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  1. bran: i'm the 3-eyed raven. arya: i skin people's faces and then become them. sansa: oooo-kay we gotta have a family meeting you two are fucking weird now.
  2. seattle's left tackle just tore his acl in a meaningless exhibition game how's everybody else's preseason going
  3. those early scenes with catelyn stark and jon snow were rough to watch. poor jon snow.
  4. "can one top 10 draft pick have a better year than another top 10 draft pick? click to find out if i dare to make such a BOLD prediction!"
  5. i read a mountain west preview not two hours ago (i'm lonely) and they picked wyoming 4th in their division. fuck us if we lose that game.
  6. what do you people consider "too political"? is rece davis breaking down the ACA on sportscenter? are announcers inserting anti-conservative rhetoric during the waning moments of blowout 4th quarters?
  7. kasen williams had a monster game, but i think he's competing for a spot on another team. hawks are loaded at receiver. trubisky was ok but his biggest play happened because 2 broncos fell down. that said, glennon is more giraffe than man and despite his *hilarious* contract isn't holding onto that job for long.
  8. wow. i'm essentially dead inside and i found dunkirk kicking at whatever emotional capabilities i have left. perhaps it's a generational thing, but i find your criticisms of dunkirk to mirror mine of tora tora tora. i find tora to be sweeping but mostly distant. dunkirk focused on several storylines, too, but felt far more personal.
  9. this episode was ok.
  10. unfortunate to hear the boo birds at safeco. yes, this series was an implosion. but frankly, it was a long time coming. this whole machine was held together with duct tape, and Paxton going on the DL was the final straw. 0 of the 5 projected rotation starters are available right now. offense can only take a team so far, gotta pitch.
  11. this didn't take long to blow up in my face. moore inherits a 5-1 lead tonight and promptly takes a massive dump on any lingering playoff hopes.
  12. the rams just gave jared goff the gift of sammy watkins.
  13. nebraska is still a major conference team with major conference talent, and they beat us last year. the wyoming game is on the road, in what might be the biggest game in their history (a stat i totally made up to be a smug asshole), and they have a quarterback who's going to be drafted in the top 10 next april. to say nothing of the fact that we went 4-8 last year and gave up over 40 points a game. oregon does not have the luxury at going into either game from a position of vast superiority. we may be favored in both (i don't know), but we're sketchy as hell until proven otherwise.
  14. damn it.
  15. i still don't think he'll waive his no-trade clause, but Woj was on the radio today and said he's heard lillard and mccollum have made real (tangible) progress on recruiting carmelo to portland.