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Time for Trump & Pence to RESIGN

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I have taken an unprecedented step of directly asking Trump and Pence to resign their positions via Twitter as someone who grew up in a GOP environment in the mountains of northern Colorado.  I have also tweeted the GOP as well asking them to ask both to resign their positions.  Both have mishandled the COVID-19 outbreak and have not make any effort to promote national unity when these times truly call for it.

Any suggestions on how to effectively spread the message would be appreciated.  I'm going to email my reps even if they are Dems and ask them to to request Trump & Pence resign.  I don't care what party you support but why not contact your representatives even if they are the opposing party?  You would still be able to say you made the effort unless you have done so already.

Better late than never.  Country above the party.  Party above the individual.

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1 hour ago, Scscsc89 said:

Better yet:  Vote for Biden/Harris.

it doesn’t mean you’re a Democrat — it just means you think they’re the better choice for the country right now,

That is what I’m going to do November 3rd.

I still think it is worth the effort to contact your lawmakers and ask them to make that request known to Trump & Pence.  Only took a few minutes to email both Colorado Senators and a Congresswoman who represents the district where I live.

It would be better to do so than protest in person and potentially expose yourself to COVID-19.

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