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  1. Could USC leave the Pac-12?

  2. 2018 MLB Thread

    That's an awfully crowded and pricy outfield in NY. I wonder if Ellsbury will waive his no-trade clause in order to get to play somewhere that actually wants to pay for him.
  3. NFL Thread

    I completely forgot Keenan Allen was a Cal alum. Damn, you guys had some killer athletes. I had always been most scared of Jhavid Best when he was at Cal. ...and then most scared FOR him when he had that nasty concussion against the Beavs.
  4. LMAO, you're TRYING SO HARD to get under my skin. Don't you have some "girls" to buy coffee from, you creepy old fuck? Don's new motto: #HeritageNotHate!
  5. THAT'S your minimum requirement to racism? Actually calling someone the N-word? I'm literally at a loss for words right now. Anyway, yes, the mother is a racist. If you waive a confederate flag for any other reason than to burn it, you're a racist. Period. Also, tweets from the sister had to be deleted once black athletes came to Keaton's aid, but not before they were screencapped:
  6. Well what sort of flag WOULD they need to waive to prove they're racist? Would the aryan brotherhood flag do it? I mean, if the flag that singularly represents slavery doesn't. The woman also had a private message session with a UFC fighter wherein she said "us whites need to stick together". STILL not racist? Hmmm...okay, well the father of Keaton (meaning the man the woman chose to procreate with) is a white supremacist who is serving time in a Tennessee jail. How bout now? Any chance she could be convicted of racism yet? IS ANYONE RACIST IN YOUR MIND (aside from those horrible black people who kneel)? Ahh yes, the misogyny play you always use when you've forgotten your past threads here, including your desire to refer to coffee baristas as "girls" regardless of their status as women, and how you creepily hit on them like a less ballsy Roy Moore.
  7. non-conference games

    Despite Tres Tinkle apparently having money on Jacksonville St., the Beavs' defense really came up huge in the end to win what shouldn't have been a close game. 5 wins in a row and counting...
  8. NFL Thread

    That's gotta be almost entirely Goff and Lynch, right?
  9. Annual ‘Who’s Eligible to Leave’ Thread

    http://www.oregonlive.com/beavers/index.ssf/2017/12/jonathan_smith_staying_in_touc.html Glad to see Smith is keeping in touch with the best skill player on the team. I'm conflicted. I want Nall to keep playing for Oregon State, but I also think, personally, the kid deserves to play behind a better line, and for a better defense. He's an amazing athlete; McCaffrey-like ability to run away from the defense and bowl through the offensive line for 4 yards when it looks like he's going down in the backfield.
  10. So....you DON't think people who waive the confederate flag are racist? I do. You DON'T think people who call black people the N-word are racist? I do. None of this is to decry efforts to reach out to Keaton or to use the video as a teaching tool. It's just too bad that the mother is a rank bully herself. Here's the thing about bullying: The victims of bullying frequently become bullies themselves, and bullies are often in the most need of psychological help (exhibit A: our 45th president).
  11. Funny story about that... ...the mother is a vile racist, and the boy may have been bullied for using the N-word with classmates. Sort of ironic that a shitbag Trump supporter makes a video decrying bullying, and liberals are still there to support her son. They could start by removing him from her custody, because he has no hope of becoming a decent human being if she continues to be the guiding light in his life. https://www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/controversy-surrounding-mom-of-bullied-boy?utm_term=.abL83VV3JK#.ntNyVqqVQZ
  12. Game of Thrones/TV thread

    Punisher is boring me. I'm only on the third episode. Does it get better? Godless is promising. I'm 1.33 episodes in and fully enjoying it thus far. Walking Dead took a turn for the better in its mid-season finale. We'll see how it cruises to the finish. I feel like this should be the last season, perhaps with the mysterious helicopter Rick saw a couple episodes back cruising in during the final episode, landing, and declaring an end to the apocalypse. Like, maybe they found a cure, and NYC is back online and cleared out, and the powers that be are trying to get word out. Perhaps they see all these lunatics fighting it out with the funny-talking trash people, and the hilltop, and barbed-wire baseball bats and Rick's beard, and they ask "Good GOD, what have you done?!" Sorta like Lord of the Flies. That'd be awesome.
  13. I finally got him to dispense with his veneer of David-Brooksish republicanism and use the term "libtard." NOW we're seeing the real Don.
  14. All America Lists

    Probably for the best. They've avoided that Heisman curse.