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Like 95% of the other CU seasons in the P12, I don't think you'd be missing anything.

Should be fine, it's not like anyone will be drinking and get upset when they get told to put their mask back on. 

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I thought I'd hold up well not seeing CU on the football field.  Far easier said than done.

There is talk of starting Colorado high school football next month and the governor's office is working with the CHSAA to see if it could happen.

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18 hours ago, utenation said:

Like 95% of the other CU seasons in the P12, I don't think you'd be missing anything.

LOL...that is true.  I still want my usual fall schedule back and I'm already on pace to watch more NFL than NCAA football since the 1990's.

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It seems like the cost of not having an athletics season is going to be quite high so I am thinking we need to build roofs over the football stadiums.  It won't come cheap for sure and some of those stadiums need to have seats torn out so there could be soccer matches (Title IX you know...).  Idaho took its sweet time to enclose the Kibble Dome...read the history of that dome on Wikipedia.

The schools from the intermountain states could just band together if necessary and play a round robin schedule.  The west coast schools could do likewise and the Nevada schools could choose which one to go with due to their proximity to both set ups.  The idea is to minimize the losses to the AD departments and some of them are going to have to answer to state legislatures why the school endowment money had to be used to cover for those losses if it comes to that.  Why will 10 states need to answer to their respective state legislatures because one state (California) decided not to play ball?  I know that OR, WA, and NM (not sure about HI) have made decisions that impacted both conferences just like CA but why should one state make the decision for 10 other states in that case?  If you were to include the FCS Big Sky Conference, Montana would be a 11th state but there are enough non-CA schools to continue without the CA schools in that case.

Since there's no season, why not just throw out some radical ideas here?

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