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  1. Boise State vs. Wyoming

    except for the blue.
  2. mlb 2017

    it's weird, but the yankees are the young/fun team in the playoffs right now. i'm glad the rest of the baseball world now knows who jose altuve is. seems like he's been the ultimate mariner killer the last three years, but he should be receiving a well-earned AL MVP award here shortly. my dad was born in LA and moved to oregon in high school. eventually he dropped his usc, laker, and ram interest for the ducks, blazers, and seahawks, but he never let go of his dodger fandom. he'd have loved this season more than anything.
  3. Utah vs. ASU

    man, i disagree. nothing like a home night game. provided you then don't have to fight traffic for three hours getting home.
  4. apparently that business insider map is getting shredded by virtually every state. believe nothing. everything is lie.
  5. haha there's like one chick-fil-a in the entire state of oregon. what is this.
  6. oregon @ ucla

    i hope we can take advantage. i'm fearful since we have no one who can throw a forward pass ucla will be able to cheat enough up front to shore up some of their troubles. you haven't played anyone with qb as bad as us.
  7. 2016 -- and Beyond -- Basketball Recruiting

    i don't follow this stuff close enough... a few weeks back all i heard was that dort was all oregon, i check Twitter yesterday morning and all the recruiting guys (and even an Oregonian beat writer) are all saying dort to asu was a done deal and for duck fans not to waste their time watching the announcement. dunno what happened. between dort and elliot williams now being toxic our super class now rests on the two best players in the country.
  8. CU @ WSU

    i admire and respect that dedication.
  9. Rose Bowl - Pac vs B1G

    anytime the rose bowl features a non pac-12 vs big 10 matchup everything feels wrong and the universe recoils and something unholy like donald trump happens.
  10. NBA 2017-18 Thread

    long season and all, yada yada, but it'd sure be nice if $1.5 million pat connaughton can give us exactly what $18 million allen crabbe could.
  11. you and nine other people.
  12. indeed he was, and spent his entire post talking about them, then called a few people retards when they called him on it. hockey, lacrosse, swimming... these sports don't do squat. a "greatest hits" of football/basketball games for each school would do better than asu vs oregon ice hockey. an NFL Films style look at each school's football season would do better. football and basketball coaches shows would do better. and even then, they aren't doing great. but they'd be cheaper.
  13. NFL Thread

    this is fascinating to me. your principled stand doesn't seem to cite any particular love for america, and you seem to understand that unnecessarily killing black people is wrong. so you're choosing to not watch nfl games because of a false equivalency you've come up with in your head? does your job force you to be present for the national anthem? do most "common people" have jobs where the national anthem is played? what are you basing this "most people can't protest at work" thing on? unions exist. strikes happen. "not standing for the national anthem" is not just cause for termination.
  14. oregon @ ucla

    per the register-guard, crosby unlikely.
  15. oregon @ ucla

    beavers look the browns, the ducks look like a generic football team used in a brett favre endorsement commercial where the company doesn't own the nfl rights.