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  1. fave part of impeachment has been the GOP vehemently opposing evidence to be introduced and then going to the press and declaring the Democrats have no evidence.
  2. Who has more kids in the transfer portal, Shaw or Chip?
  3. glduck


    I’m not good with math is 34 more than 0?
  4. glduck

    Pac-12 Hoops

    We don’t suck but we are incapable of playing a game where we don’t make things 1000% more difficult than they need to be. And a pair of freshman bigs have torn us up the last two games.
  5. Caught on tape talking to YET ANOTHER person he vigorously denied knowing.
  6. This is probably nothing.
  7. glduck

    2019 NFL

    That alternative to the onside kick isn’t terrible... but I’d prefer the old onside rules to just come back.
  8. Don’t most totally innocent people have their trials in the dead of night with no cameras?
  9. Wish I was committed to anything as conservatives are committed to dumbing themselves down in order to convince themselves Trump isn’t a world class imbecile.
  10. You can smell the virginity from here.
  11. “I just can’t believe people make SUCH A DEAL about all the crimes he commits!”
  12. glduck

    Pac-12 Hoops

    That was a Payton Pritchard clutch factory.
  13. glduck

    Pac-12 Hoops

    Today should be interesting. We haven’t been playing well since conference play started. Teams have adjusted (Mathis can get taken out of a game way too easy) and we haven’t gotten to that late season Altman-surge yet, so we’re in a weird spot.
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