make you wonder about their coaching. Composite recruiting rank below: 2015: ISU 64th, OU 16th 2016: ISU 55th, OU 27th 2017: ISU 52nd, OU 19th 2018: ISU 55th, OU 13th 2019: ISU 46th, OU 7th 2020: ISU 46th, OU 11th
  11. I don't know. K is a solid coach, and losing by two at Pauley isn't an indictment. Cronin is the Pac-12 coach with all the buzz, but his team also doesn't seem to have much juice this odd year. Elsewhere, the old "hot" coach, Hopkins, has a disaster on his hands; Hurley, supposedly with a great team, is badly under-performing, Enfield is simply owned by Boyle, and Boyle has a ceiling that he can't seem to get past. Miller is dancing with the investigators, with the NCAA slower than red-state mask-mandates. Haase has a nice team, but losing to UNC and IU, when both are having meh seaso
  12. Curious, what has Hunley been doing since 2015? His resume goes cold...
  13. What the Texas/CU game shows is that when two teams are both down a lot of starters and backups, the most telling measure is the quality of depth. That's when a team like Texas, with a group of four-stars who have warmed the bench, has a tremendous advantage over a team like the Buffaloes, where the talent drop-off is steep.
  14. The only thing we can be sure of this year is that it's unlikely that any Pac-12 team will play 20 regular season conference games.
  15. Utterly meaningless? If it isn't for the national championship, playing Texas in the Alamo Bowl is utterly meaningless? I guess we all have out opinions, but this seems so Pac-12. It's why our conference is viewed the way it is, by sports writers, fans, and increasingly, by recruits.
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