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  1. non-conference games

    I'm not so sure.
  2. NFL Thread

    Stephen Anderson, CJ Anderson, and even Richard Rodgers have chipped in as well.
  3. NFL Thread

    At least we are good at something -- producing the best NFL fantasy football players.
  4. NFL Thread

    As I said two weeks ago, this is the chargers division to lose. The raiders have no chance — we are an uneven team with extreme strengths and extreme weaknesses. The chiefs have the potential to challenge the chargers but I don’t think they will. The Chargers are too balanced, too experienced at key positions and too well coached. With Keenan Allen now playing like a top 5 WR and Ingram playing like a top 3 LB, the chargers have the balance and impact players to beat anyone.
  5. Dana Altman and rape investigations

    There is some truth to this for sure. However, the second chance aspect would be far more acceptable if they handled it with an ounce of integrity rather than lie, break your own rules, lie again, hide documents that pertain to lying and then lie about why you hid documents. If this is about rehabilitation (it's obviously about winning) then own that shit and stop acting so shady.
  6. Is Taggart leaving?

    Not only this, but he is likely to a nice contract extension even when it is not deserved (see Tedford and Dykes.)
  7. International Incident

    They've apparently made a ton of money already from their facebook show as well as other endorsements. Sadly, Lavar gets paid big money just to show up at events now. He is one of the most popular sports personalities in the world if google and twitter analytics are to be believed. What a world we live in.
  8. Is Taggart leaving?

    Alum or not, you can only stiff a competitive guy so many times before he'd rather beat you than join you. This is a rare and much needed piece of good news for Cal sports right now haha.
  9. Is Taggart leaving?

    It's a business. Winning comes first. Not being a hypocrite and looking like the good guy is a distant second. Therefore, if Oregon feels Wilcox is the best option available, they will aggressive move on him, hypocritical or not. Looks like he's not interested though, which is surprising to me.
  10. Dana Altman and rape investigations

    The dude is shady as fuck at minimum. At least the administrarion holds his hand as they lie together. And lol at the records request, so shady.
  11. Is Taggart leaving?

    Seems like a good recruiter but I’m skeptical of how well he can actually coach. Then again, I was skeptical of how well Wilcox could coach until this season.
  12. Is Taggart leaving?

    Why is Wilcox even on the short list? The Ducks passed on him as a DC in 2013 and 2015 but now they supposedly think he's a top choice for a HC in 2018 after a 5-7 campaign?
  13. Is Taggart leaving?

    Wait, Wilcox is in the top two!? I've been told my two different posters on this site that he isn't a legitimate candidate. What happened?
  14. Is Taggart leaving?

    You've been here long enough to know how this works. An extension won't stop the Ducks from signing Norvell if they want him. Memphis still isn't paying him anything close to what Oregon would. He's a longshot candidate anyhow.
  15. Is Taggart leaving?

    Leavitt to FSU so there goes that option.