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  1. Having your players love you isn't the same as commanding their respect. These two are often confused. In fact, the most respected coaches often aren't loved at all, but they do command attention and response.
  2. I'm going to take a stab at that, just for discussion. With recruiting, Helton actually wasn't too bad, although Trojan faithful probably would argue that five-star SoCal talent should never be leaving the area. With in-game strategy, it's easy to criticize Helton, but he's really been no worse than a lot of coaches. Where he seems to have totally failed is in building team unity, inspired discipline, cohesive structure, and with player development that contributes to team, not to the individual. There are some coaches who are masters at this; it comes from leadership, respect, and personal characteristics that are not easy to measure, but obvious in their absence. It's presence. The ability to command attention and to have your team want to do what you ask, not reluctantly go along with it. It also comes from having a fine-tuned rhythm among your assistants, not just having them be great recruiters or excellent at knowing their position reponsibilities. It's that undefinable "it" that some head coaches possess, and others never achieve.
  3. It's been reported that the ACC, Pac-12, and B1G want the Big-12 to keep their P5 status. The Big-12 now will be an interesting collection of schools, some decent football programs, but not the "name" bluebloods that the media mavens love. As for basketball, the conference looks like they've improved themselves. Cincy, Houston, and BYU have serious programs that know their way around the NCAA tourney. I think we should all root for that re-configured league, although one wonders if there will be more waves of reallignment, with whispers about USC, and back-room talk about how a few ACC teams could break their GOR agreements.
  4. That statment describes so much. So very much. But it's missing the obvious elephant in the room. Why exactly are you here? Every poster I have read on this board is here because of an abiding love for a Pac-12 school, or for the conference as a whole. There's a feeling here that you can combine athletics with academics, the real spirit of college sports. We're proud of every part of our universities. Somehow, when you look up, say Alabama, it makes you wonder on the "college" side of things. I guess for some, a rating of somewhere between 800th and 1,000th in the most respected college rating list might make one wonder, who exactly is rated lower? Link: https://www.topuniversities.com/universities/university-alabama It's likely you're here to irritate, not here out of love or respect for the great institutions of the west. That's fine. It makes you wonder, though, if perhaps for the last 19 years living in Birmingham your application to attend Bevill State Community College in Jasper has been rudely rejected, and you're taking your frustrations out on serious people seriously discissing serious schools located in serious places. I don't know your politics, but it's likely your red hat has nothing to do with 'Bama.
  5. A top aide to the person who previously occupied the White House indicated that they clung to what were creatively described as "Alternate Facts." That's better than Alternate Farts, but both would describe what we've been hearing on this board.
  6. utenation, I see that hlb had you (and Colorado) added to the Pac-10 in 2010. Odd, but given that he's such an expert, does that means your 2010 MWC record of 7-1 that year is invalidated and will have to be stricken from the NCAA record books?
  7. This is so very odd, but it probably makes sense Even the stupidest of Pac-12 fan knows that you can't have a "crossover" when two teams are in the same division. But things are so slow in the SEC that they somehow think that Mizzou vs the Gamecocks is a crossover, and A&M vs Arkie is a crossover! I knew things are challenged in the SEC, but this may explain whey they have such a confused time, scheduling directional schools (e.g., Eastern Carolina) rather than the real thing, and never having a successful incursion over the Mason Dixon Line.
  8. How do Utes feel now that this annual competition is against a POWER FIVE school in the BIG TWELVE?
  9. Only one school is an academic research powerhouse, and it's not the one in Provo. Case closed, discussion ended.
  10. A key to what happened was the departure of Shannon Turley, perhaps the best strength and conditioning coach in America. When he left, the decline began. He had built Stanford's players into massive fighting machines, and that, combined with the cerebral, created a winner.
  11. These late games are nasty for the Pac-12. It's a good thing most of America is asleep.
  12. Cranky is good. It means you're getting better. And it's football season, a real football season, something we haven't seen for two years. Sit back and enjoy the show.
  13. Seriously, your comments might hold a bit more weight if you had actually seen the game.
  14. That looks strangely like yellow, not anything like gold. Put in a call to South Bend for color consultants.
  15. They might have an opening in a couple of weeks. Aren't they still strying to get out of that contest with Oklahoma?
  16. We're going to see empty seats in the Pac-12 and B1G (note the Illinois game with Nebraska this past weekend as an example.) A portion of fans will set aside their fanhood for personal safety. In the SEC, however, it'll be full, but for convenience sake, they'll place a line of stretchers and ventilators by each exit.
  17. No. Kliavkoff said that the games against Notre Dame, whether they are ACC games or Pac-12 games or B1G games count as Alliance games.
  18. That was an awkward, one-time event that had been pre-scheduled and should never happen again.
  19. Even though Stanford, UCLA. Oregon State, and Arizona are all underdogs, all have a reasonable chance to win. It's unlikely that any of the Pac's favorites will lose, but team focus will be important, especially with opponents San Jose State and Fresno State looking quite together in their first games.
  20. Bad scene on TV. Let's hope it recovers for the LSU game. That'll be heavily watched.
  21. The SEC is grinning ear to craggy ear, celebrating the 24 hour demise of The Alliance.
  22. Am I wrong to say that as a conference, he's all we got?
  23. Raise a glass to this. Wannstedt has raised too many.
  24. This is a pact against ESPN's total control of the expanded playoffs. Watch what happens in the playoff talks. The SEC and ESPN thought they were in control, pushing though something by 2022 when there wouldn't be competitive bidding. That ship has sailed.
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