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  1. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/17/mulvaney-confirms-ukraine-aid-2016-probe-050156 Seems relevant?
  2. glduck


    Consistently amazed at what this White House shows us on purpose, under the impression it will make them look good.
  3. I think Dec 14 is the first game after fall quarter ends. He'll re-enroll (if eligible), and begin classes when they started up again in January.
  4. I don’t think coaches have “figured him out” per se — there’s not a whole lot to figure out. He runs a really good offense that good defenses have always been able to counter, dating back to his Big 12 days. There just aren’t a lot of good defenses out there. Every so often (his 08? Tech team, probably last year’s Cougs) he rises to heights above average. I’ve said it a thousand times before — he’s never coached in a major bowl. He probably never will. He coaches at schools that just can’t consistently recruit well enough, especially defensively, to be good every year.
  5. glduck

    2019-20 NBA

    Do kids think Obama is/was "cool"? I mean... in terms of political figures, maybe, but the bar to be "cool" compared to other US Presidents is pretty damn low. I mean, we all saw the Mom Jeans.
  6. The more Leach I see/read, the less I like him. He has some great one-liners. He gives some great quotes/anecdotes. But it’s almost never good when he talks longer than 20 seconds.
  7. glduck

    2019 MLB

    I may be venturing into #oldtakesexposed territory. While I do think Houston (specifically) is the best team still playing, Washington is putting on an absolute clinic.
  8. glduck

    The Biden Thread

    Hey it's not like anyone's kid is a professional handbag designer and sits in on G-20 summits and other world leaders look at us like we're a country of fuckin' rubes or something.
  9. Because the Nuggets should be pretty dope this year.
  10. “If you want the truth read my posts, if not go to actual news sites” is the flex I didn’t know I desperately needed.
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