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  1. What makes you say that? I've not seen a peep from Joe about this. As recently as November he was implying it's a gateway drug.
  2. He seems nice. https://tuckbot.tv/#/watch/gwdvup
  3. Orange

    2019 NFL

    mY grAndPas fOuGht iN woRlD wAr 2 Dude, whose didn't? Stop being an idiot, Drew.
  4. Jan. 21st, it starts. But the real problem will be fixing this country from the mess he made. Not unlike when my son has a messy snack and I inherit the dining room table.
  5. Orange

    2020 Season

    Do coaches, administrators and fans think they can just wish this pandemic away? This is all so fucking stupid, and borderline suicidal.
  6. Orange

    2019 NFL

    Dan Snyder has some serious cajones to try this shit.
  7. Authoritarianism is here, and it won't go away for a long time. People should be scared. The cops right now are the worst they've ever been in my lifetime.
  8. Nice, I'll have to check that out. Rockridge Park is a brand new Bend Metro Park & Rec creation in NE Bend, and my kids and I have been tearing that thing up like crazy. We also spun through Juniper Ridge which requires some pre-flight check to discuss the 500-strong homeless population out there that is essentially developing a stratified community. It's wild, and it's going to make for a very difficult problem to solve when they try to get to the point of developing it.
  9. The police are instigating this violence. Period.
  10. I keep asking people who are religious....are you really falling for this shit? They can't be. ....right? This is the most naked example of soulless pandering I can imagine. Teargassing peaceful protesters for a photo op where you pretend to be godly?
  11. I bought a new mountain bike about a month ago (29er), and also taught my 7 year old to ride for the first time. It's been like a throwback to the mid 80s when I bicycled everywhere for any reason. We've hit up some tamer MTB trails in Bend (Deschutes River Trail, Shevlin, our local park's intermediate stuff, etc.). That's been helpful. Running 3-4 miles per day, 5 days per week is helpful, too. On the flipside, I'm beginning to think weed and coffee is exacerbating my anxiety. But I'm not prepared to do anything about it, because those might be my two favorite substances on earth.
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