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  1. Cool Space Stuff Thread

    My teachers would try to pronounce it "UR-anus" to avoid giggles. How does that make it better?
  2. People who are cold in the office and, instead of putting on a sweater, crank the thermostat to 75 need to be killed. She's also chomping her gum loud enough to be heard over my pandora station, and from 20 feet away. And people call office mass-shootings senseless....
  3. Texas hates In N out. No one in Oregon goes to Chik Fil A. Smells politically motivated to me, frankly. Similar to maps that claim Trump won all but 50 counties or something.
  4. oregon @ ucla

    That might've been as disappointed as I've ever been after watching a sporting event. We had the Rose Bowl in the bag.
  5. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    Sure. I also could see Gary Anderson winning. I don't know jack shit about coaches, apparently.
  6. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    I'm partial either to Mendenhall or Beau Baldwin. Jonathon Smith doesn't excite me terribly. I thought he was overrated as a QB, and I don't know enough about him as a coach. It seems to me that a high-energy, fired-up coach is critical to winning, and I don't get that vibe from JS.
  7. mlb 2017

    After the magic of 88, Gibby's walk-off, Orel's scoreless inning streak, and reading "Out of the Blue" by Hershiser, I became a fan. Then 28 years happened, and I stopped being a fan. I'm worried if I take my dodger blue out of the back of the closet and put it back on, I'm basically clinching the World Series for the Yankees.
  8. CU @ WSU

    What about being outcoached by Dan Hawkins? Is that bad? Also, wouldn't it suck to be outcoached by Dan Hawkins? I'll take "jalapeno's alt" for $1,000, Alex.
  9. CU @ WSU

    Your only win against OU since 1999. You gonna milk that one for a 3rd post?
  10. I remember in 2001 and 2005, when the Beavs were constantly shitting the bed, and I could only be aware of it with score crawls on ESPN, or a shitty radio signal. Now I get to watch it. Thank you, Pac-12 Network. I think.
  11. Uh, bullshit. Everyone knows exactly what you were saying. If you meant something different, that's on you for your abject failure to communicate. But what's really happening here is you're self-correcting.
  12. UCLA @ Arizona

    I'm sure it has nothing to do with a certain skin hue that most of the players have in common, and that most of the head coaches do not.
  13. CU @ WSU

    Yeah, congrats, you guys held OSU to its second highest point total all season (the highest being exactly 2 more points against Portland fucking State).
  14. CU @ WSU

    7 billion, you moron.
  15. I think jalapeno was actually making the argument we don't televise ENOUGH of that shit.