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  1. Democracy dies in darkness indeed. Between what the GOP has done, is trying to do, or we have discovered they’ve done, just within the last six months is staggering.
  2. NC State loses game 1 of their Super Regional 21-2 and then bounce back to eliminate #1 Arkansas over the next two days.
  3. Great day yesterday by Stanford and Arizona. One more win to Omaha…
  4. glduck

    2019-20 NBA

    I’ll ask again, why wasn’t Paul the MVP? Stats are neat and all, but you don’t get more valuable than what Paul brought to Phoenix.
  5. This is where I’m at. Non-playoff bowl games are reaching nigh-unwatchable status. I find I’ll skip most non-Pac-12 NY6 bowls, too. Wisconsin vs Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl? Eh. No thanks. If this adds to the postseason drama, I’m on board. I’ve been an 8-team playoff proponent from back in the BCS era, where the six power conference champions and two at-larges made the most sense to me. 8 is still my preference, but I won’t kick 12 out of bed.
  6. glduck

    2019-20 NBA

    Just to hammer it home, we have a GM who trades away all our draft picks and then complains how hard it is to build a competitive roster without draft picks. We beat a Clippers team without Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in the 1st round in 2016 and he got so excited he pushed the payroll into the luxury tax by signing Evan Turner (out of the league), Allen Crabbe (out of the league), Maurice Harkless (out of the league), Festus Ezili (out of the league) and Meyers Leonard (about to be out of the league) to insane deals. He’s infuriating. Stotts, whatever his faults may be, gets the results
  7. glduck

    2019-20 NBA

    I’m not sure if Stotts can coach a contender, it’s entirely possible he can’t, but I have far more issues with our front office and their ability to put together a team than Stotts coaching ability. Our GM just had a presser and said out loud that the talent he has brought to Portland has the ability to be a good defensive team but Stotts held them back, and that scares the hell out of me. The fact that he thinks this team can excel defensively but just “doesn’t” does not bode well for future improvement.
  8. A mathematical essay on why Mark Helfrich was fired.
  9. Yeah, Oregon went belly up. Squandered a good pitching performance Sunday night in a game we could have clinched, then blew a lead last night. Biggest thing for Coach Waz to work on — building pitching depth. We got incredibly lucky that we had three solid starters and no one got hurt all year. Still, a nice Year 2 for the new staff (and I guess it’s really more like a Year 1 with covid wiping out most of last season). UO baseball was not in a good place when Horton left.
  10. Mixed bag yesterday. Arizona won the Tucson Regional and Oregon State knocked off host TCU and Dallas Baptist to force a win-or-go-home game today. Oregon and Stanford both lost, and need to win tonight to advance. UCLA and ASU were eliminated. In national news, #1 Arkansas lost to Nebraska yesterday and a loss today would knock them out of the tournament.
  11. Did something happen? That’s bonkers.
  12. Arizona, Stanford, and Oregon all win, advance to their regional finals. UCLA, ASU, and OSU all still alive but have some work to do.
  13. glduck

    2019-20 NBA

    This would be fucking terrible.
  14. I figured Garcia got POTY kind of like Ally Carda got it a few years ago, she wasn’t the best hitter in the league and she wasn’t the best pitcher but she was top 5 in each and the best overall talent.
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