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  1. Hmmm, it just worked for me. Anyway it was Canes Chicken which I had never heard of. There is a map of the whole country supposedly with each states favorite Fast food. For most of the country it was Chick-fil-A. Seemed Bogus to me
  2. Californians, when did this happen. I’ve been gone a dozen years but never heard of this place. https://twitter.com/businessinsider/status/921103757819170817
  3. NFL Thread

    the amount of work he put in to come back from injury is legendary. Glad he gets a shot.
  4. Utah @ USC

    That’s what I’m thinking.
  5. WSU @Cal

    After tonight the “if onlys” just get worse.
  6. Utah @ USC

    I actually liked the call And think it made sense in the situation. And boy was it open. The coach could only put players in position to win, he can’t execute the play.
  7. WSU @Cal

    Fun night to be a Bear. Congrats AH.
  8. WSU @Cal

    This is an asswhipping.
  9. WSU @Cal

    Down to 159 now.
  10. WSU @Cal

    Looks like it peaked at 177 in Berkeley and is down to 167 now. Game on.
  11. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    How horribly biased to say that it is ridiculous to have asserted Leach was the 8th best coach in the conference. Try harder.
  12. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    And 9-4 after a loss to an fcs team had already happened.
  13. WSU @Cal

    From spokesman review ”(As we have learned here in the Inland Northwest, air quality can change quickly, especially the particulate count. When we got up this morning, we checked the count from Berkeley. It was 154, unhealthy but playable. An hour later it had dropped to 126, unhealthy for sensitive groups but much better. There are usually afternoon breezes in the area, so the smoke shouldn’t derail tonight’s kickoff.)” my bet is that they play unless AQI is over 200. It did not get over 200 yesterday and was in fact lower in the evening than during the day.
  14. Who is the Best Coach in the P12?

    And you point out why it was ridiculous. It was ridiculous to base the ranking at that time Based on how one thought the remainder of the year would play out. Foolish to ignore the body of work and discount current trend by 3 games at the start of a season. Particularly when the then current data reflected that losing to an FCS school did not preclude Leach from attaining 8 wins over P5 schools or six conference wins.