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Another cop murders another black man

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good work Beavs!

It may have been an argument because Floyd wasn't shot. It’s not heartening to see people of color shill for a racist party.  

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The main thing I think about each day with all this chaos. How smart was Russia and how stupid are we(USA)?

Their plan worked perfectly... Watch USA society implode on itself for 4 years.. Watch us destroy our relationships with allies, watch us handle a major pandemic like a monkey fucking a football. Watch our political checks and balances turn into an accepted, daily barrage of lies and pissing contests.  Watch us revert back to the 1960’s with racial tension and divide. The list goes on..

Putin and his goons won this battle for sure.. Whatever % you can apply to their meddling, it worked..

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Russia is using US to meddle in our own election.  They're boosting right-wing American free-lancers who write stories about non-stop looting and violence in cities, making it appear like BLM is basically taking down the government.  I guarantee you that Andy Ngo dirtbag is getting some Russia help to boost his bullshit stories.


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These families of victims of the police shootings/killings deserve better than Benjamin Crump.

Crump is a two bit street preacher that fumbles, looses train of thought, mixes words and delivers slow transitions.  Seems like he really struggles with law interpretation. Nothing personal against this man but he is not a high profile attorney.

These are crucial times and the correct message has never been more important. 


I wouldn't hire Crump to defend me for a traffic ticket..

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