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  1. Just scrap the fucking season. A vaccine is coming, 2021 will be better, medical-redshirts all around.
  2. Why is Ted Cruz even a thing?
  3. Who should be more embarrassed, 45 for retweeting Randy Quaid, or Randy Quaid for getting retweeted by 45? I had no idea Cousin Eddie wasn't acting...
  4. "NFL Chip Kelly" is much better than I thought he'd be...
  5. Compared to literally every other conference in the country, we do. The SEC doesn't even bother to divulge positive tests and just plays everyone.
  6. This HAD to happen. Now for the runoffs....
  7. Orange

    The Flu

    We really don't give a shit how many we kill? Is that it?
  8. They really do call plays from the "accuse them of that which we're doing" playbook consistently.
  9. A girl who videoed him in the restaurant was fired from her job for taking the video. That's the country we live in, actively making heroes out of villains, and vice versa.
  10. On the flipside, the rest of the nation is FAR worse in terms of dead COVID patients, so I'd call that a win. I'd rather we not be the SEC since they don't give a fuck about killing people in their footprint.
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