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  1. i have a window open to imdb's top 100 so i can categorize my misses: #9 the good, the bad, and the ugly #21 city of god #25 life is beautiful #27 leon: the professional (note: the fuck?) #30 once upon a time in the west #31 american history x #37 the intouchables #41 the pianist #45 whiplash #52 sunset boulevard #55 cinema paradiso #66 oldboy #67 once upon a time in america #68 witness for the prosecution #69 das boot #74 dangal #77 m #79 amelie #80 like stars on earth #86 amadeus #92 the sting #94 bicycle thieves #95 your name #96 the kid (apparently this is different than "disney's the kid", which i also haven't seen) #98 three idiots lotta foreign films in there i haven't seen. i'm also not a big western guy. best (and most expensive) thing i ever did was basically waste a year of college taking film courses for no good reason. saw a lot of stuff i'm glad i did that i probably would have never gotten around to otherwise.
  2. dwight howard continues his remarkable downhill journey, getting traded from his hometown hawks to charlotte for a bunch of junk. the nba offseason is so much more fun than the nba regular season and, this year anyway, the postseason.
  3. that would have been a great trade, instead you did a salary dump trade for brook lopez. which, if that allows you to chase paul george and lebron james in 2018, is ultimately the better move.
  4. kind of an interesting development in the paul george/laker story, the two are reportedly engaged in trade talks but the lakers aren't (nor should they) give up the #2 so it's looking more and more like they're going to acquire PG while virtually nothing of value goes out. PG is rumored to be forcing the issue, which we'll be able to confirm whenever we see indy's return haul. at the same time, i'm not sure why indy would break their back for him. he's leaving them. if someone offers something better than the lakers can, i mean... fuck paul george, right? ship him to brooklyn if that's where the best return comes from. what is he going to do, sit out a year?
  5. *generational basketball talent born within spitting distance of a hell hole* lebron james: i love this dump of a town. dan gilbert: hold my beer.
  6. seems like everyone is linking us with justin jackson with one of our picks. so long as we come away with an upgrade of some kind at the 4 i'd be more than ok with taking jackson and letting him come along at whatever pace he needs.
  7. we're only two games out of the last WC spot (it's a muddled field, most of the AL is right at .500 it seems). its certainly plausible. it's a small miracle we're not buried and out of it with what has passed as our pitching staff since late April. felix and kuma will need to pitch well down the stretch, smyly will need to come back strong. maybe keep gaviglio up with the big league club and send gallardo off into the sun. but we're the mariners, so none of those things will happen.
  8. i stole a kid's fidgit spinner yesterday and played with it for about two minutes before i got bored. maybe i'm too old to appreciate it. but i don't know about this crackdown on them. back in my day we took laser pointers to school and blinded each other. drove teacher's crazy with those things. fidgit spinners seem relatively harmless.
  9. i like the pacers so i'm disappointed that paul george wants out, but i get it. that george hill/lance stephenson/paul george/david west/roy hibbert team was very good, lost to the heat in game 7 of the ECF one year, but never could figure out lebron. rough on the franchise that all that will remain of that once-promising team is lance stephenson. it'll be interesting to see if cleveland makes a play for him as a one-year rental. one trade i have not seen mentioned: blake griffin for PG straight up. i know it's not the lakers, but it would put george in LA. the clips want to blow it up anyway, but a retooled roster built around paul/george/jordan would be pretty good. indy would get a "star" back, even though i'm not as high on griffin as some. both are unrestricted after '18, if they don't re-sign each team will enjoy the cap room. both might walk regardless. // shrug
  10. travis jonsen transfers. an updated look at the qb depth chart: justin herbert braxton burmeister me taylor alie good thing we flipped burmeister late in the process last year.
  11. and just so we stop dealing with hypotheticals, paul george played for some wicked awful fresno state teams. there aren't a crap ton of examples of superstars playing for bad college teams, i concede, but that's because so many current stars were one-time mega recruits and the majority of those types of kids play for elite college programs. but, there are a few.
  12. exactly. the point was that husky team had zero talent.
  13. i don't see how anyone could possibly know that. you could stick lebron on that washington team and it probably wouldn't have finished better than 7th in the pac 12.