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  1. I favored Coach O at the time Based on the excitement and devotion of his players. I have to admit I also liked the way he embarrassed some of the stuffed shirt Trojan alumni who wanted someone who would look good at the golf course and dinner parties.
  2. Of the three SEC jobs open, I’m surprised Missouri isn’t considered the most attractive. Far easier division.
  3. Looks like they overcame pretty swiftly and easily.
  4. Fear in the eyes of the Buckeyes.
  5. Not to mention all over the Pac 12 and Big 12 Championships.
  6. No matter what happens today Oregon will not be in the CFP. No chance no way.
  7. Nice season for Utah. I didn’t think this would happen until the CFP, but Oregon was tougher than Utah for all but one series. Utah’s defense just wasn’t as good as they thought it was. Great win for the ducks
  8. Unethical conduct is enough to support impeachment. In addition, there are serious questions as to whether Trump violated the Constitution whether or not he committed any criminal act. He should be impeached.
  9. Any retrospective on the Civil War should note Luten’s absence.
  10. Reading the article and other information it doesn’t appear that anything was done which would add any obstacles to Leach leaving for another job. No increased buy out, no raise. No additional reason for Leach to stay at WSU.
  11. The collegiality and civility of the hearings this morning is impressive and refreshing.
  12. Still am, that’s one reason why I didn’t vote for Trump, opposed his tax cut and opposed the budget deals with Dems that exploded the deficit. If you can read, you know this. Thanks for the Davis impersonation, any more memes?
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