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  1. But most folks are saying nothing. Hmmm


    You’re usual contribution to conversation.


    I totally agree. He is an idiot. But be honest, were the results in Syria any better while Obama was President? Quantify. Did Russian and Iranian influence in Syria increase or decrease? Violent deaths of civilians? Refugees? Homeless? We, meaning none of us, have this disengagement thingy worked out. We cannot arm and train indigenous armed forces (such as the Kurds) to do our bidding (fighting ISIS) in places like the Middle East without upsetting the regional balance of power and thereby inflame historic rivalries. The Kurds want an independent state bordering Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, etc. taking land from most of those countries. How’s that going to work? I find the abandonment of an ally like this just horrible and as a breach of faith. At the same time, looking out 100 years, no matter what happens now, there will be war most likely leading to a practical genocide of the Kurds without a dramatic and ongoing commitment of American force. Much of this problem is due to the fact that we’ve armed and emboldened the Kurds to fight ISIS (so that we didn’t have to put “boots on the ground” in a sufficient number to defeat ISIS ourselves.) The Kurds are now turning the weapons and training they obtained (from us) to fight ISIS on Turkey who they view as an interloper into “Kurdistan” the same way ISIS was. For its part, Turkey does not want an armed Kurdish military along the Turkey/Syria border sending weapons and fighters into Turkey in pursuit of their nationalist desires. Understandable. The Kurds were not fighting ISIS for the US. They were fighting to remove ISIS from “Kurdistan.” They were our allies in the same manner that the Soviet Union was our ally in WWII. I have not a fucking clue as to what to do. The glib answer is the creation of an autonomous, if not independent, state for the Kurds on far less ground than they currently occupy in combination in Syria, Turkey, Iran, etc. That’s probably a hundred year project. Lets not pretend Trump’s idiocy means that anyone else has a long term solution.
  4. I’m still for it noting that it’s all in the cost allocation and the proponents, especially Warren, are reluctant to be specific. What can’t be believed? That middle class costs won’t go up with dranatic increases in access and covered services, as are being promised, without a divisive and possible program dooming cost allocation. I’m for any benefit the public will pay for with a reasonable cost allocation.

    2019-20 NBA

    I was just researching this and edited prior post. Question is, 2018 sustainable or Trump factor, we’ll see. Of course your claims Re engagement other than 2018 is false.

    2019-20 NBA

    Key facts about youth voting • From 1972 to 2016, the proportion of youth ages 18 to 24 who reported voting in presidential elections decreased from 50 to 39 percent. • The percentage of youth who reported voting in 2014, a nonpresidential election year, was 16 percent—markedly lower than in the 2016 presidential election (39 percent). This pattern has been consistent since 1972. • In 2016, young women reported registering to vote and voting (53 and 42 percent, respectively) at higher rates than their male peers (49 and 37 percent, respectively). • Among the racial/ethnic groups for which we have data, Asian and Hispanic youth are the least likely to report both registering to vote and voting, regardless of their citizenship. https://www.childtrends.org/indicators/youth-voting There was a surge of 18-24 turnout in 2018 up to 36%. Trump factor or sustainable? We’ll see.

    2019-20 NBA

    1. There was no allegiance to China expressed. 2. Obama is among the coolest guys in the world to these kids. 3. Obama did virtually nothing about the Chinese or North Korean authoritarianism. 4. Obama messaged to Putin that he would have more flexibility (ability to make concessions) in connection with Polish anti-missile defenses after the 2012 election. 5. Obama nothing effectual to respond to Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chinese cyber attacks, Russian interference in 2016 election. 6. Obama did nothing to halt Assad’s use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians. I could go on and on. LeBron’s aging and move to the Lakers will have far more affect on his cool factor than any statement re China.
  8. This game wont change much. The thinking has to be that in order to increase the long term sales Of Pac 12 Network subscriptions And long term revenue to the schools from the same, they have to improve the content. Kind of a tug-of-war between short term access and long term revenue.
  9. Take this with a grain of salt, more like a big fucking box of salt: Saturday Leach banned the team from Social Media. Yesterday I received a private message from a cougar football player asking if I would take some info public and not name him as the source. I was busy and didn’t see the private message for several hours. I responded simply with a? Several hours later. Never heard further. Yesterday Conner Halliday breaks with news that defensive backs coach and new interim co- defensive coordinator McBath, Who played defensive back for Leach at Tech and in the NFL, had been bitterly feuding with Claeys. kind of a negative vibe coming out of the locker room which I guess is to be expected with a three-game losing streak. It doesn’t really feel like it’s anti-Leach or a mutiny or anything, just negative energy.

    2019-20 NBA

    Do you think this stuff will register on the cool scale one way or the other with kids?

    2019-20 NBA

    Doesn’t upset me. Constructive engagement only whets the appetite for freedom.
  12. I feel for this kid. So lucky that never happened to me in high school football. Easily could have happened to all 103 pounds of me as a cornerback.

    2019 NFL

    Pete is a dinosaur. The formula is working.
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