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  1. When I first saw this story I had no idea the foundation involved was that of Anthony Lynn, chargers head coach.
  2. Another source indicating Woods Opted out rather than being kicked off the team. I hope they bring some clarity to this. Some context: Woods would have been a redshirt sophomore with 6 catches and some special team experience.
  3. The athletic is reporting that Some athletes at WSU informed WSU that they were going to opt out of playing this year. Those athletes were told That they would have their scholarships for next year but they would not be allowed to practice or be in team facilities. You can’t protect the team if non-team members are present. A lot of smoke in the air, hard to tell exactly what’s going on. The school is reporting that nobody was removed from the team because of “We are united.” So there is a distinction between the player opting out And leaving the team versus being cut. I don’t know how valid the distinction is, but the players still have their scholarships either way. its puzzling because the actions don’t sound like Rolo or Chun.
  4. This Retweet is totally without context. It was originally made in May and re-tweeted a few minutes ago. It could indicate some division among players
  5. That economic model probably only works in the SEC and B10 And at a smattering of other P5 schools. It would necessitate a consolidating restructuring of leagues. It’s coming, maybe not now.

    2019-20 NBA

    On Twitter, Martellus Bennett proclaimed “Kneeling in 2020 don’t hit the same 🤷‍♂️“ This highlights the brilliance of the NBA, MLB and the NFL, when and if it plays, in protecting their revenue streams amidst the protest. They just allow the protest. No opposition, no controversy and no resistance = no attention for the cause and growing apathy among the players. Agree on and pay Kap the economic value of the remainder of his career and fewer folk see him as an attention generating martyr. Protests inherently need resistance which can be characterized as an oppressor. The leagues removed themselves from that role. Hopefully the work of combatting and ending police violence and institutionalized racism finds a more effective strategy. New federal and state laws which define and prohibit acts of police violence which void contractual restrictions on discipline and terminations for committing such acts is the long and arduous path which must be taken. Then thousands of judicial victories in thousands of cities and counties which provide the oversight and control over and responsibility for police violence must be sought and won.

    2020 MLB

    https://twitter.com/asterisktour/status/1289798371369197568?s=21 I’m proclaiming that to be the tag line of the year.

    2020 MLB

    Damn Mariners, wasted a good pitching night.

    2020 MLB

    Bug, Can you get it delivered
  10. Life happens fast https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/29577882/new-mexico-commit-jb-white-18-killed-shooting%3fplatform=amp Horrible news

    2020 MLB

    Watch if you can. Joyous


    What a wonderful couple More pictures available

    2020 MLB

    Is MLB 2020 grinding to a halt? Will they finish their shortened season?
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