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  1. This is one of the few times Trump has used the "many people agree with me" shtick and I believe him.
  2. Trump: Held a "social media" summit at the WH not four days ago, blasting censorship and crying foul over first amendment rights. Also Trump: Any critique of America should result in expulsion from the country.
  3. Trump: Literally campaigned behind the idea that America is not great. Also Trump: Any critique of America should result in expulsion from the country.
  4. His mashed potato brain is particularly unhinged today.
  5. Conservatives: Inviting Common to the WH lowers the dignity of the office. Also conservatives:
  6. glduck

    NBA 19-20

    I imagine Harden signed off on the deal before it was made, so I don't necessarily see a clash of egos. Harden is in championship mode and Westbrook gets out of Oklahoma + he knows he's not the sort of talent who can get a team out of the first round without help, so they should be on the same page. I mean, at least initially. I'm just interested in their on-court chemistry.
  7. glduck

    NBA 19-20

    It's... interesting? I'm not entirely sure why OKC did this, aside from furthering their plan to acquire every first round pick from now till 2026. They traded one albatross contract for another, and I'm not sure who they'd be able to flip CP to unless they're banking on a contender (I'm looking at you, Lakers) getting desperate mid-season and ponying up a collection of shorter contracts to get OKC out of the long term financial obligation of Paul's deal. I don't see this notoriously-cheap franchise buying him out. It makes sense for Houston because of the strain on the Harden/Paul relationship and Westbrook is younger, but I have questions about a Harden/Westbrook reunion. Westbrook is essentially useless off the ball. Still, worth the roll of the dice going into a season where their doesn't seem to be a clear favorite.
  8. Because all available evidence suggests Dem leadership is wholly content with sending stern Tweets instead of performing any actual Congressional oversight.
  9. Where are we holding the intervention for the one guy who needs this thread but won't understand it?
  10. How can you be at all confident that's going to happen?
  11. Fifteen years into his local sports media career, Prehm still writes like a Russian Twitter bot. Are all 247 sites amateur hour, or did we just luck out?
  12. Does she... does she not know that she is the Speaker of the House?
  13. Consistent with this administration’s ability to stare at an easy, popular solution to a horrible problem right in the face only to do exactly the opposite.
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