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    No one was better at taking a 30-second joke and making it 11 minutes. And making it funny the entire time.
  2. Orange

    Week 3

    You can subscribe to it on any cable package, just like ESPN or SEC network, dumbass.
  3. When are we going to realize that this is just football culture? If we don't want bad shit hitting the news during football season (sexual assault, domestic abuse, hazing, bullying), we probably need to just end football. None of this shit is going to get better as long as meatheads coach football. Even in Oregon, where lefty libs rule the roost, HS and middle school football coaches are assholes. Just imagine the 12-year-olds learning from some Mississippi knuckledragger like @HLB.
  4. Orange


    Norm was a comic's comic. This shit made me laugh SO hard.
  5. He's probably sick of his 200-acre farm with a McMansion, and wants to get a studio apt in LA for the same price.
  6. He also keeps repeating the trope that the SEC plays tougher opponents OOC, when another poster did a deep dive and proved him wrong by way of %. AND HE STILL REPEATS IT. This is who Trump won. Mouthbreathers not being stomped on. We're doing the lord's work.
  7. No, it's not a "small, irrelevant error." You said we were the Pac-12 starting in 2010, and you said it in the context of a discussion about scheduling opponents. We were the Pac-10 during the 2010 season. Christ, it wasn't until this week you learned that we have 12 teams, now you're suddenly an authority on when that started? Holy shit, you'd be entertaining if you weren't so dangerous (I can see you spouting anti-vaccine nonsense elsewhere on the internet, or in real life).
  8. There are no SEC teams in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Atlanta, New Orleans or Charlotte. None. You have one town that's REMOTELY comparable to a west-coast city in terms of entertainment and that has an SEC school in town. That's Nashville. And Vandy can't seem to draw more than about 70% each game.
  9. Terribly, dipshit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Pacific-10_Conference_football_season 2010 Pacific-10 Conference football standings v t e Conf Overall Team W L W L No. 3 Oregon $ 9 – 0 12 – 1 No. 4 Stanford % 8 – 1 12 – 1 USC † 5 – 4 8 – 5 Washington 5 – 4 7 – 6 Arizona 4 – 5 7 – 6 Arizona State 4 – 5 6 – 6 Oregon State 4 – 5 5 – 7 California 3 – 6 5 – 7 UCLA 2 – 7 4 – 8 Washington State 1 – 8 2 – 10
  10. You're not gonna believe this, guys, but HLB is full of shit again! https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/vanderbilt-football/home-attendance-wrap-vanderbilt/ Still, the team’s struggles brought little fanfare as the Commodores finished last in the SEC in attendance. Vanderbilt averaged 34,258 fans per game and had a total of 274,063 for the 2014 season. Also, LOL @ thinking Keith Urban and ZZ-top are draws. Portland, San Fran, and LA call that a wednesday afternoon. Hell, Bend Oregon gets Dave Mathews Band and Modest Mouse.
  11. At this point do you have a software program or algorithm? Excel spreadsheet? I'd fail miserably at this math in my head.
  12. Is this the year of the Pac 12 South renaissance?
  13. Wrong as usual. It was 2011. Not one word of that "study" mentions road trips. IN fact, it singles out "voluntary" practices and limitations on practice hours as "the most appealing" reform. Again, you're never right about anything. Ever.
  14. Are you EVER right about anything? https://www.al.com/alabamafootball/2020/07/alabama-fan-harvey-updyke-poisoner-of-auburn-trees-dead-at-71.html Harvey Updyke became a household name among Alabama sports fans in 2011 when he called into the Paul Finebaum radio show claiming to have poisoned Auburn’s iconic trees after the Tigers’ win in the Iron Bowl the previous November. “Let me tell you what I did,” Updyke told Finebaum on live radio. “The weekend after the Iron Bowl, I went to Auburn because I lived 30 miles away, and I poisoned the two Toomer’s trees. I put Spike 80DF in ‘em. They’re not dead yet, but they definitely will die.” Do you know what a plural word looks like? It looks like that, dipshit. I didn't even read the rest of your tired tripe since you can't get the simplest fact correct. First you think the Pac 12 has 10 teams, now you don't know that "trees" means more than one. Just shut the fuck up and troll somewhere else, asshole.
  15. Absolutely. Take it over to the politics forum and I will. PS: Trump had a nice 9/11, spending the day shitting on gold star families and doing commentary for a lazy boxing match.
  16. It's really not like @HLB to have his facts completely wrong like this!
  17. What kind of babbling nonsense is this? Urban's winning pct is .854 as a college coach. In what fucking universe is his greatness a "myth"?
  18. Orange

    Week 2

    And Seattle, Portland, San Fran and LA have clean air, incredible views, amazing weather, no tornados, no hurricanes, and metropolitan downtown districts. I've been to Orlando. It's a shitshow. A white trash zoo. Disney World is a vacation for people who don't know how to vacation. Haven't been to Tampa. Heard great things. 🙄 https://www.tampabay.com/opinion/2021/03/10/it-shouldnt-be-so-dangerous-to-walk-in-florida-or-tampa-bay-editorial/ Oh look who tops the list!
  19. How many fucking punching bags does the SEC have? McNeese, Mercer, SE Missouri? And that's just this year, and that's just the Ms!
  20. Orange

    Week 3

    Or the one I'd want to live in.
  21. Orange

    Week 3

    Spoken like definitely not a Beaver fan. We'll be 2-2 at BEST. No way, no how we win in LA. We haven't won there since the Eisenhower administration.
  22. Correct. Every MAGA head is a complete dipshit, and thus a troll. This is accepted fact in every rational mind.
  23. Orange

    Week 3

    A little part of you has to be rooting for the Cougs this weekend. Utah walking into a buzzsaw against the Aztecs. Glad Aztec****** isn't around. If Oregon State goes to 2-1, take a photo. Might be the last winning record we have for another 10 years. It would be just like UCLA to lose to Fresneck. If Stanford loses to Vanderbilt, we should kick them out. Yes, Oregon State loses to bad OOC opponents constantly, but at least we don't make a habit out of then beating Pac-12 frontrunners the following week. N. Az has lost their first two games by an average of 26.5 points. And yet the game in Tucson might be a barnburner. All in all, this is an incredibly snore-worthy week of Pac-12 football.
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