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Other than the Fiesta, we should just play another week of conference games and call them bowls.

Should be fine, it's not like anyone will be drinking and get upset when they get told to put their mask back on. 

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44 minutes ago, Scorcho said:

not sure they would have received a bowl invite anyway?

I agree with this decision. No fans, Covid infections and rate at all time high, mediocre bowl at best, really can't justify the athletes giving up their holiday for this.

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2020: the year where there aren’t four teams deserving of the playoff.

I think I’m all in on this being the year that the best G5 should get in. Give it to Cinci. The argument of “they’d just get rocked by Bama/Clemson” doesn’t fly this season. If you figure it’s 1 Bama, 2 Clemson, and 3 tOSU,

- ND: got rocked by Clemson

- A&M: got rocked by Bama

- Fla: about to get rocked by Bama

Every other P5 team has at least two losses. Give it to the Bearcats.

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