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  1. Thanks guys, I don’t play and was wondering if I should buy the upgrade for some nephews.
  2. Yeah the part of Dallas that makes me think it’s not a good spot is whether they have the willingness to give Russ the voice that he wants, not whether they would want the additional talent on the field. A trade sure doesn’t make sense for Seattle giving the cap situation. But after reading some of the things Russ’s camp has said and the off record responses from someone in the Seahawks organization, it’s hard to see how Pete and Russ work it out. Kinda looks like they have to try. Russ is clearly gradually escalating this indirectly through the media and directly to the Seahawks t
  3. Although he doesn’t say it, looks like Russ doesn’t want to play for Pete anymore. He definitely doesn’t want to play for anyone who doesn’t share control over strategy and personnel decisions in a way that Pete and the Seahawks haven’t been willing to do. He says he would accept a trade to Saints, Raiders, Cowboys and Bears. Does he perceive that those coaches and GM’s will share that control with him? The Raiders aren’t going to part with Carr + what the Seahawks would want and probably not at all. Nothing suggests that kind of control sharing would exist in Dallas. Inter
  4. 72 pts vs Bay Area.
  5. I get my vaccine Tuesday morning, really happy.
  6. I think Stafford did better than the Rams or Detroit.

    2020 NFL

  8. I still remember all the complaints that ucla didn’t play anyone Until the final four.
  9. My nephews get so frustrated when I call their “hydro flasks” water bottles. \_(ツ)_/¯
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