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  1. I sold my house in April to a Californian that left San Jose for a “better standard of living”. He paid full price and is happy about the move. We went to dinner (actually sat down) last night. He is a software engineer for Qualtrics. Apparently many more Californians will be moving here this year and although many Utahns are not happy about it. I, personally think it is ok. Traffic is the only downfall in my opinion. Taxes and safety were his reasons for leaving. According to the buyer, leaving California is a topic that is discussed a lot from Californians. Arizona, Utah and Texas
  2. So I just received my season ticket renewal. Prices increased by over 20% as I’m now required to make a donation to the Crimson Club and stadium expansion. If we don’t renew, we lose our season tickets. Does that sound right? Told on the same letter that there may not be fans in the stadium. Hearing now that we may be playing all teams this season with an 11 game schedule. This entire year is weird. Can we just past forward to 2021?
  3. Feel bad for Labor and Delivery nurses as they are the ER for sick, pregnant women.
  4. Against my better judgement, I’m choosing OSU over ASU.
  5. I’m surprised USC went out of the Trojan bubble to hire an AD.
  6. I recently read an article on college football traditions. Some of the best came from the PAC 12. Cal has a hill above the stadium that is a pile of dirt known as Tight Wad Hill for students and fans that can’t afford to purchase a ticket. Apparently it has great views. Sailgating at Washington Stadium looks like the bomb. Stanford has a band that plays songs to mock others school’s “social injustices” or at least through the eyes of Stanford students. Oregon uniforms Ralphie’s run Utah’s Block U Bear Down WSU has a flag bearer at every ESPN Game Day.
  7. Crazy week in this silly league.
  8. As you don't know a single person that started with pot and moved on to harder drugs means it didn't happen? You are a true idiot in every sense of the word. I have a family member that fits that description. I donate parts of my profits to drug prevention and work with groups that fit that description. I speak at Indian reservations, juvenile centers and most fit this bill. Alcohol falls into the same realm but for you to blather (as you usually do in most posts) as if you have any clue regarding this subject is laughable. Just shut up for once!
  9. It could start with anything that temporarily relieves pain. I do know that meth users use other drugs before using meth. We also find many meth homes with grow rooms. Meth by day (many contractors and truck drivers) and calm down with some weed.
  10. I own two companies; one that cleans meth contaminated properties and another that trains companies how to do this work along with products that pull meth out of the surfaces. I see the devastation of properties and individuals along with their families. Nobody starts with meth. They start with pot, move to pain killers and harder drugs like heroin. Once they try meth, they wonder why they hadn't used it before as it creates euphoric feelings and the user chases the "high" the rest of their life. Meth is the bottom of the barrel.
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