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  1. City of God is a must-see in my opinion. Probably the most notorious on my list of never-seen is either North By Northwest, or Aliens or Rear Window (original Hitchcock). Couldn't make it through Chicago or the Artist, and I never will.
  2. One more win and we're in the championship series. It's really hard to see this team losing 2 in a row to anybody.
  3. Roger Stone is among those who cast his lot in with the architects of the war on drugs under Nixon, and now is among the leading activists driving full legalization of hemp and cannabis. It crosses a lot of ideological lines.
  4. I've never read that someone aged 25 (much less 28) could see a change in brain structure or function from marijuana use. I could be wrong tho. The minimum age range is 21 or over in Oregon. The problem with UAs for marijuana is that it could snag somebody who was never, ever, under the influence of THC while on the job. Regular pot users will piss a positive UA for up to three weeks (obviously not the case with alcohol). That's simply not fair to people who use it as medicine. Absent evidence of impairment on the job, those tests should be banned. Will they? Who knows.
  5. I'll defer to you, I've never dabbed. Cool dance craze? (like I said, becoming an expert). My expertise in the law and business side of things is increasing much faster than actual use.
  6. Utah legalized hemp for therapeutic use (non-psychoactive substance in the marijuana plant). Basically, if you have CBD oils for your epilepsy, you can avoid being arrested. But you're right they're certainly not as progressive as any other Pac-12 state.
  7. I believe he was charged as an adult in Washington.
  8. Well anything with the current government is headed exactly backwards. They have no respect for science/innovation/forward thinking policies of any kind, and that includes crime and punishment and criminal psychology. Hopefully, after this atrocity of a presidency outrages enough people, our country will invest more in preventing crime through science, reason, compassion and critical thinking, rather than just upping the budget for private prisons and pitchforks.
  9. Outta the shadows, baby. I know some of you are smokers, even if you won't admit it, and all of the Pac-12 states have legalized marijuana medically, to some degree. Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado all will have recreational marijuana in 2018. The vast majority of people in the U.S. favor decriminalization at minimum, and legal recreational use is favored by 60%. This is a boom waiting to happen. One of the things I'm learning in the industry is that the venture capitalists -- despite the risks of RICO prosecutions and the banking complications and the restrictions on vertical integration for a single owner -- are POURING millions into this. It will be the next great economic boom of the 21st century. Anyone with misconceptions about marijuana oughta get set right, or find themselves stuck in the past. As for the plant itself, and its use, it does not cause people to go crazy (Don, that's for you), it doesn't cause ill health effects for the most part (some heavy users could see lung issues, long term, but nothing on the level with cigarettes), and it has a seemingly endless list of therapeutic effects for arthritis sufferers, anxiety sufferers, people undergoing chemo, people with appetite issues, etc. It's also been proven to be a tool against the opioid epidemic, not a factor exacerbating that epidemic. Got questions? Want to know the difference between hemp and cannabis, CBD and THC? Ask here. Interested in trying marijuana but have some nagging doubts? Ask away. I'm officially becoming an expert on this issue. (Emphasis on "becoming") Support Jeff Sessions' insistence that we ramp up the war on drugs and destroy an already-billion-dollar industry in multiple states? Perhaps you need to be educated.
  10. I have no clue how a young man rehabilitates himself in the eyes of the public for something like this. He was 13-15 when he committed this crime. As serious as it was, if he has indeed been successfully counseled and is no longer a threat to public safety, he deserves a life. And yes, the victim does, too. And she deserves more resources to help her get there. She doesn't deserve to be ostracized by her family. What I've read, however, is that her mother states that she doesn't remember much of the abuse. I realize that doesn't mitigate the crime, but it does inform the circumstances. Would it be something that she's suppressed, and could affect her, long term? Maybe. I'm not a child psychologist. What I've read is that the reactions from abuse range from "meh, I'll move on" to the child's ability to form normal relationships being irreparably damaged. Seems like the kind of thing that needs more attention and needs to be de-stigmatized on BOTH sides: the victim, and the offender. Both will still be sharing society with us.
  11. Worst NBA playoffs ever? Did we have even one good game?
  12. Pussy's a helluva drug.
  13. I didn't say they're the only hot chicks on the planet. Jesus.
  14. lol @ the poll still being open. Warriors in 5, I called it!
  15. Fuck that, Utah mormon chicks are hot AF. This is coming from a rabid atheist.