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  1. Did they think offering a game Washington could not attend was less embarrassing than the heat they’ve already been taking? Is this real?
  2. After dozens of humiliating and unnecessary defeats in court, the transition begins. Finally.
  3. Holy shit it’s Civil War week. Shough bailed us out and the defense forced four turnovers to help balance out an otherwise ineffective performance, but both sides of the line got badly outplayed. Prior to Saturday I thought we would easily get to 5-0 before a showdown with Washington, but now, who the hell knows. It’s 2020, man. We’ve got more to shore up than I thought.
  4. glduck

    The Flu

    have you guys ever seen Matt Leinart and Pac12Fan in the same place
  5. Congratulations to WSU for snapping their Apple Cup losing streak.
  6. Absolutely, the CFP with a 6 game schedule was always a long shot pipedream. One of us would have to just pulverize everybody else to make up the ground, and even then... I just don’t see any 6-0 Pac team jumping any SEC or ACC one-loss. Best we can hope for is the Fiesta (?) and a date with, like, BYU.
  7. Is it me or does UCLA routinely have two defenders already in the backfield between the snap and when Shough finally gets the ball? Forsyth seems like he’s slow tossing.
  8. what on EARTH made Cristobal think Lewis could hit a 43 yard field goal.
  9. Flowe and now likely Sewell lost for the year
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