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  1. Every time a new MAGA insurrectionist is identified and arrested I think to myself “there’s a real chance this person is PapaG.”
  2. He went out as he came in: a petulant child.
  3. Listening to people saying the most awful things to embolden themselves to the most awful people in this country in order to snag the Trump vote is gonna be exhausting.
  4. I’m surprised ASU is as bad as they are. I thought they’d run second to UCLA, but yikes.
  5. Old school college hoops was crazy, man. My dad grew up in LA and was a Trojan fan, he used to talk about the 71 team going 24-2 and missing the tournament all the time.
  6. There’s Always A Tweet Jr Edition.
  7. geez leave some transfers for the rest of us
  8. I like presidents who haven’t been impeached twice.
  9. We’re on pause after a positive test. Home games this weekend against the Arizona’s are off.
  10. Man, how do you root for either of these teams
  11. Shouldn’t be a surprise, especially after Kellen Moore decided to stay in Dallas. Avalos made a huge initial impact last year. We took a step back this year with a very young group, but that seemed more of a blip than anything else. Unlike Arroyo, this is not a coordinator I’m happy to see leave.
  12. The announcers in our game yesterday were so polite, they kept saying “maybe it was tipped” when our shitty shots missed the mark time and again.
  13. My knee-jerk reaction: Schumer already knows he has a Republican or two on board, so Manchin isn’t needed. Biden gets his $2000, Manchin can tell his backwards state he voted no. I could be wrong.
  14. Profiles in Courage: resigning with only 2 weeks left in your position.
  15. Austin Faoliu announces he won’t take advantage of the extra year, off to the draft he goes.
  16. there was no way to predict the monster they carefully cultivated for years might one day spin out of control
  17. HOLY SHIT Chaos at the capitol building. Fuck Donald Trump.
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