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  1. Annual ‘Who’s Eligible to Leave’ Thread

    I'll go ahead and sound off on the Stanford seniors/early draft declarations (from the starting two-deep): Seniors: * FB Daniel Marx - Starter * OG David Bright - Starter * DE Eric Cotton - Starter * OLB Peter Kalambayi - Starter * QB Ryan Burns - Backup * OLB Mike Tyler - Backup * ILB Kevin Palma - Backup Juniors not expected to return for their 4th/5th year: * OT Casey Tucker - 2016 Starter (redshirted this season) * QB Keller Chryst - Backup * OG Brandon Fanaika - Backup * CB Terrence Alexander - Backup * FS Denzel Franklin - Backup Juniors expected to declare of the NFL Draft: * RB Bryce Love - Starter * DT Harrison Phillips - Starter Juniors that may declare of the NFL Draft: * TE Dalton Schultz - Starter * ILB Bobby Okereke - Starter * CB Quenton Meeks - Starter * SS Justin Reid - Starter
  2. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    That would be Keller Chryst, our former starter who got benched. He was subpar at best and looked absolutely abysmal against the Beavers. Costello has been a huge upgrade.
  3. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Do they though? Costello had a rough outing in his first road game against Wazzu but otherwise he's improved every week. The last two weeks against Notre Dame and USC, he's gone 22/44 for 368 yards, 6 TDs and 0 INTs (165.3 passer rating). While I wouldn't say he's one of the top quarterbacks in the Pac-12, his improvement since taking over as a starter is one of my biggest reasons for optimism regarding our bowl game and our offense as a whole next year.
  4. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Great, and I mean GREAT, set of matchups for the Pac-12. Let's review: USC vs. Ohio State - Not a bad consolation prize for falling short of the Playoffs. USC, the Pac-12 champ, faces off against Ohio State, the Big Ten champ, in what many will consider the Rose Bowl lite. Trojans fans are thrilled Washington vs. Penn State - Washington spent the majority of the last few weeks figuring they were out of the NY6 entirely. Instead, they draw a high profile opponent in the Fiesta Bowl. Huskies fans are thrilled Stanford vs. TCU - Heading into the Washington game at 6-3, I figured Stanford would be lucky to get back to the Sun Bowl. While falling just short of a Pac-12 championship stings, the better team won that day and I'm just happy to have landed in the best non-NY6 matchup this bowl season. Stanford fans are thrilled Washington State vs. Michigan State - Not did the Cougs avoid a Foster Farms bowl against lowly Purdue but they managed to draw a highly ranked Michigan State team that should provide plenty of thrills. Washington State fans are thrilled Arizona vs. Purdue - The opponent may leave a lot to be desired but considering the abysmal preseason expectations, I have to imagine Arizona is more than pleased to be landing in a California bowl game. Arizona fans are thrilled Arizona State vs. NC State - After starting the season 1-2, I'm pretty sure even the Sun Devils left themselves for dead. To end up in a bowl game against a ranked opponent is a pretty special way to cap off an unexpected second half surge by the Devils. Arizona State fans are thrilled Oregon vs. Boise State - When Braxton Burmeister took over, it looked like the Ducks may miss out on a bowl game for the second consecutive season. Instead, they head to Sin City for a shot at revenge against a ranked Boise State squad. Oregon fans are thrilled UCLA vs. Kansas State - I can see UCLA fans not being all that excited about this one. The venue is second rate but the opponent provides a bit of intrigue. Nevertheless, with a once in a generation QB like Rosen, Bruins fans must be a bit disappointed to have not ended up in a higher profile bowl game Utah vs. West Virginia - After that ugly October losing streak, I wouldn't be surprised if Ute fans were just happy to be going bowling this season. Considering the Utes didn't even make the Pac-12 bowl cut, they could have wound up with a plenty worse opponent than West Virginia. Utah fans are thrilled
  5. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Just made the correction. Also, I've been hearing Utah vs. Texas in the Heart of Dallas. But that depends on if any of the higher seeded Big 12 bowls don't snatch up the Longhorns first.
  6. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Based on everything I've read this morning: COTTON: #8 USC (11-2) vs. #5 Ohio State (11-2) FIESTA: #11 Washington (10-2) vs. #9 Penn State (10-2) ALAMO: #13 Stanford (9-4) vs. #15 TCU (10-3) HOLIDAY: #18 Wazzu (9-3) vs. #16 Michigan State (9-3) FOSTER FARM: Arizona (7-5) vs. Iowa (7-5) SUN: Arizona State (7-5) vs. Louisville (8-4) VEGAS: Oregon (7-5) vs. #25 Boise State (10-3) CACTUS: UCLA (6-6) vs. Kansas State (7-5) HEART OF DALLAS: Utah (6-6) vs. Texas (6-6)
  7. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    I'm convinced that a TCU blowout would knock them down at least one spot and in this case that's all we would need. The results would most likely be: FIESTA: USC vs. Ohio State / Wisconsin COTTON: Washington vs. Penn State ALAMO: Stanford / Washington State vs. TCU HOLIDAY: Arizona State / Washington State vs. Michigan / Northwestern FOSTER FARM: Washington State / Arizona State vs. Iowa / Purdue SUN: Arizona vs. Louisville / NC State VEGAS: Oregon vs. Boise State / Fresno State CACTUS: UCLA vs. Kansas State / West Virginia HEART OF DALLAS: Utah vs. Texas / Texas Tech
  8. Pac-12 Championship

