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  1. It’s worse than I thought. fuck, it’s always worse than I think. https://twitter.com/rgoodlaw/status/1288444241765707781?s=21
  2. More to the point, this cements the conclusion that the GOP is the party of lying, partisan hacks, and the Democrats are the party of integrity. It's obvious now.
  3. Orange

    The Flu

    Was your dead wife barren, or did she just know you'd be a batshit terrible father?
  4. Orange

    The Flu

    Republicans want to demand that Americans go back to work when public health (and the economy) can ONLY improve if they stay home. But sure, bitch and whine about cannabis, twat.
  5. Orange

    The Flu

    Florida breaks single-day death record.  Again. Florida reported a record increase in new COVID-19 deaths for a fourth day in a row on Friday, with 257 fatalities, according to the state health department. ... Mississippi also reported a record increase in deaths on Friday, with fatalities rising by 52. That was a record rise for the state for the second day in a row.
  6. Orange

    The Flu

    "kIdS aRe maKinG tHe pAndEmIc woRsE"
  7. Republicans hate democracy.
  8. Funny how that works. Evict the instigators, and violence decreases.
  9. Orange

    The Flu

    Do you smell your own farts, too? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html#states Top 12 worst COVID states: Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arizona, Tennessee, Nevada, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas and Idaho. NOTORIOUS for being home to liberal kids.
  10. Somehow, Don is to the right of a Trump voter who had no problem with trump blackmailing geopolitical allies.
  11. Orange

    The Flu

    It won't. Too much of our country is just straight-up brainwashed by the right-wing cult.
  12. Orange

    The Flu

    Nah, I prefer this one:
  13. What fucking resources does Don expect them to have? There's no infrastructure for mail-in voting in the vast majority of states!
  14. Oh, I see, you'll attempt the "it's not that bad" approach. 2016: "It's not that bad, he asked for Russian help, but he was only kidding." 2017: "It's not that bad, he only sided with Nazis at a civil rights march. 2018: "It's not that bad, he only stood next to Vladimir Putin and told the world he believed Putin over his own CIA about Russian interference" 2019: "It's not that bad, he only withheld military aide to an ally fighting an American enemy for a little while" 2020: "It's not that bad, only 150,000 (and counting) have died due to his rote incompetence and dearth of leadership." 2020 again: "It's not that bad, he ignored Putin paying bounties on U.S. Troops but that's because he didn't believe our own CIA (again)." 2020 again: "It's not that bad, sure he floated delaying the election, but it's only because he thinks the pandemic is too serious to vote (but not too serious for schools to open nationwide)". 2021: "It's not that bad, he has good reason to not leave the White House because Biden's 50,000-vote win in Florida is debatable...." When does it fucking end with you assholes? Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, yes, but it resides in his supporters (including you), who will literally justify ANYTHING this idiot does, no matter how much it permanently damages our democracy. But I'm sure if Obama had, say, fellated Putin in public the way Trump does, you'd completely justify it the way you justify Trump's behavior. Fuck you, motherfucker.
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