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  1. Cal/OSU ending looked like some of the 5th grade games I've coached.
  2. And it's a smokescreen to deflect talk away from any sort of gun control at all. "How the fuck yooo gonna regulate mah gunz when ya never fired one, and dun't know sheeeit about 'em?!" I dunno, how you gonna regulate a uterus?
  3. Orange

    2019-20 NBA

    For the same reason we can watch a Temple football game on ESPN at 3 pm on a Fall Saturday, I guess. #EastCoastBias
  4. But I thought this was the tRuMp vacCinE
  5. Just a few bad apples, right?
  6. Orange

    Wall Street

    And we can blame capitalism for it. It's not "having the latest and greatest things." Even compared to inflation, health care costs have exploded from $400B to 3.8$T (in constant, 2019 dollars) since 1970. Education has outpaced inflation, increasing in cost by 25% over 10 years (again, in constant, inflation-adjusted dollars). We used to end WW2 vets and most other middle-income students to school for free with pell grants, GI Bill, etc. Then states slashed those programs (especially the south, after civil rights; for the same reason they preferred to fill in their public pools wi
  7. Orange

    2020 MLB

    Anyone read about how Fernando Tatis Jr. will owe $34 million to "Big League Advance" because they gave him about $250k when he was a minor leaguer in exchange for a hypothetical cut of his big-league salary? Ouch. Talk about payday loans.
  8. Why isn't he chucking paper towels at them and insulting them while they suffer? Joe Biden doesn't know a goddamned thing about presidenting.
  9. So how was Arkansas so clairvoyant? Here's the thing about government; when times are good, you resent it, and think it should go away. When emergencies happen, suddenly you wonder why there was no one planning for the safety of its citizens. Ever heard of insurance? Same principle.
  10. And someone bought my house in Oregon for $20k above asking price. I guess people like blue states after all.
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