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  1. I have not posted in weeks after our embarrassing loss to Oregon. I’m seeing some big time recruits heading to Utah and a few more big names on the way, I see a brighter future for Utah. We have the best coaches for developing 3 star athletes. We are now picking up 4 star guys. I imagine this trend will continue and the development will progress even higher. Back to drinking.
  2. Oregon fans not here at all. Lame. A lot more Utah fans.
  3. This is a huge loss. ESPN reporting that he was fed up with the stress and was treated poorly by fans after bad losses. It’s what he signed up for. I’m certain he has enough $ to walk away.
  4. The two best teams are in this race. Oregon didn’t look great the past two weeks and Utah did not play sharp yesterday. Get your tix. We will see you there. We are trying to surpass the biggest attendance mark for this game. It is 50,511. I know that if this game was in Vegas, Utah would have over 40,000 in attendance by themselves. Go Utes!
  5. Just got home. Can’t feel my toes. We didn’t play well. Colorado actually showed some fight and did play better than I thought they would.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/KirkHerbstreit/status/1199457815141797888 Watch video. At least we’re in the conversation.
  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if you married your sister. There will be no letdown next week.
  8. Arizona is a horrible program.
  9. Well fuck you Oregon. Single handedly eliminated 2 teams from consideration.
  10. Um, two fan bases are not happy. Not doing any of a favor.
  11. Oregon giving ASU confidence.
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