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  1. glduck

    2019-20 NBA

    Awful news for Denver fans.
  2. Ah! UCLA during the 80s would have been my guess.
  3. Oregon sweeps Oregon State over the weekend, and finds itself absurdly tied for first place a month into the conference season. I do NOT think the Ducks have the horses to pull it off, but has a Pac-12 team ever won the conference triple crown (football/basketball/baseball)?
  4. glduck

    2020 MLB

    The schedule has been weird this year. M’s had on off day on the first Sunday of the season; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Thursday-Saturday series with a Sunday off. Then this week, we played the first game of a series with the Twins on a Thursday, had an off day Friday, and finish the series Saturday/Sunday.
  5. glduck


    All of those are great except for the two Washington schools.
  6. Why now? Why not four years ago?
  7. Hey, three ranked teams. Bold, ESPN. If UCLA and Arizona hang on the majority of their kids, I agree that they’ll be 1-2 in the Pac-12.
  8. Gonzaga down 9-0 and Suggs has two fouls and we’re not yet at the under 16 time out.
  9. Cheers: Im glad the rest of the country has woken up to Aari McDonald. She’s been a baller for years, but always overshadowed by Sabrina. She’s so good. Jeers: Stanford doing what only Stanford can, plucking a player like Cameron Brink out of Beaverton when both in-state schools are perennial top 10 programs. Bah.
  10. I dunno if Riley jump shots are the offense you want, but it’s the offense they’re getting and it’s working.
  11. yup. Gotta pull up there.
  12. Timme picks up foul #4 with 4:41 left... UCLA up 2.
  13. 3 point lead with 5 minutes to play!
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