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  1. #funwithnumbers Jacob Breeland has 3 more touchdowns than 1st Teamer Hunter Bryant, despite playing in 7 fewer games.
  2. My initial reaction would be: Cristobal probably should have won COTY, given that he won the conference with what the rest of the PAC-12 deemed a fairly pedestrian group?
  3. Hell, San Jose State would have been bowl eligible if they played in the SEC, and San Jose State would struggle to beat the powerhouse Cali prep teams.
  4. Ah. You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve never blamed (or gotten upset?) for another team failing to do something my team also didn’t do, so I’m having difficulty putting myself in your shoes here. I hope with time you can forgive us!
  5. If there was only an alternative to Friday night where a Pac-12 team could have won and gotten in.
  6. Since I’ve been on these here interwebs, the worst fanbase interaction I’ve had is a two way tie between Ohio State and Texas, and we’ve played them each twice, so I don’t feel either was just a few bad applies running amok... So anyway, have fun Utah.
  7. As always, the Vegas Bowl is a death trap. Maybe Petersen’s last game will help UW match Boise’s intensity? I dunno. Rarely does it look like the Pac team could give a second shit about playing there.
  8. Utah will beat Texas. Wazzu/AF will be a fun contrast in style. Every Oregon/Wisconsin game has been a blast, no reason this one won’t live up to it.
  9. glduck

    2019 NFL

    New England fans, who have watched their Pats win six Super Bowls this millennium, and are currently 10-2, are booing the home team going into halftime. Straight into my veins.
  10. LSU would certainly beat Oregon. You don’t seem smart enough, and you’re far too invested after getting dunked on all season, to go beyond that.
  11. Georgia looks lost, and LSU has missed a bunch of opportunities by settling for field goals. By HLB logic, both teams are unimpressive and this game is invalidated. Time to eliminate the SEC from CFP contention and sub in the C-USA champ.
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