    Or at least not making it as easy as it was last time, where the game never really felt in doubt after midway through the 3rd quarter. Congrats, SCSCSC. Even in a loss, I can still appreciate everything this rivalry has given us the past ten years. There's been some great ones and I'm sure this one will rank right up there with the best of them. Your ability to make plays when the game mattered most and our inability to do the same in those situations were the difference last night. At the end of the day, however, I have zero problems with this loss- you guys were clearly the best team in the Pac-12 this season and that certainly was the case again last night. So congrats on your first championship in eight years and go make the best of it by kicking Ohio State/Wisconsin's ass in the Fiesta Bowl!
  9. Pac-12 Championship

    Seeing as how this game kicks off at 5pm tomorrow, I figured it was probably start a thread about it. In case anyone cared. My take on how this one's gonna go: Let's start with the bad- Stanford's coming into this game very banged up on the D-line and that's been a weakness for the Cardinal all year. Every single defensive unit is playing better than it did when they first played USC. But part of the turnaround on the D-line was due to Cotton stepping up and becoming a solid #2 guy next to Phillips. Without him (torn achilles against ND), we're down to Dylan Jackson (a late bloomer who has yet to bloom) and Jovan Swann (great quickness and motor but not seasoned enough to make much of an impact). When those guys inevitably get gassed, it's up to Mike Williams and Thomas Schaffer to pick up the slack. And that's when Stanford's in serious trouble. Offensively, I feel much better about Stanford's chances than I do defensively. Their O-line is so much more seasoned than it was down at the Coliseum and if Walker Little is healthy and ready to go, they've got a semi-elite left tackle who wasn't even starting the first time around. On top of that, Bryce Love is about as healthy as he's been since injuring his ankle in October and still has the necessary speed to burn defenses. And then there's Costello. Can't say enough about this guy. But what I will say is these are the types of games this kid gets up for. Throw in the fact that there's a personal storyline for him in this contest (grew up rooting for the Trojans, didn't get a crack at them the first time around) and we may very well see an even better performance out of him than what we saw against Notre Dame. To me, this game comes down to how often Stanford can manage to get USC off the field on third down. That starts with having better success on first and second down. Back in September, the Cardinal were absolutely atrocious at holding the Trojans to limited success in the early downs. RoJo and Stephen Carr easily ripped them for 4-5 yard gains to the point where the Trojans we're always seemingly in 3rd and short situations. At that point, it's pick your poison trying to stop them. If Stanford can somehow limit their success with better linebacker play (REALLY wishing they had a healthy Joey Alfieri out on the edge) then the task becomes somewhat achievable. But even in 3rd and long situations, Darnold is going to become a handful to contain. What scares me is what happens if USC keep moving the sticks and sustaining long drives all game long. Stanford's defense will get worn down by the 4th to the point where if we find themselves in a one-score game trying to preserve a lead, I doubt they'll have anything left in the tank to stop them. In the end, I expect our guys will be fired up and give USC a heck of a game. There may even be times where they look like the better team. But Sam Darnold is an incredible talent and despite his turnover issues through large stretches of the season, he seems to have a propensity to step up on the biggest stages. Costello, meanwhile, is an absolute gamer and plays with a lot of emotion. In a game like this, however, I'm worried that may not be a good thing. When Stanford beat USC in the 2015 Pac-12 Championship, it was Kevin Hogan's calm and collectedness that won us the game (specifically, this play comes to mind). I can easily see Costello's fired up demeanor working against him in a situation like this, perhaps pressing to make a play and committing a costly turnover when the easy completion was there for him to make. And in a close game like this, which I very much anticipate, it's those little mistakes that make all the difference. Hoping I'm wrong but until proven otherwise, USC is still the team to beat in the Pac-12 and for good reason. Simply put- if Stanford does end up winning their 4th Pac-12 title in six years, they'll have definitely earned it. 35-34 *USC
  10. ND vs. Stanford

