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  1. I think, at this point, what would wake them up is trump NOT being a nativist bigot. That's the red line.
  2. It's 2019, a president told a CONGRESSWOMAN to "go back to Africa", and we still have an entire political party that is refusing to call it racist. Just another reminder, it's 2019.
  3. If you didn't already think ICE was basically a terrorist organization funded by the U.S., this podcast will convince you: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/673/left-behind/act-one-4
  4. FIFY Also, what's your "favorite" search engine exactly? Ask Jeeves?
  5. That's literally a video of a trump supporter speaking and denying trump's own words.
  6. Just for a frame of reference, people on the MWC board LOVE @Jalapeno. Yeah.
  7. I'm not getting any dates from that forum.
  8. Oh, so now the polls matter to Trumpinistas? We have one of the strongest economies in recent memory and the best he can eke out is 44%.
  9. Do YOU have any idea what you're saying here?
  10. Orange


    You are the weirdest motherfucker EVER.
  11. Orange


    Why all the snarky responses? Do you REALLY think black people have the same view of American history we do?
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