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  1. PAC-12 Bowl Season Thread

    freeman won't be playing. but tony brooks-james is 100%, and as you said we go pretty deep. i have not heard about crosby yet. he's from vegas and has made a big deal about going home for his last game, but we'll see.
  2. non-conference games

    the worst: an obvious jump ball scenario leads to an 8 minute video review as the officials look to call a flagrant, only to deem no foul has been committed and play on.
  3. non-conference games

    i’m not going to step into the middle of that, but as a general point i think most people who likely haven’t watched much oregon hoops yet will realize oregon isn’t close to as talented as they’ve been. our two senior transfers are awful — i argued against elijiah brown before he committed, and unless he gets A LOT better (its possible) i stand by that. mcintosh came from illinois state? he looks like it. not a pac 12 starter. and yet... we start two forwards up front who can’t really rebound or defend. i like pritch. troy brown is obviously talented. i like paul white’s game and i wish he’d get more aggressive. wooten is our best interior guy by far. our best lineup is pritch/bailey/brown/white/wooten, but that’s 3 frosh, and aside from troy brown they’re not KENTUCKY freshmen, you know? talented, but they do silly/dumb things. this is a rebuilding year.
  4. 2018 MLB Thread

    but no, i think jay leno there was just making a timely roid joke, because of course it’s 2002 and anyone who can hit a HR is probably a juicer.
  5. 2018 MLB Thread

    i had to look that up, i had no idea dee gordon got busted. let him join a long line of mariners who cheat and are still awful.
  6. non-conference games

    tonight we have what could be the best team in the state of oregon (currently the state leader in terms of rpi anyway) on the road at knight arena to face the mighty ducks of oregon. for realz tho portland state is good this year. oregon can’t half ass another performance.
  7. that would never work, though. USC: hey we have an opening, you down for a home-and-home? (MOST OF THE PAC-12): and play a game in southern california? you betcha! schools wouldn't turn down that kind of recruiting exposure.
  8. non-conference games

    for the record since none of us are creighton fans i meant altman’s best job since coming to the pac. but you seemed so sure of it i had to see where this would take us.
  9. non-conference games

    whats up bug tough day?
  10. non-conference games

    bailey is a little wild, but he’s wild while in the process of making plays. elijiah brown went scoreless tonight on four shots i don’t understand the point of him. and wooten made a great case for himself tonight. hope the coaches took notice.
  11. non-conference games

    the subject posed wasn’t about most talent. i trust you understand that a team with less talent can thrive in a less talented conference. do you think i’m papa what’s with the troll job here aaaaaaaanyway, i’m not seeing any good reason to keep playing mcintosh over wooten. and i do hate elijiah brown ever so much. i thought the rebuild would go smoother with these, ahem, seniors around but i’m also not seeing many good reasons to play brown over bailey.
  12. non-conference games

    hey that’s interesting what teams specifically at creighton impressed you. who graduated and which players returned and how did that stack up with the rest of their conference
  13. non-conference games

    if oregon makes the tournament this year it will be dana altman’s best coaching job to date.
  14. C/O 2018 Recruiting

    i will have to defer to rogue or dtd but from what i’ve heard neither cota nor hufanga are looking good for oregon anymore, if we ever led. last i heard cota ucla, hufanga usc.
  15. NFL Thread

    seattle is going to be without: cliff avril richard sherman kam chancellor bobby wagner kj wright next week against the rams. saying the kicking game is a problem is like a 60-win baseball team worried they don't have a closer.