    Amen to that. Brian Kelly may be my least favorite coach to lose to. Glad we haven't had to deal with that for over three years now. As for Stanford, I was pleasantly surprised by the moxie these guys showed on tonight's stage with little to play for (at least as far as this one game was concerned). They came out strong, hit the Domers in the mouth, and stood tall amidst a few defensive breakdowns that kept putting the Irish back in front. Stanford fans have been waiting quite some time for a quarterback that could deliver on the same level as Kevin Hogan. After tonight's gutty performance, I think it's safe to say we've found our guy in Costello. Not all of his throws were pretty. But when it mattered most, he was nails. Can't wait to watch him continue to grow as he gains confidence and experience running this offense. Go Card!
  11. Wilner Hotline

    Also of note- Wilner has accurately predicted Stanford's season so far. Very impressive to say the least.
  12. Washington @ Stanford

    It's absurd to think that just a few days ago, I was lamenting the fact that this was not a good team, David Shaw was regressing further and further into mind-numbing conservatism, and we were on the verge of losing whatever shred of national relevance we had left. And now, the narrative has switched to Stanford potentially winning their 4th North division title in six years. College football is a fickle and bizarre beast. Takeaways from last night's game: I have so much respect for Washington's Death Row defense, especially after the thrashing we took last season up in Seattle. But watching them line up against our offensive line, which got absolutely whipped against Wazzu's D-line, it was like witnessing a parallel universe where Washington's defense wasn't the same elite unit we're all so used to. In fact, they weren't very impressive at all. I mean that as no disrespect to the Huskies- they have a very good team, perhaps the best in the Pac-12. But last night, against a previously underwhelming offense, they themselves were equally underwhelming Bryce Love is an absolute warrior. The stats may not reflect it but this was the best game he's played all season. Not a whole lot of big runs but a ton of chain moving 4- and 5-yard gains that were all heart and determination. He may not win the Heisman but I hope he gets enough recognition to at least take home a nice piece of hardware (can't think of too many candidates more deserving for the Doak Walker) K.J. Costello stepped up and played a very efficient game against the Pac-12's #1 defense after letting down against the Cougs last week. Nothing super flashy but he was decisive, accurate, and very clutch on third down. Missed a wide open opportunity to Arcega-Whiteside in the end zone but that's a play he'll make more often than not as he continues to gain experience. For the first time in two years, it feels like Stanford may just have found their answer at quarterback. And seeing as how he's just a redshirt freshman, the sky's the limit for the young gunslinger The defense played their best game of the year, without question. You can tell this unit felt disrespected after than beatdown that took place at the hands of the Huskies and they were out for revenge. Bobby Okereke is an emerging star and finally put it all together on the field last night. With Harrison Phillips holding down the line, Okereke patrolling the middle, and Justin Reid acting as the enforcer in the secondary, this unit has the pieces to be a solid defense. The knock on them all year was that they were playing far too tentative and not making enough plays. Last night they made those plays The North division is going to be an absolute dog fight that goes down to the final minutes of the season. Wazzu is the only team that controls their own destiny but you could make the case that Stanford and Washington have just as good of a shot as the Cougs. Wazzu is going to have their hands full when they head out to Seattle to play the Huskies. And Cal is certainly no gimme this year with the way they throttled Wazzu and hung tough with USC. I fully expect this to be the most competitive Big Game and Apple Cup in recent history
  13. Washington @ Stanford

    Check your facts, Don. Wazzu's in the driver's seat.
  14. Washington @ Stanford

    Just goes to show I know absolutely nothing about college football.
  15. Washington @ Stanford

    Last weekend's loss was tough to swallow. Even though Washington State won that game handily (and deservedly so), it was the first time all season where I had to accept the reality that Stanford just isn't a good football team this year. After those two back-to-back losses to USC and SDSU, I still held out hope that if we could somehow find a way to improve each and every week then all of our goals (in the Pac-12 at least) were still in front of us. And for a while that's what we did. Then Bryce Love got hurt. Then the offense imploded against Oregon State. Against Washington State, the wheels finally fell off. Stanford's horrendously conservative play calling got exposed (it was there all year but none of our opponents were talented enough to make us pay for it until last week), the lines of scrimmage got exposed (overrated O-line + porous D-line = trouble), and our players lack of toughness & mental fortitude got exposed (which is the ultimate kick to the nuts since that used to be our calling card in the Pac-12). Bottom line: after what I've witnessed from this team all season long, I don't give our coaches a snowball's chance in hell to out-coach or out-scheme Chris Peterson and his staff. And that's not even taking into account the talent advantage the Huskies have at just about every position. Stanford is well on it's way to it's second 7-5 season under David Shaw and this is going to be the game that not only serves as the nail in the coffin to our Pac-12 hopes but our national relevance as a whole. 38 - 17o*Washington