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  1. Oh yeah, that'll help a lot. The nation's TV screens will be glued to Stillwater and Lubbock. The cash will pile up in the Pac-12 offices. Yeah.
  2. This makes no sense. They don't increase share value, they reduce it.
  3. I respect that he told the truth about his "status." That's all I respect.
  4. There are baseball stadiums, places with history and panache, where playing a football game makes sense. It's an event. Think Yankee Stadium and Wrigley. But this dogs*** stadium in San Diego is beneath a P5 matchup. A city that ought to be a destination into Pac-12 territory (the way Atlanta and Tampa are to the SEC and Indianapolis is the B1G) has facilities that more match Omaha or Newark. If they had built a rock 'em venue to hold the Chargers, they'd be front-line for bigger P5 fish. Watch ... there will be a vicious fight in the ACC among bowl-eligibles to avoid this bowl option.
  5. That's really not the point. The point is that San Diego once was a seious-level football town. But their NFL-sized stadium now is dust, their team an afterthought in the LA basin, with no replacement in San Diego except a weak little G5 30,000 seat stadium. Here they are, a wonderful city, but their lack of interest lost them an NFL football team, and now forces what could be a jewel of a bowl game (maybe pushing into the national playoff picture some years) into a demolation derby of the third-base seats. It's a sad freefall for what was once a destination football city.
  6. The deal at Petco Park: "The area is not quite large enough for football as is and will require some demolition work to accommodate the football field."
  7. This isn't exactly a football stadium.
  8. I'm not sure all schools cheat, even in the Pac-12. If you look at Stanford, Oregon State, and Colorado, just for example, there may be reason to believe that they go up to the edge of the rules, but not that they cross that line. If you pop over to the ASU forums, there's (1) a strong belief that lots of schools were cheating during the Covid-year (without any evidence), and (2) there was nothing really that wrong with what they are reported to have done.
  9. "Just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to ASU."???? What the hell does that mean?
  10. UCLA a #1 seed and five Pac-12 teams projected to be in, with the Cougs knocking on the door as number 6. They've tossed us a little respect, anyway.
  11. From Stuart mandel, in The Athletic: In 2019-20, the most recent season for which the CFP publicized its data, each Power 5 league got a flat fee of $67 million. A conference could net an additional $4 million for each team that qualified for a New Year’s Six bowl and $6 million for reaching a Playoff semifinal. As such, the spread between schools in the Big 12 (which splits only 10 ways) and those in 14-team leagues like the Big Ten was fairly modest — from $7 million to $10 million per school. The Power 5 conferences also net extra payments for their contracts with the Rose (average $40 million per team), Sugar ($40 million) and Orange ($27.5 million) bowls. In an expanded Playoff, the expected average CFP revenue for each Power 5 conference jumps to just north of $320 million. In the Big 12, that amounts to $32 million per school, up from an average of $10 million today. The 12-team Pac-12’s hit $27 million; the 14-team ACC, Big Ten and SEC reach $23 million.
  12. Arguing that the expanded playoff will generate a big dollar payoff isn't the same as saying it's a good idea. It'll be a cash-cow for sure, but it may not result in better college football. But the people planning it know that. If, however, the great minds of the Pac-12 agree with some of the posts here and think it's a rotten idea, we could simply announce that we won't participate. Then, on an annual basis, we'd see one of those supposed-to-be-great Trojan teams, headed by the nation's 48th ranked coach, playing somebody like San Diego State or Wyoming in the riveting LA Bowl, played around December 18th (no comptition that early!) Seriously, the college presidents and athletic directors hate the idea of a 12-team playoff. They despise it, which is why, since the beginning in 1869, we haven't ever seen a larger playoff major college football. So, what would force them to do what they detest? A world where coaches' salaries and paying players and empty coffers have put them in a corner where the only way out is to sell their souls to Fox, ABC, CBS, ESPN, etc. Will the Pac-12 get even one team in a 12-team playoff? That's debateable given that we've become the annual crash-and-burn conference, where games in places like Pullman wield a knife to anybody hoping to elevate above mediocrity.
  13. Greg Sankey Kevin Warren Bob Bowlsby Jim Phillips And even George Kliavkoff
  14. Apparently the people who pay the freight don't agree with you. Two Billion vs $600 million. Link: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2021/06/11/college-football-playoff-expansion-could-push-revenue-2-billion/7657072002/
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