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  1. I've done that a couple of times and was always astounded at how much I missed.
  2. ...or Jon Snow.
  3. Ahh yes, like Jon Edwards or Strom Thurmond.
  4. ooooookay now I remember the flashback scene with the young Ned. I completely missed the dialogue between Sam & Gilly regarding bastards, targaryens and starks, oh my.
  5. What's a "love child" as compared to any other child?
  6. Washington state exposes Clownshoe Sessions' lies about cannabis.
  7. From what I've heard it's less that millennials are bringing money in as it is the older generations....who are pricing millennials OUT.
  8. My son was born in June and we're redshirting him. This reinforces my decision. I was born in July and graduated at 17. Was always one of the smallest kids, and felt behind in all other ways, too. Didn't affect me as much later on, but....
  9. Never have i been so fucking confused and interested at the same time. So, to sum up, Jon Snow in the books is a rightful heir, and NOT Nedard's son to some other lady? But in the show...he is? Or was there a scene somewhere that I should've paid attention to that would suggest there will be a reveal later? Please help. I'm losing my mind with this show.
  10. I'm a sucker for that shit. Love it.
  11. My HS girlfriend, oddly enough, kept a resume I typed up when I was 19 years old. She sent it to me for my birthday the other day, along with other stuff she kept from when we dated. She's now married to a transgender man (insert dumb joke from Don). I, too, have my SS card from probably age 8 or so.
  12. lol @ Riley knowing who Kendrick Lamar is.
  13. Rat

    Possum game may have been the most fun I'd ever had at a football game. Were you on the field for that one? It was 2000, so maybe on the sidelines. I wasn't at the Cal game when we clinched the .500 season. I had transferred to UO by then. Naturally, when Oregon State gets good, it's a direct result of me leaving campus. Have you slimmed down alot during your post-playing years? Having a kid made me want to kick my fitness into overdrive so I can keep up, and stick around longer. Some of the most fearsome middle-aged "athletes" I've met were huge linemen in their playing days. Also, I've always heard O-linemen are the most vulnerable to concussion symptoms throughout life due to the constant jostling at the line every play (compared to a WR only really getting his bell rung maybe once or twice a week). Have you been lucky enough to escape that?
  14. Precisely. For some bizarre reason, the anti-pot religious zealots are hanging very desperately to any last remaining thread to justify the most pointless drug-prohibition effort in human history. Hell, the DEA still schedules Hemp and CBD oils as schedule 1 narcotics. That's right, the shit derived from a hippie's sweater is deemed more dangerous than meth by the federal government, theoretically justification for 10-20 years in federal prison, not to mention billions in outlays for law enforcement costs, prison costs, post-prison supervision costs, and unfathomable human costs in lost productivity, freedom, etc. It's a civil rights travesty. But the prohibitionists have used prohibition to limit data, so they can say "see? You can't prove it makes AIDS patients feel better ALL THE TIME." I find the pot prohibitionists to be, by far, the dumbest people in any debate, ever....with the possible exception of the people arguing against evolution. I used to think the advocates of prohibition had the burden of proof. Apparently they don't. They can ban something for political expediency, and force others to prove why they're wrong.
  15. effective at treating nerve pain.