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  1. All Hail

    2020 NFL

    Current odds state the chiefs have 19/4 odds of winning, which would put them at +175 and the field at -300 or so. I’ll take the field because math but also because teams rarely repeat and the funky nature of this season. I think a lack of camp and preseason games will cause more injuries than usual and this will randomize the outcome of the season considerably.
  2. All Hail

    2020 NFL

    If the nba or mlb is any indication, players are far far more likely to miss games due to injury rather than COVID so this seems like a case of worrying about getting hit by lightning while you’re driving drunk to the airport.
  3. I thought she performed poorly and played it safe. I don’t think Biden and his team will make the same mistake. I agree with you that these debates are mostly in Trump’s best interest. However, last time around, Trump had no record and was only on the offensive. Now, he will have to play defense. If Biden can repeatedly get Trump to defend his record and behavior, it could be the difference in how a centrist independent votes. Biden needs to “show strength” (overused political platitude) and go after Trump. This will ironically be how he can win over some of Trump’s supporters. Biden’s approach should be summed up thusly: Bully the Bully.
  4. Yes, you shared it weeks ago and the data was immediately scrutinized minutes after that report was released, hence my surprise. as evidenced by numerous posts on this site as well as others, I was not in favor of players playing. However, instant testing changes that as it creates as close to a perfect situation as possible. I also think that the structure these student athletes obtain by the very nature of being student athletes will help keep them safer than if left to their own devices. All I have to do is recall my own experiences as a youth and reflect on how I behaved and made decisions with and without structure, to come to this conclusion. Furthermore, sports are being played across the country with minimal spread and that was before instant testing. Instant daily testing will essentially prevent anyone who has COVID from spreading it to their teammates as players will be tested before they are allowed to use facilities.
  5. Cal has lost two key pieces to their defense for similar reasons. There is likely going to be a season now so this matters more than I originally thought.
  6. This report has since been proven false and there were massive holes being poked in it as soon as it was released. I’m a bit surprised you shared it considering how inconclusive and controversial it was. instant testing will allow both the big ten and pac 12 to satisfy the requirements of both the university doctors and the state guidelines. The only issue now at play is to work in tandem with the big ten and put together a schedule that makes sense. Football players have already been recalled to campus and teams are putting camps together as I type.
  7. Noah Pulealii is going to commit to UCLA tomorrow. I’ve never been more sure that a player is going to be an nfl player. What a spectacular OL class the bruins will be bringing in. Cal has had their best recruiting class in ages this year but our supposed best recruiter in Angus for his ass handed to him by UCLA on the trail this year.
  8. Let the record show that I was right and that you were wrong
  9. Amazon and Microsoft, I’m only half kidding. you’d probably want a diversified portfolio or dividend earning conservative stocks, bonds, cds, and a diversified index of metals to hedge against inflation. Definitely a conversation that is too important to not have with a Financial Planner or Advisor.
  10. Good logic and probably right. Seems like risk/reward is not very favorable right now. I just wouldn’t want my money in cash either. The government can only print so much money before inflation begins to become problematic.
  11. It’s incredibly difficult to time the market but probably not a bad idea. I think new all time highs of the Dow and S&P will trigger a strong short term downside trend that could turn into a longer term downside trend. New all time highs are very very close to occurring so this could happen soon. ill probably put some play money on an aggressive put against the S&P once it happens.
  12. Where do I start... instead of going full Jalapeño, I will just create a short list: - the fed is propping up the repo markets with 2.5 trillion dollars. If you don’t know what those are, look em up - with 15-20 mil unemployed, there are a lot of full time day traders and all they do is buy. Apple is taking advantage by splitting their stock, they want more Robinhood traders (noobs) to be able to afford the stock so they can squeeze every penny out of it before the inevitable tank. They are not diversified like amazon or Microsoft. Watch the pension funds, they are already aggressively scaling out of Apple - certain companies benefit from SIP, and several of these companies are so large, they carry the markets with them - ultimately, fundamentals win the day. It’s only a matter of if not when the market collapses and it will be violent when it happens. I think the collapse of the commercial real estate sector will provide a nice catalyst to do so but there are several possible catalysts my wife and I sold our house last week. We got way over asking because there is a flood of wealthy families coming from the city who are desperate for space and security. We are now in a heavy cash position and we will be waiting on the sidelines to see what happens. Housing is always a lagging indicator, it took until mid 2009 for the housing market to tank during the last financial crash. As we wait to see what happens, we found an awesome place in Hermosa Beach just a 6 minute walk to the pier that we are renting. We are hardly alone in fleeing the Bay Area. According to TechCrunch, 2/3 techies in the Bay plan to leave now that remote work in this norm. I can’t imagine that will be good for housing prices. Our long term plan is to buy in Napa/Sonoma in 2-3 years after what we believe will be a double and triple bottom in real estate prices.
  13. It looked to me that he was trying to see if the old racist guy was ok after getting shoved to the ground. Definitely not enough there to conclude he is doing the white supremacist thing and certainly it’s nowhere near the egregious action the cited Tweeter wants it to be.
  14. I agree. That’s why it’s so dumb and pointless to use fake examples when so many real examples exist. The only reason I could think of for someone to do this is because they want clout and using an event like this to get clout is disgusting.
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