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  1. glduck

    Week 3

    Good news on KT, but shitty news on Flowe. Kid was a wrecking ball against Fresno. Not that we’ll need either against Stony Brook, which sounds like the assisted living community my grandpa lives in.
  2. glduck

    Week 2

    A few random thoughts on W2: Very on brand of Stanford to shit the bed against a so-so non-conference opener and then go on a run. They should never, ever play anyone with a pulse in week one. I’m so confused about the Sam Noyer situation. I mean, CU wins that game if Noyer is still there, right? Jalapeño made it seem like Dorrell ran Noyer off because there was “no way” he’d be able to beat out this new kid. That’s just straight nonsense, right? THAT SAID, Noyer is NOT better than Chance Nolan, and Tanner McKee is a lot better than Jack West. What went on in the off-season in Corvallis and Palo Alto?? It took all of two minutes of game time to realize those programs went with the wrong QBs in week one.
  3. glduck

    Week 2

    I don’t say this in a snarky, rival-fan way: Washington should fire their OC at halftime. Do not let him on the plane home. That 4th down call was a criminal offense in some states.
  4. glduck

    Week 2

    That first quarter field goal may have put it out of reach for Washington.
  5. glduck

    Week 2

    That ball is out.
  6. glduck

    Week 2

  7. glduck

    Week 2

    My god do we have any linebackers left
  8. glduck

    Week 2

    Moorhead has called a great game, but I hated that sequence to end the 3rd. You’re running the ball so well and you’re burning clock, why three straight passes??
  9. glduck

    Week 2

    Ducks up 14-7 at halftime. Should have had a 1st down inside the RZ with a minute to go, but a devastating bullshit hold brought back a big gain.
  10. glduck

    Week 2

    And no Flowe. What an early morning kick to the groin.
  11. glduck

    NFL 2021

    *makes future 10-year LT practice all offseason, training camp, and preseason at RT* *pulls him back to LT a few days before opening match-up against Nick Bosa* Detroit: how not to franchise.
  12. glduck

    2020 MLB

    Love the stat, and I love that it was done by two former Mariner greats. Well, one former Mariner great and Mike Zunino.
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