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  1. of course little man is sexist and his aunts a racist.
  2. I did it based on her opportunistic actions Which cannot be interpreted any other way than the way which I did without being in denial. Moreover, I demonstrated that It is not partisan to believe she is a hypocrite.
  3. No, but it is what you claimed. I see you found a fellow misogynist. I wonder how your sons going to deal with women being raised by a misogynist. Are you a member of a mysogynist network? If those are her words she Is as much a racist as you are a misogynist I feel equally bad for Keaton and your son.
  4. No, but it is what you claimed. I see you found a fellow misogynist. I wonder how your sons going to deal with women being raised by a misogynist.
  5. So no proof that the mother or the boys called anyone the N-word as you asserted?
  6. No, I don’t believe that everybody who waves a confederate flag is racist. There is no proof that the boy or his Mother called anybody the N-word, and even you didn’t claim they did. I think it’s more likely that those who call women cunts are misogynist And we know who does that. As usual, every point you make is without evidence And is based on rank speculation. Good try son.
  7. Funny story about that: 1. it takes an idiot to label someone a racist based on the information relied on. Take a bow son; 2. There seems to be zero connection between economic need and the emotional pain expressed by Keaton. Setting up or making contributions to GFM’s seem inappropriate and ill-advised. 3. The non-monetary acts of kindness appear to be the most efficacious. They appear to be conveying love and compassion while making Keaton feel special. 4. hope parents are viewing the video with their kids, powerful teaching tool. appears to be a balanced presentation of the facts: http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/12/us/keaton-jones-bullying-video-reaction/index.html
  8. Coaching Changes

    That was one of the legal issues discussed in the article. I think he gets a few million dollars in settlement.
  9. NFL Thread

  10. Are trump’s actions as President non political? You’re a joke son. But Keep licking your finger and putting it in the air to see which way the winds blowing and measuring friendship by how many Libtards agree with you. Davis has more sense of himself than do you.
  11. So gratifying to see the reaction to and action taken because of the video. I hope to see video of the UT football players showing up Tuesday. and then there’s this
  12. NFL Thread

  13. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    Bet on Michigan State. Two leading WSU receivers dismissed from team. http://collegefootball.ap.org/article/no-21-washington-state-dismisses-top-receiver-martin-jr