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  1. Klay Day in Pullman. He rented a student tavern last night and partied with the kids. Jersey retired tonight. Biggest thing since GameDay.
  2. He was in a position to change things and didn’t. Just the facts. You can allocate blame as you wish.
  3. Just the facts Sir. Obama was a President and politician not a deity. The problem with food stamps is that both politic parties are bought and paid for by retailers, corporations and agricultural producers who dictate the terms of the farm bill and the use of food stamps regardless of public interest.
  4. A Farm Bill, which governs the use of food stamps was passed in 2014 under Obama. It could have been addressed then and was not. Moreover, the executive branch is responsible for generating regulations which could have limited the use of food stamps to exclude sugary treats. So yes Obama was responsible for allowing kids to buy sugary treats with food stamps. Obama didn’t invent school lunches either, but he change the rules and could have done the same with food stamps.
  5. To be fair, under Obama food stamps could and still can be used to buy Slurpee’s, candy bars and other sugary diabetes inducers.
  6. I stand corrected, he got the Congressional Gold medal.
  7. Sounds good! This crockpot might be my new hobby LOL
  8. Falling apart tender just like my Gram used to make! Two nephews and I killed it.
  9. ****** Gleason WSU and New Orleans saints linebacker received the Congressional medal of honor today For his personal battle against ALS, and his fundraising for research as well as funds for treatment of others suffering from the disease. https://teamgleason.org
  10. Quite the weekend in Pullman coming up. Klay’s jersey is going to be retired and he is bringing steffcurry and some other warriors to the celebration. They’ve got eight pot shops in Pullman, going to do banner business. Oh yeah, Oregon Oregon State as well.
  11. I TikTok pot roast It will be done pretty soon
  12. No he is set, Will lead the nation in running back receptions and get twice the rushing attempts as last year.
  13. Spring Morning: 70 degrees at 6AM running late, have to let the dogs out to pee. Dogs run out, run the fence line to make sure all the escape routes are clear, stand sniffing the air to see if any cats or squirrels are nearby, bark at any other dogs that’s barking within three blocks, sniff around for five minutes for a place to pee. Today: 17 degrees, three inches of snow, nothing on my schedule for months. Open the door to let the dogs out to pee. Big Bro takes off to the other end of the House I’m sure thinking “I’m good bro, I’ll just find a nice spot in here to piss.” Little guy goes out just far enough so that his ass is out the door and pisses where it will freeze and I’ll have to clean or deal with the yellow ice all winter. Fuck. Also today: crock pot day, bed of pepperoncini on the bottom, chuck roast next, packet of aus jus mix on the roast, packet of ranch soup and dip mix on that, sliced up stick of butter all over the top. Set to 8 hours on low and savor the smell for 6 hours. At four hours add baby potatoes, carrots and onions if desired. From Tik Tok. Winter!!!!
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