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  1. Democrats grab boobs, and they tearfully resign. GOP politicians are caught stealing money and committing felonies, they don't have any shame whatsoever: https://www.yahoo.com/news/congressman-duncan-hunter-taxpayer-funded-paycheck-after-pleading-guilty-234034733.html?fr=yset_chr_syc_hp
  2. Orange


    high school and college kids are not singularly targeted for money by international hucksters, dumbass. Seniors are. And this is for the simple reason that human beings' brains are deteriorating, and therefore credulity straining, as we age.
  3. Orange

    The Ekonomee

    They earn a good salary -- if that's what you're driving at here -- not just because of the quite exhausting work involved with being a congressional rep (say what you will about anyone in congress, you usually aren't a lazy person if you got there), but because we don't need people in congress to be more vulnerable to bribery than they already are. Matter of fact, we should probably prohibit all campaign contributions, make elections a publicly funded affair, and double their salary, if we want to get serious about having a Congress that actually represents us.
  4. You are so incredibly fucking stupid. Trump STILL uses a private cell phone to do business as President. Ivanka and Jared used a private fucking server. What's more, full investigations in the FBI and the Congress (headed by Republicans, both) investigated her EXHAUSTIVELY and came up fucking empty. Shut up. Seriously, just shut the fuck up, you fucking idiot.
  5. Orange

    The Biden Thread

    Seriously. You don't know how to spell "trial"????
  6. They won't censure or remove him. They'll acquit. Anything less, and they'd be spat upon as libtards by the slackjawed mumbleoids in their district who've been fed "witch hunt" propaganda by Fox News for 23 years. I have zero faith in any of our democratic institutions anymore. Not the judiciary, not elections, not even the legislative branch. It's irretrievably broken. And make no mistake, the GOP was the chief architect in breaking it. Because they know that in the ashes, their benefactors (rich, white, male, powerful) will do just fine.
  7. Orange

    The Ekonomee

    I wish, above all, McConnell would die of a staph infection. Like, today. That dude would be evil personified if I believed in evil.
  8. Bible verses and Christ shout-outs in EVERY athlete's IG bio. Fuck's sake, you're a teenager playing football, not a pastor. Shut the fuck up.
  9. Why are you trumpeting this as an "i told you so" thread, fuckstick? This question is far from answered.
  10. Orange

    Week 4

    Not really, considering they didn't lose to aTm. But now we understand your definition of "nailed it". I.e., "didn't nail it."
  11. Orange

    Ok Boomer thread

    He was exactly who I thought of, too. Right down to hollering about how great Texas is. Dude's probably 5'3" and bald.
  12. Orange

    The Ekonomee

    A House committee passed a pro-legalization bill for marijuana. The Farm Bill legalized hemp. Congress (at last the House) is very much alive and working toward other issues. And it's critical, considering the president does absolutely nothing except issue tweet threats and tantrums, all day every day.
  13. Again, I can only assume you don't know how to spell "trial."
  14. Orange


    All of Trump's and @PapaG's fever-dream conspiracies are totally debunked by the FBI report on the origins of the Russia investigation. Still, Barr presses on, as if he's colleagues with Rudy G as in-house counsel for Donald Trump. https://www.thedailybeast.com/bill-barr-exposed-as-horowitz-report-dismisses-trumps-conspiracies-and-clears-trumps-enemies?source=articles&via=rss Horowitz squashed a thousand conspiracy theories about the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane that have been lovingly cultivated by the president and his defenders. The IG’s main finding was that the inquiry started “in compliance with Department and FBI policies with no political bias,” but rather with “an authorized investigative purpose.” It did not rely on materials from the infamous Christopher Steele dossier until after the investigation had already been opened. It relied on information about George Papadopoulos, aka coffee boy, received from Australia. There were procedural issues with the application and updates for the FISA warrant, which the FBI will correct. No information derived from the warrant was used. A low-level agent who didn’t follow procedures is gone. And there was no spying on the Trump campaign. Of interest to tabloid readers, the report also notes, in passing, a friendly relationship between Steele and Ivanka Trump. We have no president. We have no Justice Department. What a tragedy for American democracy this is.
  15. Orange

    Ok Boomer thread

    Do NOT mess with this guy. He "bang[s his] wife an animal."
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